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Welcome FootB@tch!

by usuario

Chapter 1

It was a sunny day, I was off of school for the summer and chilling at home. My stepsister, Lauren, was staying with me because she lives in an apartment close by. Lauren is 24, 5'10, and a brunette. We've never really had gotten along since she's 6 years older than me and she's a lot different than me. We were both in the living room, she was laying on the couch and I was sitting in a chair on my phone. It was silent in the room until she asked me, "My feet really hurt, could you please give me a foot massage? I'd really appreciate it." I didn't really want to,  but I decided to do it not to be rude. "Sure, I guess." I went over to the couch and sat down and she put her feet in my lap. Her feet were really big, they seemed to be about size 11 in women's. They were a little smelly but I could handle it since she was wearing socks. I started to rub them but then she stopped me. "Do you think you could rub my bare feet? It would feel a lot better than with socks on." I knew they'd smell worse barefoot but I figured I could deal with it.

I peeled her socks off and I was blown away by the cheesy, stinky smell of her bare feet. They were coated in dried sweat and I could see toe jam and grime between her toes. I realized that there's no way that I can do this. "I'm sorry but your feet reek, I can't do this." She scowled and said, "Wow I can't believe you can't just give me a simple foot massage. They smell completely fine so there should be no problem." She was being a real bitch like always. "Your feet are disgusting! You need to clean then every once in a while you know. Do you ever even shower?!" She looked even more infuriated after I had said that but she just stormed off. I went back to my chair and just sat there, thinking of how stupid she was being. I then just pulled my phone back out and starting playing a game, but then something was pulled over my face, and that's the last thing I remember.

I woke up on the floor, under the couch, with only my face sticking out. My arms and legs were bound with ropes and there was duct tape over my mouth. I was very confused and terrified at the same time. I struggled to try and break free from the ropes and from underneath the couch. I stopped when I heard footsteps coming toward me. I saw that it was Lauren. "Oh, you're finally awake? I thought you'd just sleep forever." What the hell? Why is she doing this to me? What the fuck does she think she's doing? "I'm sure you're confused and scared. I'm only doing this because you couldn't just be nice to your stepsister and rub her tired feet. I'm going to teach you to respect me." She then walked over to the couch and sat on top of where I was laying. "Since you hate my feet so much, I figured I'd try to make you get along with them better. You're going to get real close with my feet, you'll love them soon enough."

I didn't know what she was about to do, and I wasn't prepared for it. She took both of her huge, sweaty, stinky size 11 feet and plopped them right on my face. I was so disgusted and I couldn't believe what was happening. Her feet were so big that they covered my entire face! All I could smell was her reeking cheesy feet and I was feeling nauseous. She took them off and said, "I hope you're not enjoying this, well I know you're not, but I hope this is horrible for you. Well, I'm going to keep resting my feet on your face while I watch a show, then we'll have some more fun."

She sat there watching her show, with her stinky feet on my face, for an hour. My face was coated in her foot sweat. The smell of her rotten feet was burned into my nostrils. Finally, she took her feet off my face again. "Well, you've made it through that so good job. I see that my foot sweat is all over your face now, haha. Well, now it's time for your next punishment." She dragged me out from under the couch to the middle of the floor. "It's time for me to trample your face. I'm going to stand on you, and even jump on top of your face. I hope you can take it, or maybe I don't."

All I could do was lay there and wait for what was about to come. I saw her foot raise over my face and then it came down hard. She then stomped her other foot onto my face and stood on my face. She balanced there, crushing my head, for about 30 seconds until she stepped off. Next, she stepped onto my chest with her feet pointing to my head. She then jumped up and her massive feet came crashing down onto my face. The pain was terrible.

Once she had her fill of trampling my face she sat back down on the couch. "Now that's over and it's time for your next deed. If you thought everything before was bad, you're going to hate this much much more. You're going to clean my feet, not with a rag or anything like that though. You're going to clean my feet by lapping up all the sweat and grime with your tongue." Is she serious? That's the most disgusting thing I've ever heard of in my life. Smelling her feet is one thing, but licking them? I don't think so.

