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Blink: Two

by pigpupsf

Blink: Two

The following story is a fictional account. The characters are entirely unreal and so are their situations. Thus no direct attention was paid to probability or safety for the characters. Such practices should not transfer over to real life situations. Practice safe, sane and consensual sex. For your own damn good. If you have problems or issues with queer pornographic materials, please stop reading now. If you find, on the other hand, that you are quit the purveyor of perversion and that this particular story seems to get your rocks off, please feel free to contact the author, Kenji De Sade at kenjidesade@gmail.com Thank you.


There was no warning what so ever. Jeremiah had been standing at the buss stop just outside of his office. There were five other people, a few other office workers from the area and a homeless looking fellow who kept yelling to no one in particular. Jeremiah was sweating more then anyone at the bus stop and he knew it was due to his heightened nervousness. He was, it seemed, afraid of every little thing at this point. He was afraid the way he walked made it obvious that he had some sort of contraption in his anus. He swore over and over again inside his mind that the steel cup of the jock produced an obvious bulge the entire world could see, though even standing before the mirror in the bathroom of the office he could not actually see an added bulge. Whenever he'd meet eyes with a stranger or noticed his co workers looking at him oddly he became panicky, believing that they knew what predicament he was in. In all actuality it was his outburst and sudden retreat from the office which caused the odd stairs. Even if anyone did notice that something was off, he reasoned with himself, he had no idea what was going on, outsiders would be even more baffled.

Everyone got on the buss without incident. Jeremiah stood for a moment on the bus, conflicted with the idea of sitting or standing. On the one hand, all of the people sitting were at crotch level and thus able to examine his tortured state, while sitting would drive the object in his ass deeper, as he'd learned when trying to sit earlier in his office. As the buss began filling with passengers, and the seats quickly taken, he made a panic driven choice and dove for a seat, yelping audibly as his weight sharply drove his anuses constant intruder into his prostate. He knew, just as had happened whilst he was in the restroom at the office, that this action had just produced a small glob of pre-cum from his cock.

Jeremiah wondered deeply weather or not the glob of seminal fluid would seep through the fabrics of his light grey pants and leave a tell tale sign of his debaucherous situation. He felt a deep sense of dread as he realized this outcome was almost certainly inevitable. As the buss was jilted from pot holes and various other poor street conditions, he felt every motion running like lightning from his seat, to his chastity device, into his anus and to his cock. He felt the sweat growing upon his brow, his face hot with a near constant rush of blood from embarrassment. The bodies pressing around him were exacerbating the heat as well as the jostling of his body. His dripping cock was aching to grow to full erection within the unrelenting obviously small steel cup. As though his nerves were on overdrive, he could also feel the odd sensation of the hollow tube embedded deep within his bladder.

This was the first time Jeremiah had even noticed the sensation. It took him a few moments to piece it together. Still, when he’d come to the realization of what it was his fear riddled mind refused to believe it. The first thing he noticed was that the harder his cock tried to get the more he felt a tug deep beneath his groins surface. As this revelation came he reflexively tried to contract his muscles only to find they felt as though they were being held from closing, as though the muscles were being stopped of reaching their normal tightened state. The feeling was initially erotic until the various possibilities started coming into his mind. As the flow of people in the bus around him continually shifted he lost himself in thought systematically going through the list of scenarios he might still be in.

During this musing, every question Jeremiah had about the odd sensation deep within his groin gained a solidarity he’d been wishing with all his will would not come to fruition. He felt it immediately, the warmth spreading beneath him, soaking into his light grey work slacks, absorbing into both skin and cotton till both would hold no more. The bowl like bus seat began to retain a puddle of his now steadily flowing urine. His heart was pounding, his head was swimming, a slight wave of nausea took hold of his stomach. He closed his eyes and concentrated on trying to fight against the unyielding tube within his bladder to no avail.

The bus was stacked full of passengers. There were people pressed all around Jeremiah, aggravated people, whom did not want to stand cramped against other passengers. They watched him from the corners of their eyes, as well as the other seated passengers, waiting to swipe the coveted positions the moment one might become vacant. He watched as this happened over and over again as the bus neared his stop. He hopped and found himself even praying that the bus would clear most of its human cargo by the time it came to his stop. To his horror fewer people were unloading their bodies from the cramped quarters then were loading on. More and more eyes were on him stop after stop.

