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A night of self suggestion

by mariaeveille

Chapter 1


"Ugh, don't they ever give it a rest?"


It had been about a week since the Straw Hat crew left Thriller Bark, having gleefully added a new crewmember, Brook, to their ranks. Nami still found his skeletal body and personality quirks a bit creepy, but she had mostly gotten past those things after getting to know him. What had the orange-haired navigator so aggravated was his affect on the crew; Luffy had always been adamant about having a musician around, and now that he had one, it seemed like there was never even a moment of quiet on the Thousand Sunny anymore. Luffy, followed by Ussop, Chopper, and sometimes Franky, were constantly provoking songs from Brook, and while Nami would readily admit that the music was nice, she needed sleep, and her loud crewmates were making it impossible to get any.


"Pirates aren't known to be quiet, you know. I thought that you would be used to this by now." Robin's calm voice came from nearby, where she sat getting in some late-night reading. The raven-haired archaeologist grinned in a combination of sympathy for and amusement at the younger woman's plight as she scanned the pages of whatever historical text she had an interest in that particular night. Nami sighed.


"I know, and I thought I was, but they've never been this bad before." Robin nodded, aware of the issue even though it hadn't bothered her to the extent it did Nami. While the men of the Straw Hat crew all had a tendency to talk - and usually argue - in their sleep, Brook often sang in his, and even while unconscious, Luffy, Ussop and Chopper tried to join in with the enthusiastic tenor carrying throughout the ship. Robin had figured that it was a product of Brook having spent so many years with absolutely no one around for company, and considering Nami hadn't tried to bring it up with the over-animate skeleton any time over the last week, it seemed she came to the same conclusion.


Nami eventually reached toward the nearby nightstand, plucking a book from it and flipping to its most dog-eared pages. Robin looked on, an eyebrow raising slightly as she watched the younger woman.


"Don't want to try and get to sleep anymore?" Robin certainly felt that it would have been odd if that was the case; she didn't know the fiery navigator to let the crew's childish antics get in the way of something she wanted quite that easily.


"Of course not; this is my secret weapon." Nami had apparently reached the part of the book she was looking for, and was scanning its pages intently as she continued. "It's a book on self-suggestion I came across some time ago; I think I can use these techniques to put myself into a deep enough sleep that those idiots won't be able to wake me up from it. I figure if that idiot Jango can do all-out hypnosis, I should at least be able to manage this."


"Well, I hope it works out for you," Robin said, "you deserve to be able to get at least some rest tonight." The historian went back to her book as Nami continued to scan hers, letting the navigator do whatever she intended without interruption. Over the next few minutes, Robin occasionally picked up some faint whispers and mumblings, but simply kept reading so as not to distract Nami.


Suddenly, the faint echoes of Nami's voice stopped, and a soft thud came from her spot on the bed. Robin carefully eased her book down so she could look over it, and found Nami sound asleep, book still in hand. With a warm grin, the raven-haired woman stood up and padded over to Nami, taking the book and returning it to the nightstand and then pulling the blanket up over the younger woman's form. After carefully tucking Nami in, Robin slowly stood back up, and eased her way back into her chair, turning back to her book as the lyrics to "Bink's Sake" continued to ring throughout the anchored pirate ship.




Nami's eyelids fluttered for a moment, and then swiftly flew open as she realized that she was no longer on the Thousand Sunny. Her brown eyes swept from side to side, taking in an empty, seemingly endless expanse that now surrounded her. With no idea as to how she had gotten to where she was, what direction to go in to leave the place and get back to her friends, or even where she was in the first place, Nami's movements grew quicker and more frantic as panic rapidly set in.


"Well, fancy seeing you here, cutie."


Nami froze, realizing that the voice coming from behind her sounded familiar. She turned, her blood running cold as she found none other than the CP9 assassin Kalifa, albeit with a few noticeable differences in her look. While before her outfit walked the line between sinister and sensuous, what she wore now was clearly meant solely for blatant sex appeal. In fact, most of her body was completely bare, her only clothes being dark fishnet stockings, a black garter belt holding them up, and matching fishnet gloves extending to just past her elbows. The assassin's slender finger came up to push her glasses up as a small tongue darted out to lick playfully at her pink lips.


