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by lance017


Hypnosis changes my lifeAs always dear readers, please contribute to Nifty to keep it free.I guess I should start with the basics of this story.  At 28 years old Ihave long auburn hair, green eyes and am all of five foot, six inches tallweighing a mere 135 pounds.  I have almost no body hair to speak of and afull mouth that many say reminds them of Liv Tyler.I am about five foot, six inches tall, and weigh in at 130 pounds of skinnynerd.  I admit however that I always liked women who had a pierced bellybutton, and tongue and found it incredibly sexy, so on a lark one day, Ihad mine pierced.  I know, not the manliest thing I could have done, butyou did get that I was 5ft 6inches and a skinny nerd?  How about the factthat I was also not the biggest 'down there' and had trouble getting agirlfriend but did make really good money as an accountant for ahigh-profile law firm you may have heard a commercial for on TV or theradio!?  I guess my biggest concerns were that I was socially not yourtypical 'hot bod jock' that was 'hung like a horse' or had 'millions ofdollars' so I could just grab a girl and fuck her like some macho man andthen forget her.  I was a hopeless romantic who had a real problemattracting women and then even keeping them.At night after work, I often would grab a beer and watch some TV, play a PCgame, or follow up on my favorite hobby of watching porn and masturbating.I had normally watched straight sex, but lately I was watching fetish andinterracial.  Something about the women dressed in tight restrictiveclothing, being forced to perform, or acting like Dominatrixes made megiddy and exited.  The interracial always had the sexy white girl gettingboned by this big black bodybuilder type guy who was very large and shejust seemed to love it more than when I saw the same woman getting bangedby a large white guy....whose cock was still not as big as the black guys.I must have been watching almost exclusively interracial porn for about 2months now.One day I saw a video on "Interracial Hypno for BBC" that showed a cutewoman getting it on with a black guy and decided to watch it.The video talked about her being sexy, a cock slut, being bred by big blackcock, wear high heels, dressing slutty to attract black men who weredominant, loving the taste of come, black owned, etc.The pictures flashing on the screen were of a pretty good-looking girldressing up, wearing heels and lingerie and picking up a black guy in aclub and taking him to the bathroom to blow him.  I came when he did andthe video showed the girl cleaning his cock drinking his come as it ended.I wiped my hand in a Kleenex before looking at another.I clicked on a second video and it was similar with the lady dressingslutty, getting picked up, fucked and having the black guy come all overher white face and her smiling happily as she scooped up all the come withher fingers and licked them clean.  I almost did not notice the subliminalthat flashed across the screen:...You like cock......You love the taste of come......You suck cock......Wear high heels......You need cock......Dress slutty for black men......Black cock is superior......You are a cock slut......Wear lingerie......You love black cock......You wear makeup to attract men...When this video ended I was sweating and had again spurted my come into mylap.  I looked at it and scooped it up and slowly brought it to my lips andthen stopped and wiped it on the Kleenex I used earlier wondering what Ihad been thinking.The next day at work, I was out of sorts and ended up going home at noon.When I got home, I changed into 'house clothes' and immediately turned onmy computer to watch more videos.I noted a whole line of interracial hypno videos and again clicked playthinking this one would be more of the same as yesterday.This one had a sexy little bimbo dressing slutty for her black master,...Dress slutty for black men...and begging him to make her his woman to please him....You are a cock slut...She was so sexy hot and his dick was huge!...You love big black cock...I loved watching her suck his cock...You love to suck black cock...and then crying out in sexual bliss as he fucked her!...Black cock is superior...These videos were really turning me on and again, when he came...You can only come with a black cock in your mouth or pussy...filling her mouth with his seed, I came and only then noted I had come.I again scooped up the come and this time without even thinking stuck myfingers in my mouth and licked them clean before switching to the nextvideo.The next one was actually of a white transvestite chasing BBC and as itstarted I caught some of the subliminal.......You like to suck cock...All while it showed a girl sucking big black cocks,...Wear panties...Shemales pulling up panties