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Dave the Dog

by poketoy

Chapter 1

The chain felt heavy around Dave's neck. He knew it wasn't visible to anyone who wasn't looking for it but the young man felt as if everyone he passed was looking at his neck. The chunky padlock that hung in the middle was probably the most noticeable aspect of the chain, not just because the size of it stood out under his shirt but it moved a little with each step he took. 

His Master had fixed it around his neck the night before, the click of the padlock that closed the loop had made his heart jump and his arousal flare.

His Master, who had taken a second to give Dave a pat on the head after securing the chain, had commanded that he get down on his knees which Dave enthusiastically and obediently had.

He'd been told beforehand that they would be trying something new that night though his Master had been sparce with the details. Dave had almost been a little confused when his Master placed some big, padded headphones over his ears. He would've asked what was going on if his Master hadn't have hushed Dave the moment that he opened his mouth.


Dave didn't really remember the rest of the night very well.


He recalled his Master doing something with his phone and then sounds came though the headphones that made Dave's arousal pick up and his brain first feel foggy, then like it was a melted puddle in his head. If he thought really hard he knew that at one point his Master's voice had come through the headphones but that was about as clear as things got.

He'd been really out of it the morning after too, actually. Dave didn't really remember anything till he was halfway back home.

Dave shook his head and realised he was zoning out again. Since he'd come to it seemed like his brian was a little slower and thinking about what'd happened last night made it feel like his brain was filled with white fluffy clouds. 

Dave's dick twitched when he thought that it was pretty hot that his brain felt like this, that feeling like a dumb dog was normal and that he would be a good boy for his Master. 


Dave almost stopped walking when he caught up with his train of thought. He had no idea where that'd come from or when he'd actually started calling his hookup 'Master', and yet... the more he thought about it the more his brain seemed to fog. 

Dave was drooling now, not that he really cared. Maybe he really was a dumb dog. Dogs shouldn't be out on their own, even if they had a collar on. 

He knew what to do now, it'd been programmed into him after all. 

Dave, eyes glazed and dick tenting his pants, turned around and headed right back to his Master's house.He was excited to get back, he knew Master would be pleased to see him. 


Dave didn't even have to ask to be let in once he got back, not that he'd really be able to in his current state. His Master beamed at him as as soon as Dave stepped into the door he dropped onto his knees and put up his hands in a mimic of a dog begging for a treat. 

Dave wasn't the first lad that he'd brainwashed into being a dumb dog and he certainly wouldn't be the last, but he was planning on keeping this one all to himself. It was always nice to have someone this receptive to his conditioning around to use as a test dummy. 



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