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Painting with Power

by bakoncr99

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        “What the hell,” Lucas thought to himself, “Paint? Where did this come from?”

Looking up at the ceiling, Lucas saw some sort of black paint dripping down, pooling in a small spot on his chair. Another thought raced through his head: “Where could this be coming from?”

His roommate did store various paints in the attic, but Lucas didn’t hear anything that could’ve signaled a can falling over, let alone one being open. This confused him more and more, but he figured he’d clean up his chair and place a bucket under the leak to make sure the paint wouldn’t get anywhere else. While cleaning his chair, Lucas discovered that the paint was very gluey and sticky.

“What kind of paint is this, some kind of weird special paint, or like, some sort of glue to keep things together? Don’t know what a painter would need glue for paintings? It’s not like he’s gluing things onto them,” Lucas contemplated for a while. Once clean-up of this, “paint”, if you will, was done, Lucas figured he would attempt to investigate the source of the leak. The attic was up above the office on the second floor, so he thought, “Perhaps the leak could be coming from something in office? Don’t know what’s in the office that could leak. Maybe I should call Ted to see if he knows if his paint is leaking.”


“I had no clue something was leaking, but I’m hella swamped right now bro, clearance sale days are a bitch, but I’ll look into it when I get off work,” Ted said over the phone.

“Nah, I don’t need you worrying about it all day at work, I’ll go up and clean it up for ya,” Lucas replied.

“Thanks bro, I’ll have to buy something tonight for dinner then, you good with Taco Bell?” Ted asked.

“Ahh, I’m more in the mood for Wendy’s tonight. You could get Taco Bell for yourself, but I’m in the mood for nuggets, you feel?” Lucas requested.

“For sure, for sure, I got you, but I gotta go, thanks again for cleaning up whatever’s leaking though, I’ll see you when I get home, just text me what you want from Wendy’s, K?” Ted responded.

“Gotcha, see you ‘round 8:00, bye.” Lucas said as he hung up the phone, “Guess I better go up and investigate then, but first, lunch would be nice.”


        After enjoying his T.V. dinner and plastic cup full of Pepsi, and a quick power nap, Lucas finally decided now was the time to head upstairs. He’d start in the office, to make sure the carpet was clean and to place another bucket to stop the paint from getting all over the floor in there as well. The bucket in the living room near his chair had nearly filled up with the strange paint, which had become thin somehow. Lucas figured he’d dump it down the sink, figuring that paint couldn’t gum up the works as long as he rinsed it out fast enough. After that task was complete, Lucas grabbed two more buckets, some rags and some carpet cleaner before finally, after putting it off for a bit, heading upstairs to start cleaning the paint out of the office.

        Upon entry to the office, Lucas discovered that the leak was indeed coming from the attic, seeing the drip from the ceiling to the floor, soaking into the carpet.

        “This is gonna be a bitch to clean,” Lucas said in his head, “better get to it.”

        Lucas grabbed a T.V. dinner tray from downstairs and placed the bucket on it to catch the still dripping paint while he cleaned the carpet under it. The process was simple; spray cleaner, let cleaner sit, scrub cleaner into carpet, wipe away, repeat till clean. This took Lucas about an hour and a half, though most of that time was spent waiting for the cleaner to sit for a bit.

        “Finally, it’s done,” Lucas exclaimed, breathing a sigh of relief, “But I still gotta go up and clean the attic too.”


        Lucas grabbed the handle to the office ladder, pulled it down, and proceeded up the ladder, to find exactly what he expected.

        “Damn, Ted really needs to pay more attention to what goes down in his studio. I get that he hasn’t been up here in weeks, but he could at least clean up beforehand,” Lucas thought to himself. But that last thought stuck in his head.

        “How, after a few weeks, could paint still be wet,” Lucas pondered, “What the fuck could this paint be made of?”

