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Secret Room

by azimiut

Chapter 1

Jenny was a young interior designer who was working hard to build her reputation. She had just landed a important contract with a young couple who wanted to do a complete refresh on a house they had recently bought just outside town. Jenny was both excited and nervous. She knew this would be a great piece for her portfolio however, more importantly, this job was the kind that might get written up in an interior design magazine and that could really launch her career. The young couple had plenty of money and they were looking for something special. Jenny needed to deliver!

The previous owners, a husband and wife couple, had died in a tragic car crash involving a drunk driver. Jenny knew very little about them. They had no children or other known relatives so the house was auctioned off as is, still fully furnished just as it was when the couple left. The only way to tell that it was no longer inhabited was the thin layer of dust covering everything but that didn’t matter since soon enough everything in the house would be cleared out.

Jenny was there to measure the house so that she could start developing some ideas for her clients. She was sitting at the kitchen table working on her computer. She had just finished measuring all the rooms and was now building a 3D model of the house so that she could give her clients a virtual walkthrough of her proposal. Jenny stared at her screen, something wasn’t making sense. There was a hole in the floor plan as if she had missed a closet or small room. She looked at her notes again, everything was correct. She checked her numbers then got up and walked through the house again, double checking her notes and measurements as she went. She paid special attention to the walls that surrounded the empty space. Eventually she ended up in the walk in closet off the master bedroom.

Jenny faced the last wall that bordered the mystery space. It was obscured by a rack full of clothes on hangers. She pushed the clothes aside to get a better look at the wall. To her surprise she found a small handle. Intrigued, she quickly cleared the rack of clothes, tossing them in a heap on the floor and took a closer look. Cautiously she twisted the handle. She heard a soft click and the door popped open. Jenny looked in. In the darkness she saw the first few steps of a narrow stairway leading down. She pushed the door the rest of the way open and stepped through. She found a light switch just inside the door and flipped it on. A dim light at the bottom of the stairway came on.

Jenny’s pulse quickened, she wondered what was down there. Was it a panic room or an escape tunnel, maybe a secret lab where the previous owners grew pot or cooked up meth? Her mind turned to darker thoughts, maybe it was a prison for a kidnap victim. Was she going to find someone changed to a wall or locked in a small cell or even worse mutilated dead bodies in the process of being disposed. There was no mention of a basement in the information she had received.

She tried to push these dark thoughts out of her mind as she slowly made her way down the stairway. Instead she tried to think of ways to take advantage of this discovery. Maybe she could turn this into a wine cellar or a personal spa with a steam room or sauna. This was an opportunity to do something unique and unexpected for her clients. At the bottom of the stairs she found a small room. To her relief it looked like a normal room. On the opposite wall there were two doors, the wall to the right had a floor to ceiling mirror and the wall to her left was lined with cupboards. The only other furniture in the room was a bench and a stool. One of the doors on the opposite side was open and through it she could see a modest bathroom with a shower, toilet, bidet and sink finished in gleaming white subway tile. Not exactly conventional but nothing wrong with that.

Jenny cautiously walked across the room and opened the other door. As she looked in she froze, her jaw dropped and she blinked a couple times. All her thoughts about wine cellars or steam rooms came to a sudden halt and her worst fears came rushing back. She took a moment to process what she saw. This room was about twice the size of the first one with a door connecting it to the adjacent bathroom, but more importantly and the reason for Jenny’s state of shock was the assortment very strange furniture that filled the room.

There was tall heavy wooden chair that looked a little like a throne, covered in black leather with wide straps all over it. Next to it was an upright “X” frame, also covered in black leather with attachment points for cuffs or straps in strategic locations and some sort of bench or pommel horse also equipped with a number of attachment points. On the far side of the room was a bed covered in a shiny black material. The material was stretched over a tubular frame with a hose attached to one corner. She walked over and reached down to touch it. She jerked her hand away, as if she had done something wrong. It was rubber! Her pulse slowed slightly when she realized this was not a torture chamber but in fact a bondage play room. She scanned the room again and noticed numerous other smaller pieces of equipment hanging from hooks on the walls, including, stocks, shackles, handcuffs and chains. Dozens of additional eyebolts and metal cleats, intended for use as anchor points, protruded from the walls and ceiling. There was even a winch mounted to the center of the ceiling.

