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Revenge Is A Diapered Bitch Chapter 3

by Fafnir789

Chapter 3

The next few weeks passed slowly for Sarah, now that she knew about her training. As the days passed she found herself, less and less comfortable in wearing any clothing aside from her diaper. This was intensified by her awareness of the hypnosis. She loved the freedom she gained from being naked. Obedient Diaper Dogs didn't need clothes. All a good dog needs is a white puffy diaper. Sarah continued to find nothing but pleasure in the act of filling her diapers with her mess until they began to sag.

In addition to her own pleasure, Sarah found herself pleased with the progression of Mara. Within a week, Mara had already received her order of diapers. Sarah watched as the women who once trained her, was being trained as well. When she asked Mara why she wore diapers, Mara responded, "They looked comfortable." The exact same thoughts that had been programed into Sarah. She waited anxiously for Mara to use her diapers for the first time and give into her inner Obedient Diaper Dog.

Mara really need to shit. Her new high fiber diet was really taking it out of her. Unfortunately, Sarah had decided to change her diaper right then and was taking far longer than normal. In addition to that it had begun to feel wrong to use the toilet and she began to consider using the diaper she had started to wear. She had seen Sarah use it enough to know that it was an acceptable option and her mind kept conjuring images of herself filling her diaper on all fours. Her mind went blank, as Mara got down on all fours. Crouching down into a squatting position as a voice began to whisper in her mind.

‘Good girl. Your diaper is meant to be filled. Feel your freewill flowing into your bowels. When you relieve yourself you are expelling your freewill. It’s alright. You want to be a good dog and good dogs fill their diapers. Good dogs love the feeling of a diaper filled with piss and shit. Now, fill your diaper like an obedient diaper dog.’

With that last sentence, Mara released her heavy load into her diaper. Her mess filled the back to such a degree that the diaper now touched the floor. Mara smiled with a dumb grin. It felt so good to shit on all fours, like an obedient diaper dog. Why had she ever relieved herself in any other manner. Mara stood back up and walked back to her room. The heavy diaper sagged and squished as she moved. As she walked away, Mara failed to notice that the bathroom door had cracked open. Sarah had seen the whole thing and knew that there was no going for Mara now. After your first mess, you are an Obedient Diaper Dog for life.

Sarah found that the changes were more noticeable now that she was aware. Over the last month her legs began to ache, and she found herself dropping to all fours into order to move around comfortably. Mara, still unaware of her own hypnotic conditioning, began treating Sarah more like a pet and less like a friend. Sarah was overjoyed as she watched Mara dig into her Kibble with such gusto. Her fellow soon-to-be pet had switch to a diet of dog food and often commented on how much she was enjoying it. The various chemicals aided Mara in filling her diaper with greater frequency and volume. Like Sarah, Mara’s diaper was rarely clean. It hung from her waist, squishing and sagging as she walked. The smell of waste filled their apartment and every whiff filled Sarah with pleasure. The smell of waste was proof of a diaper dog’s obedience. Sarah smiled as she curled up in bed. She had taken to sleeping on her side like a dog. She fell asleep like that. A smile on her face and a warm, filled diaper along her waisted. That night, as both Mara and Sarah slept, their dreams were filled of diapers, kibble, and obedience.


Great work again! - faytlindel

I love this series it\'s such a joy to read, makes me wish a diaper dog hypnosis actually excited. Can\'t wait to see what happens next!

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