Jeremiah shifted in his seat, unexpectedly releasing a small grunt as the steel shaft in his bowels stirred with his motion. He instinctively looked up to see if the many people around him had heard his vocal expulsion. His eyes widened like a terrified animal staring into the eyes of its most feared predator. A young woman had noticed. It wasn’t clear what exactly had drawn her attention, though it was obvious something had, as her eyes were now locked, open nearly as wide as Jeremiahs own, on the drip of liquid rolling from beneath his crotch. The liquid had been, up till now, stagnant beneath his moist ass. It seemed as though his shifting of weight had caused a stir in the pool which was now sloshing to the ground beneath between his feet.

The emotions that stemmed from realizing he’d caused his urine to spill into a more obvious puddle at his feet were conflicted to say the least. He was altogether grateful that the puddle beneath him bore less weight while struggling with the horrifying reality that there were now two puddles of his own urine. As other peoples feet sloshed and splashed in the liquid below him and he did likewise in the puddle beneath his ass, he found himself stymied at the sheer volume of urine he’d produced. This all added to his already over whelming anxiety. His head was spinning in a constant unrelenting buzz. His breaths were coming quickly and his vision was blurring. He felt as though he might faint as the bus ominously came to its stop just a block from his apartment.

Jeremiah’s initial plan was to move like an animal running from its predator. Leaping from his seat, slipping through the mashed bodies of people and out the doors of the buss before anyone even had a chance to blink. Instead, as he leapt from his seat, he was met with an immovable wall of people. It was like slamming himself into a solid yet squishy pink wall of flesh. The faces of the bodies he’d thrown himself into contorted to angry fierce shapes. Expletives demeaning his worth as well as his mothers were shouted, repeatedly by some, as well as questions toward his mental illness. This was when the particularly painful comment was made that sunk his rapidly beating heart. The young woman who’d noticed the leak from his seat shouted “I think the guys retarded, it looks like he pissed his pants, and it’s all over the seat he was in!”

Jeremiah was so astonished at how quickly the young woman’s observations had caused the sardine packed passengers to part their bodies and clear a path for him that he stood slack jawed for a moment to long. Long enough that several other passengers were able to observe his soaked backside and puddle filled vacant seat. A steady murmur built to a crescendo of disgust, concern, and purely evil commentary from those around him. The comments being made were harsh enough to snap him out of his bewilderment just as the doors to the bus were about to close. He made a mad dash toward them, getting out of the most embarrassing situation he’d found himself in since grade school and entering into a whole new word of possibilities.

Before Jeremiah stood a couple of his neighbors in front of the corner grocery store. They both stared slack jawed at him, standing there in his wet trousers, vile names and accusations being shouted to him from the closing bus doors he’d just come out of. He’d been prepared for relief; he’d been ready to run to his apartment unseen. He had not been prepared for anyone else in his life to have any idea of the situation he’d found him self in until he was able to at least understand it himself. The longer he was in this situation, the less control he felt he had on his life.

Before the belt, he’d been bound, unable to release himself, trapped. With the belt, he was seemingly free. He could go anywhere anytime. Yet there was no escape. The belt around his waist seemed to ensure that his inability to control what was happening to him was blatant and constant. The humiliation and loss of his personal sanctity was affecting him far more then the rape had. This wasn’t just a temporary violation; this was seemingly permanent. Every aspect of the past several hours of his life had been completely taken from him and decided upon by someone else. Someone had come from no where and violated every nook and cranny of his being in ways he couldn’t have ever imagined.

Jeremiah began screaming at the top of his lungs. All of his emotions pouring out of his body and into a primal yell. Everyone on the street, within the small corner store and in passing cars stopped in their tracks to stair at the raving mad man he had become. His mind had broken and was releasing itself of the over abundance of confusion it had been receiving. His body shook as the scream became a dying ragged exhale and his feet began running. Tears were streaming down the sides of his still open mouth. He could feel the cooled urine on his backside and inner thighs of his pants as they pressed on and off of his rapidly moving legs. He got to the door of his apartment building and growled at another tenant whom was pushing his own way out the door. He was barely even aware of his own behavior at this point, seeking only the solitary comfort of his home.

