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foot worship

by aidanjaga


Ally and Max had just finished having an argument and she had gone for a walk in the woods to cool off. Damn that Max. She thought. He just has to keep rubbing it in that he knows more about pokemon than me. If only I could outsmart him somehow, that would knock him down a peg. She was walking deeper into the woods now and was only getting angrier that she couldn't think of a good enough revenge plan. Suddenly, she heard a rustling sound and turned left to see a patch of yellow fur behind a bush. Forgetting Max for a moment she brought out her pokedex to investigate.Hey Max, can I ask you something?” Ally asked after returning from her walk and entering Max's room.“Fine, but make it quick I'm kinda in the middle of studying right now. Maybe you should try it too sometimes.” He replied looking away from his desk.“Oh don't be like that, Max.” She smiled. “I just wanted to know if you think I'd make a good dominatrix.” She struck a dominant and seductive pose, the main focus being her beautiful right foot that was placed teasingly in front of her.“A dominatrix? Ally, what are you talking about?” Max asked, confused.“I'm taking about you getting on your knees slave boy.” Ally commanded. Max's body obeyed and her knelt obediently before his sister.“How did you...? What's going on here Ally?!” Max asked, distressed at his inability to move anything but his head.“Sorry, that was rude of me. Allow me to introduce you to my new pokemon” Ally pointed towards the doorway with both hands and her Hypno stepped into the room. “Oh no.” Max gulped.“Oh yes, Slave. Hypno, use Hypnosis on Max.”“No, Ally please-” Max's eyes were captured by the pendulum and he was quick to fall deep in trance.“Great work, Hypno.” Ally praised, returning him to his pokeball and then looking down on her hypnotized brother. “Listen to me Max. Now that you're under my control you must obey my every command, understood?”“Yes” He whispered.“Then how about a little test? When I snap my fingers you're going to become a dog. All your memories of being human will vanish and you'll become my obedient puppy until I snap my fingers again.” Ally snapped her fingers causing Max to smile and begin barking playfully and walking around on all fours. She even decided to play with him a little and he happily rolled over and gave her his paw on command. “Excellent.” She said snapping her fingers and having him kneel once more as a hypnotized human. “Now whenever I say 'sleep for feet' when you're out of trance, you're going to immediately fall back down under my control. On top of that, when I wake you up you will have a huge foot fetish female feet and become my foot slave. You will start calling me mistress and happily obey my every whim, thinking you've only ever been my foot fetish slave and nothing more. Now wake up!” She commanded, snapping her fingers in front of his face and waking him up.“How, may I serve you, Mistress?” Max asked bowing his head.“Crawl over to me.” Ally said, making her self comfortable on Max's bed. He obeyed and Ally shoved both her smelly size 9 feet on his face. “Smell.” That one word sent Max into a frenzy of sharp inhales and lust. “Deep breath's right in between the toes now, Slave. I want you to fully experience the smell of feet.” Max began taking even deeper breaths as Ally started rubbing her feet on his face, making sure he smelled in-between all her long, sexy toes.“Your feet...smell so good.” He managed to say in-between breaths.“I'm glad someone thinks so. Now lick them, Slave.” She commanded. “Yes Mistress.” Max replied dragging his tongue all the way up her soft, sweaty soles. Her feet tasted divine and he eagerly licked from the bottom to the top, consuming all the sweat and dirt that he came across. This feels pretty good. Ally thought in enjoyment. Max just continued licking all over her soles before taking her heel into his mouth. He enthusiastically nibbled and sucked the heel which caused may to let out a small moan. He then did the same to the other until her soles were completely clean.“Mmm, I could get used to this.” Ally said and feeling a bit more dominant now, she kicked Max onto his back. Standing up and towering over him she stuck her right foot in his mouth.“Suck it Foot Bitch!” She commanded. Max was completely dominated and had no choice but to obey. He eagerly lapped at her toes and cleaned in between them, making sure to consume all her sweat and toe-jam. The concentrated taste of her feet was divine and both Max and Ally were in state pure bliss. “You're really good at this for your first time.” Ally said taking her foot out of Max's mouth. “You must really want to please me.”“Yes Mistress, I'm your slave after all and your feet are perfect.”“You've got that right.” Ally picks up her left foot and showed off her bright red pedicure. “I suppose my little foot slave would like to suck on this one as well.” Ally teased while flexing her beautiful toes. “More than anything, Mistress.”
“Than open wide, Slave.” Ally said lowering all five of her sweaty left toes into his waiting mouth. He didn't waste time and quickly began to suck on them, swirling his tongue around each toe. His tongue weaved in and out of the gaps in-between and he happily took in all of her toe-jam.“Mmm, I'm going to make you do this often, Slave.” Ally said in pleasure. Max just kept on sucking. Even when her toes were covered in nothing but his saliva he simply couldn't get enough of the feeling of being under his Mistress's feet. “That's enough now, Slave.” Ally said, taking her foot from his mouth and using his clothes as towel to dry off her feet. “Now sleep for feet.” At the sound of his trigger phrase, Max dropped back into trance at Ally"s feet, his genius mind once again reduced to a open playground for his dominant sister. I cant Wait to show you to my friends! Ally said,


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