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Jessica's Test

by Shadowslave

Chapter 1

„One, more and more awake. Two coming up more and more now and…. Three refreshed and awake.“


Jessica opened her eyes and sat up in her bed. She didn’t feel any different. Guess I beat the test she thought to herself as she swung her legs around and sat on the edge of her bed. She took hear headphones off and looked at her phone. Bladder Control Test the File that she just listened to was named. She got up from the bed and put on her pair of jeans she was wearing before. She let out a disappointed sigh as nothing else happened and slowly walked over to her desk with the laptop. The Website with the File description was still opened so she read it once more.


„This hypnotic File will test your control. Should it get you to fall into Trance it will make you lose control of your bladder. There will be nothing you can do about it if you fall into trance.“ Below she saw the File had a five Star Rating and even a few reviews. All oft hem said that they fell into trance and that all of them lost their Bladder control. Jessica felt even more disappointed. Why hasn’t it worked for her. She knew she was deep in trance but it seems like the file has had no effect on her.


Frustrated she got up grabbed her keys, put on her shoes and went outside. She decided it was time to balance her frustration with some ice cream. So she went down into the garage to get her car and drive to the mall. Just ten minutes later she pulled into the parking spot in the mall and got out of her car. As she stood up she felt a slight pressure on her bladder. Just a little reminder that she hadn’t used the toilet before listening to the file and that maybe she should have peed before leaving fort he mall.


Only a few steps later that thought was nothing. Her mind focused back on the Ice Cream she was about to get to treat herself. As she left the garage and stepped into the mall the pressure returned. A lot stronger this time and a lot more sudden. Jessica wondered how she couldn’t have felt the urge to pee up until now. It was like she went from no need to desperate need in the span of a second. She tried to ignore it but couldn’t do it.


Her plans were overthrown again and she needed to go to  the nearest restroom. She thought about if that was the files doing but dismissed the thought again as she hurried up. She needed to get there fast and with each step it seemed her need to pee increased. The nearer she got to the toilet the more she needed it. Jessica felt more and more unsure if she was even gonna make it to the restrooms. She was struggling to hold her bladder.


Finally she opened the door and stepped inside the large restroom. She hurried to the stalls, stepped inside and then she suddenly froze. She couldn’t move an inch. Her body was frozen like a statue. She tried to will her arms or legs to move but she couldn’t do it. She was frozen solid in her desperation. She wanted to sit down, to do a pee dance to even just move her hands to her crotch to help hold her bladder but she could do nothing. She was stuck.


And as that realization set in she felt a warm feeling spread across her jeans and that is when she knew she has not beaten the Test.  


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