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Lee Intellect and The Jewel of Mezmos

by clblssyo

The Story

Lee Intellect rushed to the scene. Alarms blasted, and police cars surrounded the museum. All of the police already entered the building almost 30 minutes ago, but didn’t leave. That’s why the spandex-wearing superhero had arrived. In this world, superheroes take care of the matters the usual crime enforcement fails to deal with. These threats tend to be super-villains. 

This specific hero burst into the building with his brain beam. Lee Intellect, like his name suggests, has powers that stem from his superior brainpower. His intelligence allows him to defeat almost every villain he faces. Except for one. As Lee stepped through the scene, he noticed that there was nothing. No people, no signs of struggle, nothing. 

“Hello? Is anybody there?” Lee spoke out. No response.

Before coming, Lee was briefed by the local police that the item that believed to be stolen was the Jewel of Mezmos. This jewel was a small, pink gem, cut in the shape of a diamond. No one knew what it did, but it was worth a lot of money. Lee didn’t immediately rush to the crime, because robbing for money isn’t something a villain would do. Although, this situation did seem like the sight of super-villain activity. He could think of multiple villains that could cause this lack of anything, but none that would steal a useless gem.

Lee crept through the empty museum slowly inching towards the location of the jewel. As he carefully trekked, he felt his mind feeling a bit funny. He could feel his generally great senses muffled by this unknown presence. Nevertheless, Lee kept going towards the gem. He tried running through all the scenarios that could happen like he always does. His mind powers allow him to instantly go through many different possible simulations of scenarios in order to choose the best course of action, but for some reason, all of the simulations ended with him… Naked. Lee glanced down at his crotch.

“Damn, I must be really pent-up. My powers aren’t working right!” He said as he noticed a boner in his suit. 

Normally, Lee would take off his suit to masturbate, but his horniness felt amplified and overtook his reasoning. He just started to rub his dick from outside of his suit as he continued to walk towards the jewel now with his focus on his cock. 

“Oh fuck, this feels so good,” he moaned as he jerked the cock inside of the tight blue suit.

Lee felt his pleasure multiply more and more the closer he got to the jewel. His normally busy brain was now completely clouded with thoughts of sex and pleasure. He couldn’t think of anything but jerking off.  He could hear this noise that only made him even hornier, but his brain was filled with so much pleasure that he couldn’t even process it. He almost forgot what he was doing until he saw a pink glow.

“The jewel!” Lee shouted as he snapped out of his bliss for a brief moment.

That moment didn’t last. Quickly he came, spilling warm cum all inside of his tight suit. That’s when he fell to his knees and looked up.

“Well, hello there, Lee Intellect. So nice of you to come in here like that,” said a voice coming from the pink glow, “I bet that big brain of yours is having a hard time processing all of this right now.”

“Eros!” Lee said still moaning in pleasure. Although he had come, the pleasure he felt still pulsed in his brain.

Eros was a super-villain that used mind control powers for his own personal gain. He made men perform in sexual activities until they became his own personal sex slave. Lee has had some close encounters with Eros before, but his mind was able to resist Eros’s powers alone.

“You might be wondering, Lee, why you finally succumbed to my powers. Well, actually. Probably, not...”

Lee was staring at Eros’s body, drooling all over his already wet suit. His cock starting to recover and harden again.

“The Jewel of Mezmos amplifies my powers so it can affect so many men. Even men with the strongest of minds.” Eros gestured for Lee to come closer to him. Lee, with his mind too horny to question anything, moved his athletic, sexy body towards Eros.

“You know, I wasn’t expecting you to be the poor superhero to fall into my grasp, and I’m glad. Now, I can turn you into my slave just like all of these other men who tried to stop me,”

The room was filled with naked men fucking each other, some were very muscular, some were more skinny, and some were more chubby. All of them in total pleasure fucking and jerking.

  Eros held the jewel in his hand and brought it towards Lee’s face, “Stare into the jewel. Look deeply into its glow”

Lee complied was too busy jerking off again to resist the order. He stared into the jewel. Lee felt all of his mind melt away. All of the intelligence left vanished replaced with thoughts of sex, pleasure, and  obedience. His mind felt so good as he allowed his mind to leave his body and become a slave to his new master.

“Must obey master Eros,” Lee robotically said playing out the new programming in his head. He started to look around the room and saw Eros again. His dick instantly hardened harder than it had been this entire night. His mind filled with thoughts of service and pleasure.

“Hmmm, what should I make you do?” Eros said, “Ah, I know!” Eros took off his underwear and pushed his cock into Lee’s face, “Suck it.”

“Yes master,” Lee said rushing to serve the godlike cock in front of him. All of his memories of his friends, family, and life was gone. Now all he could think about was obeying his master. Obeying made him feel so much pleasure, and anything that Eros asked would make him feel so good.

Lee sucked on the cock until Eros came all over Lee’s face.

“Good boy,” Eros said sending a wave of pleasure inside of Lee that made him come instantly.


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