Jenny leant against the wall as she recovered from her initial shock. The fear she initially felt was now replaced with excitement and she was now curious about the contents of the closets in the smaller room. She returned to the first room and started opening the closet doors. The first one was full of rubber clothes mainly catsuits with a few skirts and dresses and other items. Most of the items were a deep glossy black color but there were also some items in red, blue, sliver and amber. She pulled a couple items out of the closet and inspected them. The clothes made a soft rustling sound as they moved. She ran her hand over the shiny material. It felt smooth and cold to the touch. She held one of the catsuits up against her body, trying imagine how it would look on her and judge if it was the right size.

In the bottom of the closet there was a selection of shoes and boots, all with extremely high heels. Some of the boots would extend all the way up to her crotch and others looked like they would force the wearer to stand on her toes like a ballet dancer. Clearly not the most practical of footwear but Jenny couldn’t help felling a little turned on by it.

The next closet had shelves and drawers. One drawer contained rubber underwear, bras and panties, some looked fairly conventional others were more risqué including panties with built in sheaths or dildos, and bras with nubs that would stimulate and tease the wearer. The drawer above contained latex hoods and another drawer had a selection of latex socks and gloves. The upper half of the closet had about a half a dozen gas masks of different styles and designs. Some were integrated into thick latex hoods. All of them looked fairly serious and a little intimidating to Jenny.

The next closet was filled with leather gear. An enormous selection of straps in different lengths and widths. Leather harnesses in a variety of designs and cuffs of different sizes, presumably for different parts of the body. It also contained a number of corsets in different styles and lengths including everything from waist clinchers to full length over-bust corsets with shoulder straps. Along with the corsets there were a number of accessories including crotch straps, some with fake pussy lips or built in dildos, neck corsets and bondage helmets. Jenny also found an assortment of gags in this closet. There were simple gags with a single strap and balls in different colors and sizes and more complex gags integrated into head harnesses with pumps, and blindfolds built in.

The last closet contained a handful of heavy rubber suits. Jenny recognized a heavy rubber drysuit and an industrial hazmat suit among them. There was also a leather straitjacket and one particularly odd garment that looked like a full body corset extending from ankles to head including a hood with full length metal stays. She wondered how one could move in such an outfit or even put it on for that matter. A high shelf in this closet contained a selection of metal gear, including a set of cuffs and what Jenny believed was a stainless steel chastity belt. Next to it were some accessories for the chastity belt, including dildos, but plugs and chains. Jenny chuckled at the idea of being locked in a chastity belt with a dildo inside. Kind of defeats the purpose of a chastity belt.

Jenny sat down on the bench for a minute. As her eyes scanned over all the weird and wonderful gear neatly stored in the closets she noticed a small note book on one of the shelves. She picked it up and started flipping through the pages. It looked like a diary of sorts. Each entry contained a detailed account of a session in the bondage room. Jenny skimmed a couple entries. They started with a description of the gear being worn then went into the scene and the equipment in the dungeon followed by a play by play of what happened then finishing with some thoughts about how it went and what to try in the future. The entries were written from a woman’s point of view and most involved her husband tying her up then teasing her before finally allowing her to have an orgasm. Occasionally the roles would be reversed.

After reading a couple entries Jenny was starting to get horny. She could feel herself getting moist between her legs. Whoever this person was, she seemed to be having a lot of fun down here. Jenny looked through the door to the bondage room and tried to imagine someone tied to the bondage chair, or hanging from the winch attached to the ceiling. She looked at the catsuits and other gear in the closet trying to identify the items being described. She continued to flip through the pages until one caught her eye. It was titled “Vacuum Bed Self Bondage.” Unlike the other entries this one was a solo session. Jenny quickly realized that she would be able to re-enact the session if she wanted to, or more accurately if she was brave enough.

Jenny read the entry in a little more detail, vibrating dildo pants, neck entry catsuit with hood, earplugs, latex hood with gag, gas mask with blackout out lens covers, timer for the vac-bed, also neck entry and something about a bubbler bottle. She read the step by step process needed to set the timer for the vac-bed, including how to set a delay so that she could finish getting into the vac-bed before the vacuum turned on. She went on to the description of the session. The author described being trapped in the vac-bed at the mercy of the vibrating dildo, buzzing away deep inside her, unable to stop it or get any relief and at the same time working to breath against the resistance of the bubbler bottle. Jenny bit her lip. The author went on to describe the build up to her first orgasm and then release, straining against the unyielding rubbery grip of the vac-bed. This was quickly followed by multiple more orgasms, too many to count, as her mind lost touch with reality and she was reduced to little more than a blabbering wreck unable to think straight. Jenny leaned against the wall trying to think of the last time she had had truly great sex. She couldn’t remember. Regardless, no matter how good it had been she had never had sex that good and she was fairly sure no man could every do that to her.