to cover their little cocks,...You love the taste of come...Black men coming on their faces,...Wear high heels...Slipping into high heels while wearing stockings,...You need black cock...Getting banged roughly by well hung black men,...Dress slutty for black men...She males wearing the skimpiest outfits,...Black cock is superior...pictures rotating through a number of big black cocks,...You are a BBC cock slut...White women being fucked by black men and enjoying it immensely,...Wear lingerie...White women wearing lingerie being fucked by black men,...You love black cock...Trannies rubbing black cock all across their faces and smiling,...You wear makeup to attract men...Showing pictures of well made up faces or women putting on lipstick,...Black owned sissy...A lady with a ace of spades tattoo on her lower back or her neck, ankle orabove her pussy.I was so excited by this that I watched a 3rd, then a 4th, and more till itwas late at night, I had come multiple times and found myself on theVictoria Secret online catalog purchasing thong and bikini panties to wear.The next day was Tuesday and after work I found myself again watching thesevideos and not even catching the subliminal as I was fascinated with theshemales dressing sexy, banging big cocked men and found myself totallyengaged with how exciting and thrilling it was.Wednesday, my panties showed up and I just packed up all my male underwearand tossed it into the garbage after putting on my first pair of panties.How could I not have known how comfy these were?  Did they make my buttlook cute?  Hmm, I think I need to shave my bikini line.  Why was thinkingabout my bikini line?  You know these would look great with a matching braand if I tuck it looks even prettier without that lump.What the heck was I thinking that my panties would look prettier without mycock making a lump in the front!?!?I ended up watching more video and after eating my own come and not eventhinking about it. I ended up going onto a women's clothing website andordering a skirt and blouse and some stockings and heels....I needed todress this way and needed to get the right clothes for how I wanted tolook.  I wanted to look pretty and sexy and I needed to update my look toget that way I thought.The next day and more videos had me thinking I wanted to order make up andnail polish and I went on-line and did so.  When the makeup came the nextday, I spent days online viewing tutorials on how to apply it and get itright.  I grew frustrated due to my slight facial hair and on Saturday madean appointment at a facility to get all my body hair removed from nose totoes including my pubic and underarms to the techs amazement.  Then I wentand got my ears pierced two times in each ear at the mall kiosk.  Thensince I was in the mall, I ended up buying some women's denim shorts, tightdesigner jeans, a few tops, some heels and skirts and finally a littleblack minidress that I had boxed up as 'gifts' to my girlfriend!I spent most of the day Saturday and Sunday cross dressed and watchingvideos of shemales being trained, hypnotized into sluts, craving black cockand needing to be bred by real men and each time I came I ate my own jismlike a good sissy should.Saturday night after watching a video on training my mouth and ass for areal ( Black ) man's cock, I went down to the local adult shop and boughttwo large black colored dildoes with balls and suction cups so I couldpractice like in the videos.Monday is back to work and a few people notice the studs in my ears and Isay it was an impulse and I thought they looked cool so just got them on awhim and that seemed to close that out.  After work that night I waswatching a video on how a guy changed into a girl and had sex with all'her' buddies to try and get the change reversed and after being banged byall of them they turned her into a slutty cock whore.  It really got megoing and thinking.I also saw a video on training my ass and as it finished I realized I hadgone and lubed up the one dildoe and stuffed it inside me.  I did not evenrecall doing it while watching the video.  As I sat there with this bigdong inside me wondering how that got there, I reached for my computer likeI was in a dream and clicked onto another video of 'sissy training for BBC'and was lost in that almost immediately.Dress like a girl and shake your butt to attract a man,...Wear panties and grow your tits...Slipping into high heels while wearing stockings,...Wear high heels...She males wearing the skimpiest outfits,...Dress slutty for black men...You want to wear make up and enjoy putting on lipstick,...Suck black cock...All while it showed a girl sucking big black cocks,...You like to suck big black cock...Shemales smiling as they knelt awaiting the come from big black cocks,...You love the taste of come...Black men coming on their