Never had Jeremiah felt so glad to be within the confines of his small studio apartment. It’s four white walls adorned with framed prints of his favorite artists, wood floors with rugs beneath the sparse yet matching furniture, had never seemed so safe and secure as they did at this very moment. He stood, still clothed in his tucked in button down work shirt, light grey soaking wet work slacks and now equally wet socks and shoes. The wetness of his socks, he realized, was new. This brought a new found, albeit less overwhelming, panic into his head.

Quickly his pants were stripped from his legs; his shirt had been mostly ripped off and ruined in rage and fear, his shoes and socks discarded amongst the pile somewhere. He stood now, naked, in front of his bathroom mirror. He stared into the mirror angrily and afraid at the shinny metal contraption around his waist. He studied the smooth shiny innocent looking steel cup covering his straining cock. Its solid form keeping him from removing the catheter buried deep in his urethra and deeper into his bladder. He examined, as best he could, the hinged thong of metal that ran from the base of the cup to the device in his anus and to the belt at his waist. He was looking for any sign of weakness, any latch or form of release he could find and he found nothing.

He grabbed a smaller hand held mirror from his bathroom cabinet to help himself get a better angled view of his confining tormentor. With this new vantage point he was ale to see the hole at the base of the cup where his bodily fluids had so freely flowed. In fact they still seemed to be flowing at some rate. It was slow but constant, a mixture of seminal fluids and urine dripped from its tubular walls. For the first time in his life, Jeremiah completely understood what it was to feel appalled. This device secured around his waist was of the most debaucherous design he could ever hope to fathom.

The hinged rod at Jeremiahs taint which led to the cylindrical hallow shaft buried deep within his anus was a mere inch or so from the drainage hole. He contorted his arm and body a bit more to get a good look into the hole, taking a moment to find a flashlight; he wanted a really good look. He felt himself swallow hard as he got the look he wanted and saw clearly up into his very own rectum. He stared in bewilderment at the depth of his own ass hole and contacted his muscles to see if he had any hope of closing the opening of his own free will. Much to his dismay he did not.

Jeremiah had come to a point of calm hysteria in his mind. He was still overwhelmed with confusion, worry, fear and humiliation, however he’d come to accept that these emotions were not going to end until he’d figured out who was doing this to him and how to stop it. As he continued examining the steel belt and its pieces he began formulating possible ways he might discover his captor, or rapist, he couldn’t decide what he was really. This man who’d somehow made him black out at work and gotten him to some cement room tied to a dirty bed, then proceeded to sodomize him with both his fist and a machine. Jeremiah gained a new frustration, to add to the many flying restlessly through his head, as he realized he couldn’t even begin to think of where to start looking, he couldn’t even tell what the man had looked like.

Jeremiah felt his bowels rumble and felt slightly faint. His knees buckled and he nearly fell. Standing on the tiled floor of his bathroom he found himself doubled over clutching his cramping belly. Involuntarily he felt his bowels lurch. He knew what was coming as the sweat formed on his brow was and he slowly lowered himself to his knees, crouching in the small space of his bathroom. The pain from his cramping intestines was far too strong for him to move beyond his current position. With a final painful cramp and a load craggy groan from jeremiahs lips his body began forcing shit from his insides out the hollow steel tube burred deep in his anus and onto the tiled floor behind him.

Jeremiah felt as though must have remained hunched over in that position for several moments in a mixture of pain, relief, horror and disgust as his bowels continued lurching and forcing more of his own waste out of his open hole. The smell was permeating the room and his body was feeling exhausted from the expulsion. As the flow of feces came to a halt he felt a wave of dizziness hit him. He wobbled in place for a brief moment before falling backward on top of the mound of his own shit. The smell increased ten fold as his body squished the semi solid clumps beneath him and he began to gag, he closed his eyes in hopes of controlling the urge to vomit.

When Jeremiah opened his eyes his world was spinning in a dizzy array of bright white and yellow light. His vision was blurry and he couldn’t make out anything for a second. He could barely even feel his own body at first. He realized he was laying on his back on a soft surface he could no longer smell the shit though he still felt somewhat queasy. There was also something in his mouth now, something thick and soft. He licked at the intruder lazily with his tongue, tasting and feeling its texture all at once. The object seemed to be a tasteless smooth plastic plug shaped device with a hole at its center.

