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by bbmichael

Chapter 1

Johnathan was only an 18 year old guy trying to earn some money. So it was no surprise he would accept any kind of job if it earned him a few bucks. This one by example didn't sound like a difficult job. He just needed to babysit a child for a few hours and then he would get paid a 1000 bucks. That was clearly some easy money so of course he didn't asked any questions or details about the job, besides he had babysit a dozen times before.

So the day came when he finally got to meet the kid he would babysit. He arrived at the house and met with Ms. Merritt at the entrance. -Before you meet my little Michael you need to know a few rules. You are to keep an eye on him at all times in the day. You will wake him up after his evening nap and feed him. Then you will put him in the living room to watch cartoons and play with his toys. You will then give him lunch at 5 p.m. and check if he needs a change of diapers.- Johnathan wasn't all to excited to be changing diapers but he would not back down now, specially with the amount he was gonna get paid. -Once you finish changing and feeding him you will put his favorite DVD on his TV and leave him alone until he tells you that he is ready to go to sleep. This seem like a rather odd instruction, specially since he was in charge of a baby. But he didn't pay much thought to it. -Once he tell you he is ready to sleep you will bath him, put him in a new diaper and tuck him to bed. Do you have any questions?- Johnathan thought this was something he should have asked before but it made not harm to do it now. -Oh yes, how old is baby Michael?- Ms. Merritt seem surprised about the question. -Well just as it was indicated in the job application. Michael is 15 years old.- What?! Is what Johnathan thought at the moment. He thought that there was a mistake in the job application and they have confused years with months. But he was truly babysitting a 15 year old teen, and one that was still using diapers for the matter. He immediately regretted taking the job but it was to late to back down and the 1000 bucks was still too good for just a few days of babysitting. Even if it meant babysitting a teenager that was treated as a baby. -Very well then, let us go see Michael in the living room- said Ms. Merritt pointing to a hallway that lead into a wide living room. There, in the centre there was a young looking teen with a blue baby onesie with buttons in the low part of the back. Under the onesie you could see a bulge and if you pay attention you coulld see peeking puffy diaper. The teenager had short blond hair and a skinny frame wich only made him look younger. –Mikey, there is someone I liked you to meet- Said Ms. Merritt, interrupting the teen wich was playing with some stuffed animals. Johnathan was completely baffled by watching a young teen acting like a complete baby. –Mommy, who is the big man? Is it gonna be ma new brother mommy?- Said the teenager smiling excitedly. – No no sweety, he is gonna be taking care of you while mommy is out okey?- Said Ms. Merrit while patting the teen on his head. –You are gnna leave me mommy?- said the teen with tears forming on his eyes. –It´s gonna be for a few hours sweety, and then mommy will come back. And perhaps by the time I come back we could talk about you having a brother.- -Yeeeeeeii- Said the teen baby excited by the words of her mother. –But you have to be a very good boy with Johnathan here if you truly want a brother- -Very well Johnathan I already told you what you need to know about Michael’s schedule and the more detailed instructions I leave them in this notebook- Said Ms. Merritt while handing over a notebook to Johnathan. -And if you have any kind of emergency you can always call to my cellphone number wich is on the fridge. And of course you can eat anything on the fridge.- Ms. Merritt grabed a bag on the entrance of the house while opening the door –Very well then I’ll get going now. Please take care of my baby boy- Said Ms. Merrit while closing the door behind her.