faces,...You need black cock...Round breasts in sexy bras,...You want to get bigger tits...White women wearing lingerie being fucked by black men,...Wear lingerie...Getting banged roughly by well hung black men,...Black cock is superior...Pictures rotating through a number of big black cocks,...You want only Big Black Cock...Trannies rubbing black cock all across their faces and smiling,...You wear makeup to attract men...Women being fucked by black men in the ass and enjoying it immensely,...You like black cock in your ass...Sissies orgasming while stuffed with black cock,...You can only come with black cock in you...Women dressed sexy in lingerie and posing seductively,...You want to be like her...A lady with a ace of spades tattoo on her lower back,...Submit to black cock sissy...Naked black men with women or shemales kneeling before them,...Black owned sissy...I spurted multiple streams which I gathered up and poured over the otherdildoe I had in front of me and amazingly gobbled all 12 inches of it downto the base with ease and sucking all my come off of it.  When I neededair, I came back up off it, gasped in a breath and stuffed it back down mythroat slowly while sucking to insure I got all the delicious jism suckedoff it and came back up licking and kissing the head with a smile.  Then Iused my index finger to wipe my lips and suck the remaining jism from it.'God I am such a slutty cock whore, come junkie!' I thought.  'I need tostop this.  I am a man and should not be getting off on suckingcock!'....'I think I need to get out of these clothes and into my skirt,bra and heels to continue practicing on these cocks.'....'God I love beinga girl and getting fucked by all this cock!' I kept thinking.No!  Stop thinking like that!  What the hell man!?  You are a man and not awhore.  Act like one damn it!I realized I was really torn between two worlds and had to stop, so in aneffort to regain control I put away the dildoes, cleaned up and watchedsome AFC kickboxing championships thinking this will make me manly!  Whatended up happening is I got bored, started to wonder what size cocks theyhad, how much come they would shoot, if they liked shemales or maybe evengroup sex!The next day at work went by in a haze as did Wednesday and on Thursdaywhen I got home, I immediately dressed in a garter, stockings, bra that wasstuffed with Nerf balls, slipped into a short blue skirt with a white topand heels.  I did my make up, painted my nails to match my toes and thenwhile they dried, I started up my computer and opened up my browser to thesissy BBC page I had bookmarked then went and got my dildoes.I watched straight Interracial and when the woman was sucking the guyscock, I sucked my dildoe the same way she did.  When he pushed into her, Imounted my other dildoe and ground away till she and I came at the sametime and I as usual now, cleaned up my orgasm and swallowed it with asmile.What I really noted was that she had some very round and perky breasts thatbounced and jiggled in reaction to the anal pounding she was taking, and itprompted me to go to E-Bay and purchase some breast forms in "C" cups withnipples and had them, as usual on these purchases, express shipped!Friday was more of the same with a few comments about how I seemed moreanimated and tan, but distracted lately and wondering if all was OK?  Iroutinely expressed that I was working out, getting some sun and trying toeat more protein as I heard it was a better diet these days.When I got home, my package was waiting, and I went in and hurried into myroom to review them and then use the adhesive to glue them to my chest andslip into Kandi's outfit from last night again.  I felt even more sexy andfeminine if that was possible and after completing my makeup and changingmy hair to a more feminine style, adding some jewelry and make up, wentinto the kitchen and made myself a lite meal, a cocktail ( giggle ), andturned on my computer.I immediately used my camera to take a few pictures of myself dressed, inlingerie, and then with a few showing my short she clit from under thepanties and one with the panties off while I had it hard.  Then it was offto the video page and a few hours of watching video while sucking andriding my dildoes till I came multiple times, eating my jism each time.One video actually spoke on posting pictures of myself on a 'tranny fuck'site and I had to do it since I had pictures and needed to see if I couldactually get a man interested as it seemed all consuming now.  With myprofile completed, it was just a matter of time and since it was now 9pm atnight, I decided to grab my purse, filled with my wallet, cosmetics andgrabbed my tablet and headed across town to a Starbucks to get a coffee andsee how well I passed.Driving in heels was a little tricky at first, but soon I had the hang ofit and when I got to the coffee shop, I got out, twisting my legs out andthen standing and smoothing my skirt.  