With the determination of curiosity behind his will, Jeremiah focused on his vision to try and see what was going with this object in his mouth, soon, inches from his face, a clear tube came into view stretching from his own mouth out into the great white of what appeared to be his own bedroom. He was able to surmise that this tube led back to a gag of some sort securely strapped into his mouth, he could now feel the strap leading back behind his head.

As his conscious mind began coming back into focus along with his vision, he came to find, much to his relief, he was still within his own small apartment, lying atop his own bed. Much to his dismay however he also came to realize that once again he was tied down, helpless and in a new terrifying situation. He released a sound of exasperation past his gag which had he had use of his own mouth would have taken the form of the words “Oh come on!” He tested his bonds in short order checking that each was secure. Leather cuffs at each wrist and ankle tied by a means he could not see, however there was not the familiar clank of chains from before. He turned his head from side to side taking stock of his seemingly untouched room. There was no one else there with him.

Jeremiah could now feel his body, the stretch of the bonds on his limbs, the soft familiarity of his own bed beneath him, his head resting on top of his own pillow, his ass not hanging off of the bed ready to be plowed. In addition to the last mental note he realized his ass felt a bit different then it had before. As he shifted his bodies’ weight he found he was still in fact locked into the chastity device. He could feel the strange yet familiar invaders in both his cock and ass. He could feel the belt of steel around his waist and the rod secured between his ass cheeks. However could hear a plastic like crinkling with his movements. He could also feel that all of this seemed to be covered by a soft, thick, and well secured fabric.

Jeremiah moved his head up from his pillow as best he could to get a good view of his crotch, the most he could see was a clear plastic and white cloth covered mound covering his midsection. The rest of his body seemed to be completely nude. He was surprised to find how relieved he was to know that he had a diaper strapped around his waist. He almost considered it an act of mercy. He let himself fidget around a bit more in the bed trying to get a grasp on the diaper secured around him. It seemed very thick as he couldn’t seem to close his, albeit restrained at the ankles, thighs to close any further then they already were.

The noise caused by Jeremiah’s fidgeting must have alerted his captor to his arousal as Jeremiah soon found him self frozen in place, held there by panic at hearing some ones footsteps walk along the floor just outside his bedroom door. The door knob jiggled momentarily and soon Jeremiah was looking back into the emotionless black sunglass like eyes of his captor. The hood wrapped securely over his head was the only familiar apparel the man wore. This time his body was shrouded by a long leather jacket buttoned from the mans waist to his collar.

Jeremiah immediately began begging though his gag at the man. He repeated the same word over and over, hoping each time that it was more audible then the next, trying simply to form the word “Please” as he did so. He hoped to encompass with that one word all of his sorrow for any wrong he could ever think of that he’d ever done to anyone in his entire life. He hoped to encompass all of the fear, dread and anxiety he felt as a result of what this man was doing to him. He tried over and over again until finally he remembered how this man had reacted, or rather completely ignored and paid no attention, to his previous attempts at pleading for mercy. The man was now, true to form, paying an equal amount of attention to Jeremiahs muffled cries.

With a renewed silence the rubber hooded man moved close to the head of the bed and raised his arms high above Jeremiah, just above his line of sight. The mans glassy black eyes stared down emotionless at Jeremiah while his visible lips slowly contorted to a crude and devious smile. Jeremiah watched the tube leading from his mouth and up into wherever the mans hands seemed to disappear to and watched in stunned fear as a thick milky white liquid came oozing down inside the clear plastic.

Waiting for the goop to make it’s way to his moth was agonizing for both Jeremiah as well as, it seemed, his captor. However Jeremiah was sure where he himself was willing the strange liquid to clog itself in the tube long before it reached his mouth, his captor was willing the opposite thought. It seemed, eventually, that the man in the rubber hood had the much stronger will of the two, as the liquid came dripping in through the gag in Jeremiahs mouth onto the back of his throat as well as his tongue. The taste was plain and unrecognizable. There was nothing remarkable about it at all. The texture however was an abundance of unique perception. There was a grainy quality as well as a pulpy, course substance. The whole mixture was held together by an almost gelatin thick liquid.

