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Beachside Rubber Buizel Transformation.

by poketoy

Chapter One

Cautiously making his way through the bushes, John smiled to himself as he saw the pathway down to the white sand beach-side cove. He hadn't been in the area long, only intending to heal his Pokémon before making his way to the next town and another tough gym battle. John wasn’t the best trainer, focused on getting the strongest Pokémon rather than properly training them, and had pushed his Pokémon way beyond their limits when battling, having to leave them behind at a Pokémon Center to make sure they got enough rest to properly recover from his brutal training.


While it was typically unwise for anyone to travel without company or pokemon in the area the few Pokémon that John had seen had been relatively weak Bug-types or the occasional Wingull soaring above the coast, so John wasn’t too concerned for his safety when travelling here from the Pokémon center. When he’d been in the Pokémon Centre, John had overheard some two trainers talking about a secret path down to a cove which, if the trainers had been correct, was home to a strong Pokémon which had been causing problems for local swimmers and beach-goers.

John wasn’t too worried about being attacked by the Pokémon, he was always willing to face a little risk to improve his team and he had stocked up on Ultra Balls before leaving his pokemon behind. He had considered buying a more specialist type of ball, but had wanted to rush out to the cover and make an attempt at catching the Pokémon before either of the two trainers headed out here to try and snag the Pokémon, not even bothering to listen to any further details the trainers would discuss. 


John carefully tried to find his footing on the steep path and made his way down towards the cove, stumbling at points when the grass and dirt underfoot gave way to soft, white sand or sharp rock. With much fumbling, he eventually made it to his destination without any falls or injuries. Slinging his bag off of his back, John took a quick glance around. The hidden cove looked like a paradise, in his opinion. Soft sand shifted underfoot at even the slightest movement, and the sound of the turquoise waves idly lapping at the shore coupled with the gentle breeze causing the few trees and bushes to rustle helped to create a very relaxing atmosphere. John wasn’t shocked that a strong Pokémon would try to claim the area as a home. 


Yet as far as John could see there were no Pokémon in the cove. He wondered if someone else had snagged the creature before he had arrived, but he was sure he’d see some sign of another person having been here before him like the bushes he had shifted to get down here being previously disturbed or some footprints in the sand, of which he saw neither. 

John sighed and dropped his prior removed bag onto the sand, slumping down beside it and enjoying the feeling of the warm sand against his palms. He had a while to wait till his Pokémon would be rested enough to collect and no one was waiting around for him at the Pokémon Center, so he decided to hang around and see if anything turned up. John supposed that if the Pokémon wasn’t around and no one had caught it yet, maybe it was just out hunting. Folding his hands behind his head and laying back John couldn’t help but start to relax and doze off on the beach cove.

John awoke with a start when he felt something round and smooth being forced over his head and onto his neck. He immediately began to struggle, not comprehending what was happening for a few seconds. Pushing himself backwards and away from whoever had forced the thing around his neck, his hands flew upwards and tried to pull the thing off. It was plastic-y and kind of squishy, but John couldn’t move his head enough to get a better look at the object now around his neck. 

 It was then that John realised that it was not a who, but a what, that’d shoved the collar-like object onto him. A large Floatzel loomed over him, eyes gleaming with a hunger-like look as it leared down at John. The look lasted only seconds, but that was all it took for John to notice that there was something very wrong with this Floatzel. 

While John hadn’t seen a Floatzel this close before, he’d seen them on battles on TV and had a good idea of what they looked like. This Floatzel didn’t have the usual sleek fur that normally coated the Water-type Pokémon, but, much to John’s shock, had a rubbery, plastic-like shine to it. He was pretty sure that if he were to touch the Pokémon, it’d have no fur at all. The longer John looked, the more his brain began to panic and yell at John to start running away from the strange Pokémon. 


That was when John made eye-contact with the Floatzel and almost instantly found himself frozen in place, unable to move or look away from the Pokémon. The Floatzel pounced onto John and knocked it down, its squeaky paws landing on the sand on either side of John’s head and its muzzle mere centimeters from John’s own face. 

John still hadn’t looked away from the Floatzel’s eyes, realising that the harder he focused on them the more he could make out what he thought was a faint spiral in the Pokémon’s eyes. It made John feel much calmer to just keep looking into the Floatzel’s eyes. His mind felt empty aside from the spiral, which, the longer he looked, became more and more solid. John was far too out of it to really care that from underneath the inflatable yellow ring the Floatzel had forced over his head an orange, rubbery substance had started to cover him. The substance seemed to eat away at his clothes on contact as it spread over John, quickly covering his chest and started to spread up his arms and covering his hands which were still gripping the yellow ring around his neck. As the rubber covered John’s hands, he had to let go of the ring. The rubber coated his hands completely, turning them into big, round paws and making it impossible for John to properly grip anything now. As his new paws slipped down over the inflatable ring and onto the sand, the contact between them created a high-pitched squeaking sound. At the same moment, two blue fins burst out from the lower half of John’s arms and a small, clear plastic inflatable valve popped out of the same spot where John’s belly button had once been.


John’s mouth began to hang open and he began to lightly squirm once the rubber made its way over his crotch, eating away at his shorts and instead of shaping itself to his now erect manhood as it had with most of John’s body, it formed a spherical bulge over his entire crotch, locking away his ability to pleasure himself in that way ever again. As the rubber continued down John’s legs, from underneath him two numbs formed from just above his ass, quickly forming into two strong, long orange tails with beige tips. 


The Floatzel grinned wider as it touched John’s nose with its own, John’s nose turning into a cute, black dot as a beige and orange muzzle formed over his face as the rubber flowed upwards from the yellow ring. While this happened the rubber finished coating the lower half of John, his feet now long, round orange paws.

A dopey grin was evident on John’s face before the rubber muzzle covered it totally, a wide white toony smile replacing it. As the rubber started to crawl up the top half of John’s face, the Floatzel giggled to itself and stood up, wanting to get a better view of the final stages of John’s transformation. As it moved, the rubber covered John’s eyes. A white, thin film with a shifting black spiral becoming John’s new eyes and a pair of cute, circular beige eyebrows appeared above them. 


It didn’t take long for the transformation to complete, the orange rubber covering the top of John’s head before tapering off into two, round tuft-looking bits. John’s blank mind left him unaware of what to do, so the newly formed inflatable Buizel lay in the warm sand until the Floatzel called out to its new Buizel toy. 


The Buizel jumped up, a squeaking sound accompanying its every movement as it quickly made its way over to the Floatzel, following behind the bigger rubber Pokémon as the two made their way to the Floatzel’s hidden cave den, where the Floatzel would relax and wait for a chance to use its new minion to transform any trainers unlucky enough to make their way into the paradise-like beach cove. 


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