Even if she wasn’t aware of it, at this point her mid was made up. She went back to the larger room and inspected the vac-bed. She found the bubbler bottle with a long corrugated hose. On the end of the hose was a screw fitting that Jenny assumed would mate to the gas mask. She also found the control panel. The controls were straight forward and made sense to her. She ran her hands over the rubber sheet tightly stretched over the large rectangular frame. It made a rumbling sound as she played with the latex. She circled the neck opening that she would have to squeeze through to get into the vac-bed. All the while she could feel her excitement slowly growing.

She went back to the smaller room and started looking for the gear she would need. She told herself that she just wanted to check it out, there was no way she would go through with this. In reality she was already on a path that would end with her dressed head to toe in latex, trapped in the vac-bed next door. She found the catsuit. It was made of thick shiny black latex with socks, gloves and an open face hood integrated into the suit. There was no zipper, so Jenny would have to squeeze in through the face opening. She was a little skeptical that it would stretch far enough but apparently the previous owner managed. Besides, if it ripped, it didn’t matter since everything in this room and in the house for that matter was going to get thrown away to make space for the modern designer furniture the new owners were expecting.

She put the catsuit on the bench then went in search of the dildo pants. She found them in the drawer with the rest of the underwear. Next to them were fresh batteries for the built in vibrator and a remote control. A couple shelves above she found the thick latex hood with built in gag and tinted eye openings. Not far from the hood, she found the Israeli gas mask described in the diary entry. On the same shelf she found snap on covers for the gas mask eye openings and a box of disposable soft foam earplugs. She referred back to the diary to see if there was anything else. Ah yes, a rubber corset. She opened the drawer with the corsets and found the right one. It was made of thick black rubber with bright red trim and would extend from just above her hips to below her breasts. She held it up to her waist to get an idea of how tight it would be. It looked tight and restrictive. Jenny estimated that it would take 2 to 3 inches off her already slim waist. She added it to the rest of the gear on the bench.

She turned back to the closet to find the bottle of lube that she would need to get into the latex gear not to mention ease the insertion of the dildo and but plug in the panties. The diary had mentioned lube to help getting dressed several times. She found a large bottle of lube with a pump dispenser.

Without thinking about it Jenny started removing her clothes and before she knew it she was standing naked in the center of the room staring at the collection of latex items on the bench. She pushed the pump dispenser on the lube bottle and started to spread a thin coating over her legs. Next she picked up the dildo panties and loaded fresh batteries into the compartment in the base of the dildo. Holding the dildo in her hand she picked up the remote and pressed the power button. The dildo started to vibrate gently. She pressed the bottom again and the vibrator started vibrating more vigorously. Another press and it went higher again. It was now buzzing loudly sending vibrations through her wrist and up into her forearm. Jenny was impressed by the power of the vibrations from the toy, it felt like a small palm sander similar to what you might use to refinish a piece of furniture. One more press and the vibrator stopped. She paused for a second to contemplate what she was about to do.

Jenny applied a generous coating of lube to the dildo and but plug then gingerly stepped into the panties. She pulled them up until the front dildo touched her crotch. Carefully, she aligned the tip of the dildo with her sex and started to slide it in. She moaned quietly as it slid into her. It felt good sliding deep into her wet sex and before long she felt the tip of the but plug against her ass. She reached back and griped the base of the plug. She wiggled it around until the tip was directly aligned with her ass. Then, taking a deep breath and trying to relax as much as possible, she started to push the plug in. At first it wasn’t too bad but then as the plug got wider it began to really stretch her ass and started to become painful. Jenny paused for a second letting the plug slide out a little. She took a couple breaths and focused on relaxing again before resuming. Determined, she applied steady firm pressure to the base of the plug. As it slid in, it kept getting wider. Jenny let out a painful moan through her clenched jaw and kept pushing. She wondered if she was going to hurt herself. Then, to her relief, she was past the widest part and her sphincter closed around the narrower base of the plug pulling it the rest of the way in. Quickly she pulled the panties the rest of the way up and smoothed them out. She took a minute to catch her breath and get used to having both her lower openings filled.