"I was hoping I'd get to see you again. Fortunately, I'm not under orders now, and we don't have a Buster Call to deal with, so I'm free to do whatever I want with you, for as long as I want." After battling her rising dread for a moment, Nami stopped her brief attempt to back away, her face hardening as she readied herself to face the deadly woman before her. She had beaten Kalifa once, she could do it again, Nami thought as she reached for her Clima Tact.


"What the..." Nami's hand was met only by bare flesh, causing her to look down at herself.


"Aah! What happened to my clothes?!" Rather than one of her usual cute, if slightly revealing, outfits, Nami saw only her lightly tanned skin from head to toe, offset by the pink of her nipples and pussy. She managed to jerk her attention back to Kalifa despite the embarrassment, finding the other woman still in the same spot, grinning lecherously at the navigator's nude form.


Nami slowly backed away from the assassin, her mind racing. While grateful that Kalifa didn't seem to plan on killing her, the look that the blonde had fixed on her now didn't seem much better. Even worse, there wasn't much Nami could do from the looks of the situation. Her weapon was gone, and her physical prowess didn't even hold a candle to that of the assassin before her. With completely featureless terrain in all directions for as far as she could see, there was nowhere to hide, and running would be pointless. Then suddenly, Nami's thoughts were interrupted as a different voice spoke from somewhere behind her.


"Ah, that's quite the nice body you have, girl. Hina lustful." Nami whirled around to locate the source of the new voice, and found a second woman, this one with long, pink hair. She wore only a burgandy waist cincher, with garter belts connecting it to her identically colored stockings, leaving her chest and lower regions exposed. One hand on a bare hip, she grinned at Nami with the same look that Kalifa had.


With a flash of insight, Nami realized who the newcomer was, having remembered seeing her while she was escaping Alabasta. In addition to that glimpse of the woman, the thief tended to go through Marine records whenever she got the chance, and had occasionally found information on Captain "Black Cage" Hina, including what her abilities were. That knowledge didn't give Nami much hope at being able to stand up to this woman either.


"Oh Nami, no need to worry about them." Nami's eyes shot open in alarm, easily recognizing the sultry voice of Nico Robin coming up from behind her. The slender arms of Nami's crewmate wrapped around her waist, Robin's obviously bare breasts pressing against her back as her breath fell softly against the back of Nami's neck. "We're all just here to have some fun with you; you want to feel good, don't you?"


Nami immediately felt numerous hands running up and down her naked body, a sure sign that Robin was using her Devil Fruit powers. As bizarre and frightening as the situation was, the raven-haired beauty seemed to know her way around Nami's body perfectly, and it was all Nami could do to hold back her moans. Her soft inner thighs, her flat stomach, her jiggling breasts, all and more were being stimulated all at once by Robin's slender teasing fingers.


"Aaah!" Nami yelped, responding to a more intimate intrusion. Robin's fingers had wormed up Nami's thighs, and were dipping into her pink honeypot, already dripping wet to a humiliating degree. The thief could only pant as her face grew flushed, her entire body growing warm as Robin continued to stimulate it all at once, only managing to let out a breathy "Robin..." as she tried to reason with her crewmate.


"Mmm... seems that I've gotten you warmed up. Kalifa, care to take it from here?" With that, the extra arms vanished, and Nami felt herself getting lightly pushed forward, right into the waiting arms of the blonde assassin. Kalifa gazed down at the thief, her pink lips curling into a smile. Soapy foam began to froth up on Kalifa's arms, and Nami suddenly realized what was about to happen.


"I'm sure you remember this one." Kalifa purred as she began running her sud-covered hands across the thief's bare flesh. Nami could only whimper between the occasional gasps as Kalifa caressed her entire body in a manner all too familiar, but even more intimate than she remembered; this time, the assassin's fingers went everywhere, tickling every last inch of her breasts, moving across and between her butt cheeks, and rubbing both around and inside the precious mound between her thighs. Nami could already feel the bubbles working their magic, warping her body as only a Devil's Fruit power could.


