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Blow-up Doll

by aquaxyuna

Chapter 1

As she went down the street, Tiffany got several shocked looks from people 

around her.  As far as she remembered, crowded sidewalks never used to be 

like that.  Normally, on her way to work, the sidewalks were crowded but 

people still managed to go about without actually having to hustle their way 

through the crowd.  These days, she seemed like a magnet to all those 

people, there was plenty of space on the sidewalk but people looked like 

they were all converging on her position. Everyone was brushing her sides, 

some actually grasping at her arms, wanting to touch her skin.  Some smiled, 

some looked unsure of what to think of her.  Those that grasped her arms 

were surprised to find their fingers easily cleaving into her skin, as if 

they realized she didn't seem to have any bones to speak of.  No one had the 

exact same reaction, but every single person she met had one.


Still she smiled, wondering just what she had done to turn out the way she 

did.  Remembering the events that lead to the present moment.


2 months before:


" No Stephen! Why do you keep insisting? "  asked Ariel


" I'm not insisting, it's just that I like that kinda thing and I would love

to see you wear some " answered Stephen, looking at the latex-wear spread 

out before them.  " Why won't you wear any, gimme one good reason "


" I don't know... it's just... it scares me a bit... don't you think it's a 

bit too kinky, it just screams sex, it's not subtle, it doesn't say 'Make 

love to me' you know... it's more like 'Fuck the hell out of me' and that's 

not really me " looking around, Ariel was searching for a way to change the 

topic.  Stephen and her were downtown that day and figured they'd stop at a 

sex shop just for fun, maybe buy some stuff to spice up their sex life.  " 

How about that lace outfit there, isn't that sexy? "


" Ariel, see.... that's too much 'Make love to me' for my own tastes.  Lace

is just too boring, that is even less subtle than the plastic I want you to 

wear... at least rubber can be worn in dance clubs, but not lace.  Besides, 

latex is really really sexy, it would just hug your curves, enhancing those 

that may lack definition " explained Stephen.


" Now what the hell is that supposed to mean???  You saying now that I'm

flat-chested?  I never heard you complain before, so why now? After 3 years 

together " she fumed.


" No, no, no, it's not that... it's just that it would make you sexier...

you got very nice...ahem...boobs, firm and everything.  Hell, nobody would 

complain on your body, it's like the best of any of the girls I've dated... 

and the d-cups you have drive me nuts in bed " he assured her " but the 

thing is... I'd like to see them elsewhere than in bed.  I mean, come on, 

you hardly ever...make that never, show off your body.  You always put on 

baggy shirts and pants.  How

about we see some legs and cleavage sometimes "


" Ok, fair enough, I'll try to show more skin... but not wearing that kinda

thing, I don't think I'm ready for that... put yourself in my shoes, would 

you wear that stuff? It looks so uncomfortable, like too tight " dared 



" Yeah, I would... and I'd probably wear it with pride " he smiled as he



" What?  I think you just want to hold on to your point and won't let me get 

away with it, you wanna make me angry? " Ariel was getting crimson red at 

the insolence she thought Stephen was showing her.


" No, really I would... look, come over here " he said calmly as he took her 

in a corner of the store so they could have a little more intimacy in their 

discussion.  " You see, there's this thing about me that you might not know 

" looking down as if he was ashamed of holding something back from her for 

all this time.


" What is it? It can't be THAT serious, what is it? " she asked, curious and 

a bit afraid of the answer.


" You know how much I love you, right? " Ariel nodded at the question " Ok, 

then just don't interrupt me until I'm finished, ok? " Again, she nodded " 

Here I go, ok... so there's this one time I heard a girl say that the man's 

g-spot was in his ass.  Since I'm a pretty open-minded guy, I tried it once, 

put a finger up my ass and I liked it, a lot.  I've never been one to think 

it makes me gay to like it, so I kept on doing it when I was in the shower 

with a soaped up finger and with time it lead to two fingers and then to 

phallic-looking objects, then I finally bought a vibrator.  You know how we

watch a lot of porn together... it came to a time when I looked at the girl 

and thought about her being me, like it was me being the girl being pound in 

the ass by the guy... only I assure you guys do nothing for me... it's only 

the dick that does it... basically I'm trying to say that I found that I

liked it in my ass and that I could be turned on by a girl with a dick... " 

he lowered his head, preparing to be yelled at.


