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by GETfire

N.S.P. - Marla Blasts Off!

It was a new age of machine. Man had long since discovered more planets and more life forms other than Earth itself. Since then, man has created large flying mechs that can traverse the vastness known as space. The year is 2071, and surprisingly, man hadn't gone extinct yet. Luckily, they learned the error of their ways and our now using alternatives to keep the Earth alive and well (because, you know, it only took what? 55 years to do so?). These mechs can be controlled by one person, man or women, or any other intelligent species, since evolution has caused animals to grow and become smarter, now even able to walk bipedal (or on all fours, if they wish). This story focuses on one pilot, who is traversing the known galaxy right now.
His name is Recon (bare with me, I ran out of name ideas), and he was piloting his mech, known as the Altar. This mech was, of course, quite large, and it resembled a large samurai. Its eyes, which counted as the windows for the pilot to see out of, shone a bright blue. The helmet piece, similar to what a samurai would wear, was black, with a bright blue complementing it. This was the same color pattern for the whole mech, bright blue, and black.
Eventually, after several hours of flying through space, he finally made it to the galaxy he was on route to. This galaxy was a few lightyears away from the milky way, but thanks to warp speed, that wasn't a problem. He pressed a few buttons, causing the mech to go into Auto-Pilot as he got out of the driver's seat, stretching. He took a few steps forward, looking out the windows once more, seeing something come into view. "What the...?" He took a closer look, leaning in and squinting at the sight far up ahead. 
It was a destroyed mech. Its color a vibrant hot pink, with some sort star-like pattern on it. The stars were a nice gold, which to Recon, accented perfectly with the pink color of the fallen vessel. Something in his gut told him he should stay away from it, to avoid even brushing up against by all means possible, but something in his mind, an alien thought of some sort, like a twinge of curiosity. Something in his mind sparked his intent to go over to it. It almost sounded like a voice in his head.
Go on, check it out. Inspect it. He thought, I know these are famous last words, but what could go wrong? Actually, nevermind, I'm not even gonna ask.
Deciding agaisnt his better judgement, he got back into the pilot's seat, and steered off his original path, onwards to the destroyed mech. It was in shambles; two or three of the major parts were missing, holes filled the broken machine, and debris was everywhere around the lost ship. He got within a reasonable distance, where nothing was going to really hit him, anyways. He kept the mech stationary, still looking at the destroyed one.
I see you found my old mech. Good for you!~
That thought--No, a voice--Rang out in his head. He took a quick look around, trying to see if there was anyone in the mech with him. "Is anyone here? State yourself!" He said loudly, the response echoing back to him slightly. He kept looking around, returning to silence once more. He turned around, seeing nothing out of the ordinary, besides the ghost of a cat staring at him, floating off the ground, its lower half replied by a long tail, but its top half-her top half- was still there to see, in all its transparent glory. "You're quite observant, finding my mech lying out in space." The ghost said in a soft voice, placing a hand on his shoulder, which surprisingly felt as if she were actually touching him. "That there was a result of my recklessness. With a new body, however, I won't make the same mistake twice~" without another word, she flew straight THROUGH him, disappearing before she came out of the other side. Recon felt a cold shiver run down his spine. "That was ghastly..." he murmured, not noticing the changes of his body quickly taking effect. His ears growing to points, and moving up to the top of his head, along with fur sprouting from his face as it pulled and stretched out into a feline muzzle, whiskers sprounting from the sides. He also didn't notice a long, fluffy, tail growing out from his tailbone as he looked out of the window once more at his--wait, his!? This sudden thought change made him realize his quick changes.
