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The Ticklin Discovery

by tbemedic

Chapter 1

For a long-lived dragon, 50 years wasn't a long time... though it certainly felt incredibly long when you were cursed with an orgasm denial spell.


The young adult, Ciziss, sighed as he turned over, his yellow scales shimmering in the light streaming in from the opening of the cave... his needy, throbbing cock pulsing in the air like it did every morning.  He was only ten years into his curse and already starting to go mad with lust.


Ten years ago... he had been such a careless, haughty dragon.  There was a village near the dragon mountains, full of those short-lived creatures called humans.  Despite the warnings of those much older than him, he'd often play tricks on them, scaring them, and sometimes flying off with some livestock if he could get it.


Until one day, Ciziss ticked off the wrong human - he'd flown to the odd-shaped cottage with a pitched roof, setting the top on fire.  He watched, with pyromaniac glee, as the fire started to spread from the tip top and slowly down.  Then an unnatural gust of wind, preceded by a guttural occult word, put it out and pulled his attention to the source, a particularly angry, disheveled hag.


He remembered the expression on the older human's face, frustration and disdain written all over her face.  Instantly, he felt his blood run cold as he tried to take off, but it felt like his limbs were glued to the ground below him.


"You!  You're the one that's been terrorizing our village," the hag said, walking closer, "Oh I've half a mind to really let you have it, your mischief's gotten out of control, but I know a bit of what it's like to be young.  Still, ye need to be taught a lesson..."


He'd tried to apologize sincerely and promise to never do it again, but having never actually spoken common in his life, the words fumbled in his mouth.


The witch's hands extended towards the dragon as her voice went down to a guttural growl, her incantation making every scale on his body tingle - especially between his legs.


"Hear me and hear me now, oh spirits of lust and smut; No thrust, no clutch, no milking, slut, will lift the curse of edging rut!"


The meaning of the words didn't settle in immediately as he writhed in place, panting from the sensation alone, but his eyes widened as she began to resume her incantation.


"Until the time has come to cum, which will--" she started to say, when suddenly she clutched her chest.  With a gurgle, the old hag suddenly fell forwards.  Helpless, the dragon watched as the human perished before truly finishing her spell.


He flew away from the village and never returned.




Unfortunately for him, he discovered all too soon that her curse had, indeed, taken hold.  Next time he'd gotten horny, he'd tried to stroke with his handpaws - but couldn't bring him over the edge.  Desperate, he'd stretched his long neck down and tried to suckle it.  It felt good but no skillful use of tongue nor the suckling of his lips brought him over, his toes twitching and flexing as he tried.


The next week was a haze, spent trying everything - from humping some of his eager-to-help peers, to raising his tail and letting them take him.  Nothing worked!  Finally, with shame, he brought himself before the elders, begging for their help.


"We told you not to meddle with the humans, Ciziss," sighed one such elder, whose ruby scaled sparkled beautifully, "Even so... we'll see what we can do."


The dragon's sages had examined him with their magic, even using their magic to bring him to the edge of orgasm again so they could see the curse in action.  Ciziss's mind burned with lust as he felt that shimmering energy course along his erect member - it felt so good and so torturous at the same time!  And they way they stared at him, it made him feel self-conscious.  But if it meant finding a cure, he was willing to endure this.


Left, once again, high and dry by the curse, Ciziss waited for the sages to deliberate and come to him.  His heart hopeful for a cure.  The happy expression of the sage brought his hopes up even higher as he sat up, ready to hear the good news.


"Good news, Ciziss," the sapphire-scaled sage spoke, "the curse isn't permanent - it'll wear off in about 50 years."


The yellow dragon's heart flopped in his chest a bit.  Fifty years... that wasn't what he wanted to hear, but he was already a few hundreds of years old, in the prime of his life, so it wasn't an unbearable amount of time... but he wanted the curse gone *now*.


"Okay, so... are you able to remove it sooner?" Ciziss pleaded, his ear-fins drooping low.


The sapphire dragon shook his head, "No, life curses are tricky things - it would require a high level Remove Curse spell, and if I may be honest... we believe it would be a good lesson for you to have to endure this and learn some patience and the consequences of your actions."