"Golden Awa!" Kalifa called out; her hands pulled away from Nami's form as the damage was done, and the thief's feet immediately slipped out from under her, their shape too smooth and skin too slick to find purchase anywhere. Nami's attempts to stay upright utterly failed, and she fell straight down onto her butt, finding the landing to be oddly softer than usual. She looked down at herself curiously, gasping at what she found.


Nami wasn't overly surprised to find her body in the same form that it was in the last time Kalifa attacked her this way. She was unnaturally smooth and shiny from head to toe, and her body was in an equally strange doll-like form, hands and feet mutated into perfectly smooth blobs and every angle in her body smoothed over. What had Nami shocked were her new endowments.


The first time around, Kalifa's attack had made Nami's chest and butt flat and her thighs almost sticklike, but this time, they had grown cartoonishly large instead. Her breasts were watermelons wobbling before her, capped with thumb-sized nipples, and her ass had swollen into twin pillows holding her up. Nami brought her hands up to her chest in disbelief, causing them to squish about exaggeratedly.


"Mmm, cute. Quite an improvement from last time, don't you think?" Nami gasped as Kalifa's hands joined her own, the slender fingers caressing her mountainous tits in a light, brushing manner that the pirate's now-clumsy hands couldn't for the moment. Despite herself, Nami was quickly reduced to moaning, her breasts having somehow grown both in sensitivity and surface area available for Kalifa to stimulate.


Occasionally, the thief's mind started to clear of the lustful haze and she made an attempt to skootch away from the blonde, but her hands and feet had become single perfectly smooth surfaces, with no way to gain purchase on the floor, her skin too slick to do anything more than slide around aimlessly. However, these instances never lasted more than a few seconds, as Kalifa would always repond to Nami's clumsy attempts at escape by wrapping her lips around one of her newly fattened nipples, a short suck being all it took to drive Nami back into her debilitating arousal. After several minutes, Kalifa stopped her relentless assault on the orange-haired girl's breasts, her grin growing ever more lustful.


"Now, I love your tits, girl, but I also want to see more, so..." With that, the assassin pushed Nami forward, sending her to her elbows and knees. The navigator's breasts squished into the floor beneath her, while her plushy ass was suddenly thrust up into the air. However, the changes to her skin wouldn't allow her to keep that position for long, and her knees slipped out from under her, causing her lower half to plop to the ground as well.


"Hmmm... I guess my little treatment to your skin kind of works against that position, doesn't it. Very well..." Suddenly, Nami felt Kalifa's hand on her shrunken waist, and it immediately pushed upward, lifting her ass back into the air once more. The assassin's other hand went straight to her pussy, poking between her folds, now slick for more than one reason. After a couple moments, the dainty fingers left, and were quickly replaced by a set of feminine knuckles rolling against her nether lips, easing slowly between them. Suddenly realizing what was happening, Nami eyes shot wide open.


"No! Wait! Ahhh!" Nami's screams came a second too late, as Kalifa's entire fist was shoved into her all at once, the navigator's slippery pussy stretching wide to accomodate the invader. However, the hand was soon pumping in and out of her, and Nami quickly realized that she wasn't feeling any of the pain she was sure that she would from being penetrated by something so wide. In fact, it was all she could do to keep herself from being reduced to moaning all over again.


"You're wondering why this doesn't hurt, right?" Nami looked up at Kalifa's grinning face and gave a small nod, prompting the assassin's grin to grow even wider, plunging her clenched fist in and out of the navigator all the while.


"I'm actually surprised you haven't guessed already. It's because of my Golden Awa; now that your skin is perfectly smooth, especially in your pussy here..." Kalifa shoved her fist deeper into the love tunnel to prove her point, getting a small cry from Nami. "'s as well-lubed as it could ever get. That's even the case for this little hole as well." Kalifa's fist eased out of Nami's pussy as though reluctant to do so, but the thief's relief was short-lived, as she immediately felt a couple fingers begin poking at her tiny asshole.


"No! No, wait! Please, do anything you want with my pussy! Just... just not that!" To Nami's relief, the fingers pulled away from her rear entrance without a word. Instead, they began to rub and flick at the orange-haired woman's clit, which she suddenly noticed had felt much larger than she remembered it. It must have become more sensitive as well, because Nami was quickly bombarded with waves of pleasure emanating from the swollen nub. After several glorious moments of Nami gasping her way through the stimulation, she forced out a long, drawn-out moan as an orgasm hit, her twitching pussy pouring out a deluge of clear juices that splashed onto the floor.