The mans hands fiddled with a few more unseen things for a moment and soon Jeremiah’s mouth was filling with the white substance at a steady pace. It didn’t take long for him to get into a rhythm, his mouth would fill with the thick mixture and he’d swallow, take in a breath, and wait for his mouth to fill again within a space of a few seconds, and then repeat. As he did this several times, the hooded man moved slowly around the bed, checking Jeremiahs bonds one at a time as he went. The man stopped on each pass of Jeremiahs midsection to lightly pat Jeremiahs diapered and steel covered crotch. He smile crudely as he did so and look with his blank glass stair at Jeremiahs constantly swallowing mouth and neck.

Jeremiah was starting to feel the strain of his efforts to keep swallowing the thick goop steadily flowing into his mouth. His jaw was just starting to get the faintest ach to it, his stomach was beginning to feel fullness, and his throat was getting tired of repeatedly contracting. He was relieved when his captor once again reached for the out of sight supply of whatever it was he was being forced to digest, and the flow slowed down. He found however that he was quite concerned with the fact that the flow had not stopped. It continued to slowly fill his mouth, every minute or so he’d have to take another swallow. The man made another pass going from restraint to restraint and patting Jeremiahs diaper while the food stuff kept flowing. Then the man opened the door and left the room.

Jeremiah lie there, in his own bed, on his own sheets, in his own apartment, tied down against his own will being force fed some mystery mixture through a tube plugged and strapped into his mouth. His cock, balls, and asshole were all restrained by a secure and devious chastity device which left him chastised and entirely incontinent, liable to wet and mess himself at any moment. Luckily however, over that he was strapped into what seemed to be a very thick and large cloth diaper covered in clear plastic pants. He was once again left alone to experience a slow and inescapable torment with no idea of what would come next.

He lie there for what seemed like hours, constantly swallowing over and over again, growing more and more full, his mind growing more and more tired at the tediousness of the task. His mouth was under stimulated due to the bland flavor of the mixture. The tactile strangeness had long since lost its appeal. He had even stopped paying attention to his own uncomfortable groans, which he seamed to let through every now and again as the pain of his stomach stretching got to him. Oddly it seemed the flow had been timed perfectly as by now Jeremiah was sure he’d have vomited such a large mass of intake had it flowed more freely. It was this fear of vomiting that allowed his sense of relief at the end of the mixtures run, when finally, as if it had spent an eternity reaching this point, the goopy ooze came to an end. He let out a triumphant and gleeful laugh and closed his eyes in happiness.

When he opened his eyes he was sitting upright. He was in a foggy stupor, the edges of his vision once again blurry, a sense of dizziness overcoming his senses. Someone was talking; their voice seemed far away at first. Suddenly it came into full clarity as though it were a THX splash advertisement right before a movie. The voice seemed to be asking him something, he concentrated harder on both his sight and hearing. To his complete surprise, his boss Darren came into view, sitting behind his desk back at the office. The early morning sun was coming into the room through the window, painting Darren in a golden light, his face wearing a look of deep concerne.

“Jeremiah, are you okay? Are you alright?” he asked for what Jeremiah was sure must have been the third time.

“I’m sorry, what? Yea, uh. Hi, yea, sorry.” Jeremiah stammered back, completely unsure of weather he was okay or not. Let alone how or why he was sitting here in Darren’s office all of a sudden when seconds ago he’d been in the second worst situation of his life.

“It’s okay Jerry,” Darren affectionately said “It’s understandable with someone going through, well, you know, what you’re going through right now. I, we, the company and I want you to know that it’s okay and we understand.” Darren was choseing his words carefully.

Jeremiah was trying hard to figure out what new situation he was in, all he could say in response was “Okay, um, thanks Darren.”

“Great Jerry I’ve already sent out an email to Sarah in HR briefly explaining to her what the situation is and she knows how to handle it. She’ll have all the paperwork sent to your home immediately, it should be there within the next couple of days. All you have to do is fill it out, provide the necessary doctors notes, and you’ll be all set. Just go home, stop by your desk if you need too, and try and get yourself, well, you know, better, as soon as you can.” Darren smiled, but the smile seemed more worried then it did happy.