Ciziss's heart sank.  Great - they *might* be able to remove it but they were leaving it on him as punishment.


"I... I understand..." he lied.  Whether the dragon believed him or not, the sage didn't seem to think it mattered, and Ciziss was dismissed to go back to his cave.




Ten years had passed.  A part of him understood now, yes, but the lust was burning in his brain all the time.  He'd tried hibernating as often as possible, trying to get through it sooner, but soon the intense need prevented even that.


He'd tried abstaining, entirely.  The problem was, what would once be considered a wet dream had now become fever dreams of sexual fervor that would end before he could cum in the dream.  And he'd found himself raising his tail more often, even for the female dragons of his flight who took great joy in grinding against him while their tails slid in and out of his tail hole.


Because even if he couldn't cum, it still felt good and it still scratched one itch, even if it made his biggest itch worse.


There was a part of him that did find the situation hot.  If he couldn't cum, he could at least submit and make other people cum.  Whether his dick acted as a living dildo or his ass as a nice warm hole for dicks and tails, he was definitely making the other dragons happy.


But... he knew, deep down, he was sabotaging himself.  Making this worse.  He needed to cum, he needed to fuck, to rut, to find any form of sexual relief!


With a growl, he flew away from his cave.  He needed to cool down - find a place to relax, away from the other dragons, away from everything.  Maybe a nice waterfall to just stick his head in for a day.  At this point, anything could help.




He landed on the ground in a nearby forest, his large yellow hindfeet leaving indents in the mossy ground.  He paused to admire them.  He couldn't lie he had something of a foot fetish for his species, and did admire his own feet.  He shivered, the tingling in his crotch beginning, as he tried to put that out of his mind.


That was when he smelled it.  A sweet aroma, tantalizing, that made his mouth water and his crotch burn.  He found himself walking towards it, his cock emerging from its slit.  He'd all but forgotten about the curse, lust and hormones swarming his mind, his eyelids barely staying open as his jaw slacked.  The need to follow the arousing scent overcame his better judgment and he followed the scent all the way to an enormous, red flower.


The scent was overpowering.  His entire body tingled with arousal.  Before he could stop himself, stepped closer to the flower.  Tendrils moved towards him, embracing his forelimbs, as it pulled him gently into its grip, the petals closing around him, the sun glowing through the barely translucent petals, bathing him in a dark, red light.


He felt something engulf his cock and he moaned... and suddenly panted, his mind snapping back to reality, "No, stop, please!  I can't cum, I can't give you what you need!"


The flower didn't seem to care - a smaller flower had engulfed his cock and began to suckle, his pre siphoning away as quickly as he produced it.  He moaned, arching his back.  This was easily the worst-case scenario.  A nightmare, given form!


An acute sensation across his foot suddenly made him squeak in a very undragonly way.  Then he felt it again - a tendril stroking down his sole.  He giggled - he couldn't help it, the years of denial had left his body very sensitive.  Two other tendrils had begun to stroke into his "armpits".


"Nohohoho, pleehheehehease!" he begged, bucking about.  The tendrils, encouraged by his struggling, began to tickle him in earnest.  Tendrils poked and prodded at his large feet, flicking over his toes and diving between them, tracing his arch and getting at his soft heels.  More tendrils poked and prodded as his chest and belly, the soft flesh twitching with each poke, the poor dragon laughing harder.  Worse, tendrils had started to tickle the area around his slit, which was quite sensitive - especially around his tailhole.


"STAHAHAAHHAP!  PLEHEEHEHEEASSE!" Ciziss cried, bucking about.  He was on the edge, and the tickling was driving him crazier with need!  He never realized just how sexual tickling could be, but it didn't matter when he was cur--


With an embarrassingly high-pitched howl, he suddenly came for the first time in ten years, the intense pleasure splitting through him as seed that had been stuck inside of him for years pumped into the flower's waiting bud to nourish it.