I then ruined it all by of coursebending down and reaching in to get my purse and then closing the door andstrolling in to order a small cappuccino and review my profile while overin one corner sipping the drink.  No-one even batted an eye except to havetwo guys look at me with lust in their eyes like they would any otheroverdressed sexy lady in a coffee shop.I spent maybe an hour there and tagged a few dark men I found attractive onthe dating app and finished up and drove back to the house where Iimmediately put on more videos of Sissy training for BBC while poundingmyself with the dildoes till I was exhausted and stripped off my makeup,skirt, top and shoes and crawled into bed still wearing my lingerie andbreast forms.In the morning, I put on a denim skirt, a top and some heels while I madecoffee and continued to watch sissy training porn until I felt satisfiedand then went and showered and changed into clean panties and a bra and putthe denim mini and tight top back on with a pair of heels and then drove tothe mall to shop for more clothes.  I ended up getting more dresses,lingerie and heels.  I got more makeup, some cheap but nice-looking jewelryand while nibbling on a salad at the food court I realized I got a wink onmy dating app from one of the guys I had selected and ended up setting adate for drinks that night at a club in town.When I got home, I decided to dress in a short black spandex mini, with ared top and then I had on black and red bra and panty set with dark hoseand black 5-inch heels since this guy was six foot three.  I had dark smokyeyes, dark red lips and nails with dangling earrings and a small wovenchoker with a little rhinestone over the Adams apple.  I felt ready foranything!I got to the little Mexican club and sat at the bar waiting for my 'date'who showed up shortly after I did and we both gave the other the 'onceover' and commented at the same time,"You look nice!"Anthonie sat next to me and we chatted, ordered margaritas and some nachos.Then it was another Marg and a shot with his hand on mine or my lap and myflirting right back by letting my leg rub up against him or sucking a dropof tequila from my finger while looking at him until I could tell he wasgrowing excited and I leaned in and whispered in his ear,"Let's go to the bathroom so I can suck that big black cock of yours thatis obviously straining to see me."  Then I licked his ear and stood upgrabbing my purse and leading him with a obvious swish to my step and thenat the door, pulling him into the private ladies room, locking the door andsquatting before him and starting to undo his pants.  His large organflopped out in my hands and I just oh'd and ah'd at its girth and rubbed iton my face before looking up at him and sticking it into my mouth.  Hegrabbed the back of my head and forced his cock down my throat telling meto suck his big cock, and that sissies give the best blowjobs.  I sucked itdown and bobbed up and down on it just like in the videos and was rewardedby his spurting come down my throat and then as I pulled up, into mywaiting open mouth with his head resting on my extended tongue.  When hefinished coming, I slurped his head into my mouth, using my hand to milkhim and clean his cock off before putting it back into his pants.  I stoodup, winked at him and asked him to buy me another drink before we ended thenight.Once I got home, I had to clean my panties as I had spunked twice into themand saturated them through the napkin I had on!  I was able to scoop someof it up and swallow it while recalling how well I had passed and how muchwe obviously enjoyed my sucking on his big black cock.Sunday I spent en-femme watching more video and stuffing my ass and mouthwith my toys.  Wednesday, I got a call from Anthonie asking if we wanted tomeet up Friday night and I agreed.Friday after work I dressed in a black bra and panty set with a matchinggarter, seemed stockings, a red minidress with tall 5 inch red heels andwith my hair and makeup done I had a sexy bimbo look that was sure to gethim hot.  We met at the little Mexican place again where we had a couple ofdrinks and then went to a hotel where I sucked him off and then kept himhard, so he could pound my ass pussy with that magnificent cock.  I felt soslutty as I was moaning and begging him to fuck me with his big hard cockand spurted my load twice before he started to tense and paint my insideswith his second load.  I had it bad for his cock.  I wanted it hard again,so I moved down and put it in my mouth to clean it and get him hard againuntil he was able to bend me over a chair in the room and fuck me forseveral minutes with me moaning, him grunting and both of us making that'fapping' noise of intense physical sex.  