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How little you really need

by usuario

Chapter 1

I was idling down the street in Willtown Estates, admiring all the lovely homes. Three and four car garages, immaculate lawns and shrubs. Man what a life! Pull into my clean spacious garage and pick a little speck of something off my Porsche in the next slot, glancing at her Mercedes to see if she put any more door dings in it at the club.

Walking into the house to find my scotch and soda waiting for me along with my three newspapers to peruse while Gloria made dinner before Jackie gets home. Watching Jackie come in from the garage, her perfectly toned legs, hips swinging and tits bouncing. They better bounce for what I paid to turn those saggy B's to a nice healthy D!

I get a quick air smooch before she trots up to the bedroom to change into her workout clothes. Not that she actually worked out at home, but they did look good on her. Skin tight and leaving nothing to the imagination. Snug against her shaved and waxed pussy. Clinging to her D cup tits showing off the outline of her areola and firm nipples standing out just waiting to be played with.

Well that was on days the kids had after school activities. But even when they were scheduled home all she did was throw a sweatshirt over it. Coming and sitting beside me so I could let my hands roam her tightly covered body. Feeling her nipples harden under my fingers, the heat and moisture emanating from her pussy before we ran upstairs for a quick romp before supper.

Taking her up to the bedroom and bending her over that old table. It didn't match ANYTHING we had for décor, but it had two very special features. Well three actually. First it was the right height to bend her over and put her pussy at just the right height to pound her. Second it was a traditional four legged affair so the little loops of rope on the far legs to tie her wrists with were out of sight.

Mmmmmm, but the third was the whole reason Jackie bought it. It split in the middle to add leaves. Not that we had any to add to it, no what she added to it was so much better for her. You see in addition to being tied down to it, Jackie liked to be handled and abused a little, especially when I was pounding her pussy. Jackie was a slut of the first class.

When we got to the bedroom she would pull that table open a bit, just enough to lay across and squeeze her hanging tits into the opening, reach across to the far edge, then turn her head, "Do it."

That's when she turned from a prissy society woman to a real slut. I would drop my slacks and boxers and step to the other side of the table to tie her wrists, hearing her sigh and watch her ass wiggle as I did. My next preparation for her was to take a pair of her cum soaked panties from the day before and stuff them in her mouth to keep her screams quiet, and Jackie was quite the screamer if her mouth wasn't full.

By this point she was wet enough she was soaking through her panties and probably through her workout clothes in anticipation. I would step behind her, yank them down to her thighs hard, and sink in her pussy in one stroke and just stand there feeling her tremble around me. She would make a little noise when I gripped the far side table edge in anticipation.

Then when I thought she was on the edge I would pull out and ram in hard and deep. Driving hard enough to slap her ass... and mash her tits between the open halves of the table. Over and over and over feeling her cum under me from the very first stroke, driving in hard enough that some times I thought it was a wonder I didn't pop the silicone in her tits open, but that's what she wanted, hard and deep.

If she had been bad and did too much shopping I would pull out suddenly and tie her ankles then finish in her ass, just fucking my little slut until she passed out.

When I had enough I would slide a huge dildo in her pussy and pull her panties and tights up before untying her. Jackie would go through the rest of the evening with that dildo in her pussy, always sticking out enough that she had to sit partially on one hip to keep it from pressing up hard against her cervix.

Mmmmmm, sitting down to a lovely meal with her on one hip unless I nodded to her and she would slowly rotate to sit flat. Panting a bit as that dildo pressed up into her until she came doing her best not to make a sound then rotate back to one hip.

Dinners were generally without the kids as they were busy at one friends or another. They were getting big, Janice was in fifth grade now, or was it sixth? David was starting Junior High, but was into art instead of something that would provide him with a real job. Maybe I should have a talk with him again...

After dinner, and after Gloria had went home assuming the kids were at friends, Jackie would strip and sit on the floor beside my chair and suckle my cock while I read the financials or we would retire to our bedroom if the kids were home. When I patted her head she would get to her knees and suck me down while I watcher her undulating ass and dildo filled pussy in the mirror across from us. If the kids were gone she would do a strip tease in the middle of the living room before sucking me down.

Working my cock with her mouth and lips, getting herself all worked up until she had to reach between her legs and fuck her pussy with that dildo knowing it would get me off which would in turn set her off again still screaming around my cock.

When she had the strength she would stand and get her panties she wore that day and pull the dildo from her pussy using them to wipe it and her pussy clean of her cum, sometimes leaving them stuffed up her pussy for a while to absorb it all. They would go into the baggie beside the bedroom table for tomorrows round and then the slut was done for the day and the socialite was back. Naked, but back. _

That was three years ago in the fall of 2008. _

Then the bottom dropped out. You see I was a developer. I would buy ( finance ) a big chunk of land and start in, put in streets and all the utilities and then build a few houses, sell them, take that profit and build and sell a few more. The first few I did were just a corner lot compared to Willtown Estates, only fifteen or twenty homes.

