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You are how you act

by Castilloman

Chapter 1

Andy sat in his crib in his soggy dirty diaper listening to his girlfriend through the baby monitor as she moaned in pleasure while getting fucked by his former best friend. Tears began streaming down his cheeks as Andy realized how much his life had changed. It had only been  two days ago that all this began, yet he now understood that this would be his new norm for the foreseeable future. He thought back to how this all started with just a fight  with his girlfriend.

Andy had been out of work for three weeks, and Hannah his girlfriend had become fed up with seeing her unemployed boyfriend sitting around the house smoking weed drinking beer and playing video games while she was working full time. What made it even worse was was Andy made no effort to contribute around the house while he was home all day. Dishes were left unclean, grbage piled up , laundry was thrown around all over the floor the place was a complete mess , but the final straw was broken after Hanna came home from work onday to find Andy passed out on the sofa. thats when Hannah snapped. She had had enough, of taking care of this big baby. 

Hours later Andy woke up. He noticed his bong was right next to him with a freshly packed bowl. He didn't remember packing it but , instantly  light it up and inhaled. That's when Hannah came back into the room. She was carrying a big diaper bag, and had a huge grin on her face. She knew the drugs she laced the weed with would start taking affect soon, and that he had no idea what would be in store.

"Alright" she said, "we're going to be making some changes around here, and your going to have to get ready for a big adjustment"

Andy opened his mouth to protest but Hannah quickly and sharply cut him off

"You have been behaving like a big spoiled baby, I've had a lot of patience with you but my patience has just run out."

As Andy stood up to defend himself he felt a damp warmth spreading down his leg. He looked in shock as he realized he just pissed his pants.

"Here you go to prove my point evens further" she knew this was only the begging. 

" I called your friend Daniel, over he's going to be helpping out with your transition"

"what no... transition" he stammered 

" enough talk for now. Get those clothes of and get in the shower" she knew that the steam and hot water would help accelerate the effects of the drug. "Well get moving"

Andy walked into the bathroom stepped into the shower and turned on the water. He was a little freaked out about what had just happened. Andy hadn't had an accident since he was a little kid and it was prettying humiliating to wet his pant right while his girlfriend is yelling  at him for acting like a baby. As he started scrubbing his body he notice a lot of little hairs falling down the drain. All the hair on his arms legs armpits back and pubes were falling out. He quickly turned off the water and grabbed the towel. Getting out of the tub he slipped and fell on the bathroom floor. As he got up he look around and saw that everything had grown, though in fact it was him that was shrinking.

Paniced Andy ran out of the bathroom only to bump into Daniel towering over him. Now at 5'2" Andy had become used to always being the little one in the group but now standing next to his friend Daniel, he realized he couldn't be bigger than a kindergartner by now.

"holy shit" said Daniel "how'd he get so small so fast"

As Andy stood there paralyzed with embarrassment Hannah came up behind him snatching his towel revealing, to Andy's horror a rock hard boner dripping with precut that could not have been more than two inches long at most. Daniel burst into laughter.

"come on we gotta get this little guy dressed before he starts leaking all over the place" Hannah told him.

Andy opened his mouth trying to stammer in protest but none of the words could form right in his mouth and all that he could get out was a blabbering jumble of gibberish.

"Poor little guy. He has no idea what's happening does he" Daniel asked.

"no but he will figure it all out soon enough " Hannah said with an evil little smirk.

Daniel picked up Andy with surprising ease. He brought himandy int

He brought Andy into the room that had once been his home office, but was now decorated to look like a baby's nusury

“ Just set him down on the changing table” Hannah instructed.


Hannah pulled out a diaper with babyish print. Andy began to moan in protest, but Daniel was ready with a pacifier to quickly shove into his mouth to shut him up.


“That's better” Hannah said. “I need you to listen right now and not speak, not that you could if you wanted to. I will always love you but I decided to make some changes. The weed that you smoked earlier was laced with a rare drug that's reverting you back to infancy as we speak. You'll still have memory of your old life but once it takes full effect you will no longer be able to read write talk or control your bladder or balls” 


Andy's eyes began to tear up as she taped up his diaper.


“ I know it's a lot to process sweetie, but just know that me and Daniel will be with you through this.” Daniel gave a wink as he brought out footed pajamas that he had Andy slip into.


“This time me and Daniel are going to raise you right. To grow up to be the responsible man I know you can be. Think of this as a fresh start.” Hannah then picked him up and placed him in his crib.


“I know you'll need some alone time to process all your feelings, I have the baby monitor right here in case you need me” she shut of the lights leaving him alone in the dark in his crib.









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