As she moved around she could feel two intruders move inside her. She reached down and gently pushed on the base of the dildo making it slide in and out. The combination of the lube and her own juices allowed it to move easily. She hadn’t realized how turned on she was until she inserted the dildo. Clearly all this kinky gear was having an effect. She resisted the urge to keep playing with herself and decided to continue getting ready. Next up was the neck entry catsuit.

Jenny picked it up and held it to her body to check the size one more time. The shiny black latex was cold against her skin. It looked small but then again the rubber had a lot of stretch even in this thickness. She dispensed a little lube into each sleeve and leg of the catsuit then rubbed the material together to spread it around inside the suit. Then, after sitting down gently so as not to jam the but plug any further into her tender ass, she started to slide the suit in. She gathered up the material for one leg and slid it over her foot. The attached sock ballooned out as she slid her foot in. Carefully she worked the air out of the suit and made sure her foot was comfortably situated in the attached sock. Next she pulled the material up, over her calf and knee. Taking care to work any wrinkles or bubbles out as she went. As the suit enveloped her lower leg she could feel the uniform pressure of the latex hug her skin. Once she got the suit over her knee she repeated the process on the other leg. This was a little more difficult because the neck of the catsuit now pinned her legs together.

As she wiggled her way into the catsuit she could feel the dildo moving around inside her. At the same time the bench was pushing on the but plug in her ass and every time she shifted her weight it also moved. Together the two toys were having a wonderful effect on her, continuing to stoke the fire that was building in her loins. Before putting on the panties she had been unsure about the but plug, expecting it to be uncomfortable and unpleasant, however by now she was starting to warm up to the idea and enjoy the way it worked with the dildo in her pussy.

Jenny stood up and continued to work the catsuit up over her hips, being careful with her fingers to not dig in and rip the material. Before going any further she made sure the crotch of the catsuit was pulled all the way up tight against her sex. In Jenny’s mind there were few things worse than leggings or tights that were not pulled all the way up. She couldn’t understand why some women did that. It had to be uncomfortable and it left an ugly patch of material bridging the thigh gap.

Now that the bottom half of the catsuit was all the way on Jenny was ready to continue. The neck and hood of the catsuit were tightly stretched around her waist. She gently slipped her fingers under the latex and eased it up past her belly and over her breasts. Now came the hard part. Slowly, she folded one arm into the suit. At this point Jenny was convinced the latex was about to rip but she kept going. She managed to get her hand then elbow into the suit and found the inside of the sleeve. After a few minutes her hand was in the attached glove at the end of the sleeve and after a little tugging, pulling and rubbing her arm was encased in a smooth, shiny, wrinkle and bubble free layer of tight latex. She repeated the process with the other arm then stood back to admire the results in the mirror.

From the neck down her entire body was covered in a seamless layer of shiny black latex that hugged her every curve. It was like she had been dipped in black paint. She admired the way the light reflected off her body. The thick latex squeezed her body from top to bottom. The initial coldness had dissipated quickly and she could now feel a thin layer of sweat building up on her skin. She could see the feint outline of the panties she wore under the catsuit. She could also make out the end of the dildo buried deep in her vagina under the tightly stretched latex. As she moved she could feel the latex stretch and slide over her slick skin. When she raised her arms the material pulled on her crotch and forced the dildo a little deeper into her. She let out a soft moan as she ran her hands over her smooth body. The latex held everything tightly in place accentuating her curves and supporting her medium sized breasts.

The next item was the thick rubber corset. She picked it up and un-fastened the metal busk that ran down the front. With the laces fully loosened it wasn’t hard to wrap it around her wast and re-fasten the busk. She made sure the corset was sitting comfortably between her hips and breasts then started to pull the laces. Slowly, her waist shrank down in size. Jenny could feel the metal stays grip her torso as the corset got progressively tighter. Jenny got to a point where she was having to work for each breath. She reached behind her to feel how much of a gap remained between the two sides. About an inch. She thought about stopping there, but a little voice in her head urged her to continue. If she was going to do this she would do it right! She continued to pull on the laces until the two sides of the corset met before tying off the laces and tucking them out of the way. By now she was only able to take shallow breaths and her chest was rising and falling with each one.

