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Chad the Pampered Puppy Chapter 2

by Fafnir789

Chapter 2

Chad's initial reaction to was to squat down on the floor right then and there, but he caught himself. He turned around, and turned around again, and then a third time.

"Take your seat, Chad," said Ms. Domino.

"Yes, ma'am."

Chad walked to his desk seat, and froze for a minute. He looked at how the other students were seated, and then bent his knees and assumed a seated position and sidled into his seat from the aisle, while the teacher looked askance. A few of his classmates were watching and laughed. Ms. Domino arched and eyebrow, and opened her mouth.

Chad averted a possible detention, "Sorry, I strained uh, well, it makes it awkward to sit down," he explained.

More laughter.

The teacher sighed, "Next time get here earlier, so we don't have a show of you sliding into your seat, Chad."

"Yes, ma'am."

Chad hurried to his next class to avoid the problem. This time he watched another student sit first, how did he forget how to do this? He copied their movements and missed the chair by a few inches landing on his butt in the aisle.

"Dude, was it a butt strain or a head injury?" asked Bruno helping Chad up.

Chad sheepishly grinned, and shrugged as he slid into his seat with Bruno's help. Bruno had the same morning schedule as Chad, as did several of the jocks with afternoon athletic activities.

After lunch, Chad headed to the men's room to empty his bladder. He had forgotten about the diaper, but that was the least of his problems. He stared at the urinal, and then down at his jeans. He knew where the opening was, but he couldn't remember how to open his fly. His brow furrowed. He ran his fingers across his belt and along the metals buttons on his fly. How as he supposed to get undressed at 4 PM, if he didn't know how to operate his belt or buttons? He really had to piss. He pulled at the cotton flap on his fly. Then he started to piss. His diaper absorbed the liquid as his bladder empty. He sighed in relief.

"Dude, are you going to use the urinal or not?" said the freshman behind him waiting to use the urinal jabbing Chad in the back.

"Huh? Oh, no I don't need to use it now," Chad said as he walked away.

The kid shook his head and looked over his shoulder, "Who knew Chad can't pee in front of other guys," he snickered so did the guy behind him.

Chad was surprisingly comfortable as he walked to his next class. He was relieved that he was wearing the diaper and that it hadn't leaked. He was a bit concerned as he sat in his wet diaper in his next class, he smelled like a urinal, it seemed particularly acrid and intense. But apparently, the guy next to him didn't notice or didn't care.

His next period was study hall. He had eaten burritos for lunch, and he felt the urge to use the john. He was alone in the men's room. He took out his smart phone and googled "How to take off pants?" He got a few comical videos, but he figured out from them how to undo his belt, and open his fly. His jeans dropped to his ankles. Chad stood in the stall staring at his wet diaper. How the hell was he supposed to - oh, shit. His bowels released, and the diaper started to fill with warm hot mushy - goodness. Goodness? That was the word in his mind. He shrugged, he didn't need to use the toilet after all. He pulled up his jeans, and managed after a few attempts to button the top button on the fly, leaving two buttons undone below it, and then he secured his belt. It was a notch tighter than before. He hoped it would keep the smell from leaking out. He headed back to the library, and sat down.

SMOOOSH. Yuck it oozed everywhere. He needed to take the diaper off, but he couldn't. The thought of removing it seemed to center on another person doing it. Maybe he should ask Bruno to help him? No, no. It was too embarrassing. Besides the Secret Admirer wanted him to keep the diaper on, and not to use the bathroom before 4 PM, so maybe she could change him.

A few people walked by Chad and crinkled their noses.

"Dude, your farts reek!" cracked Bruno as he walked by. He must have been in another part of the library or had just come in, as he went to the counter with a couple of books.


Physical Education. Chad took his gym bag with gear into a bathroom stall and changed into his long basketball shorts, sweat shirt, socks and shoes. He hoped the coach wouldn't do a jock check today. He usually only did that on Mondays.

"Why so modest?" asked Rick as Chad came out in his workout gear.

Chad just grinned and ran out to the field with the sloppy mess bouncing around in his diaper.

"Growing a beard, Chad?" aske Coach Sinclair as Chad ran by him into the gym.

Chad reached up and felt his chin. He had shaved this morning, but it felt like three days growth on his face. He glanced at his legs, and they looked hairier too. So did his arms. A basketball hit Chad in the head.

"Hey!" he shouted and grabbed the ball and threw a three pointer into the nearest basket. He completely forgot about the diaper and his increased hairiness.

It was only after he was all sweaty at 3:15 PM when the class bell rang that he realized, he couldn't shower with the diaper on. He shrugged it off, and decided to go to the field house earlier. He took the key from his locker, and jogged out of the locker room and on to the field.


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