        Acting outside of his basic instincts to get far away from whatever this could be, after all, he had promised to clean it up; Lucas moved the toppled can out of the way and began cleaning up the spill on the floor. The paint was cleanable, although sticky. Lucas had gone through most of his rags by the time he finished cleaning the paint on the floor, and the he remembered he still had to text his Wendy’s order to Ted. After finishing up with that, Lucas, again, against his instinct to run away from the strange, still not dry though weeks old pain, figured he’d touch the paint, perhaps play with it due to its gluey, sticky, consistency. He figured no harm could come of it, after all, it’s only paint, he thought. But something was off. The paint started giving off some sort of strange chemical smell once he started pressing it between his fingers and pulling them apart, and, unnoticed by Lucas, the paint had started creeping out of the can by itself. Slowly creeping towards Lucas, who was still busy with the little bit on his fingers.


        Lucas shuddered as a cold feeling hit his back, send shivers throughout his body. Lucas quickly flipped around to discover the “paint” had crawled out of the can, off of the shelf, onto the floor he just cleaned and started up his back.

        “WHAT THE FUCK!!!”

        Lucas tried to get up and run, but the sticky liquid had practically glued him down to the floor via his back. And it was still crawling up his back, along with down his shorts and around his waist.

        “Oh God, oh fuck, what is this shit?? What the actual hell does Ted have this for,” Lucas thought as the black sludge crept down along his legs towards his knees, onto his groin area, slowly making its way up his torso. Some of it had also connected to the small bit he was playing with and was crawling up his arms.

        “Seriously, if I survive whatever the fuck this is, Ted is gonna fucking get it,” Lucas exclaimed in his mind, “This shit is something else, where the fuck did he even get it?” The sludge had made it down to his feet and covered them, while at the same time making its way up to his neck and starting to cover his face. Lucas, try as he might, attempted once more to escape this evil liquid, but to no avail. The liquid had found his mouth, and to his further shock, opened it and proceeded to slowly make its way into his mouth and down his throat. The slime tasted foul, like how shampoo or lemon cleaner would taste. He didn’t taste it for long, since it made quick work of covering his tongue completely. By this time it had made its way into his nose and ears and began to cover his eyes. Lucas, however, was slightly confused. He could still breathe, even though the slime had gone through his nose and throat, seemingly sealing them but to his surprise, it hadn’t. By this time the slime had covered his eyes and head all the way up, practically leaving him looking like a featureless, shiny, jet black mannequin. But the slime continued down his throat towards his stomach and lungs, not filling them up but sort of coating them in the slick substance. Lucas wondered how much time had passed, when suddenly he could hear again. The sounds of the house came back to him, although he knew that the slime had covered them. He also figured out that he could open his mouth, hell, he could move again! He opened his mouth, and could taste the stale attic air rather than the foul slime.

        “What the actual fuck just happened,” Lucas said out loud, his voice slightly more creaky. He proceeded to stumble around the attic a bit, until tripping on some object laid across the floor. But no pain came to him, just the sensation of falling and hitting the floor. After he got back up, he’d figure an attempt to open his eyes. After all, since he could taste and breathe and hear, he figured he could see as well. And he could! Though, his eyes saw something he’d probably wanted to keep his eyes shut for. He looked down at his body, which was a shiny and jet black, almost like rubber, and felt smooth to the touch. He had to find a mirror, to see what it had done to his face. After all, that could be his one saving grace. Lucas hurried down the attic ladder, out of the office, down the hall and into the bathroom.

        “Oh fuck, what am I gonna do, fucking shit! What the fuck am I,” Lucas said as he got a first look at himself in the mirror. His head had been completely covered in the slick slime and also had the feeling that the rest of his body had, slick and shiny and smooth. His eyes, to his surprise, had become the same jet black, along with his teeth, tongue and rest of his mouth. He was some sort of alien looking creature, but he didn’t have time to take it in, because he had heard the door downstairs open.


        “Lucas? You here? Are you still upstairs,” Ted shouted as he walked through the door, “I got your food, but the Frosty machine was broken, so I stopped by Sonic and got you a Chocolate Peanut Butter shake.”