Nami squirmed about as she continued cumming, the slick skin of her new form preventing her frantic movements from actually taking her anywhere. Wave after wave of juices gushed out of her as her body was helpless to do anything other than ride out the overwhelming pleasure. Eventually, the orgasm died down, and Nami's body flopped to the floor in exhaustion, her boobs squishing against the floor and the sheer size of her ass making it stick out prominently, even though her current position wasn't thrusting it out at all.


"Well girls, I think she's ready for more. I'm sure you want to try getting in on this too, right?" Kalifa's invitation was quickly answered, as Nami was pulled up by her wrists, and found herself face-to-face with Captain Hina. The pink-haired woman grinned mischievously as she brought her free arm up to Nami's forearms. With one quick movement, Hina's arm warped and distorted around Nami's limbs, ending with the Marine Captain's arm on the other side and a thick, black metal bar wrapped around Nami's forearms, holding them firmly together. Hina then connected the restraint to a chain that held Nami upright, eyeing her breasts hungrily all the while.


"You're not going anywhere, sweetie. Especially when those wobbly tits of yours still need to be explored." Hina's rough, yet feminine, hands reached out, taking hold of Nami's massive boobs and squishing them about playfully. After a few moments, the Marine captain grasped Nami's bulging nipples, and suddenly stopped at the girl's ensuing gasp. "Hmmm... now there's an idea. Hina inspired."


Nami looked on with confusion as Hina changed her hold on her left nipple, shifting so that she grasped the tip between thumb and index finger. Hina began pulling on the nipple to stretch it out, the grin on her face growing wider at the ensuing yelp from Nami. She then brought up her free hand, and swiped the index finger through the middle of Nami's nipple, leaving a black metal ring clamped onto it, holding it permanently in its pinched in and stretched out state.


Nami gasped again as Hina repeated the treatment with her right nipple, leaving them both ensnared by small black metal rings, sticking out nearly two inches from her breasts and the ends bulging out and an angry purple color. Despite herself, Nami's gasp was nearly as much from pleasure as it was from pain, her body finding the constant pressure on her nipples exhilarating. Apparently intent on adding to that arousal, Hina leaned forward, running her tongue over the slick flesh of her breasts as she flicked at the bound and swollen nipples.


"Aah!" Pleasure shot through Nami over and over again as her enlarged boobs were continuously massaged and bounced. Her breasts had been a bit on the sensitive side before, but now the sensations coming from them rivaled even what she could coax from her clitoris before. Nami's pussy was soon gushing juices again, which ran down her perfectly smooth legs and dripped to the floor. However, her lustful haze was suddenly partially broken when a pair of large, soft breasts pressed into her back, followed by a familiar voice whispering into her ear.


"Well Miss Navigator, you like the relaxation time I arranged for you?" Nami's confusion grew still further by Robin's comment, which had only added to the things about this situation that didn't make sense. What was Captain Hina doing so far from her jurisdiction? How had Kalifa gotten to her? Why were the two of them only playing with her sexually rather than just arresting her? How could they ignore Robin's own wanted status so easily, and how would Robin possibly be able to make a situation like this happen? Even stranger yet, Nami suddenly realized, was that her surroundings made no sense either; the floor was obviously manmade, but there was no sign of walls, or anything else, for that matter, on any side for as far as she could see, and there was no ceiling in sight.


"This is... is this a dream?" Robin suddenly moved in front of Nami, leaning in and pressing her plushy lips against those of the navigator. Nami's eyes widened in surprise, then widened still further as her mouth was suddenly invaded by a multitude of tongues, undoubtedly created by Robin's powers. As the tongues lashed about in her mouth, Nami's eyes soon half-closed in pleasure, a breathy purr humming from deep in her throat. After what seemed like much too short a time, Robin broke away, leaving Nami in a daze, a goofy grin plastered on her face.


"That's right, Miss Navigator. You're actually snug in bed right now, happily sleeping through Brook's sleep-singing." Nami's face returned to confusion.


