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Was the huntER. Now the huntED.

by daaaaan

I used to love deer hunting season.  Now however, I hate it.  My name is Jake and this is the story of how I came to hate deer hunting season.

My story begins at the start of the last deer hunting season.  I had just renewed my hunting license and i had just bought a new hunting gun, new deer lures, a new deer stand, and new camping equipment and supplies.  I drove my old pick-up truck to a forest that my hunting friends had told me had had a higher birth rate than normal and so should be full of new deer to hunt.  As I drove to the forest, i noticed that the weather, which had been clear, warm, and sunny was very quickly turning cloudy.  a few minutes after that, it began to rain.  The rain was heavy and lasted until i got to the forest.  Once there, it became sunny again, so i got out of my truck and gathered all of my hunting gear.  Once i had everything gathered, i walked into the forest, and began searching for a spot to set the deer lure and the deer stand.  I soon found a good spot; a large tree overlooking a peaceful clearing.  I quickly set everything up, climbed into the deer stand, and waited.  and waited.  and waited.  Soon, evening came and i had not seen a single deer.  Resigned to the fact that the day was over, i climbed down the tree, took down the deer lure, and set to the task of pitching my tent.  I soon had it up and went to bed thinking that tomorrow would be better.  This pattern continued for three days. By the fourth day i was getting discouraged, bored, and irritated.  Noon came, and as I was about to call it a day and climb down from the tree stand, i saw it.  I saw the most beautiful white-furred doe.  I was readying my gun when i recalled something a superstitious hunting friend once told me,  "if you spot a white-furred deer, do not kill it.  That deer is a sacred animal in the forest and woe be to the hunter that kills it."  I considered and chewed on these words and then decided that they were nothing but a whole bunch of superstitious nonsense. i continued readying my gun, aiming near the deer lure waiting for the doe to lick the hanging lure.  "come on, come on." i whispered to my self.  "you know you want it."  The doe carefully entered the clearing, looking to the left and to the right for anything suspicious.  finding nothing out of the ordinary, she started walking towards the hanging lure.  As she approached the hanging lure, my body tensed up and my finger tightened slightly on the trigger, as i waited for the doe to enter my crosshairs.  Slowly, over what felt like an eternity but was only two or three minutes, the white doe finally entered my crosshairs.  "Gotcha!" i whispered to myself as i pulled the trigger.  And got the doe i had indeed.  The gun let out a blast and propelled the bullet through the heart of the doe.  As the doe fell over, i climbed out of the tree.  Once on the ground, i quickly ran over to the doe to see if she was dead.  She was indeed dead.  As i began to celebrate, the clearing suddenly became deathly silent.  I stopped my celebrating and looked around the clearing.  moments later i sensed that someone or something was nearby.  I looked around and seeing nothing, called out, "Is there somebody there?"  A few seconds passed with no answer, and then a voice said, "was it you who killed the sacred doe, hunter?"  "Yes it was," i  answered with defiance in my voice.  "So what if i did?"  the voice was silent for a moment, then answered,, "You killed the forest's sacred doe and therefore you have resigned yourself to the forest''s punishment."   "hah, do your worst," i challenged.  little would i know how much i  would come to regret those words.   The voice shouted something and a blast of wind knocked me over and the ground rushed up at me.  I hit the ground, face-first and blacked out.  Some time later, i came back to wakefulness and noticed that something was strange.  I first noticed that sounds were louder than before.  I then noticed smells were sharper too.  Then i noticed my sight was different.  I tried to stand up but found that i couldn't get up off all fours.  I turned my head and saw the body of a doe behind me.  I took a step and tripped, and when my face hit the ground, i came to the realization that my head was also a that of a doe.  As i came to the relization that i had completely transformed into a doe, i began to bleat in fear.  out of thin air i heard the voice from before laugh and say,  "this new form is your punishment.  Now you can experience the feeling of fear of being at the other end of a gun.  but don't worry,  if you are killed or die in any way, be it by human hands or animal fangs or anything else, once you die you will awaken in a new adult doe body.  In other words, you are punished to forever be a doe, hunted by man and beast alike.  A ha ha ha!"  laughing the voice disappeared.  Once the clearing was quiet again, the description of my punishment seeped into my brain.  i couldn't believe that this had happened.  As i tried to figure ot what to do, i heard the sound of a gunshot nearby, and suddenly felt a bullet pierce my new doe chest.  As i lay dying, i realized what had happened: i had been killed by another hunter!  Oh well, i thought, at least when i die i will be free from this punishment.  And then i died..... Except i quickly awoke in a new doe body.  I realized with horror that i really would never be free from my punishment.  With a sigh, i resigned myself to avoiding all hunters during deer-hunting seasons.

Now you know my story.  now please excuse me while i prepare to hide myself for the beginning of this year's deer-hunting season.  bye.


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