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Family Break In

by stargazer16

Chapter 1

It was another normal day for the Davis family, Bruce, who is 18, and his sister Jen, Also 18 were in the living room watching TV, Bruce's Mom Mary was in the kitchen preparing dinner.

"Hello" kids'"

"Hi dad, how was work?"

"Good, I'm going up to change."

The kids' went back to their TV program, when all of the sudden the door was kicked in!!

John slowly started to wake, when he did he noticed he was lying on a mattress in a small-size room with no windows, and a small bathroom. Next to him was his sister, and parents.

"Mom, Dad, Jen, wake up," as Jen woke up she started to remember what had happened.

"I was drugged!"

"Yeah we all were," said John. Jen started to cry.

"Jen don't worry we will get out of this, I promise."

"Dad I hope your right."

It seemed like forever but the door to the tiny room finally opened, in came two very large men with hoods on.

"What do you want with us, please let us go and we'll give you anything you want," said John.

"SHUT UP, and come with us," the family was led up the stairs to a larger room, also with no windows, a couch and a king size bed.

"Sit down on the bed and listen, you four people have been brought here for my enjoyment, this is what's going to happen; you will all have sex with each other, or I will kill you."

"WHAT if you think I will have sex with my children, you must be crazy," said Mary.

"Yeah I'm not having sex with my kids," John said.

With that the kidnapper pulled out a gun and pointed it at the siblings',

"Pick one."

"What," said John.


"OK, we'll do what you want, right, John said looking at his family, and all nodding in agreement."

"Good, Now one at a time, I want you to take off all of your clothes, starting with you John, then your wife."

John just froze when he heard that, he knew he would have to have sex with the family, but only now was it becoming a reality.

"Come on, do we do this the easy way or the hard way."

John started to undress, first his shirt came off then the pants.

"I SAID everything, NOW!"

John then pulled off his underwear, Bruce and Jen were amazed at how big their fathers cock was. Now it was Mary's turn.

"Kids stare at your mother as she undresses', do not take your eyes off her," said the kidnapper.

Mary took her blouse of and her 36c tits were nestled in her bra, as John stared he started to get a bulge in his pants, and his mom noticed. She then pulled down her skirt, Mary then took a deep breath and looked away from the kids' as they stared at her, and took off her bra and panties. Mary was in good shape she still had a good body for a 39 year old, her tits were firm but they did sag a little, and her pussy was well maintained.

"Good said the kidnapper, now stand next to your husband and face your kids, and Don't take your eyes off of them, Jen, it's your turn."

Jen was only wearing a one-piece dress with no underwear, so all she had to do was lift it, and she was as naked as the rest of her family. By now John could not contain his erection, he knew it was wrong getting hard looking at his daughter, but he just couldn't help it, By now Bruce was naked and also had a semi-erection.

"John and Mary go over to the bed, kids have a seat on the couch and DO NOT take your eyes off of your parents, I want you to show these kids what to do, so let's start with the two of you first, I want you to fuck your husband in front of your two kids."

Mary bent down and sucked her husbands cock and played with his balls. Bruce and Jen couldn't believe they were watching this, their own mother giving their father a blowjob. Then John mounted his wife and began to fuck her.

"Kids come closer I want you to get a good look, watch your father's cock pound into your mother's cunt, fuck her harder John," demanded the kidnapper.

Mary was moaning with pleasure as her husband fucked her.

"Mary look at your son, stare at him while your being fucked"

Bruce was standing there with such a hardon, he had to touch it,

"Go ahead Bruce jerk off as you watch your mother get fucked."

As john pounded his wife he could feel his balls starting to tighten

"I'm gonna cum!"

"Pull out John, shoot it in her mouth."

John pulled out and shot a load of cum into his wife mouth.

"Swallow it," said the kidnapper.

Mary looked disgusted, but did as told.

"Good, very good, Now John and Jen, Touch each other, and the same for you, Mary and Bruce."

Nobody moved.

"I said NOW or ELSE."

Bruce was the first to move he whispered in his mom's ear "I'm sorry,"

"it's ok" she said, as He reached out and fondled her tit's and pinched her nipples, Mary then reached out and started to stroke her son's cock, Bruce left one hand on his mom's tit, and moved the other hand down to her pussy, he started to stroke it lightly, as his mom continued to jerk him off, her pussy was so hot and wet from the fucking that she just received, as Mary looked over at her husband and daughter, they were kissing and touching each other also. Bruce kept fingering his mother's pussy, her cunt was so wet it was leaking down her leg.