"Wait a minute; this is a dream, and I know it's a dream, so shouldn't I be able to take over what happens now?" Robin chuckled warmly.


"Normally, but remember how you got to sleep in the first place? You used self-suggestion to tell yourself to get a pleasant sleep. Hina, Kalifa, and myself are only bits of your subconscious that are here to make sure that happens. All of this is only happening because you want it to."


"What?" Nami protested, "Why would I actually want this? To have two women who tried to kill me suddenly start treating my body like some plaything? To have you suddenly all over me, using your powers in... those ways..." Robin grinned as Nami started to falter.


"I think you don't know what you want as much as you believe you do." Robin nodded at something Nami couldn't see below the immense shelf of her breasts, and the navigator gasped as a double assault on her body began. As Kalifa had done not so long ago, a fist worked its way into her smooth pussy, the pleasure returning as her lower lips were stretched out. At the same time, a dextrous tongue and nimble fingers danced across the wide expanse of her tits, coaxing equally powerful sensations from the sensitive flesh. Robin's smile widened as Nami was once again reduced to moaning as Hina and Kalifa worked over her most sensitive spots.


"See? You can't deny that you're loving this. I'm your subconscious; I know all about everything you've ever thought. I know that the whole time you were fighting Kalifa in Enies Lobby, you couldn't stop thinking about how sexy she was. I know that you were intriged by Hina when you saw her in Alabasta, and that every time you came across Marine records, you would hope that you might come across some information on her." Robin then leaned forward, her lips coming within a few scant inches from Nami's ear as she continued. "Oh, and the things you've thought about me... I can only guess at what the real Robin would think if she knew even half of the things that you've been imagining her doing with her powers."


By that point, Nami was whimpering from the combination of constant stimulation and the dream-Robin reminding her of the lustful thoughts she had about all three of the women currently providing that stimulation. She couldn't see Kalifa or Hina from their positions beneath her swollen breasts, but she could certainly feel what they were doing, Kalifa plunging her fist in and out of her, and Hina's tongue dancing all over her plump breasts. Nami let out another yelp as a couple fingers, most likely from Kalifa, worked their way into her ass, the sudden intrusion unexpectedly pleasant.


Nami's wriggled her legs about as both of her lower holes were being penetrated, the hands alternating thrusts so that either her pussy or her ass was full at all times. Her immense butt cheeks wobbled about wildly as Kalifa's hand moved around between them, and her pussy was gushing juices that splashed all over the assassin's other arm. Nami quickly grew so enamored with the feeling of the limbs plunging in and out of her that she gave a small cry of disappointment when they pulled away.


"Don't you worry, Miss Navigator," Robin said, her face coming up next to Nami's once more, "we just need to get you into a better position before we can let you cum." Before Nami could wonder about that, Hina took hold of her arms and pulled away the chains holding her upright. She felt her slippery body sliding around a bit in the Marine Captain's arms, but Hina managed to move her to the floor without incident. Just as that happened, Nami felt several copies of Robin's arms grabbing, pushing, and guiding her body in various places; her shoulders were held in place, as her arms were still bound together by Hina's powers, and were now held directly in front of her, where they were mashed between her own mountainous tits. As for the rest of her body, her upper back was left resting on the floor, but Robin's arms lifted everything below that into the air, leaving her with her legs spread eagle and her groin pointed straight up.


"Well then," Robin continued, "that should do nicely. Make sure you give her an orgasm to remember, Kalifa." The assassin, now looming over where Nami's form was held in place, grinned slightly at Robin's order, obviously more than happy to handle the task. Nami immediately felt the nimble fingers dancing across her slick, sopping mound and jiggling ass once more, letting out a sigh of contentment despite herself.


After a few moments, the fingers caressing Nami's nether lips pulled away, only a couple seconds passing before Kalifa's entire fist plunged into her pussy to replace them. Nami gasped in delight as the slick skin of her inner folds were stretched and her love tunnel satisfyingly filled, her entire body twitching under the firm grasp of Robin's arms. Nami's pleasure built as the hand pumped in and out of her, the thief barely noticing when the fingers tending to her butt pulled away as well.