Willtown Estates was going to be my big one, my next to last one. The profits from this would pay for the next one outright before I even broke ground so it would be all profit to retire on before I was forty. I had almost twenty people working for me when I started it. Then the slide started.

I was fifteen homes away from the break even when the first one happened. A buyer back out, his loan had been turned down. Well it wasn't like it hadn't happened before on other projects. I know there were some rumors, but those only affected other developers, the little guys. I sluffed it off and gave the big speech to my sales people and a month later we had resold that lot and two more. Only thirteen to go to the break even... that was as close as I would ever get.

It became a series of comedic situations to anyone but me. One property owner defaulted half way through construction and the contractors filed liens against the house and the development. Money was paid to lawyers to get us clear but it was money spent. An excavating contractor hit a gas line. Not a big deal but it shut the development down for most of the day, and then we discovered he had let his insurance lapse so we were on the hook since we hired him.

People stopped looking at my exclusive development, instead asking about properties at half the price or less. We laughed at it the first few times, then eventually started thinking about how we could do something like that just to keep things going. But by the time we had that revelation it was too far gone.

I started selling things, her Mercedes, she have to do with just the BMW. My Porsche, the land for the next development didn't even sell for what I originally paid for it but I was able to clear the loan at least. When my lease came do on my Lexus I let it go and bought its five year old twin and had it detailed. It was close, but I no longer volunteered to take anyone anyplace so they would see the interior and realize what I had, or more like what I didn't have.

When we had to let Gloria go Jackie had a fit, she was not going to cook, it was beneath her to do servants work. She had did that when we first got married and I was expected to take care of her now.

Several fights later she moved back home and Daddy took great pleasure in walking the divorce papers down to the courthouse himself. A few months of a bitter screaming clawing divorce and she had the house in town and the kids, I had the plot out in the country that we had planned on building our dream retirement home. Fifteen acres of tree covered hillside and a bit of the crest.

I scraped by for six more months sleeping on my office couch and letting body after body go trying to make enough to eat and pay alimony until the bank finally called the note. I had my five year old car, no home, and no future. A few months later I sold my old Lexus and bought an old military truck that had a camper in the back and drove it out to the dream plot.

It was painful all the memories flooding back, we had looked at several pieces, finally deciding on this one because of the view and the little stream running to one side. I toughed it out and got the camper off the back of the truck and down on the ground for my new home.

I tried several things, but was barely making enough to put diesel in the truck and propane for the stove and water heater, much less afford to eat. I don't think I had eaten so much soup and noodles in my life before that. Hamburger became like eating out at Ruth Chris!

I wound up at a temp agency sitting and waiting for day help call outs. And most of the people were looking for young strong backs, not thirty eight year old developer washouts. And when I did get work it was almost more than I could bear. Many a day I drove back out to my little clearing and contemplated suicide.

But slowly things became easier. I wasn't as strong as some of the young bucks, but I worked smart not hard and knew my way around. Winding up working as day labor for the same construction crew for most of my second summer after the divorce. I didn't go climbing around like a monkey with an air nailer, but I was pretty good at framing up walls and making up headers. And after all those years of developing properties I knew screw ups in the prints when I saw them so I was kept on.

I also stayed after doing a little pick up when the rest of the guys wanted to scramble and head for the bar. You had to have extra money to go to the bar. I had to have money this winter for FOOD! Picking up on the job site got me scraps of lumber I could burn to cook my supper and heat some water to wash with when I ran out of propane three days before payday.

I probably would have frozen to death that following winter if it hadn't been for cell phones. My little piece of hillside turned out to be a pretty good spot for a tower. We haggled a bit on price and then I let them have it, I would back down on the price on a minimal corner if they did two things. First when they put the access road in for the tower they had to put the little off shoot in for my camping area, and second, they drop in a fifty amp service off their meter for when I wanted to go camping in my RV.

They were over joyed. In the long run I lost out on some money, but I had a secure place to park and power I didn't have to worry about. With my rescued space heater being able to reserve my propane for water heating and the occasional cooking was a big relief, if you could call heating soup and noodles cooking that is.

That's also when I started collecting more than scraps of lumber. It started off with a few pallets to break up and burn in my make shift fire ring, then became more. I not sure what I was planning on, but just because a board had a twist or a curve didn't mean it couldn't be used. I went from part of the construction crew to also being the clean up guy.

Anything close to useable or burnable went home with me instead of the dumpster. I had several pallets laid out and sheets of plastic over what I had saved. Little trim boards on this one, planks on those two, partial sheets of plywood or OSB on the next two. Brick and cinderblock were stacked to one side. Another had boxes of bits and pieces. I had this thought of building a little cabin or something. There was also the stacks of empty pallets, both useable and firewood quality. Even the bad ones made a decent wind break for my little corner fire pit.