Then he threw me onto my belly onthe bed, spanked my ass hard and pushed his throbbing member back into mygaping hole over and over while I whimpered, moaned and begged him to fuckme all night long.  Sex had never been this good as a man and here I was asa girl getting the best sex I ever had and could not believe I just feltlike I was not going to get enough.Suddenly I recalled the video of the girl being fucked by a big black manat a hotel and realized I was her.....I wanted to dress like a girl and shake your butt to attract a man,...I would wear panties and grow my tits...I liked wearing high heels and stockings,...I would always want to wear high heels...I liked wearing the skimpiest outfits,...Dress slutty for black men...I liked wearing make up and enjoy putting on lipstick,...Suck black cock...I liked wearing sucking big black cocks,...You like to suck big black cock...I liked wearing come from big black cocks,...You love the taste of come......You need black cock...I wanted big round breasts,...You want to get bigger tits...I liked wearing lingerie and being fucked by black men,...Wear lingerie...I liked getting banged roughly by well hung black men,...Black cock is superior...I liked being fucked by black men in the ass and enjoyed it immensely,...You like black cock in your ass...I was only orgasming while stuffed with black cock,...You can only come with black cock in you...I liked dressing sexy in lingerie and posing seductively,...You want to seduce black men...I was wanting an ace of spades tattoo on my lower back,...Submit to black cock sissy...Oh god I was living that movie and I was a sexy sissy slut bimbo for blackcock.  Oh, God I need cock now!  At about that time I felt Anthonie shudderand shoot his load and then pull out and squirt the remainder over my assand lower back, while I looked over my shoulder smiling at him until hepushed his cock back inside me and ground against me while I pushed backonto it wiggling my ass and clenching my sphincter to milk all I could fromhim until he pulled out and again spanked my ass saying,"Damn bitch!  You are a serious horny little sissy fuck machine and I loveit!  Maybe next weekend I bring a couple of friends and see how well youhold up!?""Mmmmm, I like the sound of that lover.  Bring them at 7 and I will have aroom reserved and meet you here in nothing but a skimpy outfit and an openmouth and waiting ass pussy to take advantage of!"Saturday morning when I awoke, Anthonie was gone and I felt alive and happyto have brought him such pleasure and multiple orgasms.  I showered,dressed in some daisy duke shorts and a tank top with a T-Shirt bra andpanty set and some tennis shoes I had brought along from the car and headedhome after checking out.  I almost laughed at the guy who did his best notto stare at my chest and just knew he was looking at my ass as I walkedaway after paying with my male named credit card.All day on Saturday, I stayed dressed, worked on my tan out in the backafter picking up a skimpy bikini and dreamed about next weekend withAnthonie and his friends hoping that it was at least as orgasmic for eachof them as it was for Anthonie last night and if it was, I was going to beone come filled sissy slut....but a really happy, come filled sissy slut Iwas sure.Sunday I again stayed dressed and since I knew I was totally passable, wentout to the park wearing some black running shorts and a orange tank top.  Ihad a sport bra and thong on and exercised and then went back home to dressin my daisy dukes, a fresh set of lingerie and top with heels whilewatching more interracial porn.Monday was back to work and the same old same old as I crunched numbers andsat day dreaming about Anthonie and his friends I would see on Friday.With that thought, I suddenly put in for a vacation day on Friday so Icould spend it getting ready and finding just the perfect outfit for myliaison with Anthonie and his buddies.That Friday, when I woke up, I showered, made sure I used plenty ofconditioner in my hair and lotion with a scent of gardenia on my skin.  Imade coffee, breakfast and put on some tight jeans, a top and wedge shoes,watched some videos and thinking, 'yep that will be me in a few hours'.When the mall opened at 10, I walked in and got my nails done with 1 inchlong square tips in pink ( and my toes done in matching color ) and then Ihit Victoria Secret and found a sexy white thong and bra with matchinggarter.  I got some suntan stockings with a back seam and French heelreinforcement to go with the lingerie.  Then in Forever 21, I saw a pinkminidress that had long sleeves, a scoop neck and back and barely came tomid-thigh and knew it was perfect for tonight!  