Neither did Nami notice when the knuckles of Kalifa's other fist began to slide about between her cheeks, massaging around her anus. With a quick thrust, a fist was suddenly working its way into Nami's ass as well as her pussy, the new, rather wide, intruder causing the navigator to yelp as her entire body tensed up yet again. Despite what she had been expecting before, even this seemingly impossible act felt indescribably good; either Kalifa was right about her skin being too slick for penetration to be painful, or it was because she was dreaming, possibly both.


It didn't matter to Nami either way, as she was losing herself completely to the pleasure bombarding her. She moved her hips in time with Kalifa's thrusts, making sure that either her ass and her pussy were pushed forward as much as possible when Kalifa's fist plunged into them. Her gasps, grunts, and moans grew more lewd, wanton, and utterly desperate as release grew ever closer, and her anticipation of hit the breaking point.


"I... gonna cum... Aaahhh!" Kalifa pulled out of both holes as she felt Nami's impending climax, and managed it not a moment too soon. The navigator's pussy began spraying clear juices, launching it straight upwards several feet like a geyser. Nami thrashed about in Robin's grasp as the orgasm crashed all about her, not even noticing her own juices raining down on her, finally washing away the effects of Kalifa's Golden Awa and returning her body to normal. Hina, Kalifa, and Robin grinned at each other, already planning what they were going to do to the still-cumming girl next.


After nearly a minute, Nami finally came down from her orgasmic high, her form plopping to the ground as Robin released her. After a few more seconds of catching her breath, Nami lifted herself up slightly so she could take stock of herself. She was surprised to find that her body was no longer in the form brought on by Kalifa's Golden Awa, but she was just as surprised to find that her proportions hadn't returned to normal; her breasts were still immense, wobbly masses, and her thick thighs and wide hips still held up two pillowy globes of an ass. However, her self-appraisal was interrupted when she was grasped by the forearms and her body gently guided upwards until she was on her knees, and Hina removed the metal bars from her arms and nipples.


"Fun, wasn't it?" Robin giggled, "Don't get comfortable, though; we're not through with you yet. And, this is, unfortunately where this conversation with you ends." Nami blinked at that last statement, wondering what Robin could mean, and began to ask.


"Mrrrrow?" Nami's eyes shot wide open, her hands clamping over her mouth in shock at the catlike meow that sprang from her mouth rather than the question she had intended. The navigator then began to feel a tingling around her ears, which began moving up towards the top of her head. Her hand went up to the side of her head, freezing in shock again as she found that her ears weren't there anymore, despite the fact that she could still hear just fine. Her hand ran upwards, towards the spot where the tingling sensation came to a stop, and found a pair of triangular, lightly fuzzy ears, catlike ones.


Suddenly, Nami felt another tingling, this time at the base of her spine, and turned around to inspect what was happening. While her still-massive ass took up much of her vision, Nami's attention was drawn to a small nub starting to bulge out just above it. As the woman watched, the growth thickened slightly as it rapidly stretched out, not stopping until it was nearly as long as her arm. A light coat of orange fur sprouted all the way down its length, completing its development into a feline tail. Nami turned back toward Robin, confusion spread across her features. Robin grinned in response.


"You are the 'Burglar Cat', right? I'm just using this dream to give you an appropriate look, and a cute little meow to go along with it." Robin stopped for a moment, looking at Nami's plump breasts. "And come to think of it, a kitten needs her milk, don't you think?"


With that, another odd feeling built in Nami, causing her to look down at herself just as a shudder went through her breasts, a deep gurgling sound rumbling from deep within them. The burbling continued, and the navigator's boobs grew heavier, the skin growing tight and flushed as they rapidly filled with liquid. At the same time, they grew even more sensitive, the sensations coming from them reducing Nami to a husky purring amid lust-filled mewls.


The milk flow soon stopped, leaving Nami's boobs only slightly larger, but very heavy and full, their massive bounty causing them to stick straight out despite their weight. Nami looked down at the flushed, bobbing masses, finding herself more aroused at the sight of what had happened to them than she could have ever imagined herself being. The heft, the tightness, but most especially the knowledge of what was causing it, all were causing her pussy grow sopping wet once more.


