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Diaper hypnosis with my girlfriend

by gfive1

Chapter 1

So for a little bit of background information, I have always been interested in hypnosis, but I never had anyone to try it with. I met my now girlfriend, and she was open to trying hypnosis. I was happy to find someone willing to be hypnotized. I later found out that she has a diaper fetish. I was open to it and am not bothered by it. I also saw this as a chance to use hypnosis! So thats where the story begins.

The moment she told me about her fetish, I mentioned that hypnosis could be used. She was skeptical at first, but after talking about it she was on board with trying. She listened to many basic files to see how easy she was to be hypnotized and surprisingly, she dropped perfectly every time! Now was the time I set out to hypnotize her to wear diapers. 

After we knew how easy she was hypnotized, I set to work on hypnotizing her myself. I did basic triggers to make her submissive, and to make her drop deep into sleep. Each one working better than the last. Once I had total control, the fun began.

First I had her lose control of her bladder when I snapped my fingers. This was just to test how submissive she was. And what do you know! Instantly wet her diaper! I was amazed! So was she. After that test she realized just how much she loved losing contril without thinking about it. So I set to work on giving her triggers to lose control. I would say "diaper time" and she would instantly want to put on a diaper. When it was on. She would lose control at any moment. Once she lost control and was changed, she eas back to normal.

She loved this. She had so much fun that I knew we needed more. So next I had her want to wear a diaper at all times. This took some work, but eventually, you couldn't keep her out of them! This was the point where I knew I needed to remove her control completely. No triggers, just gone. So we worked a ton on that. Once it was finally done. She was unable to control her bladder. She loved it so much. She loved feeling like an infant. She blushed in the cutest way whenever she lost control. It was her favorite thing to do.

After a while, she wanted more. I asked what more she wanted since we had already completely removed her bladder control! She said she wanted to be regressed. Just once, and for a little bit with me. I jumped to do it because it was something I had never done before. So I dropped her down and started working. She responded well and before long I had an adult sized toddler crawling around on the floor. Once I brought her back up she craved it so much more. She loved being a baby again. So we bought some supplies like toys and pacifiers. Thats when I had an idea. What if I could regress her when I give her a pacifier? I asked and she loved the idea. So that was our next plan.

Again, before long, she would become a messing baby the moment a pacifier touched her lips. She loved it too. She says the moment she feels the pacifier, her mind just melts away, and she feels herself getting younger and younger. She is aware of everything, but her body acts like that of a baby. She loves it so much!

So next was me. I was sorta hesitant at first because I did not share the same fetish as her, but after a few sessions with her I was loving it too. I had her do the same things I did to her. I am easy to hypnotize as well so there were no problems. I just drop so deep, and become blank. It feels so good, and it feels even better when she triggers me to lose control. As of now, we are both programmed to lose control when the other says "oopsie" and we also regress when sucking a pacifier. I am not programmed to need diapers like her. I do not want to go that far!

A great story of a time when we used our triggers takes place on a day where we both were rather bored. She had just been changed so we had a fresh pair on both of us. We always like to trigger eachother at the worst moments! Right then, my phone rung and I answered it. Just a friend, and we talked for a bit, then my girlfriend says our trigger. I just stopped mid sentence and let out a soft "ahhhh" as I lost control. She got me good and my friend was confused! As "punishment" I gave her a pacifier. She dropped like a rock and was stuck mindlessly sucking. I knew she was loving it so I left her to it for a while. When I checked on her about 10min later she had wet herself so much! I popped it out and she came back up, and she was so happy. She said she had no idea why but that was the best experience yet! I think it was because I just left her alone for a while. She loved feeling mindless and like a baby. 

I plan to program her more, and we have decided to work on more regression things. She wants to regress without the pacifier so she can have a full experience. I am more than happy to hypnotize her. We have been working on it and we are close. I hope to have her become a baby whenever I say "baby time" very soon. She has been responding well, and has been dropping deeper and deeper than before!

Overall, don't be afraid to try hypnosis. It has made both of our lives so much more fun! She loves it so much, and so do I.



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