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Listening to many files

by Ariez

Chapter 1

I think I'm a bit addicted to some files as I find myself listening again and again and ending up getting diapered when I promised I'd be a big girl today. Waking up in soggy double diapers and snuggling with my plushies and stretching in bed before getting up and soaking my diaper even more, though nowhere near wet enough for a change. I've even taken to listening to multiple abdl at the same time and finding myself a babling mess, squishing up and down in my wet and messy diaper mumbling that I'm a good girl behind my paci. Even now when I'm writing this I have the soft sounds of many voices drifting through my mind and turning it into mush. It's okay though, my warm mushy thoughts will match my warm mushy diaper <3 and the more I listen the better it feels. I can't help but listen more, and just be a dumb baby in my diapers. It's so nice to not have to worry about that thing in the washroom next to the tub. I know it does something but I can't remember. It's otay, if it was important I'd know what it does right? 




Chapter 2

Gosh, like, I can't remember writing that but umm, I guess I'm sitting in my nice thick diapers and sipping on some coffee, and like. I may be listening to those really nice files again but they just sound so nice! Almost as nice as my nice thick diapers <3 Umm like, I keep trying to think but like it's really hard, especially with all the nice voices, so warm and making me feel all nice and floaty. Like I just feel all blank and empty but umm, it feels so nice and just like I feel all giggly and dumb, it's great! and like I keep feeling like I forgot something but like anytime I try to remember all I remember is that I'm a dumb baby and my diaper feels so nice! gosh, like, ummm, I can't stop touching my diapie and giggling, like it just feel so nice and umm like really really good. like umm, I keep trying to think of something else to write but it's like really hard! and like, my diapie is just so nice and warm and I feel all dumb and giggly! so like ummm, what was I doing? ummm like oopsie, I forgot but all I can remember is that I'm a dumb baby and how nice my squishy diaper is <3

Chapter 3

Wow, like, umm, gosh! Umm like, I can't remember what I'm supposed to type but like I can remember how much of a dumb bimbo baby I am! All those nice songs I listen to have been like, extra nice! like just, umm, ???? I keep forgetting things but like, it feels so nice. just like, my heads all empty and I'm so dumb x3 and like just omg diapers are like so good, I love my diapers! mine feels so good, its all nice and warm and squishy <3 and just umm... wow, umm anytime i try to think like I can't cause I'm so dumb, I just keep forgetting but then I forget what I forgot and umm like gush umm, like what was I doing? umm hmm, all I remember is that I'm a dumb bimbo baby x3 no, like I'm trying to type I'm a dumb bimbo baby! wow like I'm such a dumb bimbo baby! no matter what I try I'm a dumb bimbo baby <3


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