She pulled me up onto my knees and then ripped the duct tape off of my face, which hurt. She lifted her feet up to my face. "Lick" I wasn't going to do that. "Hell no! Your feet are disgusting! You're crazy if you think I'm going to lick your feet bitch!" Her face was filled with rage after I said that. "You're going to lick my feet clean, you just need some convincing." With that said she reached down and squeezed my balls hard. I fell over in pain. "Have I convinced you now?" "Yes, I'll do it, just please don't do that again." I sat back up and got ready for what I was about to do.

She brought her feet back up to my face. She told me to hold them while I lick them, so I grabbed her right foot and held it up. I brought her foot up to my mouth and did a quick lick. It was horrific. I've never tasted anything worse in my life, it's like cheesy vinegar. "How does it taste? I'm sure not very good. Now I don't want any more of those short little licks you just did, I want long, slow licks from my heel to my toes." I licked slowly all the way up her foot, licking up dried sweat, dirt, and grime along the way. I didn't want to put my tongue back in my mouth so I went to just go lick again but she stopped me. "Stop! I don't want you putting the sweat you just licked up back on my foot, swallow after each lick."

I continued to lick up the rest of the sweat on her right foot for about 10 minutes and then she told me to suck her toes. Sucking her toes wasn't as bad as licking her soles thankfully and didn't take as long. Once I was done she said that I had actually done a good job, and told me to do her left foot now. I completely forgot about her other foot. I grabbed her left foot and lapped up all the sweat on it and sucked her toes clean as well, which all took about 13 minutes. "Good job, but now I've got something else for you to do. I want you to lick all the toe jam out from between my toes and eat it all. Get to work!"

I grabbed her right foot first and looked between her toes. I hadn't noticed before but there was a lot of grime and gunk between her toes. It looked worse than licking her soles. But I licked between her big toe and second toes and ate the piece of toe jam there. It was so much worse. It was like eating her foot sweat all in a condensed form. "I bet my toe jam is just delectable isn't it?"

I continued to eat the toe jam from between the rest of her right foot's toes and her left foot. "Great job, you're not completely useless, your a good foot slave. Well, now I have yet another task. I want you to scrape all the dirt and grime out from under my toenails with your teeth and eat it. Now get to it!" I immediately got started just to get this over with. Her big toenail had a lot of gunk under it, which I, of course, had the displeasure of eating. And I went on to eat the rest.

"I have one more task for you before you get to eat dinner, you probably noticed that my toenails are pretty long right now. Well, I want you to clip them with your teeth, and of course, chew them up and eat them. You can consider this an appetizer haha." I started on her right foot's big toe. I started biting it from the side and it was really tough. I had to really bite down to get through but I did. I then just peeled it off from there and started to chew it up. Thankfully there wasn't much taste left to it since I scraped it and sucked her toes already. I kept on going clipping all of her toenails and eating them.

"It's time for dinner slave, stay right here and I'll be right back." I sat there for about 2 minutes and she returned.
She had a plate of mashed potatoes which she placed in front of me. I went to start eating it but she stopped me. "Wait, you're not going to be eating it from the plate." She then smushed her feet all into the mashed potatoes and then told me to lick them off of her feet.

I went up and started licking them off. They didn't taste like mashed potatoes, they tasted like her feet. At least though it was real food and not her toe jam or toenails. I lapped it all up including between her toes. She then smushed more onto her feet which I also licked off too. "I bet you enjoyed your dinner, my feet worked really hard to make it tasty for you. Well, it's time for bed now, and I've got a surprise." She motioned for me to follow her and I followed her to our guest room where she was staying. She grabbed some wand looking thing and pointed it at me.

The next thing I knew I was one inch tall on the floor. She looked like a goddess from my perspective. She pulled off the ropes around my legs and arms. "I told you I had a surprise and this is it. Now you can enjoy my feet from that size! And now you'll be able to sleep in your new home, my sock. She grabbed the pair of socks that she was wearing earlier and dropped me in there. The sock smelled horrific. "Remember how you asked if I ever wash my feet? Well, the answer is yes but not often. You licking my feet clean was the first time in about a week that they've been 'washed' and those socks haven't been washed in over a month." I can't believe it, how does she not wash her feet for a week? That's absolutely disgusting! And she hasn't washed these socks for a month? I can't believe she lives like this. She sat down on the bed and slipped her foot into the sock. I was only about as big as her pinkie toe, and her big toe was over twice my size. She grabbed me with her big and second toe and held me between her toes. "Goodnight, sleep tight, and don't let my feet bite, haha."






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