She looked at herself in the mirror again. She was amazed by the transformation. The corset pulled in her waist and pushed up her chest. It added to her curviness and made her look incredibly sexy. In addition the compression around her waist and lower belly made the dildo and but plug feel just a little bigger. She had never felt this full before.

Eventually she was able to tear her gaze away from the mirror and continue. She picked up a foam earplug, rolled it between her latex covered fingers to compress it, and stuffed it deep into her ear. Ambient sound gradually faded away as the foam expanded back to its original size. After inserting a second one into her other ear she gathered up her long hair and pulled the catsuit hood up over her head. At this point the only exposed skin was her face, but that too was about to be covered.

Jenny picked up the latex mask and examined it. The thick latex hood had a detailed molded mouth with fake teeth, pouches to go in her cheeks, a pocket for her tongue, two small openings for her nostrils and dark translucent panels over her eyes. She turned it inside out to take a closer look at the molded gag. It looked like an oversized mouth guard like a boxer might wear. She could see where her teeth and tongue would go, the rest of her mouth it appeared would be filled with rubber. She was relieved to see a hole just above the tongue pocket that would allow her to breathe. She also noticed two short tubes that would need to be inserted into her nostrils. She took a deep breath, at least as deep as the corset would allow, licked her lips and swallowed. Stretching as wide as she could she stuffed the mass of molded rubber into her mouth. After a little more poking and prodding she was able to get it all in. The cheek pouches settled into place and her tongue slid into its pocket. She worked her jaw up and down and side to side to help the gag settle into place. It didn’t help much, she still felt like a chipmunk with a mouthful of rubber bands. Next, she inserted the two nostril tubes into her nose. Fortunately the rubber was soft and the tubes were not too long so they went in fairly easily. With the gag and nose tubes in place and satisfied that she could still breathe Jenny was ready to hook the hood under her chin and stretch it over her head. It took both hands to get it over her head but eventually it slid into place, gliding easily over the rubber hood that already covered her head.

The patches over her eyes were quite dark and significantly limited her vision. Looking in the mirror it was almost impossible to tell where they started or ended. He head was totally black and almost featureless except for the bright red lips of the molded gag and two small openings for her nose. She ran her hands over her head, smoothing out any remaining wrinkles. All she could hear was her breathing, external sounds were almost totally blocked by the earplugs and two layers of latex. Her other senses were similarly affected by the rubber clothing. All she could taste and smell was rubber and all she could feel was the uniform squeeze of latex covering her entire body. Despite this it felt incredible to be totally enclosed, unlike anything she had felt before. She imagined being a deep sea explorer or maybe and astronaut in a futuristic space suit. She felt safe and protected and she was definitely turned on.

All that remained was the gas mask with the snap on eye covers. Jenny picked it up along with the eye covers and the remote for the dildo panties and went through into the adjacent room. She put down the gas mask and remote next to the vac-bed and inspected the timer. It looked like it was set with a five minute delay and a one hour duration. Seemed reasonable, so she left it as is. Carefully she sat down on the vac-bed with her feet next to the neck opening. As she leant forward the bottom edge of the corset pressed uncomfortably into her lower belly. She groaned as she strained to reach her ankles and help guide them in through the narrow neck opening. The vac-bed snapped and popped as she worked her legs further in through the opening. The top sheet made a rumbling sound as it vibrated like a drum skin. Jenny barely heard any of it due to the earplugs firmly wedged in her ears, trapped under two layers of latex. After a little more wiggling and shimmying she had the vac-bed opening up to her waist.

She reached over for the gas mask and removed the eye covers, putting them down within easy reach next to the remote. She then raised the mask up to her latex covered face and slipped the harness over her head. With a few quick tugs on the adjustment straps the mask was firmly clamped to her face. Her breathing sounds were now joined by the clicking of the valves in the mask. Next she found the end of the corrugated rubber hose that lead to the bubble bottle and screwed it into the inlet port on the mask.

Her next breath was met with noticeable resistance. As she started to inhale the mask sucked in against her face for a fraction of a second before the bubbler roared to life allowing air into her lungs. Jenny’s heart skipped a beat. She took a second to calm herself and think this through. The latex catsuit and dildo panties were harmless and fun. There was no real danger there. However once she was trapped in the vacuum bed there would be no escape until the timer finished. This was a little intimidating but involved minimal risk and more significantly made her excited. The gas mask and bubbler bottle were more frightening. She was restricting her air supply and she was smart enough to realize that could be dangerous. She continued to sit for a little longer in order to get comfortable with the breathing setup. She concentrated on long slow breaths. Time to continue.

