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The Science Of Attraction

by genericaccount37

You awoke with a splitting headache. You could barely open your eyes a sliver, and you couldn't remember a thing about how you got here.

"Day 3, subject is awake!" said a voice. A familiar voice, maybe?

You reached up to rub the sleep from your eyes, but your arms wouldn't respond. Or couldn't - something was holding them by your sides. As if you were strapped to a bed, or - the bright overhead lighting jolted your memory a little - an operating table?

"Good morning! Do you know who I am?"

You respond in the negative at first, but then you ask if she's from your psych class.

"Oh, that's more than before! The subject is responding to the treatment!"

You ask out loud - Treatment? Then you shake your head, as much as you can with it held in place by what feel like tight leather restraints, and ask for her help.

"Oh, but I am already helping you!" she says.

Your eyes finally have enough focus to see her - she's about your age, on the cuter side of plain. Frizzy brown hair in a bun, thick glasses and a skintight white lab outfit that showed off a little of her curviness. Not drop-dead gorgeous, but not the worst sight to see in this place. This... What is this?

"My secret lab in the abandoned hospital just out of town!" she said, gesturing to the piles of old medical equipment mixed with strangely futuristic machines mixed  "It's messy, but it's homely enough for the two of us to be here alone, for as long as it takes."

Alone? So she's the one who has you tied up? And as long as it takes for what? You start struggling against the bonds holding you in place, but it's all in vain.

"Shh." she says, putting a finger to your lips. "Shh. You can't break out of those. I've optimized them just to hold your body in place." she says, lifting a leg over the gurney, sitting on your chest as she smiles down at you.

"After all, you're the only one I want. You'd never look at me, always fawning over some other girl in class, so I decided to use my most charming feature to seduce you - my brain!"

She giggled, slowly grinding her crotch on your immobile body. The look on her face told you she was enjoying the feeling, even through her clothes.

"It won't hurt to tell you since you'll never remember. All it took was luring you out here with a faked message from one of your friends, knocking you out and strapping you in for a few days of brainwashing!"

Brainwashing?!? How could she! Trying to overwrite someone's personality was... was...

"It was a failure, mostly. You were screaming and trying to get loose the whole time on the first two days, calling me all sorts of awful names." she said, disappointment in her voice. But she perked up very quickly. "Though if you're this much warmer to me on the third try then I'll just have to keep wiping your brain and upping the intensity!" she grinned. "Over, and over, and over!"

What was she planning to do to you?

"Oh, nothing you won't consent to. I haven't even given you my first time yet, because I want to make you as eager for it as I am." she said, leaning in to whisper that in your ear and lingering there longer than would be comfortable even if you were lovers, her warm breath on your neck sending a shiver down your spine.

She planted a kiss on your forehead, and rolled off of your body, her warmth still lingering.

"I'm just going to set you up for another day or two of being bombarded with happy thoughts about me, and we'll see just how much more you like me when you wake up again!"

She picked up a visor, sliding it over your face. Clamps extended from the machine, holding your eyes open - was this why it hurt to open them before?

Images began flashing onscreen. Pictures of your captor in labcoat, prom dress, lingerie. Words, describing all her favourite things, interspersed with more images, faster and faster. You saw glimpses of pictures she had edited together of the two of you holding hands, on dates... You saw so many things before you blacked out, your mind overwhelmed by the mad scientists' device.


You awoke with a splitting headache. You could barely even open your eyes a sliver, and you couldn't remember a thing about how you got here.

"Day 12, subject is awake!" said a voice. A familiar voice.

"Good morning! Do you know who I am?"

You said her name. You asked Jessica where you were, what had happened, if she had just woke up here too.

"Oh, it's really starting to take." said Jessica, light reflecting off her glasses and rendering them opaque to you. You stared at her for a moment - you always thought she was pretty cute, even if her hair was always a little messy, and that skintight outfit was leaving very little to your imagination. Your eyes flicked away awkwardly.

"There's a reaction I haven't seen before." she said, stepping towards you.

You apologized for staring at her.

"Staring... You..."

She burst out laughing.

"You're trapped in an abandoned hospital with a girl who is clearly the one who tied you up, and you're apologizing? To me? You're going to make such a gentleman of a boyfriend." she said, sliding the visor over your face. "Yes, such a gentleman..."


You awoke with a splitting headache. You could barely even open your eyes a sliver, and you couldn't remember a thing about how you got here.

"Day 30, subject is awake!" said a voice. A familiar voice.

"Good morning! Do you know who I am?"

You asked Jessica what was going on.

"Remember when you told me all about your hot, sexy fantasy about being kidnapped by your scientist girlfriend and brainwashed into her perfect toy? That you'd let her lose her virginity with you as you pledged to be hers forever?"

As unbelievably sexy as you found Jessica - the tight clothes accentuating every aspect of her beautiful body, the confident sway of her hips as she approached the table you were bound to, the amazing brain that made all of her machines possible - the thought made you blink in surprise.


How long had you been dating?

Something wasn't right...

"Nevermind that." she said. "Just tell me you love me."

Everything was so strange. You had memories of a life with her, and one without her. Things were starting to blend together, but none of it made any sense. You couldn't say you loved her, not when your mind was starting to get this hazy.

"No, no, no!" she shouted, sweeping some electronic parts off a bench. "You're supposed to love me unconditionally! Just love me! But... your brain won't accept our beautiful life together, no matter how many times I wipe your mind and start again! Unless..."

"Maybe I don't have to start again."

She turned around, picking up a screwdriver to make adjustments to the machinery as a wicked grin crossed her face.

"Maybe if I turn up the amplitude to maximum, yes... And just leave it running non-stop for a week or two, yes... Make the message simpler, no complicated fantasies of our perfect relationship... and then..."


"Day 100, et cetera, et cetera."

You awoke with a pleasant fog in your head. Everything was a blur. But when you opened your eyes, everything felt right.

"Good morning, lover." she said, raising a hand to caress your face. The two of your were laying on her bed, the same bed you shared every night.

"Remember when you told me all about your hot, dirty, depraved fantasy about being kidnapped by your scientist girlfriend and brainwashed into her perfect, obedient slave forever? That you'd happily let her twist your mind and body to suit her every desire? No, why don't you tell your perfect, wonderful girfriend what she wants to hear."

You could hardly think of anything but staring at Jessica in adoration. You could do almost nothing but drool at the vision of perfection before you, barely able to speak three words. The only three words your overpowered brain could ever want to say to her.

"Aw, I love you too." she said, climbing onto your no-longer restrained body and straddling your hips.


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