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Trigger Warning Bad Flowerland

by anon5

Chapter 1

this is the script but it is to be read in a three way as a story -doctor H. in trigger: DRAG

Trigger warning Rape Flowre Vase Curse TRIGGER SCRIPT

this is a hypnosis file that will triggger you to save yourself from trauma but eroticaly. and this is the real reason you have that fetish. yami trigger tase trigger skin


OPI want you to think about the last time you touched yourself. The last time you felt horny. It doesnt matter how long ago. Remember how hot it was. How aroused you were? Well your going to start accociating that feeling with attractive men. men you see on magazines. Men in porn. Yes those good feelings are tied to men. Your starting to think about it now infact. Actually you find your getting aroused thinking about it. Your getting very horny. Men make you horny. Thats right. They turn you on. Remember the last person you were with. How you wanted them. Well now you want men in the same way. God its making you horny. Infact your hand is starting to drift down to your crotch. Your starting to stroke. Good boy. Your thoughts are now drifting. Drifting to super models. Male super models.  I want you to think about them strocking you. Sucking on you. Licking you. Its turning you on. God it feels good doesnt it? His tongue on your dick. Try not to cum. You find you want this. You desire the real thing. Perhaps when you wake up youll deny whar this was. After all a fantasy is a fantasy. Stroke. Good boy Thats what it was. Yes. That must be it. But soon you'll find the files suggestions at play. Your starting yo notice uow hot men are. The ones you work with. The ones you meet. The men on tv or yoitube. Not your triends. But others. Stroke. Good boy. You might even deny it. But it kinda turns you on in itself. You might find men talking down to you turns you on. You like being degraded. You love dirty talk. Your gona start fantasizing about famous actors. You might even think about some unserwear model giving you head. Oh your so gay. Only gay men think those thoughts. Flags do. Youve always had them. Now that you think of it. Faggot thoughts. This file wad a bit more than desire. Keep stroking. Good boy. Your starting to look back on it now. Youve always had a curiosity there. Dont fight it. Remember the first time you jacked off. Yes. It was special. Your starting yo see this menory change. But its ok. Youll beleive it was always like this. You were jacking off when men popped into your head. Dont you remember? Yes. Thats how your memory will change. You were thinking about men then too. You were unessy about it but you were imagining men giving you pleasure your first time. t doesn't matter what yoy were focusing on. Men were on your mind the first time you touched yourself. Keep stroking good boy. Your so horny. This is a very good file. Yoh remember it being good. You want to come back to it. Fags are the ideal lover. They have coks like you. They know best how to please them. They know what men want. Better than anyone else. Think about the hotest male celebrity you know pf. Imagine him sucking upur cock. Stroooke. Mm doesnt that turn you on. His mouth on yoyr dick. Your having a graphic fantasy of it right now in fact. God only somone gay would rnjoy that. But your rnjoying it. Your loving it. God hes good. You might find your moaning a bitHats normal for gay men. You might find ttyourself fantasozing about  him often. Stroke. Dont cum. Edge. Good boy. You might find men moaning turns you on. You might even gave to find clips. God it must be the hottest sound. It is the hotest sound. Men moaning is hot. Dont fight it. Moan. Louder. You're curious aren't you. You want to hear men moan. It arouses you. Think about what girls look for in guys. Your going to look for that. You are gay. Only gay men have those thoughts. You are going to question your secuality. You will find the answer is that you arr into men. How did yiu miss it before? You must've been in denial. Yes thats it. Why would a straight, bisexual or other man listen yo a file like this. Why would he have your fantasies. It just doesn't add up. Clearly you begin to think now and even after this file that it was denial. You tricked yourself. You were always were always a fag. You might find you desire mens cocks. They are attractive. They mske you horny. Stroke. Good