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A night to remember

by GETfire

A night to remember

My legs wouldn't stop shaking. Nor would the rest of my body.

I was on fire. Every touch that raked along my skin made me shiver and twitch. Pushed up against a cool wall and kept there. Heat permeating my front as I was teased and groped. My head was foggy; I couldn't think straight. I didn't want to. I never did with these sorts of things. He was peeling my jacket off—I didn't even know his name—and squeezing my sides, I could feel his body grind against mine and…

He asked me if I wanted to stop. I couldn't remember exactly. Things blurred. I couldn't think straight. 

I didn't want to. 

Didn't want to say no, either. 

I should've said yes. I should've pushed this random club-goer off of me and decide that I'd just go home. 

I'm glad I didn't. 

He was so much bigger than I was. Huge, even. His hands held onto me as though I was an object. 

The thought sent shivers down my spine. Tail twitched, and so did my ears.

I was so drunk; not off of alcohol, but off of this guy's movements. His kiss, his body, his…

Any minute now, and I'd get to see it. Get to feel it. 

He grabbed me again. Pulled me from the wall, which made me realize exactly how weak I was, and kissed me again.

It was so hard to fight against that thick tongue of his.

Didn't want to.

I was... so... hot.

My hands wouldn't stop shaking. 

Naked, now, in front of me in the pitch-black room was him.

My nose twitched; burned slightly with each breath as I drunk in his musk. 


Couldn't stop panting. He smelled so strong and I found it hard to pull away from him. I moved my head down; closer to his sac. Bad idea. 

He planted a hand on my head. I couldn't pull away… not that I would've wanted to. If I was a hero, this scent would be my kryptonite. 

Manly, strong, potent… feral. My body shivered. Each breath was heavier, longer; pre spilled onto the bed. I was leaking like a faucet. I was on fire.

He finally pulled me away. I wanted more. I huffed, panted as I took in fresh air. I gripped his length—so thick I needed both hands—and stroked. That low, rolling rumble of his voice…

I spaced out while I jerked him off. 

He pressed me close to that throbbing beast. The smell was almost burned into my mind. He teased me: I felt a thick, long strand of pre pool onto my muzzle.

I didn't stop drooling. I wanted a taste. I needed a taste. Mouth needed it. I needed it. I wanted to beg, but no words came out. 

I needed it. 

He wouldn't let me have it yet, though. 

Not until I had felt it. 

My heart was pounding. He had me laying on the bed, now. Under him. His grip was tight. Something was said, but I didn't hear it right. One thought crossed my mind. My back arched and he had barely even touched me. 

Fuck me. That's all I could think. 

One inch. Two. Three. Four. 

It had hurt to be stretched so much. He was so thick...

But it felt so good. My legs twitched, my body shook. I couldn't stop drooling. I covered my mouth so he couldn't hear me moan. 


There goes that purring. 

I couldn't stop it. 

I could feel him filling every spot I could have. 

I could feel that smile tugging at my lips.

I could feel his thrusting.

...Then the pleasure struck. 

Shockwaves. Pools of bliss that I was being dipped into. My moans couldn't be stopped. My body wanted this. I couldn't stop myself. I couldn't stop him. I couldn't lower my voice. My throat had already begun to get sore…

My body shook, my foot thumped against the bed. He hit it! The good spot! I gripped the sheets. Couldn't think straight. Didn't want to. He wanted everybody to hear me. Felt his length throb. Felt it pulsing... felt him nearing his edge—

My body spasmed. 

So much cum. 

I had never came that much before. Hot, sticky, musky… making everything worse. 

He picked up his pace. His force. His everything. My body rocked, shivered, trembled. Under his grip like a toy. I was a toy. His toy. 

He pushed me down to the base of his shaft, hitting that spot again…!

I could feel it. That pulsing and throbbing. It was warm, hot, thick. 

He was cumming! 

Body trembled. Couldn't think straight. Head foggy. I was drooling; my hands pressed against him. Shocks of pleasure shot up my back. He wasn't stopping… 

So much of it. My belly was warm; head was hot. I felt so full, but I wanted more. I could see it pushing my gut out, making it bigger… my legs were weak. Couldn't even remember sliding off of him. Could feel it pouring from my used hole. 

He wasn't done. One more thing to do. My heart raced. It was going to happen. He was going to let me—!

“Clean it off.”

My tongue tingled. That taste, that smell; that feeling, that throbbing length against my tongue. I wrapped around it, working it. Putting my tongue to good use. My cocks twitched. I was hard again.

That's when he pushed my head down. Watched as I sank down onto his dick again. Felt it hit the back of my throat. Felt it go deeper. Couldn't breathe; got a face full of crotch musk. Felt dizzy. 

I loved it.

Then he pulled back, and pushed back in. He was thrusting. I tried to suck; I couldn't, he was too fast. Punching the back of my throat with each forceful hump. Found it hard to breathe. Hard to think. Cock, thick, throbbing…

Faster. He was getting faster. Throat was bulging. I loved it. Head spinning, both my rods twitching. I could feel it. I was getting close. 

Mind was going blank


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