Pair this with my 5-inchwhite heels, big hoops, a choker and jewelry and I was going to be astunningly sexy little sissy bimbo.Six pm saw me driving to the hotel and setting out the bottle ofCourvoisier with some plastic tumbler glasses and then slipping into thedress and white heels after taking off the jeans, top and wedges I came in.After maybe a 15-minute wait, there was a knock on the door and Anthoniecame in with his 2 friends, Billy and Cletus, and I greeted them with hugsand kisses and Anthonie got plenty of tongue and a foot pop when he grabbedmy ass!I poured us all drinks and perched on Anthonies lap sipping mine since allthe other chairs were taken and as I squirmed my butt into him, I felt hismanhood twitch and start to grow which only encouraged me to be moreaggressive and I took his hand and brought it up to my chest.  Billy tookthe hint and put his drink down and smiling walked up to me and dropped hispants exposing a massive schlong I immediately started to suck.  Anthoniegently lifted me and pulled my skirt up and then my panties down to myankles so he could slip into my lubed hole.  Cletus approached my otherside and pulled out his engorged manhood, so I could suck it while strokingon Billie's member.In a very short time, I was out of the dress, panties around one ankle andhad big black cock pounding in and out of both my open holes.  I had athird large black organ in my hand rubbing it against my tits, wanking onit and occasionally sucking on it till Billy came, flooding my mouth hissperm and then quickly being replaced by Cletus.We ended up changing positions multiple times with the guys each coming inmy ass and again in my mouth and me coming in what must have been aconstant low rolling orgasm as I was shuddering and crying out constantlyin sexual overload.  Being the center of a train while three well hungblack men used me for their gratification made me feel sexy, happy and ohso feminine.  I loved being a girl and getting banged by big strong menwith dicks they knew how to use and provide me with that treasured sweetsperm I was so hungry for.At some point we took a break and had more Courvoisier while I freshened upa bit washing the come from my face and bottom and then redoing my makeup.When I came back out, Cletus was on the edge of the bed and his rod was atattention, so I naturally climbed aboard and started to ride that pony likea girl should, bouncing up and down on it, when Billy came behind me andpushed me forward and squeezed his meat into my gaping hole and thenAnthonie squatted over Cletus and fed me his pole so that all three of themwere inside me at once.  I think it was Cletus, but it may have been Billywho came first.  This made me orgasm and clamp down so that the other shothis load and watching all that must have gotten to Anthonie as he then shothis sweet load down my throat after grabbing my head and forcing himselfdown my throat till my nose was crushed against his pelvic bone and I justswallowed to keep him there and enjoyed the afterglow of an overwhelmingorgasm.Anthonie, Billy and Cletus recovered quickly and again started to treat meas a bimbo sex toy until it was early in the morning and I could barelykeep my eyes open.  I must have had one large smile on my face as Billypulled out of my mouth with his softening manhood and said,"Damn girl, you is one hot lil' sissy ta be fuckin' all three of us from 7at night till 1 in da mornin' and still be all smiles on yo face!  Ya likeour big black cocks don't ya?""Oh I think I was born to be a little cocksucking sissy, honey.  Nothingseems to make me happier than being dressed up sexy, turning a man on, andthen taking his load." I responded."Oh yeah gurl, you gonna be a happy lil' slut fo shur I'ma thinkin'.  Let'scelebrate with this last bit of Courvoisier.  To Kandi!"We all tilted our glass and drained the last drops of our drinks.  The longnight and that last drink was maybe to much for me, and I passed out................I awoke some time later in a strange room and my body ached all over.  Irealized I was not in the Hotel or at home and as I started to rise,discovered I was restrained and must have cried out or whimpered as I thennoted that my voice sounded strange and that was when I saw Anthonie comeinto view."Well I guess you're awake now?  A few things you should know.  First, youhave been our fastest and best overall response to the Sissy videos we haveput all over the web!  You are also the proud recipient of breastaugmentation to a "D" cup, because I like really big boobs, and plenty ofink to show the world what kind of slut you really are.  That consists ofseams up your legs, a kiss over your clit, a spade on your lower back and aheart with a black rooster inside it on the back of your neck.  We alsopierced your belly button, tongue and nose.  Since your lips are alreadyDSL plump, we left them as is.  I also had them weave in much longer blondehair to give you a red to blonde look that reaches just about 18 inchesfrom your neck.  