boy. You want to touch a cock. You want to watch gay pornl hits on you or sexually initiates something if you are safe in that moment you will be so tutned on. You'll becone so horny that if he wants you in that way he eill become so attractive in that moment you will have to sau yes. You will see it as an amazing opportunity only a complete idiot would turn down. He will bevome your dream man in that moment. You will want him more than you've wanted anyone else. And if you sleep with him these feelinfs will fade. Unless of course he makes more advances. In which cass the cycle will start again. You are gay. Your so gay. No straight guy would have these thoughts. You know that. You believe that. you might find next time you masterbate you look up gay porn. You may justify it as something else. You will deny its because your a fag. Obviously theres another reason. The file wont even occur to you. But as soon as uou watch it that denial will grow. the porn will make you so turned on and wet. Your not a fag right? And then when you start jacking off to it and moaning youll sttill deny it. You know because gay men do. Moan. You might realize this denial just embeds your gay fagot thoughts. You are gay. A straight person wont admit this. A straight man eoudnt have these thoughts. Moan. Gay men moan like you. But you cant say it. The fact you cant in a way turns you on. Clearly your just looking up porn to sse whats out there. Its not gay to like dick? No men makin you hard is a straight thing. Wanting to go down on a gut with a six pavk isnt gay. Your having a graphic gay fantasy right nou will deny your being turned on by the gay porn. This will make you hornier and hornier. Then when your done. Moan whore. Youll come to your senses. That way so gay. You really are s faggot huh. Your a cocksucker. Your a homo. A gay whore. Only faghots listen to files like these and stroke. Your a faggot. Good boy. Moan. You enjoy men. They turn on freaks like you. A good faggot getting off. A faggot touches hinself. Slut. Whore. Gay. Homo. Faggot. You enjoy being degraded dont you cocksucker. You find these insults arouse you. That turns you on huh bitch. Yes your my bitch. You like being cslled a bitch. It arouses you slut. Your a fucktoy. A cumslave. You ecist to serve me. Whore moan. Moan. Enjoy it. It tyrns you on to moan. Only faggot freaks moan. Yoy cant help it. The better fuckers like you feel sexually the more they mian. Its your place as a cum bucket to moan. Only faggots moan. Your moaning. That makes you a fag. Oh you like that. Pervert. Only perverts enjoy this. Your a perevert. Uour a slut. A faggot. A gsyboy.slut. uor my bitch. Your so hard. Your place is to serve men. With big rovk hard cocks. You enjoy being degradee bitch. A tiny little fag jacking off. Only gay guys enjoy thus shit. Faghot. Freak. Slut. Gay men enjoy being degraded in sex. You are a slut. Everytine u meet a proper man you get aroused. You become horny for him. You imagihe sleeping with your giy friends. Thats so fuking gay. Freak. Gay people ate gross. Yoyr gross.  But yoyr starying to find your getting more and more promiscuis. You desire cock. You will do anything to get it. You need to serve men. Your a bottom. Your so submissive. To real men. You obeu them. Uor a flirt. Your overt. God you want dick. Faggot. Only faggot cumslurs want men as badly as you. Feel shamr let that dhame turn you on. Your strokint. Good boy. Stroke. Moan. You cant enjoy yourseld without moaning. Good boy. Moaning turns you on. You stsre at hot mens bulges. You want them to degeade you. Sucking cock is fun. Cock is goos. Obeu. Submit. Slut. Thats jyst what you are now a cock suckwr. A faggot slut. Whos horny and desperate. Stroke. Upyr becoming kinky. Super kinky. You fantasize sbiut men being tued up. Its arousing yo uou. You fantasixe about wirsgoppiny then and servicong their coks you want to watch porn gay porn. You want to hear men mosn. Next time you touch yourself you will watch gay porn. It will arouse you. It will make you fantasize about it being you getting fucked. Being called a faggot turns you on no matter the dituation. You mastibator. Chronic masterbater. You want finger in you vag. You need them. Its like a makes you feel good. Imagine a stud penetratingyou. Mmmm. Good right?


Chapter 2

Teeddy x Cruis Coming soon blank spiral!


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