The orgasm was so mindblowing that it took ten minutes for him to realize he was still being ravaged with tickling, the tendrils diving in with greater fierceness now, tormenting his post-orgasm body.  His screaming laughter was harsh in his ears, amplified by the tight confines he was in.  The tendrils tickling his feet felt especially vivid - he could actually feel the delicate fuzz on the tendrils now, stroking up his massive dragon feet... his cheek scales flushed as he visualized it and realized he liked it.


It didn't take long for his refractory period to end, and when it did, he could feel himself being brought to the edge again.  He prayed that it wasn't a fluke.  He prayed that he'd get to cum again.  His prayers were answered - the tickling on his feet and his body drove him over another orgasm.


He cried tears of joy and relief - he'd found a loophole.  Thank the ancestors, he'd found a loophole!


Satisfied with its strangely condensed meal, the flower released him, leaving the panting dragon to lay on the forest floor in a blissful afterglow.




The next few decades passed quickly now that Ciziss had found his new passion.  After that, it was a simple matter of exploiting it.


At first, tickling was just a way for him to circumvent his curse by a loophole - it turned out he was one of the fortunate few who could achieve orgasm just by tickling, which the curse had conveniently failed to target.


But then, he quickly found himself craving the sensation itself - somehow, he'd gained a fetish for being tickled.  He didn't mind at all - he'd quickly discovered just how fun it was to submit his body to that sort of torment, being driven to the edge of his mind each time.


He'd made several visits back to that flower - though much to his frustration, the flower actually seemed to reject him whenever it didn't need any more seed, so he'd had to branch out.


To begin with, he began to study magic - it was surprisingly simple to animate a bunch of feathers and submit himself to them.  To let those plumes dance over his big, yellow-scaled feet, swirl over his belly, and over his needy shaft... it took quite awhile, but each session would end with a powerful orgasm that would leave him twitching on the floor happily.


Along the way, he'd discovered magic that kept his body soft - no callouses on the soft, creamy scales of his soles, keeping his belly scales softened for maximum tickle potential...


A few of his flight mates seemed taken aback by his new obsession, though.  At first, they'd found it cute and were happy he'd found a loophole, but... some of them thought he was being a bit of a creep now.


Especially since he now refused to raise his tail for anyone who wasn't willing to tickle him in return.  It seems they'd taken his submissive status for granted.


After telling only a few of his willing friends where he was going, he left his flight.  Finding a cave not too far from the plant, he quickly made his new home.


The years passed by, as he himself continued to grow, like all dragons do so even after reaching adulthood.  More than his magic, he'd discovered a simple joy in finding ways to fake vulnerability and have others exploit his weakness.  Once, he'd intentionally gotten himself tangled up in a tree's vines as several bird people decided to "teach him a lesson".  His foot, held up by the vines, was a favorite target as their wings danced all over his sole, easily bigger than each one of them was.


And when he grew hard?  Well, all it took was a well-timed plea for them to *not* tickle him there and they flocked to it.  Some of them seemed to enjoy it as much as he did...


There was also the time he'd been captured by a couple of gnolls from a tribe.  The trap was fairly obvious, and so were their intentions.  They'd tickled and loved on his feet until he'd grown hard... and of their own volition, had gone after his vulnerable shaft with feathers until he came.


Of course, by that time, the curse had long worn off.  He had no idea how much time had gone by since then.  He'd already made peace with the witch's soul - a seance spell, to apologize to her and thank her for teaching him a lesson - and to his surprise, she apologized in return.  She had never intended the curse to go on as long as it did, she'd only meant to teach a relatively young dragon a lesson.


And that's the story of how one hell of a curse and one hell of a loophole changed a dragon's life for the better.




The dragon once known as Ciziss sighed happily as he finished writing his tale down.  He set the peacock quill aside, smiling at the gift from the peacock king.  It wasn't often you found feathers big enough to be quills for dragons.


He sighed as he leaned back in his comfy chair - the middle-aged, pear-shaped dragon rested his large feet on the foot rest, his massive, soft, ticklish soles visible for your viewing pleasure.  Soft and cream-colored, with three toes on each foot, easily bigger than your entire body.  It feels too intentional - you creep closer, trying to get a good look at them, when the dragon chuckles and speaks up.


"Hello there.  You can call me Lucky.  Like what you see?"


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