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Uncle Jack's Diapet Pup

by Fafnir789

Chapter 1

Your parents are going out of town, and so they've sent you off to live with your Uncle Jack for a month. You've never actually met him before, but you've heard that he's a little out there. He also owns, works, and lives out of his costume shop. You've never been the biggest fan of Halloween, but hey, maybe it'll turn out alright.

Your taxi pulls up and stops at "The Second Skin". You get your bag out and see your Uncle waiting inside. He's... wearing some sort of strange robe. The image of a wizard pops into your head for a moment and somehow fits. Then you realize he's probably just showing off one of the store's costumes for prospective buyers.

"Howdy Uncle Jack!" you say setting down your bag.
"John! How are you! It's nice to meet you!" he says, giving you a tight bear hug.

He shows you around the shop. There's the front of the store, littered with row after row of popular costumes, and then the back of the shop with a warehouse full of somewhat more obscure costumes. Upstairs there's two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. It's starting to look nice. Maybe this won't be so bad after all.

Something's been bugging you though. Uncle Jack's still walking around in that robe. The store's closed by now and yet he's still wearing it. It's kind of strange.

"Hey Uncle, why are you wearing that robe anyways?" you ask.
He laughs, "Because John, I'm a wizard."

Alrighty then... someone's on board the crazy train. Might as well go along with it thought.

"A wizard 'eh? What do you do with your magic?" you ask, actually a bit curious.
"You know, this or that, the usual stuff," he says nonchalantly.
"Anything more specific...?" you ask.
"I enchant my costumes, go fetch one and put it on, then you'll see," he says.

You decide to go along with it. Walking downstairs you start to wonder what kind of costume you should wear.
"Hold on a second," Uncle Jack shouts after you as you start downstairs. "I know you have a thing for dogs, right?" You pause, how could he possibly know you're into furry stuff, especially knowing that you're specifically interested in canines. You blush in embarrassment, your secret having been blown, especially one he had no way of knowing.
"N-no, I’m not-" Uncle Jack cuts you off.
"I think I got something for ya, go into the backroom downstairs and search for a mirror I have in the back. You nod, cheeks as red as tomatoes, and do as your told, heading downstairs into the storage room. You dig past the boxes of junk and discover a large object draped in a red sheet. You rip off the sheet, exposing an old tall, ornate, silver mirror, with wolf heads carved into the frame. You look into the reflective glass and instead of your reflection, you see that of a hulking werewolf. You jump back, frightened touching your face, relieved to find that you're still human. You peer back into the beautiful mirror and the werewolf stares back at you, mimicking your movements perfectly, it's your reflection. Slowly it morphs into something else, a small fox, then an anthro german shepherd, dressed in a steampunk outfit, then a fat rubber rottweiler, once again on all fours. You just keep staring as it cycles through different canines, some for legged, some humanoid, clothes being different as well, some furry, some rubbery or even mascot-like, old and young, some even female, all while occasionally touching your face to verify your humanity. Becoming more and more intrigued by the minute you touch the cool glass of the mirror, and the image instantly vanishes from the frame. You feel a tingling sensation eminent from beneath your skin, as your deepest canine wish becomes granted.
You feel the cool glass on your palms, you can feel the strange magical power emanating from within the frame. Suddenly, the mirror emits a bright light, completely blinding you.
As your vision fades back in you see that you have changed. You are now completely naked aside from a thick, puffy diaper. Several parts of your body have changed. Your ears moved to the top of your head and shifted so that they resemble a husky's ears. A gray tail wags behind you. You continue to stare at your reflection in awe.
Suddenly you feel a pressure, before it is suddenly relieved. You feel your diaper lurch as several thick logs of shit fall out of your ass. Simultaneously you feel yourself becoming aroused and begins stroking the growing tent in your diaper. Your mind becomes hazy and your thoughts slip away. The only thing that matters is this pleasure. Your thoughts become less and less defined. Your diaper feels heavy as you continue to fill it with a fresh load of shit. As the shit fills your diaper, animalistic thoughts begin to fill your mind. The pleasure consumes you as you drop down onto all fours. You begin humping the wall desperate to find some release. As you hump, your mind becomes filled with thoughts of being a good diaper dog. Drinking from your bowl. Obeying your master. Filling your diaper. Running on all fours. As you finally find release, the last of your shit and your human thoughts flow out. You lay on the ground panting. You are an obedient diaper dog. Suddenly, the door opens to reveal Uncle Jack.
Uncle Jack stares at you for a moment in shock. The mirror is designed to show the subject into the canine they would most like to be and create a disguise. Looking into your blank eye, however it seems that it consumed your mind. Your Uncle quickly covers the mirror and removes you from the room. He takes you into the den, while he searches his spell book for a cure. Finding the spell, he needs he changes you back. You wake up buck naked, lying on the ground.
"I am so sorry for that," your Uncle exclaims, "The mirror must still need a bit of work."
You disagree. It was amazing. Just being a nice obedient diaper dog was so relaxing. Just a dumb obedient puppy, playing and shitting its diaper. You being to explain this to your Uncle telling him that you want to do it again and for a longer period. You spend the rest of the night convincing your Uncle that you really did enjoy the experience. The next morning your Uncle presents you with a diaper and tells you that whenever you put it on you will become that diaper dog again. The diaper will clean itself and you whenever it is removed. He agrees to let you be his pet and even come over in the future to relax. Unable to contain your enthusiasm you rip your clothes off and put of the diaper. Your mind fades away into obedient pleasure, as your diaper bulges with shit. It feels good to be an obedient diaper dog.


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