Ariel was dumbfounded " Whoa! huh...ok... that was a shocker.  I...guess 

it's ok "


" HUH?!? " Stephen couldn't believe his ears


" I guess it's ok.  My boyfriend is an open-minded guy, I don't know of any 

guys who would take a dick up the ass and even think about liking it, even 

if he physically likes, they'd be beating themselves up mentally because of 

homophobic thoughts going in their heads.  I think that's great...and about 


imagining yourself as a girl...I guess you probably prefer seeing yourself 

as a nice girl taking it up the ass as a opposed to a guy getting reamed, 

right? "


" Aside from some minor details, I think that covers it pretty much "


" Do you crossdress? " she asked " You don't put on my clothes, right? "


" No, I've been here once and tried some girl stuff... I'm really ugly as a 

girl, my shoulders are too

broad "


" Ok, I got an idea... let's forget about that latex thing for now and focus 

on you, you want me a bit

more naughty, at least that's the impression that I get.  I'm not ready to 

actually wear that stuff for you but how would you feel if we bought a 

transexual porn movie and a strap-on?  I wouldn't mind doing you " she 



" You would??? I'd be thrilled to explore that with you, I'm so relieved you 

didn't take that the wrong way "


So the couple looked around for a decent vid with shemales that showed no 

traces of ever being a man before, they chose only the best ones, Stephen 

didn't like it when they had male features still showing. They finally found 

a movie that could put both of them to shame, one with girls that had bodies 

to make Ariel jealous and bigger dicks than Stephen himself. Both of them 

agreed on that one.  Then they bought a pink jelly strap-on dildo for Ariel 

to put on.  The dildo had an ejaculating function where, when pumped 

continuously in the same way you would masturbate an actual cock, an air 

gauge built pressure until it auto-climaxed when reaching a certain point.  

Stephen and Ariel had bought it for the realism of it, it came with a pouch 

of powder to mix in water to create a gooey liquid reminiscent of cum.  

Stephen had always wanted to know what it was like to take a cumshot from a 

woman so he was happy to buy that one.


" You really sure about this, right? transexuals won't disgust you? " asked 



" Yeah, I'm sure, this'll be fun... I can finally see what it's like to fuck 

someone... ok, so I don't have an actual dick but it's a start " she smiled


So they paid for the stuff and went back home.  The night after, Stephen 

made sure he was clean all over, inside and out.  When he came out of the 

shower, Ariel had prepared supper and she was wearing the outfit she knew 

Stephen prefered from all the lingerie she had.  She was wearing her purple 

liquid lift bra from La Senza because she knew Stephen liked women even 

bustier than she already was, so she wore it to give herself a DD-cup 

instead of her normal D's.  The only other thing she seemed to be wearing 

was her matching purple silk skirt that went down to her knees.  So the 

couple ate supper and sat in front of the TV to watch their favorite shows.  

After a while, Stephen stood up and went to get the porn tape.


After putting it in and starting the VCR, he went back next to Ariel and sat 

as the movie started.  The title of the movie, Boobtown Shemales, went by as 

scenes from the movie appeared to introduce the cast.


" Wow, those girls got bigger tits than me, and look at their asses " 

marveled Ariel


" You make me laugh, you make me look at the tits so I won't notice you 

drooling at their dicks, which seem fairly larger than mine " laughed 



" Ok so maybe I like big dicks, I've never given you flak for loving big 

tits " she said


" Huge tits " he said


" What's that? "


" Huge tits, honey... not big, I like them huge, enormous even " he 



She looked at him with widening eyes. " Wow, how huge ? " she asked " no 

wait, don't answer, let's see... from all the girls in this movie, which one 

do you prefer ? "


" I really like that girl, Vicki, she's got real nice boobs "


" I'll say, she looks like she has volleyballs strapped to her chest, that 

IS huge... geez, you never cease to amaze me "


" Is that good? " Stephen asks, smiling


" Well... it's just... new, didn't know you liked women that big " she 

smiled back at him " Don't worry about me, I'll make sure that you have no 

fear of expressing your fetishes from now on "


So with that, they continued watching the movie, until the scene with Vicki 

came up.  Ariel started to play with Stephen's nipples, turning him face to 

her so she could french kiss him as the same seemed to be happening to Vicki 

on screen, who was being french-kissed by Erika a d-cupped blonde that 

looked like she had the same kind of body that Ariel had, except Erika had 

an 8 inch tool.