Jeremiah Shifted in his seat as he listened to all of this new information. He didn’t know anything about any doctors notes or know of any reason he’d tell Darren and apparently the entire company about that he’d need to get better from. He realized as he nervously moved in his chair that he was still wearing the diaper from his pervious situation. Along with his confusion over what Darren or said, he was suddenly awash with the knowledge that he was, and had somehow gotten into his office wearing what he could still only assume was a very large diaper beneath what looked to be the very same grey slacks he’d worn into the office the day before. He suddenly wanted nothing more then to get back home and out of that office as quickly as possible.

As soon as Darren finished his sentence Jeremiah replied with “Yes, thank you, I understand, I’ll wait for the stuff in the mail and turn it right around. Gotcha, is there anything else then Darren?” He was standing and offering his hand for a shake by the time he uttered his Boss’s name.

“Uh, na, no” Darren stammered “Nothing else at all Jerry, you just uh, take care of yourself okay there buddy?” he shook Jeremiahs hand unsurely.

“Yea sure thing boss, guess I’ll see you latter” Jeremiah shouted back as he briskly exited Darren’s office. He continued his brisk stride once again through his office, feeling himself wobble back and forth with each step; he was trying not to obviously look down at his midsection as he went. Eventually he got a quick good view and stopped momentarily in his stride. He looked down at what seemed to him as an incredibly obvious bulge protruding from his crotch. He quickly fell back into his wobbly stride and made his way for the door.

As he stood once again waiting for the buss, he could feel the eyes of the other patrons waiting at the stop. The homeless looking man from before, whom had at the time been shouting expletives at invisible beings, was this time silent, and staring quite obviously at Jeremiahs well padded back side.

The homeless looking man proclaimed loudly, more in jeremiahs direction then at Jeremiah “I had to wear those for a while my self! Shot up some bad shit once that completely wrecked my system, couldn’t hold a solid shit for seven months!” the man was actually pointing at Jeremiah’s diapered ass.

Jeremiah was mortified as he, and the now painfully aware of his predicament passengers filed onto the buss. Once again the buss was packed full of passengers, however this time there was no seating available for Jeremiah once he was aboard. A few of the other passengers including the homeless looking man had found seats, taking up what had been available. Jeremiah was forced, serendipitously, to stand directly in front of the homeless looking man, his padded crotch in the fellows face.

As the bus drove on Jeremiah could feel the worry growing on his face as small cramps began to grow through his stomach. He was trying harder to not show the emotions he was feeling then he was to hold back what he felt coming; he knew the latter would prove to be futile. He fought back tears and the want to run. He resigned himself to the fate he knew would come. The pain in his gut was growing far to quickly for him to make it to his apartment before it happened.

Sure enough, just a couple of stops into his journey, Jeremiah let out a low audible and long groan as what felt like a nice solid and equally long load of shit pilled into the confines of his diaper. He could feel its length bending and shaping itself as it forced it’s way out and into the cloth barrier. The brace created by the diaper caused resistance to the continuing flow coming from Jeremiahs wide open hole, which caused his bowels to lurch harder then before. Another audible groan escaped Jeremiahs mouth uncontrollably and his eyes opened wide to see the majority of the passengers on the bus look at him in horrified disgust.

The homeless looking man proclaimed to anyone who might be willing to listen “That’s exactly how it used to happen to me! Shit would just start filing up my diaper out of no where at the absolutely worst of times!” he was vigorously nodding his head to affirm what he himself had just said and looking from passenger to passenger from some sign of understanding.

Jeremiah on the other hand was trying hard not to look at anyone as stop after stop seemed to produce more cramps in his bowels, and once more before his stop, he released another load of poo into his now full diaper. Just as he reach his stop he realized at some point the diaper had also gained warmth it hadn’t had to start with. He’d apparently also wet himself.

It was no surprise to Jeremiah that once again, as he got off of the bus, loud calls proclaiming the brutality of stink coming from his diapered ass and how thankful the other passengers being called out after him, the same two neighbors from the day before were standing at the grocery store staring slack jawed at his obviously diapered form. They continued their staring, though they eventually closed their mouths, as Jeremiah defeatedly strode toward his apartment building, up his stairs, and into the now unsafe confines of his uncomfortable and frightening studio apartment, unsure of what he was going to, or could do next.


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