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Carnation & Instinct

by Riukken

Carnation & Instinct

Very cold, very dry, the sun will not shine for not another six full moons, and just by looking at the snow you will think there are roughs in the diamonds. Everything is too white, at least for me. Because I am a gray wolf, just like my deceased mother, and my father was an arctic wolf so we had to live here. It doesn't bother me to live here, the towns are small, it is quiet, all except for another town over the horizon. We dare not speak of it as it is shrouded in mystery and usually a thick drift of powdered snow. Well we forgot the introductions, my name is Lucas and I am a 5'10" gray wolf. My father, Sergio, has been pushing me and pushing me to join the Canidae armed forces. Although, I think it’s ridiculous since I am the only non-arctic one in this whole, quaint town of only 150. As a matter of fact, I got picked on and still do, although my friend Felix an arctic fox has stuck up for me. He is a bit too hyper, and zany for my tastes but he’ll have to do after all he is the only friend I got really.
Well, Felix and I had thought of an idea. Felix tried talking his two friends Edward and Arturo into going up to the abandoned gas and oil pipes to get a view at the other mysterious town, that our parents warned us about. They warned us about the dreaded Still-Moon Monster. A terrifying creature shaped like a cat, but seeks out anyone’s deepest fears and manipulates their lusts. They only would do it if Felix and I went with. So we complied and went ahead, until the whole town was asleep. We all snuck out of town by foot, there was some light snow showers but that didn’t bother us. The outside world was almost as plain and white as the town, there were dead, black trees scattered about with gray crags jutting out from the snow-covered ground. The snow began to pick up and we had to take a cavernous path. I had to admit though, the cavern was beautiful and shone like cerulean gems with stalactites and stalagmites you could scry just for sheer beauty. The sheets of ice were slick and we were careful not to fall. We reached the exit but there was a very bad blizzard. Edward began to hyperventilate, his husky tail between his legs, regretting that it was a bad idea. Arturo and Felix tried to calm him down, as I just waited for the blizzard to die down. It took about an hour, before we could leave again. After even more traveling we actually discovered a highway that was covered in a thin layer of snow and had mountains of mush to either side. Felix, Arturo, and Edward had never seen one before in their life so it was a pretty rewarding experience for them. I looked back at them, with a twinge of anger in my eyes as I snarled, thinking “I just want to get this done and over with.”
After a bit of traveling we finally reached the artificial monstrosity the pipes were a bronze that glared from the snow, some of the pipes covered in rusty icicles. Everyone stood to look at it in awe, regardless of it being shiny or not, it was amazing. After looking around it for a while, we found a small building to the side of a pipeline. I ran towards it, realizing that it was downhill, as I slipped falling down, hurting my butt, tail, and burying my muzzle into the snow. My friends rushed to my aid snickering, as I stood up and shook the snow off of me onto them. I laughed back at them a bit heartily. We tried to enter inside, before Arturo made a impromptu trumpet sound and broke down the door with a charging tackle. Dust mixed with the snow, and really irritated my nose and eyes.

Inside it was amazing, the pipelines were worn out and bigger than any tunnel or subway I have ever seen. Although pitch black, we wanted to get on top of a pipeline to see the next town if we could. We were used to the dark as our environment was in darkness for six months, so we headed down one of the lines in hopes of finding something. Where I came from this place would have been ransacked, and graffiti-covering all around. However many must be really scared of this tunnel to leave dust-covered technology sitting around as if they were pieces of scrap metal. Although we did come across one graffiti emblem painted onto the side, strangely it wasn’t finished and there was a line of paint trailing off into the distance from where we were heading. Edward began to hyperventilate, saying “We better head back guys, I think the monster got that person.” Felix said coolly, almost as chilling as the temperature itself, “It’s just a legend. There is really no monster.” Edward looked away in shame blushing under his pale-black fur. Arturo stood there uncomfortably looking at me and Felix demanding that we keep moving. I snarled, and continued forward. After a few paces of walking, Felix had heard another pair of footsteps in the pipe with us and told us to stop. We looked around, until there was a loud bloodcurdling scream, something swooped down from a hole in the pipeline and knocked me down to the ground. It’s jade eyes glared from the depths of the darkness as it lunged forward clawing Arturo making him bleed badly. Edward fainted from the action of it all, as I jumped back up and lunged at the creature, Felix followed after me. Arturo shouted, “It’s the monster!” as he grabbed Edward by the scruff of his neck and pulled him away from the action holding his own wound. Me and Felix toppled the monster over, as it scratched my friend in the face causing blood to drip down into his eyes and knocked me over, pinning me down staring into my eyes with emerald beams. My soul began to wither at the very sight of this gorgon-like monster, before Felix recovered from his blindness and knocked the monster off of me. It screamed again, before pushing Felix up against the wall of the pipe squeezing it’s claws into his body. I grabbed a pipe nearby and whacked the monster with it to no avail it tossed Felix aside like a rag doll. It looked right at me, before sweeping my legs out from underneath me. It grabbed me out of the air, and lunged off into the air several feet after escaping from Felix it took me to some door, where a solo dying torch shone upon it. I got a good luck at the monster when it threw me to the ground, it was a male snow leopard wearing just a loincloth. It knocked me out with a stomp of it’s foot and dragged me into the room.