" You like when I play with your titties, huh? " asked Ariel, naughtily


" Yeah, keep going " he answered with a deep breath as he continued kissing 

her all over


She continued playing with his tiny nipples and started fondling his cock 

with her other hand.  As Vicki was standing up to get her cock sucked by 

Erika, Ariel took Stephen's shaft and pulled him up so he was standing in 

front of her.  She put both hands on his butt as she went down on him, 

engulfing his cock completely.  Stephen moaned as Ariel bobbed her head on 

his dick furiously.  After a while, Ariel let go of Stephen's dick and stood 

up in front of him, wrapping her arms around his neck, kissing him 

passionately.  A minute of this and she turned him around, pushing him on 

the sofa, then seductively she lifted her skirt, the dildo standing at 

attention.  Stephen's eyes widened with lust as she showed him what he had 

been waiting for all night.  Then in a moment that would have had anyone 

think that Ariel had seen the movie a dozen times, Ariel commanded in unison 

with Erika on screen:


" Suck my cock, slut! " They both demanded


Stephen was happy to oblige as he went for the dildo with hungry eyes, still 

looking straight into Ariel's eyes.  For the first time ever, Stephen was 

sucking a girl's cock and he was extremely turned on by it.  He started 

letting out high-pitched, girly moans as he sucked on and on, pumping the 

dildo which was gaining pressure for the ejaculation that he hoped would be 

soon to come.  Stephen couldn't help running his hands over Ariel's boobs, 

caressing them as she arched her back, as if she was actually taking 

physical pleasure from all this, playing her role perfectly.  She started 

bucking her hips to get more plastic dick  past Stephen's eager lips, 

holding his head in place.  Drool started dripping out the sides of his 

mouth as he didn't even take time to swallow, getting the cock very 

slippery.  After two more minutes of this, Ariel pulled Stephen's head by 

the hair.


" Ride me! " she said, looking lustfully straight into his eyes.  With that, 

Stephen rose up in front of Ariel and turned around, sitting on Ariel's 

plastic dick, descending slowly but easily inch by inch as the slippery 

dildo disappeared into his ass.  As he lowered himself completely onto 

Ariel's tool, he let out another girlish moan, clearly indicating that he 

was again fantasizing about being the girl in the movie, hence Vicki.  He 

started masturbating as Ariel went for his nipples, playing with them from 

behind his back while he was riding her faster and faster.  He was getting 

feverish as he neared orgasm while Ariel let out sensuous moans, anyone 

looking at both of them would have sworn she was really taking pleasure as 

if it was a real dick she had, and same for Stephen would could've been 

mistaken for a girl by his moans and little screams of ecstacy.  They both 

watched the movie excitedly while going at it, then as both girls on screen 

seemed to be near cumming, Ariel stood up, Stephen still impaled on her 

cock, she took both his arms behind his back like the reins of a horse and 

started pounding back and forth with a bit more speed, all the while both of 

them started moaning louder.  Stephen was starting to feel a little pain as 

his arms were pulled harder and harder by Ariel as she pumped in and out 

with fury up to a point were she held still, moaning.  Stephen's pain 

quickly subsided, his orgasm taking over his whole body, his ass clenching 

on the cock, going back and forth faster until Ariel finally let out a loud 

scream cumming into Stephen's butt.  Stephen even came from all that 

stimulation, his muscles twitching, he could feel his ass getting tighter as 

he was milking the dildo for all it was worth.  Ariel slapped Stephen's 

smooth ass as she kept on cumming, she cleaved her fingers into his ass 

cheeks.  She thought she was done cumming when she released Stephen's arms.  

Stephen fell forward on the sofa from exhaustion, he swore he had relaxed 

his ass as he got off Ariel's strap-on but couldn't help but notice how it 

hurt when he got off of it, like his ass was actually tighter than before 

sitting on it at all.  Ariel had another spasm as she spewed a few last 

drops of jizz on Stephen's ass cheeks and anus.  She smiled as she rubbed 

the fake semen into Stephen's cheeks, afterwards she laid down on Stephen's 

back, nestling her plastic dick in between his ass cheeks.


