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My First Time

by brandi63

Chapter 1

I've known this couple for about four weeks before they asked me to join them for an evening at their house. Having spoken, and met several times now we were all aware of what my position would be.

Now undressing in their bathroom I was feeling nervous and anxious at knowing what was ahead. As the door opened I knew the time had come. Without a word Jess walked into the bathroom dressed in a short bathrobe, in her hand was a brand new padlock. As she knelt in front of me placing the lock on my chastity device I could see that she was wearing something white and lacy under the rode. My penis immediately started to stir, but with the click of the lock I knew it would only lead to frustration. With a gentle tug Jess was satisfied I was secure, then She lead me along the passage to the bedroom door. As she opens the door she smiles a warm and comforting Smile which puts my butterflies at ease.

As I walk through the door I can see her husband John removing his shirt, however my eyes are immediately drawn to the fact he is naked from the waist down. As he turns towards me I see that he is completely shaven, and generous in size.

I take up my pre agreed position and sit on the hard wooden chair at the foot of the bed. I watch as Jess walks across to her husband just as his shirt falls to the floor. She takes his penis in her right hand and draws him closer to my chair. With her left hand she cradles the back of my neck, and guides Johns penis towards my lips.

I take my first taste of another man as his head slips between my lips. His salty taste is pleasant combined with the warm softness of his gland.

I hear Jess instruct me to get him excited, and ready for her. I closed my eyes and pulled him deeper into my mouth, and as my tongue works round him I could feel him growing harder. Lost in this new experience i was unaware that Jess had removed her robe and was now sitting on the bed watch me preform oral on her husband.

I'm returned to my surroundings when John withdraws from my mouth and sits on the edge of the bed in front of me. Jess smiles then kisses her husband passionately. As Jess stands between myself and John I see that her is only wearing a lacy top which is tight to her body and shows beautifully shaped breasts beneath.

She moves backwards until she's sitting on Johns lap. She wriggles her hips and I watch intently as John erect Penis parts her shaven lips. A gasp escapes Jess's lips as she slides down Johns full length.

Jess then gestures for me to get on my knees and kiss her pearl as Johns penis slides in and out.

The feeling of her warm thighs bruising my cheeks as I lap her like a dog is insatiable, my penis is now hurting as it struggles against its confines.

Johns penis is now glistening with a mixture of Jess's sex and my saliva. Once again I feel Jess's hand on the back of my neck, this time she is pulling my head against her. As my tongue slides inside her I can feel John's penis start to twitch, and by the increase in his thrusting, he is close. Jess pushes my head back so I can watch John fill her. With several hard strokes I watch Johns testies pulsate as he fill her.

As John withdraws and hangs semi erect and glistening, I move forward to kiss her now pump lips covered in sex. Gently I kiss her as I look up at her face watching me. Watching her bosom rise and fall I allow my tongue to slide between her lips. The taste is salty sweet, and i eagerly lap her clean of her husbands seed. Once satisfied, she taps my head and I move back. Now cleaned Jess points to Johns penis, to which I take in my mouth. The taste and smell is exquisite, running my tongue around his head drawing the last of his seed into my mouth. Once finished I sit back in my chair happy that I have pleased then, from the look on their faces, they are also happy with my first time.

This is the first of many nights spent with John & Jess (names have been changed for anonymity).

Thank you for introducing me to this lifestyle


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