Johnatan approach Michael slowly, not sure of how to deal with the situation. –So Michael…- -Mickey!!- Said the teen baby interrupting Johnathan –That i show mommy calls me- Said the teen baby with a grin. –Yes… Mickey. What are you doing right now?- -I’m pwaying with my teddy bear. Do you wanna pway with me?- -I think I´m gonna let you play on your own right now buddy- Said Johnathan, still a little reluctant of how to deal with the current situation. –Okey! But you can pway with me any time-. Johnathan sat on the couch and watched the teen baby play with his baby toys. –What is wrogn with this boy? Perhaps he has some kind of brain damage that makes him act this way. Or maybe he is one of those persons with a weird baby fetish and his mother just lets him be- Johnathan though while the day passed. When the day was getting late he suddenly started to smell something. Something very bad. He question himself what was that smell and where it was coming from. And then it ocurred to him –There is no way- he though. And he turned his head to Mickey that was still laying with his toys. –Did he really pooped his diaper-. He didn’t know what to do. He wasn’t mentally prepared to deal with this. So he reluctanly asked –Mickey, did you have an accident?- Mickey seem surprised by the question but then respond –Oh yes, I went poo poo in my diapey- Said Mickey with a grin – -Do you want me to change you- Said almost instinctanly Johnathan to get rid of the awflu smell. -But mommy says I´ll only get changed when is night night time-. Johnathan couldn’t beleived what he was seeing. Not only did the teen poop his diaper, but he even looked proud of the fact and he was okey with being like that for the rest of the evening. –Jonathan remembered what Ms. Merritt had said about Mickey getting a bath before bed time. So he just said okey to Mickey and went to the kitchen so he could avoid the smell. But before he could distract himself of the weird situation in wich he was, Mickey screamed from the livingroom –Johny, I wanna watch my DVD pwease-. Johnathan remembered that this was one of the rules Ms. Merritt had accentuated. So he took a Deep breath before gooing back to the now smelly living room. –Very well Mickey, ehere is your DVD?- -Is dis one- Said Mickey while holding a DVD case that only had the words “Mickeys special DVD”. Johnathan found it odd to see that it wasn’t a movie and it was some kind of custom made DVD. –Perhaps is one of those home made videos of family memories that people sometimes make for their kids- Johnathan though. –Okey Mickey, I’ll puto n your DVD-. When Johnathan put play to the DVD he was confused to see that it as only static. But for some reason Mickey seem completely attracted to the screen. Jonathan just brushed it off and he was about to leave the living room when he started to hear something. It was some kind of buzzing sound that was coming from the Tv. He though maybe the audio from the DVD, but for some reason he started to put attention to the buzzing sound. He started to feel calm by the sound an without noticing he sat on the couch and start to watch the static as if he was looking to see something else between the static but he was not sure what he was looking for. Mickey, who was sitting on the floor, suddenly started to let a bit of drool drip from his mind as he was completely lost in the static and the buzzing sound. And without noticing Johnathan also started to let a bit of drool flow from his mouth as he was also completely lost to the static now. And without noticing a dark stain started to form within his pants.

Sometime passed and there was no sound in the house. None after some farting noises that Johnathan had let out after a while of watching the DVD. Farts that had ended up with him pooping his pants. After a while the silence broke when Ms. Merrit entered the House and he was hit with the potent smell of poop in the house. She went straight to the living room and found the two young men sitting there. One with a very full diaper in the floor. And one with a dark stain in his pantas and some bulge in the back of them. Ms. Merrit turned off the TV not looking surprised at all. Slowly the two boys returned to normal and the firs to tal kwas Mickey –Mommy!! Your back!!- -Yes I am sweety. Did you have fun with Johnathan?- -He is not Funny Mommy. He didn’t wanted to pway with me- Said Mickey a Little sad. –Oh don’t worry dear, I’m sure he wil be more fun from now on. Isn’t that right Jonny?- As Ms. Merritt said that, Johnathan got himself back to normal but as soon as he was out of the fuzz of the static of the DVD, he noticed that his pants where a mess. And then he started to cry. –Oh there ther little Jonny- Said Ms. Merritt while holding the crying boy in his arms –we will clean you up and then change you into a nice diaper-. –will you give me my teddy mommy?- said now Little Jonny while cleaning Ms. Merritt cleaned his tears. –Of course sweety. I’ll give you your teddy and then you can sleep with your brother, does that sound good sweety?- -Yes mommy- said Jonny while still sobbing a little. –Come now Mickey, it’s time to make your brother feel like home.


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