" MMmmmmmmhhh, that was great, I'm kinda glad you got me into this, fucking 

is great " marveled Ariel


Catching his breath, Stephen said " Yeah, it was, but my ass hurt when I 

took it off the dildo, as if it was tighter... probably the orgasm I guess " 

then thinking about the whole situation and how weird it was for a first 

time " You know what?  You really surprised me there, just yesterday I was 

telling you how I thought you weren't naughty or kinky enough, then five 

minutes ago you proved me wrong by fucking me like no tomorrow, treating me 

like your little slut... I must say I'm real surprised by you "


" Is that bad? " she asked


" Oh no, hell no... it felt real good, wish we could do this more often "


" Cool, 'cuz I liked it "


After a while, Ariel stood and went to wash the dildo.  Stephen stood and 

went in the bathroom too, he figured he would wash his ass but as he ran his 

hands on his cheeks and found them unusually smooth and tight for an ass 

that had just received it's fair share of the gooey stuff.  He found 

absolutely nothing to wash away, like his skin had absorbed it completely.  

Stephen brushed the thought away and went back to the sofa, watched TV and 

waited for Ariel to come back and sit next to him.  They talked about their 

experience a bit and then went to bed, all smiles.


The morning after, Stephen woke up and surprised Ariel in the kitchen.  

Ariel was busy making a new batch of fake cum with her little pouch of 

powder.  She stepped upon seeing Stephen and threw the bag in one of the 

drawers, closing it quickly.


" Geez! You scared me, don't ever do that again "


" Whoa, sorry, didn't mean to, so what are you doing? " trying to peek over 

her shoulder, she tried hiding something, then he finally saw " Ah, gotcha!  

So you liked so much you couldn't wait making more of the gooey stuff, you 

really like doing me? "


Ariel sighed " huh.... yeah!  Can't get enough of it I guess " she wiped her 

brow as she continued her work, injecting the stuff into the cock and then 

putting it away in her bedside drawer.


In the afternoon, Stephen called on Ariel to join him in the bathroom.  

Stephen was looking at his crotch in the mirror.


" Did you see this?  It looks like the cum is some kind of ointment because 

my balls are smoother than I've ever felt them, and the don't seem to be 

riding as low as they did before, like they just climbed back up in my 

crotch "


" Wow, they look great I guess... you're not freaked out, right? " asked 



" No, this is cool " He kept on looking at them.  They were almost getting 

out of sight and all he could think of is that the cum had made his skin 

more taut, hence bringing his balls up into his groin.


That night, Ariel put the cock on again and surprised Stephen in the shower, 

driving it into his ass when he least expected it.  After 15 minutes of 

fucking in the shower, Ariel came into Stephen's ass and on his cheeks too, 

also dripping down to his crotch.  In sheer ecstacy and excitement he rubbed 

it in himself, whimpering like the girl he imagined himself to be.


The day after, Stephen panicked as he couldn't not see his testicles 

anymore.  Ariel reassured him that they were probably there, just completely 

hidden, maybe the cum was such a potent ointment that it had made the skin 

real tight.  Stephen trusted her and let it be.


Ariel smiled as she saw that the cum she got the day after they bought the 

dildo was really working.  It turns out that Ariel had switched from regular 

fake cum to a very potent hormonal one.  She had came twice in Stephen's ass 

and on his cheeks and down to his groin, and she had proof enough as 

Stephen's ass was just another cumshot away from being the perfect 

heart-shaped ass she wanted him to have and his testicles had already gone 

away.  Now, she thought, she'd have to be careful and cum on him at places 

he wouldn't notice the changes too much.


A month passed.


" Honey!  Can you help me out here? " Stephen called out to Ariel.


Ariel entered the kitchen, saw her boyfriend, or actually what was left of 

him.  Stephen had a body even she could envy, he had slender legs up to his 

heart shaped little ass, so tight despite the almost daily banging he was 

getting.  He had lost about every body hair he ever had and his shoulders 

were now much less broad than he had said before.  Ariel would sometimes be 

surprised when looking at him naked, because his face was still his own and 

as long as he was wearing his clothes, nobody would figure he had that kind 

of body that any man would die for.  Still he didn't really notice, he was 

too busy to care, enjoying the new found pleasures with his girlfriend.  