As Nami's sight fell upon her bulging nipples, she saw a droplet of white liquid clinging to the end of one. Nami gazed at that little spot of liquid white curiously, and soon she began to feel drawn to it, the attraction growing more insistent by the second. She was beginning to lean down, tongue extending in anticipation of licking up the sweet drop, when her breast suddenly leapt up at her, the nipple plunging itself between her lips. Nami's eyes shot open in surprise, but her mouth went to work right away, sucking at the thick nub with abandon, humming in delight as a deluge of creamy milk gushed out into her mouth.


"See?" Robin cooed, "You can't get enough of it, can you? Good thing that those tits of yours won't ever run out." Nami wasn't sure whether that was a good thing or not, as she was still sucking hungrily at her breast, and simply couldn't convince herself to stop, even as Robin continued speaking. "One last thing, though; we have to do something with your pussy now that, know..."


"Mrrreah!" Nami yelped, at least to the extent that she could while speaking only in cat sounds, as an intense pressure began building in her crotch. As the odd force began pushing outward, the thief looked down, maneuvering her massive boobs to the sides so she could see below them, and found her nether lips steadily swelling, as if the pressure was causing the flesh of her mound to puff out. The swelling continued, slowly forcing the soft, reddening flesh outward, not stopping until Nami's pussy stuck out as far as half the width of her hand, and over twice as wide as that. Nami stared at her newly altered groin in shock, watching her exaggerated lower lips wobble about under their own thickness. Robin moved in at that point, closing in on Nami's form as she grinned seductively.


"I'm going to be a bit more gentle with you this time, but I'm still not going to go easy on you." At that, Nami felt an odd wriggling deep within her pussy. She looked down, even though she had already guessed what was happening; sure enough, her newly thick and swollen pussy hadn't changed any more on the outside, and she was certain that Robin had sprouted several tongues far into her pussy, all licking and massaging her innermost walls. The treatment didn't take long to get to Nami, who was reduced to helpless mewling as she squirmed about, no longer able to think about anything other than the pleasure bubbling through her entire form.


Robin, however, wasn't done with her yet. She eased Nami's shuddering form down until she was lying on the ground, her massive breasts bobbing in the air as her thick nipples leaked milk. Robin then leaned down over the navigator, her hands coming up to those plushy, milk-filled mounds and then clasping onto them. Nami's pleasured mewling redoubled as Robin worked over the plentiful titflesh, kneading, massaging, and squishing the wobbly masses, and frequently moving over to her throbbing pink nubs, giving them a firm tug that momentarily turned the dripping milk into a small fountain.


After a few minutes of that treatment, Robin moved further up Nami's body, until she was face-to-face with the navigator's chest. With a grin, Robin moved her face up to Nami's right breast, opened her mouth wide, and placed her yawning lips over the swollen pink nipple and much of the breastflesh surrounding it. Nami gasped as she felt the suction on the end of her breast, and then gasped again as she felt several tongues begin to lap at what of her boob was inside Robin's mouth.


The historian then brought a hand to Nami's other breast, firmly rubbing and massaging the soft flesh with slender digits. Robin's powers kicked in again, as another group of tongues bloomed on the surface of her arm and hand, lapping at whatever of the pillowy masses they could reach. Nami moaned as hand and mouth alike worked her breasts over, her nipples gushing milk in creamy geysers.


And then another surprise came for Nami, as she felt more tongues begin to run across her skin, this time on her inner thighs. Her lower half began squirming even more as Nami was bombarded with pleasure from yet another angle, though the tongues inside her suddenly vanished at that point. The Robin-created tongues licked at her smooth skin, starting near her knees, and more tongues steadily appearing closer and closer to the juncture between her legs, which grew hotter and hotter by the second.


Nami's moans intensified still further by the slow, methodical teasing of the licking tongues, whose movements seemed to grow lazier the closer they were appearing to the navigator's gushing pussy. Eventually, they reached Nami's quivering mound, but by then the tongues would only deliver a single occasional lick from any one of a half dozen angles. It still felt indescribably good, especially with her breasts still being massaged and milked up above, but it was clear that the navigator would not be getting release from it anytime soon. Nami continued to squirm and purr for several long, pleasurably agonizing minutes before she couldn't take any more, and turned towards Robin with pleading eyes, silently begging for release.