I awoke an hour or two later, inside a hot pink room. A new color in this environment. Everything was frilly and covered in lace or leather. The room was obviously being powered by a generator and the room was made from metal plating and cement solvent. The leopard obviously made this recently, I looked around he was nowhere to be seen. I attempted to sit up in this heart shaped bed with pink and red silk bed sheets. My hands were bound to the bed posts and my legs were tied together. I tried to scream, before I finally realized that I had someone’s underwear in my mouth. I wished I didn’t scream as my mouth finally moisturized again picking up the taste of sweat. I looked down at myself seeing I was nude and around to figure out of how to escape. Before I could devise a plan, the snow leopard lunged on top of me smiling deviously. I screamed muffles at him. He was nude, and beginning to grind himself on my crotch. He sighed, and got up and off of me, I thought he gave up on me already before he grabbed a hold of my genitals and squeezed them digging his claws into them. I let out a yelp and it brought tears to my eyes, he looked at me once more smiling with satisfaction. “You think you can be the big-dog around here. Well when you trespass where I live, you pay.” he whispered smoothly in my ear. “And to make you pay, I need you to be obedient to promise not to tell anyone this has happened.” The snow leopard stretched his claws out and began to dig into my skin, just deep enough to leave a scar as blood trickled from my wounds and sweat poured from my body even into my wounds which hurt more. My fur was stained with tears, blood, and sweat until he looked at me again. It seemed like hours had passed, before the snow leopard left once again. I hoped Felix would come and rescue me by now. The snow leopard returned however holding two canisters of paint underneath, one under each arm. He grinned at me deviously before popping the tops off. He said smoothly once more, “I forgot to introduce myself. But I don’t think that matters much. But it is rude to not know your own master’s name.” I screamed at him, or at least tried to before he let out a chuckle, and said, “Well my name is Kinto.” He grabbed a paintbrush out of a drawer next to the bed, and dipped it into the paint can, before spreading pink latex paint across my body and over one wound. I cringed at the pain. He continued this over and over again, until my whole body was covered in it. He opened a door to the outside, saying calmly, “This should make it dry extra fast.” The cold wind felt weird on this substance covering my fur as it began to harden. He left the door open and went outside for some reason. When he came back in, it was completely dry. He looked at me and grinned as he went towards my genitals again. I let out muffled cries once more hoping he wouldn’t squeeze. He began to lick at me, and when my member slowly came out from it’s sheath, he licked at that. I tried not to pay attention to the fact that it was another man, before he pushed two of his fingers into my tail hole. After doing this sensual process for a while, I finally started to cum before he covered my cock with his paw, denying me an orgasm, and he squeezed my balls again just to be sure. The wounds he left me with, had obviously left scars in the rubber paint. He took the gag out of my mouth as I began to scream, he shoved his own member in my mouth, I attempted to bite down before he squeezed my balls again. He pushed in and out of my mouth, grinding his tail hole against my cock teasing it. I closed my eyes, crying some more, before he finished. He squeezed my balls again to make sure I swallowed, before he left again to go calm his nerves down.

The door was opened, as my friend Felix walked into the room. He looked at me and said, “What the hell happened to you?” I whispered to him, “Nothing! The monster got me, untie me so we can get away.” Kinto had heard Felix and lunged at him. Felix swiftly dodged as the snow leopard fell outside the metal shanty. Felix closed the door and locked it on Kinto, giving us a moment’s reprieve. I was untied quickly, and Felix attempted to pull the pink latex off of me before I yelped, he was pulling out my fur. We ran outside, the blizzard was terrible and we climbed up the ladder in hopes of evading Kinto. What we saw up there was magnificent. The town was obviously well lit and populated, there was a wave of light hovering above. I informed, “Oh look a rainbow.” I pointed to the sky and we watched it in awe. We were interrupted by Kinto, “Sorry to interrupt your obviously gay dialogue and scenery but I need to have my slave back.” Felix barked, “He belongs to no one.” Kinto snickered, and pounced Felix scratching him up. Felix threw Kinto off, kicking and punching the snow leopard a few times but it just wasn’t enough. Kinto pounced again this time, pounding and slamming Felix’s face into the steel pipeline causing him to bleed. I finally realized what was going on, as adrenaline rushed through my body, I tackled Kinto making an ultimate sacrifice as we both fell off the 150 foot high pipeline onto the snow covered ground below. Kinto had survived the fall, however I was dying from it. I heard Felix jump down from the top and lunge onto Kinto stomping him into the ground, beating him mercilessly into the ground. Kinto stopped moving and was pronounced dead. Felix looked over and saw my dying body and rushed to my aid, holding me in his arms as I said, “Do not tell anyone I died, tell them I moved far away. I do not want to be seen like this.” Felix nodded, holding me, and crying to himself. As I finally passed away. He laid me on the ground softly. He walked away, looking back at me before he ran away towards the town where it had all started.

Several weeks later the Canidae armed forces had burnt the pipeline down after ransacking it. The bodies of Lucas and Kinto were never found although both were pronounced dead by Felix who later led the armed forces. It is said Kinto still loves in the arctic praying on those who get lost in the blizzard.


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