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The story of Paul

by drunkjockfucker

The story of Paul

The interview with Dr. Lew was probably the lengthiest one I had ever done. We talked for over two hours in the living room of his home. I found him to be a very interesting person. His knowledge of Hypnosis was incredible. Hypnosis had been a hobby of mine for a few years at the time of that interview when I was 19 years old. Dr. Lew told me that he intended to hire someone older as his assistant but because of my interest and enthusiasm about Hypnosis he decided to hire me and train me as his assistant. My duties included returning phone messages, scheduling appointments and taking notes at the sessions which involved hypnosis. Because Dr. Lew wanted a written record of the sessions, he taught me how he wanted me to take notes for these sessions. He detested tape recorders I think because he didn't like the sound of his own voice or the accent he spoke with. So, written notes were kept for each session. He could not write the notes himself because arthritis in his hands made it extremely difficult for him to write.

Dr. Lew was born in Austria. Actually his last name began with Lew but then extended to a much longer, more difficult to spell and pronounce name. Because of this, everyone including himself just called him Dr. Lew.

When I first met him, Dr. Lew was in his late 70's. At that time his general health wasn't that great but his mind was incredibly sharp. He worked on a limited schedule and only saw patients who had referrals from certain other doctors. Dr. Lew's office and small clinic was in his home which was, by anyone's standards, a mansion on a large estate in California.

Dr. Lew's approach to Psychiatry was a very patient one. If he thought a patient needed extensive time to converse with him he would have me set up longer appointments and he would not charge the patient for the extra time. His interest mostly was in helping the patient. Certainly he charged for his service but he didn't seem to be very interested in money at that point in his life possibly because he was already very wealthy. He continued to work until he was 89 years old not because he wanted more money but because he told me that he just wanted to continue helping people as much as he could. He also told me that he didn't know what he would do if he stopped working.

In addition to being an excellent Psychiatrist, Dr. Lew was also a highly skilled Hypnotist. After escaping from Germany during the early part of World War II, he helped the U.S. Military in a way that he would never disclose to me. He would only say that he helped them. When I asked him "how?" he would change the subject. It would be my guess that hypnosis had something to do with his association with the U.S. Military but -- as I said -- that's only a guess.

The first time I ever saw Paul, he was swimming naked in Dr. Lew's pool. Everyone one except Dr. Lew's female cousin -- who came one time from Connecticut -- swam naked in his pool. When Paul came out of the water, my immediate reaction to seeing him was felt strongly in my cock. He introduced himself and then shook hands with me. He had a very handsome face and his athletic and muscular body was incredibly beautiful. He was then about 35 years old. There was something about his friendliness, the sound of his voice and the way the palm of his hand pressed against the palm of my hand as we were shaking hands that made me very sexually excited. It was fortunate that my shirt was outside of my pants because I was getting a major hard on. My cock is huge and not easily hidden when it's hard. All I could think about was having sex with this hunk. And, the only thing that kept me from being embarrassed was the loose hanging shirt that covered my protruding pecker. I had to excuse myself and go jack off twice to get my throbbing boner to calm down.

Paul, like all other patients, had been referred to Dr. Lew by another doctor. Paul was an athlete who came to see Dr. Lew because he was having trouble with his endurance in races. Paul's personal Physician had done extensive tests on Paul trying to determine the cause of a lowering of Paul's general energy level but found nothing physical as the cause. Paul's doctor then suggested to Paul that it might be something Psychological and that it would be a good idea to see a Psychiatrist. Paul was then referred to Dr. Lew because Dr. Lew had a long and successful history of helping athletes. Athletes were in Dr. Lew's clinic all of the time. Some of them were professional athletes. All of them, including Paul, were benefited by Dr. Lew's Psychiatric and Hypnotic abilities.

Out of all of the athletes who visited Dr. Lew, Paul was the only one I was interested in having sex with. Some of these guys were drop dead gorgeous but I just wasn't attracted to them enough to pursue them. I've been told that I'm too particular. I don't know about that but I do know that when I see someone I'm attracted to, I'm really tenacious in my attempts at having sex with them. This tenaciousness gets even stronger when a straight guy is involved. If I'm attracted to a straight guy, there is something about seducing and then having sex with him that turns me way on!

To be continued...


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