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Shinx Level Soiling

by williysimmons

     Flipping through his overly-read favorite book again for who knows how many times it was, Leon sighed and finally put the book down. But then his muzzle couldn't help but form a frown. The Luxray had been giving his favorite book, "The Immortal Butterfree", another read. It was about a Caterpie who eventually evolved into a Butterfree, plain and simple. But then, during the middle of the story, something amazing happens: she wishes to become a baby whenever she wants, and Arceus grants her that power! It was Leon's favorite book, partially because he was a serious child at heart. That and he was forced to evolve at a very early age, so he never grew up slowly enough. In fact, he was the only Level 47 Luxray in whatever the Pokemon equivalent of preschool is - despite being only 3 months old! As such he developed FAR too quickly. Leon didn't exactly put up with it very well then, and to this day, he still doesn't. In fact, he really wants to be a Shinx again, and no longer worry about being fully evolved.

     He had dedicated an entire room of his house, held under lock and key, to an adult-size nursery, built for himself to utilize. It came with everything - diapers, a crib, a changing table, diaper pail... EVERYTHING. But there was just one thing missing, and that was him utilizing his smaller diapers. He basically only used them as liners, occasionally. But that wasn't enough for him. He wanted to get the full enjoyment of utilizing them for their intended size. He wanted to be a Shinx not just in heart and mind, but in body and soul as well. He decided to research ways to regress oneself, but he didn't find anything. About an hour into his searching, the doorbell rang (he lived alone). The Luxray cautiously opened the door to reveal a rather large package, made out to him (according to the mailing address). Surprisingly, though, there was absolutely no return address. Thinking it weird, he brought the package inside anyway. The package was pretty big, but it was deceptively light enough to carry inside.

     He opened it up with one claw to reveal a bunch of packing peanuts. On top of the peanuts was a note. It read: "Dearest Leon: First off, let me just state for the record that we haven't met since we were babies. Well, I gues you were fully evolved even then, but still! Anyway, I'm willing to bet a ton of Poke-Dollars that you didn't get much of a Shinx-hood. That's what I've been hearing from your family, anyway. So I've decided to get you a little something to make you feel a little (or a lot) better. Hope you enjoy. ~A FRIEND" That letter was multiple emotions for him. On one hand, he was delighted that someone felt his pain. On the other hand, how did he know him if they haven't met since that time? And on the third hand was curiosity to what was sent - what exactly was sent that required a ridiculously oversized box? He decided to reach in the box of peanuts and he almost instantly felt something... crinkly? Was it just a bunch of diapers? But as he inspected the item closer, it felt to be... larger?

     Tired of guessing (he was a pretty impatient Pokemon), he yanked the entire thing out, spilling packing peanuts everywhere. But what he held in his paw was the absolute LAST THING he would have ever expected: a full-body Shinx diaper suit, big enough to fit a Luxray. Leon couldn't have been any more overjoyed - he had always wanted one but never found enough money to get it off the internet! He was too busy affording his baby goods for that. As he inspected the suit closer, he found two things that seemed a little bit unsettling - a lock-shaped depression in the zipper, and a visor of some kind on the hood. Was it one of those hypno-visors that are all the rage with therapists right now? After some mental debate, he decided that he DID want to be a Shinx in mind as well, so he decided to go for it. Putting on the suit wasn't impossible by any means - in fact, he was done with the main part of the suit within about three minutes. It was the paw mittens that were the hardest. Slipping both on was annoying.

     Finally, with his Shinx Suit fully on after about 12 minutes, he was very much contented. He decided to count this as being a Shinx in body, because why not. After reaching in the box beforehand and finding the key to the lock on his suit, he now grabbed that key and locked his suit, throwing it out the window - literally. He didn't want to be out of the suit anytime soon. Little did he know that it hit a camouflaged Pokemon... but that's irrelevant for now. Anyway, after a bit of fumbling with the visor's controls, he finally managed to turn it on. He scrolled through the files until it said "Become a Mental Hatchling". Finding it at least a little promising, he decided to select this file. He then selected his species, and soon the visor started to display a hypnotic spiral - that stereotypical kind that would normally do absolutely nothing. But since this was a visor, there was no way that he could look away. The machine started immediately giving him suggestions. It first told him to sit like a baby.

     Of course, Leon showed no hesitation or resistance. He immediately did as he was told, and as he finished up the task, his mind crumbled a little bit - his brain capacity was now 99% of what it originally was. That's right, he legit dumbed down! His next task was to get a pacifier and suck on it 5 times. Fortunately for him, he had one already - it was very well-used, but it was still in mint condition despite. However, it took 4% from his brain because of the overly plush mittens. Once he finally found it, he immediately popped it in hi mouth and began to suck. Every suck subtracted another percent of his brain. He was now at 90%. He knew in the back of his mind that it was around 30% is when he would start to be able to soil himself with little to no thought. He was now being instructed to down two entire baby bottles of milk - the kind of bottle that would fit an adult Luxray. The whole process took about 5 minutes, stealing roughly half of his brain. Now at 40%, he awaited his next command.

     His very next command, which would finally steal the 10% he needed, was to suck on the paci more, while holding a little plushie. Fortunately, he was prepared for that, too - his little Torchic plushie, Tyler. He clutched the little plushie as close as he could, and sucked on his paci for about a minute. It was at the stroke of that minute that he finally had the control of his excretory system pretty much deleted. And just in time - the laxatives he secretly mixed in with the milk he drank were SERIOUSLY starting to take hold of his control! But since Leon was still under hypnosis, he didn't even notice his bathroom needs rapidly mounting. He finally got his last command, the command that would delete all of his adult thoughts, thus leaving him with infantile ones. "Release your waste completely. Show me how good of a Shinx you are. Be a good little kitten..." With the swat of his diaper, Leon took the command to heart and let everything go, including his mind. All the while, someone else watched it...

     As Leon let his mind insta-fail, he could no longer feel the feeling of wetting or messing himself. In fact, he was doing both - and still couldn't even feel it! His waist area was completely numb - there was never gonna be any telling whether he had gone or not (which he clearly was, like I said). The fact that he was soiling a diaper inside a suit did NOT help that situation. It took him some two minutes to kill the flow of pee, and even more time to stop pooping. The visor then turned off having completed its task. But the figure in the doorway instead dangled a pocketwatch in front of Leon's face and swung it back and forth like a stereotypical hypnotist. Leon followed it, his mind still completely blank. The figure grinned evilly and gave him a few suggestions. "Whenever you hear or say the phrase 'infantilism time', you will immediately regress back to this state. On the command of 'grow up', you wil become an adult again. Do you understand?" Leon did not say anything behind the paci, but squealed.

     "I'll take that happy little squeal as a yes. In thirty seconds, wake up from trance. Starting... now!" With that, the intruder dashed out of the room, closing the door behind them. After 27 more seconds passed, Leon finally snapped out of it. He shook his head, dazed, and looked at his suit. He smiled again, knowing that he could now be a baby Shinx again anytime he wanted. He then felt his filthy diaper and, being the fetishistic fool he was, gave it a good hard swat. The poop mushed into his butt crack and up his penis, turning him on to the max! He immediately attempted to fap through his diaper suit. It proved to be a difficult task, but he eventually did, and when he did he came HARD! After the ultimate euphoria, he realized that he would not be able to change himself. Whatever, he thought. Changes were overrated, anyway. After about another hour of playtime, he suddenly felt very tired, so he decided to hit the hay for the day (it was a weekend where he didn't work) even though it was only 4:37.






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