When she looked at him naked, his inner thighs looked like a girl's right 

down to the patch of blonde hair, he had no part of his male genitalia left 

except for his cock that was the last proof of his masculinity.


" What is it, Stephen? " she asked, smiling at his beauty.


" It's that damn jar... I just can't open it, but I could swear I'm the one 

who closed it last time " He said, still trying to force open the jar, 

flexing his now frail girly muscles.


" Here, gimme that, wouldn't want you to strain a muscle of your delicate 

arms " she took the jar and opened it without much effort " mmmmphhhh, it 

seems like I'm the man around here since I began fucking you... you are 

really getting too deep into your girly role, heeheehee "


" Oh come on, stop bragging, you know that's not true.  I'm still your man, 

do I look like a girl to you ?   mmmppph! "


" Someone hasn't been looking in the mirror lately " she mumbled under her 



That night, after supper, Ariel was done washing the dishes so she went back 

to the bedroom while Stephen was wiping them.  All of a sudden, a pair of 

hands started pulling and kneading his nipples playfully, an hard cock 

pressing his ass cheeks apart.  Smiling, he turned around to see something 

he never thought he'd see in this lifetime.  Ariel was standing there, 

wearing a latex gown going down to her feet, smiling as she really liked the 

feeling of wearing it.


" What in holy hell has gotten into you?  You are HOT!  How? I mean why? how 

come now you are wearing it? " he asked, speechless and catching his breath.


" Well, decided on trying it and I'm not disappointed, let's just say it's a 

special night " she teased.


He took her by the hip and brought her near him, caressing her latexed body, 

tits and ass.  He kissed her lips, down to her neck, then he kissed and 

licked her cleavage and went down to her rubberized belly, kissing and 

licking.  He went down to her thighs as she started lifting her skirt.  He 

got down to her calves and started making his way back up until her tool hit 

his right cheek, he then moved his head sideways, gulping the whole of the 

cock, slowly he took it out, making sure that he made it wet as it came out. 

  Then, a first for him, he deepthroated her, holding his lips firmly around 

her dick he bobbed passionately and faster by the second.


" Yeah, mmmmmh... that feels good, suck it baby " she said as she arched her 

back coming back and looking down at Stephen who was looking at her 

wickedly.  She held his head there as he started fingering her underneath 

her strap-on.  She started masturbating the strap-on while Stephen pumped 

furiously, blinded by lust.  She felt the pumping motion getting harder as 

the pressure was nearing the climax point, despite all that Stephen was 

still sucking relentlessly not even slowing down.  All his efforts finally 

paid off as Ariel arched her back, starting to masturbate furiously pushing 

his head away from her cock.


" I'm.... unnnnnghhhhh.... cumming " she screamed.


" Cum on my face, on my face... cum all over my face " he pleaded as she had 

never done it before because she had promised herself not to until the time 

was right.


What seemed like gallons spurted out the dildo flying across all over 

Stephen's face and chest, all over his nipples up to his chin and all the 

way up in his hair.  Stephen moaned as he rubbed it all in, swallowing the 

few drops that went past his lips onto his tongue.  Up to a month ago, he 

could never have imagined that he'd ever be swallowing cum from a girl, let 

alone his latex-clad girlfriend.  Ariel caressed his hair, getting the cum 

all over them, she didn't mind getting some over her hands, she hoped he 

didn't mind having it all over his hair.


" Wow! " she said, " you really are a cum slut... you swallowed all that ? 

".  To that, Stephen was too happy to nod.  Stephen laid down on his back to 

lick his fingers clean as Ariel removed the emptied cum-tank to put in a new 



" Did you put more powder than normal in your little mix?  My skin seems to 

be tightening a lot " he asked.


" Maybe it's cuz it's the first time you take a shot in the face, no? " she 



" Aaaaah, could be... never mind that " he sais with a little higher pitched 

voice than normal, he cleared his throat and turned over, on his knees, 

offering his ass to Ariel.