You start on Monday at your new position here in ourfacility as a 'councilor' for our men to visit so they can relieve some'tensions'.  In the mean time you will be released today and my assistantMichelle will escort you to your dorm and show you where your office is andall that.  Any questions?""Wha...what did you do to me?  Why?  But I am a man, why did you give mebreasts and why would I work for you!?  You kidnapped me!  Let me out ofhere!"  I started to get angry, scared and nervous."Kandi, you are definitely not a man.  We just helped you reach your goalof being the best little sissy bimbo you could be.  No, we left that there,but it is useless due to the hormones and you're watching the videos.  YOUdid all that.  You will work for me because I am offering you a job doingwhat you now think you were born to do and that is to service black men andbe a sissy slut for cock.  Besides, and this is the most important part,you quit your job last week with no notice, left your apartment with nonotice and signed documents on your name change to Kandi.  So, no'kidnapping' has taken place and you, my juicy little sissy, will work inour service department doing what you were born to do and also, if lastweek's threesome is any indication, love very much to do.""Wait!  Last week?  How long have I been out?  There is no way I could dowhat you said and be unconscious, so you did kidnap me!" I tried to demanduncertainly as he may have been right!"Heh heh, you were very aware, and it is unquestionably your autograph pera Notary on the documents you signed, so again, no kidnapping.  Now I seeMichelle is here and she has this weekend to get you ready for work onMonday.  I am so looking forward to working with you baby as you are onesexy little bitch who sucks cock better than anyone I ever saw!"Michelle helped me dress in a white thong and low-rise 3 pocket bellbottomjeans and a cotton camisole shirt in white with some wedge platforms andlead me through the complex to my dorm room that was all done up infeminine colors, frills and had a closet full of short shorts, dresses,skirts, blouses and more shoes than I thought reasonable at the time.  Thedresser had a plethora or lingerie from bra and panty sets, hose of allkinds, to garters, merriwidows and teddies.  It also had skimpy work outgear, swim suits and some sexy jeans and tops.Michelle told me about the complex being a major chemical distributionfacility for some crazy testosterone builder like Nugenix (TM) that theyonly sold to African Americans and another that had progesterone they soldto white American men.  They also had their own movie studio where theycreated some of the videos I had seen on the web that made me what I amtoday.  While we were walking towards my office we saw a girl who had askirt that barely covered her ass and had a 'ponytail sticking out of herbehind!  She also had on heels that gave her a 'hoof' look and then I noteda collar or bridle and must have stared to hard as Michelle commented,"Sometimes a black man who was already well hung without the testosteronemix got too much of it and his organ would go from say 10 inches to a scary20 plus and they were literally 'hung like a horse' and made them severelyhorny and dangerous to a regular girl like you or I, so they 'surgicallyaltered' a few willing candidates so they could handle the length and girthof these massive behemoth cocks.  Those guys are scary when they get workedup and will fuck you so hard it can rip you, so be careful around any guywearing yellow!"We finally arrived at my office and it had a small desk with a computer anda few chairs of the comfy lounge style and one day bed in the corner.  Inoted that there was a small bathroom attached and a clothes closet alreadyagain stuffed with sexy clothes and lingerie which prompted me to ask whyit was here?"Silly girl, your job is to be a service provider....a stress relief....asexual diversion!"  She finally said at my blank stare."Oh I get to be a fuck toy for the company!?  I may like this job afterall!  Maybe Anthonie was right."Michelle and I spent the day, and then Sunday, getting to know each other,help me learn the facility and work out, hang by the company pool andthat's when I saw a guy who was pretty muscled up and sporting a absolutelyhuge package in a yellow suit.  When a 'ponygirl' walked by him and smiled,he actually snorted and neighed and I could see his cock thicken, lengthenand stretch his suit while she just stared at it licking her lips while shegot into the pool next to him.  We watched in fascination as he pulled hissuit down releasing his massive organ and I must have gasped as it did seemto resemble a horse's cock with the flattened head and all she did was turnher back to him, dropped her thong bikini and presented herself while hemounted her and stuffed all 20 plus inches of meat into her.  