"Well," Robin said, obviously getting the message, "alright then. Don't you worry Nami, I'll take care of you." Suddenly the numerous tongues poised around Nami's thighs and pussy went to work, lapping at the exposed flesh around them relentlessly. The navigator went suddenly stiff as the licking began on her swollen and sensitive mound, her eyes squeezing shut as small mewls forced their way from her in response to the treatment.


After a couple minutes, some of the tongues began working their way into Nami's moist pink slit, eliciting still more pleasure from her as they wriggled their way inside. Once they were in, Nami hazily realized that they were penetrating her more than they should have been.


As the tongues poked deeper and deeper into her love tunnel, she suddenly realized what Robin was doing; she was creating an ever-lengthening chain by sprouting each new tongue from the end of the previous one. Several of these tongue chains squirmed within her, constantly stimulating her insides as the tongues plunged further inside them. Between the penetration, the tongues, and Robin's constant stimulation on her massive, wobbling breasts and thick, milk-gushing nipples, Nami could only last so long.


"Mrrreaaaaaahhhhh!" Nami gave a catlike yell as her orgasm washed through her, making her back arch and her toes curl. Fluids gushed out of her in waves, thick, creamy milk from her bulging nipples and clear pussy juices from her pink slit. Nami's continued to cum for several long moments, Robin squeezing her tits harder and harder the entire time to keep her milk flowing.


Nami's orgasm soon died down, leaving her panting amid small mewls as her entire body trembled from the intensity of the experience. However, Robin didn't let up, the historian going right back to pleasuring Nami just as before. Not only that, but the navigator could see Hina and Kalifa in the corners of her vision beginning to approach her.


The pink-haired Marine captain went up to her face, leaning in to capture Nami's lips with her own, her tongue promptly darting into the pirate woman's mouth to lash about playfully. Kalifa, on the other hand, placed herself between Nami's legs, squeezing the orange-haired woman's plump ass. After a few moments of that, she brought an index finger up to both of Nami's lower holes, circling her pussy and asshole for a few moments before plunging the digits in.


Nami's body seized up at the new intrusion, and she let out a few strained mewls as the assassin pumped her fingers in and out. After a few moments, Nami felt a light tickling deep within her, and realized that Kalifa was using her powers to pump plumes of soap suds into her. The copies of Robin's tongue still stretching into Nami's pussy dissappeared at about that point, but the masses of bubbles swishing around inside her made up for that as they sent tingling sensations through her, along with a feeling of fullness.


The three woman continued their relentless pleasuring of Nami, with the navigator quickly growing lost in the haze of her pleasure once again. Captain Hina continued her intense kissing, occasionally pulling back to plant a series of kisses across her collarbone, neck, and around her earlobe. Robin was still leaning over Nami's chest, licking and sucking on one of her breasts while one of her hands fondled the other, a mouth puffed out from the center of its palm occasionally kissing, licking at, or sucking on a patch of exposed flesh. Down below was Kalifa, who was enthusiastically plunging an index finger in and out of Nami's pussy and asshole, using her powers to pump soap suds into both holes. The pleasure coursed through Nami inside and out, and she lost all sense of time.




Nami's eyes fluttered open, and the navigator found herself in the women's quarters of the Thousand Sunny once more. She was back in her bed, the morning sun was shining in through the portholes... and Robin was right above her, holding herself up on hands and knees, looking down at Nami like the cat that caught the canary.


"Sleep well?" Nami blushed as she nodded reflexively in response to the question, the sight of Robin embarrassing her both from the recent memories it brought up, as well as her body's own reaction to those memories. Robin grinned in response, either not knowing about Nami's internal reactions, or simply enjoying them. After a few moments that Nami was sure felt awkward only to herself, Robin went on.


"Well, it sounded like you were having an interesting dream, anyway." Nami's blood froze. What had she said in that dream, anyway? How much did Robin hear? The historian again ignored how Nami's mind was frantically racing, and gave a wink as she continued. "The next time you need to fall asleep, maybe you should consider letting me help you out instead."


Nami's thoughts stopped, and she could only stare blankly into space as a grinning Robin hopped off of the bed, and walked out of the room.




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