Ariel aligned herself with Stephen's anus, she grabbed him by the hair to 

back him onto the dick, smiling as it grew slowly while pulling it.  The 

dildo penetrated with much ease, compared to a bit over a month ago, 

Stephen's ass had become more tender and willing.  Still holding him by the 

hair, she started banging him as he moaned and squirmed, biting into a 

pillow to muffle his ecstacy.  Ariel bended a bit forward, reaching for his 

cock at his front and started jacking him off as she fucked him deeper with 

each thrust.  She started playing with a nipple with her free hand but 

Stephen hissed in pain and pushed her hand away, explaining he felt unusual 

pain there.  She assured him that it would subside after a few minutes.  She 

then turned him over, placing herself under him, he still had his back to 

her as she held him by the torso, lowering him on her cock at a steady 

rythm.  Stephen feverishly augmented the pace until Ariel was close to 

cumming again.  She lifted him off her dildo and started masturbating, 

screaming as she came.  She held and squeezed Stephen's nipples firmly as 

streams after streams of hormonal cum landed on his crotch, where his 

testicles used to be, flowing down to the crack of his ass.  She rubbed it 

in with the tip of the cock, still caressing Stephen's tightening chest.


" Oh god!  First time we do it twice in a night, I feel tight all over... 

like my skin is gonna tear open, it's so taut.  I need rest... no more until 

tomorrow, baby " as he fell aside her, falling asleep, tired.  Ariel stood 

up and went to wash to dildo, coming back to sleep after.  A huge smile on 

her face, she was eager to see her boyfriend tomorrow.


The morning after, Stephen woke up with an odd feeling.  He opened up his 

eyes and saw Ariel was screwing a new dildo to the strap-on, it seemed like 

the other one but there didn't seem to be room for a cum-tank.


" Since when did we have that strap-on... doesn't seem like it has cum in 

it... I liked the cum " he whined, his eyes still semi-shut from the sleep.  

His groin felt a strange sensation has he thought about sex and their toys, 

and it didn't seem like it was just his erection that was giving him that 



" Oh, I bought that like a week ago, at the same time I bought my latex 

dress.  It looks really cool, you like it? " she asked as she finished 

screwing it in place.


" Well, how should I know... how about you let me have it ? " he asked 

eagerly, opening his eyes slowly as fatigue faded away.  He noticed how high 

his voice seemed since he woke up and he kept clearing his throat, trying to 

make it go away, finally dismissing it.  He thought he just needed a glass 

of water so he let it go and tried to enjoy the moment.


Ariel looked at him wickedly, smiling.  She started by going down on his 

erection, licking the tip of his dick hungrily, then she went down the whole 

lenght engulfing his shaft as she went, still sticking out her tongue.  As 

she came to the bottom of his shaft, he felt her tongue lick something he 

never felt before, making him moan out in pleasure.  She smiled as she came 

back up and then down again, teasing.  After two minutes of this, she let go 

of his dick and went back to a kneeling position in front of him, teasing 

his groin with the tip of her cock, she smiled.  He smiled back as she 

entered him completely in three strokes.  She started pumping in and out of 

him, arching her back.


" That's odd, I don't feel you like I normally do, my ass must be real used 

to taking cock now since I don't feel it stretch anymore " he said as he 

moaned.  He reached out to grab the cock in his hands to push it in farther, 

he took his hands away quickly as the dildo was all gooey.


" What the heck is this ? That's your new dildo's feature, it 

auto-lubricates ? " he said, a bit surprised to have his hands all slippery 

like that.


" Of course not, that's not the dildo's feature, I'll show you " she said as 

she flipped a little switch on the plastic dick's base " auto-lubrication, 

make me laugh, we don't need that, you lubricate way better than I thought " 

she said as she humped slowly, talking with her lover.


" Lubricate ? My ass lubricates well enough ? Come on, you're pushing it, no 

? " he said, not believing her.  Ariel started laughing, completely stopping 

her motion.