Why is he sprouting fur everywhere? Why does he have a muzzle? Why does he have a tail!? And why... why does he have a sudden urge to wear and use diapers? Come to mention it... the thought of diapers was beginning to turn him on. He qucikly tried to push down the growing bulge pressing agaisnt his suit, when a sudden, tingling warmth consumed his chest. It felt so... good. He let a soft moan as a pair of pretty breasts began to sprout from his chest, growing steadily, stopping when they were decent D cups. He slowly groped them, letting out a soft, feminine moan, pleasure surging through him. "H-Holy shit my boobs are..." He stopped mid-sentence. "Wait, my boobs!?"
That's right, dearie, my boobs. This is my body now. And look, I even have proof~
He felt a sudden growing sensation where his crotch was. A crinkling sound filled the air as a diaper, a particularly thick one, began to grow and wrap around the used-to-be human's waist, applying its own tapes securly around him. More crinkling filled the air as it finally finished, bulging out around the waist and crotch area of his suit, which was slowly turning from black to the same vibrant, hot pink that the mech was. Starting at his feet, which were quickly reshaping into paws. More tan and brown fur sprouted, covering Recon's skin. Wait, Recon? Wasn't his... er... her name Marla? Yeah, it was Marla. She gripped her head, stepping back. "Rr... get out of my head!" She protested at the voice, her voice now higher and more feminine.
Your head, huh? Well, I thought we were the same person~
"What? Er... wha...? N-No..."
Yes we are. We are the same. You are Marla, the diapered, mech-flying cat who loves to use her diapees~
"Y-Yeah... I like using my... wait! No! I don't use diapers!"
It doesn't look like that, now does it?
She suddenly felt her bowels and bladder relax. This couldn't mean good. She felt a warm, tingling sensation in the front of her diaper as she began to piss, the fluid filling into the diaper with a soft hiss. She blushed heavily as she felt the warmth of the piss press against her still hard and throbbing cock, which was changed, too. The skinnier, pulsing member needed attention, but before she could, a pressure at her bowels caught her off guard. She let out soft grunts and moans as loud, wet farts escaped her anus, a horrid smell filling the room. 
Whew! What have we been eating, lately? The voice echoed in her head, making her attention turn to it, just as he began grunting again, starting to push out a large, warm load of mess into the seat of her new diaper. Try as she might, she couldn't stop it. Why would she want to stop it? It felt so good to wiggle and smush that warm slop in her diaper... 
That's right... you're-no-WE're Marla, the diapered mech pilot! We love to piss and shit in our diapees, no matter what! We are Marla, We are Marla... You are Marla..
"Mmm~ That's right, I am Marla." She began, destroying what little resistance Recon had left. Who was Recon? She was Marla, and she was horny. She looks down at her hard cock poking out against her newly soiled diaper, beginning to push another hot load of that smelly mess into her diaper. "Mm~ I love my diapers." She purred, beginning to rub the front of her suit, which was now a vibrant hot pink, with golden stars on the hands and feet parts of the suit. She let out a loud, feminine moan as she continued to stroke and press against the front of it. Pleasure consumed her as she rubbed her diapered but up agaisnt a wall, loving how that hot, smelly mess was squishing up agasint her ass. She kept rubbing and grinding her hand agaisnt the front of her diaper, nearing the edge of an unbelievable orgasm.
Finally, after minutes of rubbing and grinding against the front of her diaper, Marla finally came, loads of her warm cum shooting from her cock and into the confines of her diaper. She let loose a loud moan of absolute ecstasy as her whole body shuddered with pleasure. she stood up, her body a bit dazed from her recent orgasm. She scrunched up her muzzle in delight at the smell of her nasty shit, just in time to feel a large one move through her bowels. She grunted and pushed, large loads of her nasty, smelly shit pushing once again into her diaper, the smell overwhemling and the seat of her garment sagging now past her knees slightly. She smiled at the smell, and how she was still hard. "Hehe~ so easy to manipulate." she said, walking up and sitting in the pilot's seat-her pilot's seat. Her diaper made a nice, loud smush as her hot, messy slop pushed up agaisnt her ass, covering it with her warm mess. She typed in a few coordinates, and off she went, back into space.
Marla, the diapered Space Pilot was alive once again.


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