Jenny pushed the start button on the timer panel. The delay timer started counting down. She picked up the remote and pressed the button once. The dildo started to hum gently. Jenny smiled under the mask. She rocked her hips back and forth trying to find the position that worked best. She pressed the button again and the vibrator sped up. She rocked her head back and moaned with pleasure into the gag. She pressed the button one more time and the vibrator kicked into overdrive. Jenny instinctively spread her legs in an effort to get some relief but the tight catsuit kept the buzzing dildo deep inside her. She started to pant, at this rate she would not last long. She pressed the button one more time and the vibrations stopped. The timer now showed less than four minutes.

Without further hesitation, she turned the vibrator back on at the medium setting. She put the remote down next to the vac-bed, picked up the eye covers and snapped them over the eye ports on the mask. She was now totally blind. She slid forward and worked the vac bed opening up over her breasts. She slid forward again and folded her arms into the vac-bed making sure the neck seal was flat against her neck. She slid forward again until her feet were just touching the pipe at the bottom of the bed then leant back in anticipation of the vacuum starting. Her legs were slightly spread with her feet pointed at the bottom corners of the frame. Her arms were comfortably by her side. She waited, vibrator buzzing away in her crotch, trying to focus on her breathing. She heard a faint click and then a quiet hum as the vacuum came to life.

Initially nothing happened. She shifted her hips slightly then decided to try putting her arms above her head in a position between spread eagle and a stick up. This pulled the catsuit and corset up, putting a little more pressure on the dildo and but plug. The vibrations got ever so slightly more intense. She thought about putting her arms back down by her side but at that moment she felt the latex start to suck down against her body. A few seconds later she heard a hiss and squeak and the hum of the vacuum went up a level. She squealed with pleasure as she felt the top and bottom sheets of the vac-bed wrap around her body. The dildo slipped a fraction deeper into her sex.

She was trapped, not rigidly, she could wiggle and squirm, but every movement was countered by a firm and unrelenting resistance from the vac-bed. She thrust her hips back and forth and wiggled her fingers and toes. The vibrator continued to buzz away and Jenny was rapidly building towards her first climax. She wondered for a second if she should have used the lowest setting on the vibrator. What if she had picked the highest setting! Would that have been fun or just painful? It wasn’t long before the first orgasm swept through her body. She screamed into the gag but all that came out was a muffled wail. Her body twitched and convulsed straining against the vac-bed and the bubbler bottle frothed and foamed.

Eventually the orgasm passed and Jenny had a moment to regain her composure. She tried to slow her heart rate and control her breathing, however it wasn’t long before the next orgasm crashed through her body. She got no relief from the vibrator and the vac-bed gave her no chance for escape. The moment that orgasm finished she was already building to the next. She was breathing heavily and could feel sweat building up inside the catsuit. She wondered how much time had passed and how much longer she would have to endure.

A third orgasm rocked her body, followed by a fourth and a fifth. At this point Jenny’s mind started to go fuzzy, the orgasms stared to blend into each other and she lost the ability to form coherent thoughts. A while later the vibrator started to slow, the batteries were running out of power. A little later after that it stopped. Jenny relaxed, relived that the buzzing in her crotch was over. The vacuum on the other hand continued to hum and she was still firmly held in place by the vac-bed. She drifted in and out of consciousness her mind fuzzy after the onslaught of stimulation.

A little while later she noticed that the hum of the vacuum had also stopped. She tried to move but found she was still firmly held in place by the vac-bed. She wondered if she had forgotten something, a setting on the timer to release the vacuum or some other release mechanism. She tried to think but her mind was still not entirely clear. She drifted off again. The next time she woke up she could feel that the vac-bed was not quite as tight. She slowly worked her hand over to her neck and cracked the seal. Air rushed in and for the first time in a while she was able to move. Slowly she managed to extract one arm then the other from the vac-bed. She pushed the neck seal down to her waist and sat up. She reached up to the gas mask and released the straps holding it in place before pulling it off her head and tossing it aside. It felt good to take a breath of fresh air without having to work against the bubbler bottle.
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