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weird science

by cheif15

Chapter 1

It was mid-day as Thomas and Nate hung out in Thomas' room, Nate on the bed playing his PSP and Thomas at the desk scribbling notes while occasionally looking at his laptop. "Dude what are you doing exactly?" Nate asked glancing up from his game.  Well I've been doing a lot of research into chemistry and biology recently hoping to find a way to change the way I look." Thomas said as he scribbled more notes. Nate blinked "Ok dude you seriously need to get out more." He commented as he went back to his game. Thomas sighed and went back to his notes, after a few more minutes Nate glanced up again at Thomas "Why do you want to change the way you look anyways?" Thomas put down his pencils and rubbed his temples "People would pay a fortune for beauty in a bottle and I think I'm close to discovering the way to produce it, my chances of scoring would increase significantly." Nate blinked again "So the whole purpose of this… Is to get laid?" he asked. Thomas smirked "In a nutshell yes, I think I've almost got it I just need one last… Oh my god that's it!" Thomas yelled jumping out of his chair. Nate dropped his PSP on his bed as he shook his head "What is it?!" He said still shocked. Thomas ran downstairs into the kitchen and began to pour a mixture of juices, and other chemicals into a glass. Nate took a smell at what Thomas was pouring and covered his nose as his faced cringed and his eyes watered up. "GOOD GOD MAN, WHAT'S IS THAT?!" Nate yelled. Thomas didn't answer as he poured one last ingredient into the mix. "This friend is beauty in a bottle." Thomas said with a smirk. "Thomas it smells like someone ate someone crapped them out then died themselves and rotted for three weeks!" Nate proclaimed. "Look I can't explain the science it would take far too long and this is something that needs testing so… Bottoms up!" Thomas said as he drank what would surely be his death 

Thomas put the glass which was now half empty down as nothing seemed to happen, suddenly he keeled over and began to gag soon falling onto the floor coughing and gagging as foam began to come out of his mouth. Nate was about to run for the phone when suddenly he saw Thomas' body began to shift and change drastically. Gone was the tall boyish figure only to be replaced by a slightly shorter girlish figure. His hair remained the same color but grew out till it reached the middle of his back, his breasts grew out till they were about a D cup. All the while His genitals changed from the boy kind to girls genitals. Soon Thomas had the body of a 18 year old girl as he slowly got up the soreness soon fading from his body.

Nate's mouth was agape unable to comprehend what he just witnessed as Thomas got up holding up his clothes trying to keep them from falling off. "So how do I look?" Thomas asked with a light smile. Nate didn't know what to say and couldn't comprehend what he just witnessed; Thomas walked around him and looked at mirror in the bathroom putting her hands on her waist "Damn I look good" Thomas muttered to himself at that moment Thomas heard a gagging from the kitchen. He ran back and where Nate was standing was a black haired girl with the same build as Thomas. "NATE WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!" Thomas yelled. Nate opened his mouth as a girls voice came out just as Thomas' had "I couldn't believe it I thought I lost my mind, this is unreal!" Nate said with a worried look in his eyes. Thomas sighed and took Nate's small hand, "It'll be ok, but I guess I can't call you Nate and you can't call me Thomas in these bodies, what should we call ourselves?" Nate looked up "well I've always like Hinata." Nate said with a small smile. "I've always like the name Chi, so that's what we'll call ourselves Chi and Hinata." Hinata nodded and tried to hold up her clothes. "Come on Hinata let's go see if Chifa has any clothes we can borrow for the time being.  

The two of them walked up into Chifa's bedroom and found a pair of black, and pink panties and bras to match with them. Thomas put on the black as Hinata put on the pink, as they put on the clothing Thomas noticed a box buried in Chifa's closet. Thomas opened the box and a pervy smile came across his face as he looked at hinata and he innocent expression as she was still putting on her clothes. Thomas pushed hinata onto the bed and smiled "This is a rare opputunity hinata let's take every advantage we can with it." Chi said as rubbed her face against hinatas. As chi slid her hand under hinata's bra and played with her breasts, and Hinata getting caught in the moment slid her hand into Chi's panties.


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