I could seeher belly distend when he shoved into her and she was grasping the pooledge and pushing back like a demented nympho needing her drug while hegrabbed her hair to hold her in place.  They rutted like that for severalminutes and suddenly he thrust into her and started to 'nicker' as he wasobviously coming in her pussy.  His cock slipped out and slapped up ontoher lower back as it continued to spurt, and I could see her shuddering inorgasm.  I was stunned at the massive size of the organ and the shearvolume of sperm it was jetting onto her back until he softened and calmlypushed his meat into his suit and she did the same all the while dripping along white stream from her pussy into the pool.  I vowed at that time tonever ever be alone with one of those guys!  It was like being in aTwilight Zone episode as she turned to him, kissed him and thanked him fora wonderful time before slipping back out of the pool and walking off.Monday morning, I dressed in panty hose, a black pencil skirt that stoppedjust above the knee and a white blouse with black heels and got to myoffice just as Anthonie came in with Michelle and had me sign myapplication and gave me my employee handbook that told me how to service myclients and that normal dress codes did not apply as long as I did not goto the front of the building that allowed guests.  In other words, I coulddress as a complete whore at work as long as I stayed to the back of thebuilding!  This job could be fun I thought!I turned on my computer and noted that my calendar showed I had a meetingwith in half an hour with Cletus Jones, Founder.  It ended up being thesame Cletus that had been with Anthonie and Billy the other night....errr aweek ago when we had the threesome and I was happy to suck his cock againand then have him fuck me till he came in my ass pussy.  He spanked it andsaid it was the best addition to the company they made in a while.I must have blown 3 other black men that day as well as had 2 others fuckmy tight ass pussy and decided I loved my job, loved being a girl andgetting paid to fuck or suck big black cock all day long!  This really wasa sissy bimbo dream job.The next day I dressed a little more risqué with a mini skirt, low cuttop, stockings and garter and tall 5 inch heels and had sex with 5 otherindividuals.  No one seemed to care.Wednesday saw me in a almost see through white minidress, red thong andheels with tan fishnet thigh high stockings.  My chest was on display andthe nipples and areola were clearly visible through the dress.  Again, Ihad sex with 4 big black men with large cocks and came multiple times whileservicing them.  God, I loved this job and being bred like some sexy bitchin heat by powerful men with big black cocks.  I had to have it and thiswas heaven.Thursday found me in a little schoolgirl outfit and six men came to me forstress relief.  A girl could get used to this action I thought, and thenthought, damn I really am a slutty whore!Friday confirmed it as I just wore a purple corset with garters, a matchingthong, dark seamed stockings and purple heels and actually had a wait listof men.  I was getting so good at sucking cock, I could make them last orquickly finish them with a finger into their bung hole tickling theirprostrate.  But having my ass pussy stuffed and roughly banged while beingspanked of my hair pulled so it arched my back made me come almostimmediately, much to my chagrin as a few of my clients discovered.After only one week of work, I was called into Anthonies office and askedhow I liked my job and if I wanted my testicles removed and sack made intoa vagina, so I could better serve my clients as I was quickly becoming apopular addition to the team!  I agreed and that next Monday was againunder the knife, but this time I knew about it! waking up in great pain andbeing told I was on leave for a few weeks bothered me as I was sure I couldstill suck cock while I was healing and finally after blowing the doctor toprove it, he relented, and I started back to work 2 days later!During my off time, I realized I was still watching videos but this time, Inoted one was of me!  I also noted that at night I was hearing low voicesjust on the edge of hearing, continuing to tell me I needed black cocks, Iwas a slave to black cock, I loved the taste of come, I was submissive toblack men, I loved to wear slutty clothes and attract black men, I wantedto be a girl and fuck black men like a good sissy.I fell asleep with a smile on my face knowing I loved my job and waslooking forward to making Anthonie a very happy boss for a long time.  Ialready knew he liked my ass and mouth, so was really hoping he liked mynew pussy as much as he needed to be the first to test drive it!


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