"Mary lie on the bed, Bruce fuck your mother."

Everybody froze, touching was one thing but this was incest.

"Bruce I said fuck your mother or else."

Bruce got on top of his mother and guided his cock toward her pussy.

"It's alright, just do as he says," with that Bruce sunk his cock deep into his mother, and began to fuck her.

"Mom I'm going to cum."

"Cum in her," said the kidnapper, and John dumped a load of cum deep within her pussy.

"Good, now John fuck your daughter."

Jen lie on the bed and a tears were rolling down her face.

"Don't be scared, Jen, this will all be over soon." John said as he mounted his daughter and began to fuck her, her cunt was so hot and tight, John was not used to this young fresh pussy, he began to pound into his daughter, "DADDY I'M CUUMMING, fuck me, please fuck me," his daughter begged, finally John could hold out no longer, and filled his daughters' sweet pussy with his cum.

"Good everyone, John, Bruce take this pill."

"What is it?"

"Swallow it NOW!"

father and son swallowed the pill.

"Good now leave your clothes here and go back to your room, from now one you will all be completely naked around each other."

When the family got back to the room the door to the bathroom was gone, there wasn't even a shower curtain! Jen and her mother laid on the bed.

"Bruce don't stare at me!"

"But mom we just fucked! my cum is still inside your pussy."

"Don't talk to me like that I'm still your mother!"

"I'm sorry mom!"

"Let's just all lie down, and forget about what happened, ok," said John.

About an hour later the door opened up.

"Everyone up, follow me."

The family was led back up stairs to the room.

"Haven't you seen enough already?," said Mary.

"I'll tell you when it's enough, now do as your told."

Chapter 2

"John, and Jen have a seat on the couch and watch Mary and Bruce, Mary Get on your knees and suck your son's cock, PUT his cock in your mouth, NOW."

Mary got on her knees in front of her son, Mary closed her eyes and grabbed her son's dick and started licking it and sucking it.

"Open your eyes and look at your son as you give him a blowjob," demanded the kidnaper. Mary looked into her son's eyes. Bruce felt bad for his mom, he knew she didn't want to do this but he did enjoy the blowjob he was getting.

"Suck his dick till he cums, then swallow it." Mary sucked harder and harder, faster and faster on her son's cock. "Bruce look into your moms eyes when you cum," his mom played with his balls, and sucked his cock.

"MOM I'M CUUMMMING" Bruce came so hard his mom chocked on all the cum that was being shot down her throat, but she managed to swallow it all.

"Good now sit down and relax, John come over here with Jen, Jen lie down on the bed and spread your legs, John get between your daughter's legs and eat her pussy, and DON'T stop until I say so."

Jen looked so sexy lying on the bed, her 34c tits were firm and her cunt was fully shaved, as John approached the bed he noticed his daughter was shaking,

"Jen it's alright, just relax and we'll be home soon."

"I know daddy, I'm scared,"

"Just relax honey, I'm your father, I won't let anything bad happen to you, ok, now spread your legs a little further sweetheart, so I can have access to your cunt."

Jen spread her legs wide apart and her father positioned his head now inches from her pussy, he took his fingers and gently spread her lips apart, her pussy smelled so good, he felt a little guilty, because this was his daughter, but he wanted to taste her so badly. John licked up and down his daughter's cunt, and flicked his tongue against her clit.

"OOH daddy, it feels so good" he sucked her clit hard and within a few minutes Jen was having an orgasm.

"DADDY I'M CUMMING," John tried to lap up all of the juices that were coming out of his daughter's cunt, but there was so much cum it ran down her legs. John then sat up.

"Did I tell you to stop, Now get back down there unit I tell you to stop."

John resumed licking and sucking his daughter's cunt, she must have had at least 3 or 4 more orgasms, her cunt was so wet he could no longer spread her lips apart.

"Daddy please stop, I can't take it any more."

But John new he could not stop, because of the kidnapper. By now Jen was shaking, and breathing so hard that she was totally lost in orgasm, one after another, moaning and moaning, as her father kept eating her out as she begged him to stop.

"Ok John get up," as john got up his daughter still lay there breathing heavy, her cunt sopping, she had cum so much that there was a big wet spot on the bed.