        “Yeah, I just have a bit of a stomachache, I should be down in a bit,” Lucas shouted back, hesitantly.

        “Okay, uhh, I’ll put your food on the table and your shake in the freezer, you sure you’re ok, right,” Ted, again, shouted at Lucas, “you sound worse than a stomachache, should I call someone?”

        “NO, uhh, don’t call anyone, I should be fine, must be getting sick I guess,” Lucas yelled back, “Just put my food in the fridge, I’ll get it later.”

        “Bro, something’s up with you. You hiding something? Got some sort of secret I should know? Was it really a sex toy in the mail that you said was a thing for your computer? If so I’m not mad, just disappointed,” Ted said, “Just don’t be using it cause I’m coming up to check on you.”

        “Shit shit fucking shit, what am I gonna do? Ted can’t see me like this,” Lucas thought to himself, “but I can’t lock the door, cause then Ted will know something’s up. Fuck, ahh, dammit, guess I gotta face this head on.”


        Moments later the door burst open and all was revealed.

“What the fuck?” Ted exclaimed “this isn’t supposed to be how that paint works! Well, it is, I just didn’t know it was able to spread onto things… other than a canvas, dude I’m so fucking sorry I did not expect this to happen.”


        “Dude, just calm the fuck down, this is an easy fix, just need a bunch of acetone or some kind of paint thinner or something,” Ted said back, “At least I’m hoping so.”

        “You better find a fucking solution to this or else, uhh, fuck I can’t kick you out cause you pay rent, uhh, fuck I can’t punish you for this. JUST FIND SOMETHING DAMMIT! I CAN’T GO OUT LIKE THIS!” Lucas shouted again.

        “Look bro, let’s just eat and I’ll go to Home Depot and get some paint thinner or something, just like you need to calm down, OK? Ted said in a sort of attempt to calm Lucas down.

        “I guess I can eat, just please fucking solve this,” Lucas said sheepishly.


        After dinner (and dessert) was through, and Ted had gone to Home Depot, and Wal-Mart, the attempt to reverse whatever this paint effect was had begun. Sat on a chair in a mini pool, swimming goggles on, Lucas hoped that this strange look wouldn’t last much longer. After all, he had work next week. As soon as Ted started pouring the paint thinner, Lucas was surprised to see it stripping away the paint off of his body and into the pool below. A sigh of relief came over him and he could finally see his normal features again. After all the paint had washed away, Lucas realized that he still had to figure out how to get it out of his eyes and body.

        “Uhh, Ted? How are we gonna get this out of my eyes, and uhh, I forgot to tell you, but it also went down my throat and stuff,” Lucas said quietly.

        “Not to worry,” Ted said, “I’ll just dilute the paint thinner then we can use an eyedropper or something.”

        “Whatever works, I guess,” Said Lucas, with a bit of hesitation, “Whatever works.”


        Hours later, the deed was done. The paint had been completely removed from Lucas’s body, eyes, mouth and wherever else. Finally, Lucas could get some rest, but not before interrogating Ted on what the hell that paint is made of.

        “So, Ted, uhh, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS THAT PAINT SUPPOSED TO DO?” Lucas shouted.

        “It’s supposed to spread on the canvas to fill in blank areas, but I didn’t realize it assumed you were a blank canvas,” Ted responded.

        “Well, uh, where did it come from? Some weird witch doctor? Some sort of evil scientist? TELL ME!” Lucas yelled.

        “Look, both of us are tired, all I know is that it came from so artist in Taiwan, does that give you enough closure?” Ted said.

        “Fuck, I guess that’ll have to do. DON’T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN, UNDERSTOOD?” Lucas said.

        “Trust me, it won’t, I put the lid back on it and put, like, 30 pounds worth of supplies on it, it ain’t going anywhere,” Ted said back, “Now can we go to sleep? It’s 4 am and I gotta be up at 10, you feel me?”

        “Fine,” Lucas replied.


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