And then things changed. Our next series of homes was in... Willtown Estates. Except it wasn't called that anymore, it was now Pinewood. I was driving in and out of what used to be my home area, right past my old house. Jackie no longer lived there, some young couple was out playing with their kids, but it did give me a hollow feeling even as I kept plodding along.

Harry, the boss, asked me what was up, but I just put it off to being near the end of the building season. We had these four houses to get closed in before the weather changed and then that would probably be it until spring. But I kept on putting one foot in front of the other picking up what ever scraps I could right to the end. Saying good bye to Harry for the season and being reminded to look him up come spring.

Evidentially I did well enough to get the attention of the current developer. At first I thought he recognized me, he was the second guy I let go when the slide happened. But three years and plenty of physical labor had changed me. I wasn't the jolly fellow I used to be and forty pounds lighter to boot.

He offered me a job for a few months after the shells were closed in, cleaning up as they were finished out. It looked like I'd have work until mid December at least.

"And I'll give you and extra two hundred cash if you can do something with that piece of shit," pointing to the trailer covered in a 'Now Developing' sign with his ugly mug on one end.

I felt like I had been gut punched. I remembered getting that trailer, having it all painted up with an artists rendition of what my Willtown would look like. I just nodded and told him I'd do my best.

So every day I would make a late morning run through the houses being worked on to see what kind of mess I would have later. I also began working with a young man who looked like he was just getting started. Short and kind of skinny and pretty shy running around in the skid steer cleaning up the streets and driveways, shaving and sloping the yards in preparation for the landscapers. Even putting the forks on and helping me lift some heavy stuff up to the dumpster. We were acquaintances, but not much more.

Now I loved the first few weeks, the mechanical contractors were first in. I saved every decent screw and nail I found as well as every scrap of copper. Sometimes it was just little one inch pieces cut at the outlet boxes, but it all added up. That was my first quick run when they all left in the afternoon before anybody had a smart idea to make the same rounds.

Then it was back to getting the bits and pieces that really needed to go out to the dumpsters, sweeping and shoveling this and that before taking the 'useable' pieces out to my truck and calling it a day waiving to Perry on my way out.

The other nice part of shifting to this stage was meeting the delivery drivers, and eventually I found one willing to give me a hand moving the trailer. Well sort of.

At first he wanted to just get authorization to cut it up and haul it away, but in talking with him he let it slip he was needing bits and pieces to do some repairs on one he had sitting on the ground getting it up where he could move it around if need be. We came to an understanding. I would get him some cash for moving it from the developer and he could have it if I got the one he had sitting on the ground.

You see my sign trailer was just that, a regular trailer that couldn't pass DOT inspection so it was only usable as moveable storage. But what he had on the ground was an old refrigerated trailer. Something that would hold HEAT in the winter!

While all this was transpiring something else was happening. I noticed that Perry was spending a lot of time on the job site, more than I knew dufus would pay for. He just said he was keeping an eye on things and I let it go until I came in earlier than usual one morning. There was Perry's crew cab parked at the end of a cul-de-sac, and as I drove closer I saw Perry climbing from the back seat to the front.

"Fuck..." I knew that situation. I slept in my car for many weeks until I came across this truck and the camper.

I tried to engage him in a little more conversation from that point on, but didn't get much more than a few extra words before he was off to his next project. I got him to share a sandwich a few times when he looked starved and even left a few extra bottles of fruit punch drink and things where I knew he'd find them. It wasn't much but I knew what it meant in his situation. And he didn't seem to be the type of guy to actually accept it if I offered it direct.

I had really intended to find out more, but with the delivery of my 'new' refrigerated trailer I had other projects.

Now it wasn't like I was flush with cash, but with all my saved lumber and such I was able to block off most of the old refer unit hole and fit in a small window. It had a cracked pane, but it was free. Half a dozen mismatched and slightly damaged cabinets and a piece of a cracked counter top and I had a little 'kitchen'.

Of course it was almost pitch black in there with only one window and hotter than hell in the afternoon, but I was damn proud of myself!

Two more damaged windows and half a dozen partial tubes of silicone later and I at least had some cross breeze. Fitting a regular door and half of a French door across the end about eight feet in and I had it enclosed and still had an outside place to sit out of the weather. I spent a bit of my meager cell tower money and bought a small window air conditioner and now it was even bearable.

Heat would be a rocket stove one of the guys showed me how to make and even did the little bit of welding for me.

Things were starting to get a bit cooler, and it looked like Perry was still sleeping in his car but I couldn't get much out of him. That was until I was working on a Saturday catching up from taking Friday off for some work on my new 'house'. I had to get a bed frame and mattress. The bed frame came from the thrift store, but the mattress took several stops to find one even remotely serviceable that was still in my budget.

Friday night I slept in my new home on a huge regular mattress for the first time in years, I felt like a king.

Saturday I was going along cleaning up and getting ready for the cabinet and carpet people Monday when I thought I heard water running like we had a burst pipe.


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