"Now John lie down on the bed, Mary lie down on the bed next to your husband, and spread your legs wide, Bruce suck your mothers cunt like what you just saw, and Jen suck your fathers cock, and drink his cum."

Jen grabbed her father's cock and it jerked in her hand,

"Jen have you ever given a blowjob before?"

"No Daddy"

"Just put it in your mouth like when you saw mom, first stroke it to make me hard ok" John looked over at his wife, who was lying right next to him, her eyes closed and she looked close to orgasm,

"Yes Bruce lick my pussy, I want to cum in your mouth." There was a sight Bruce licking his mom's pussy, and Jen sucking her fathers dick.

"OOH, I'm cumming," Bruce did his best to drink all of his mother's cum, but there was just so much. Jen sucked her father's cock the best that she could, in and out of her mouth, and every once and a while she licked his balls, as she had seen her mother do. John's breathing quickened,

"Jen I'm going to cum," Jen sucked harder and faster, when her father came, she swallowed it but some leaked out of her mouth and on to her fathers chest.

"Lick it all up, and clean your fathers dick Jen."

All the while Bruce was still eating his mother's cunt, she to started to shake from all of the orgasms that she was having, but Bruce continued licking and fingering his mom's hot cunt.

"You've all done well, Mary stay there, Jen lie down next to your mom, Bruce, I want you to go down on your sister" John buried his head in his sister's cunt and began to lick, Jen's cunt was already red and swollen from all the orgasms she had, so it didn't take long for her first orgasm. "you no what, why don't the two of you get into a 69!" John got on top of his sister and put his cock in her mouth, and continued to eat his sister out. Watching her kid's right next to her turned Mary on, so as she watched, she began fingering her cunt. Jen sucked hard on her brother's cock, as he eat her out, Bruce stroked his sister's clit, and licked her vagina, but what ever he did, it drove her crazy, she kept cumming and cumming, and she sucked his cock like a wild person. "Bruce fuck your sister," Bruce got on top of his sister, and guided his cock at the entrance of her pussy, and then began to fuck her.

"Fuck me hard, fuck me," was all Jen was saying as she neared orgasm. Bruce fucked his sister as hard as he could,

"Jen I'm cumming," Bruce said as he came inside her pussy.

By now John's cock was fully erect, and Mary was still playing with her cunt. "Good I'm glad to see the two of you are ready"

"Ready for what?," said John.

"Bruce fuck your mother, and Jen while he's fucking her, suck her tit's and play with her pussy." Bruce mounted his mom, and looked straight into her eyes as he entered her. With one thrust Bruce plowed into his mom, he wasn't fucking her hard, just slow and steady.

"Come on Bruce fuck her, and Jen start touching your mothers tit's and pussy." Jen timidly reached over and grabbed her mom's tit's,

"Yeah, pinch my nipples, suck on my tit's, that's right, OH" said Mary as she was being fucked. As Jen sucked on her tit's, her other hand found it's way to her clit, she rubbed it as her brother fucked her, this was all Mary could take, as her son fucked her, and her daughter played with her tit's and pussy. "I'M CUUMMING, OOHH, OOHH." Bruce also couldn't hold out any longer,

"Mom I'm gonna cum,"

"Cum in her," shouted the kidnapper. Hearing that Bruce pounded his mom as hard as he could, and once again came in her cunt.

"Now Jen, clean your brother's cock, then lick all the cum from your mother's pussy."

Jen sucked her brother's cock dry, then buried her head between her mother's legs, she had never done this before and was unsure what to do. "Just lick sweetheart," Mary said still breathing heavy. Jen looked closely at her mother's cunt, there was a mixture of her, and her brother's cum leaking out. Jen started to lick her mother's pussy, she actually enjoyed it.

"John get behind your daughter and fuck her." John grabbed his daughter's ass, and plunged his cock deep into her pussy, Jen continued to lick and suck her mother's pussy, while her father fucked her.

"OH baby, mommy's cumming."

"Fuck me daddy, fuck me hard."

"John I want you to cum in your wife's mouth." John pulled his cock out of his daughter's cunt and shot his load into his wife waiting mouth.

"Jen on your back, Bruce get over here and fuck your sister."

Bruce came over and sank his cock deeply into his sister's waiting pussy, he pounded her, and pounded her, until he came, the kidnapper didn't say anything, so John pulled out and shot his load on her belly and tit's.

"Go back to your room, and wait there."

The family was led back to their room.

"Mom, my dick is still hard, mine too Mary," John said,

"That pill we took earlier this is what it must do!"

"Just lie down and try not to think about it.," said Mary.

Hour after hour the family just lie in their room with nothing to do.

"Mom will you please stroke my dick, this hardon just won't go down, and it's very uncomfortable."

"Bruce I'm your mother, don't ask me to do that"

"I'm sorry mom. I don't know what else to do, besides look in the bathroom, Jen is giving dad a handjob!"

"Well ok," as soon as Mary started to stroke her son's cock, the door opened,

"All of you come with me."

When the family arrived upstairs the men were told to sit on the couch and the women to lie on the bed. Next to the bed there was an assortment of dildo's and vibrator's.

"Girls, each of you grab a vibrator, Jen, you stick it in your mom's cunt, while she sticks one in yours, and no matter what DON'T STOP until I tell you to."

Jen picked up a vibrator with a gold tip about 7' long, while Mary picked a penis shaped one also about 7'.

"Bruce play with Jen's pussy first to make it wet enough for the vibrator, and John come over here and play with your wife's cunt."

The men came over John was staring at his daughter while he fondled his wife's cunt, he played with it while both children watched, Bruce also had his fingers buried in Jen, and by now she was breathing heavy.

"Stop, I don't want them to cum, yet,"

both men returned to their seat, and Mary stuck the dildo into her daughter's cunt.

"ooohh," "mom, that feels so good, fuck me," Jen also had the dildo up her mother's cunt, both women were fucking each other as the men watched, "ooohhh, oooohhhh, I'm cumming mom," and as Mary fucked her daughter, she also was cumming. The sounds of the two women moaning, and cumming was to much for Bruce as he stroked his cock while watching, John also jerked off to the sight of his wife and daughter fucking each other with dildo's. "Enough go back to your room now."

When the family got back to the room they all laid down and went to sleep.

Bruce was the first to wake, he lay in on the mattress and just stared at his mother and sisters' bodies, he watched his mother's tit's go up and down as she breathed , he noticed her cunt was still a little red and swollen from last night. His sister was also a sight, he noticed that there was dried cum all over her cunt. The room had a strong smell of cum. Bruce wanted to fuck his mother and sister, but knew it was wrong, being forced was one thing, but now they were all resting in the room. About an hour later the rest of the family was awake.

"I wonder why the kidnapper hasn't called us it must be a few hours at least!" said John,

"Mom you look so hot lying there, and after yesterday, I just can't resist, can I please fuck you?"

"Bruce, I don't know what to say it is wrong, but I guess that after all that we went through it would be ok!"

"Thank you mom," first Bruce walked over to his mother, while John and Jen watched, and started to finger her clit,

"Mom why don't we get into a 69, I love the way you suck my cock," Bruce got on top of his mother and stuck his dick into her mouth, while he continued to work on her pussy.

"Oh mom it feels so good, but I don't want to cum in your mouth," Bruce mounted his mother, this time from behind and started fucking her,

"Oh, Oh, pound me sweetheart, fuck my pussy, I want to feel your cum inside me, John, come over her I want to suck your dick while our son fucks me."

Jen also came over and played with Bruce's cock, and her mother's pussy as he fucked his mother.

"OH mom, I love fucking your pussy, OH," Bruce said as his breathing quickened,

"Cum inside me, cum for your mother, fuck me." Hearing his mom talk like that sent Bruce over the edge as he came deep within his mother's cunt. "Yes baby that's it, fill my pussy up, with your cum," Mary then continued to suck her husband off, until he also came.

"Hey what about me!" said Jen,

"Come here, let mommy play with your pussy so these men can rest." Mary licked and sucked her daughter to orgasm.

"Thank you mom, that was wonderful." As the family lay there hour after hour, John would play with his wife's and daughter's pussies, as would Bruce, and they would both receive an occasional hand job from the women, sex was all they had, it made them feel safe, not to mention pleasure.

All of the sudden the door flew open;

"Everyone get dressed, you're going home." The family was so happy everyone was kissing and hugging each other, they were blindfolded and taken to a van, then dropped off at there home, where there was a party for them. As for the family, home life will never be the same!


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