" Heeheehee, don't be silly...no, I'm not talking about your ass. " she 

said, smiling devilishly " Right, right, I didn't tell you... I'm fucking 

your pussy, I was talking about your vagina " she admitted, starting to hump 

at an accelerated pace, the dildo emitting what sounded like a hissing 



" WHAT??!?!? A pussy??? What the hell are you talking about? What the heck 

is with my damn voice? "


Stephen panicked as he heard about him having a vagina, he reached for his 

groin only to let out a gasp as he landed on his clit.  He wanted to get up 

and look at it, but Ariel pinned down his frail female body, still fucking 

his/her pussy as she masturbated his/her cock.  The hissing sound got a bit 

louder and Stephen nearly fainted as his/her nipples slowly inflated into 

breasts, he panicked as his/her breasts pumped up from nothing to a d-cup in 

a few strokes.


" What are you doing, lemme go!  Ariel, come on, what the hell's happening 

to me, stop it, I'm turning into a freak, that's not normal... my skin is 

tight yet elastic.  What's with my chest... I'm getting boobs.  Make it 

stop!!! " he/she said, panicking.


" I thought you'd like that, I'm making your fantasy come true, no?  Didn't 

you want to be a girl when you watched porn movies? " she asked calmly, 

still pumping air in his/her pussy.


" Well... yeah, but not like that, I mean I never thought about my real life 

as being a girl, what about my job? my social life and stuff like that... I 

can't just be made a girl like that! " he/she protested.


" Why?  You do like what you've become, no?  You could leave your current 

job and actually BE a porn star, we could make that happen... you wouldn't 

like that? " she insisted, inflating his boobs bigger still, past the 

grapefruit range.


" It was just a fantasy, this is happening too quickly and you didn't even 

tell me!  How selfish of you... turn me over, make me a guy again! This is 

too crazy even for my twisted tastes " he/she pleaded, trying to push Ariel 

out of his/her pussy.


" What if I can't turn you back?  You'll have to accept your fate, right?  

If I can turn you back, wouldn't you like to be turned into a girl 

momentarily? " She explained.


Stephen closed his/her eyes, trying to concentrate, to get a grip.  He/she 

put his hands to his/her face, passing them through his long blond hair.  

He/she started crying as he/she looked at them.  He/she tried to think 

straight, not even bothering to reply to Ariel since she kept pounding 

his/her cunt.  He/she brought back his/her delicate hands to his/her chest 

to concentrate, unfortunately touching his/her sensitive breasts, letting 

out a moan.  He/she definately could not concentrate with his/her pussy 

being banged and his/her tits growing like that, he/she kept moaning 

uncontrollably as he/she kept playing with his/her ever-inflating boobs.


" I see your boobs aren't as sore as yesterday, you like them now, huh? " 

she asked naughtily, well aware that Stephen couldn't keep his/her hands 

from his/her new body.


" They feel so good, uuunnnngggghhhh " he/she reached for Ariel butt, 

pulling her deeper in him/her as he/she spread his/her legs.


He/she kept massaging one tit while spreading open his/her pussy.  He/she 

screamed in anticipation and ecstacy as Ariel grabbed onto both boobs to get 

a better grip as she was starting to accelerate the pace at which she fucked 

her boy/girlfriend.  He/she rode the dildo for another 5 minutes until both 

of them climaxed, the cock releasing a final big gush of air in him/her, 

making his/her breasts stop at the size of volleyballs.  Ariel got her cock 

out of Stephen's pussy who let out a little hiss of ecstacy as his pussy was 

still twitching from orgasm.  He/she finally opened is eyes wide enough to 

witness the changes in his body.  He/she stepped back, bringing his/her back 

to the wall, lifting and cupping his/her tits trying to evaluate how big 

they were.


" Holy god, what d'you do to me, turn me back, I'm a freak! How can I go to 

work like that? Every inch of my skin hurts, like it's too stretched, what 

have you done to me? " he/she asked, furious.


" Oh, relax will you, your skin is tight cuz I just blown up your tits to a 

size I thought you'd like, that was the biggest it would go to... plus we 

both came so I stopped there "


" Like???  I look like a damn freak!  Do I have to remind you that I'm a 

boy? "


" Well, I don't see much boy in you except for that dick of yours, you'd 

have less of a hard time going around telling people you're a girl " she 



Stephen shook his/her head in denial, making his/her boobs wiggle with the 

motion.  Wiping the tears from his/her cheeks, he/she asked:


" Can you turn me back ?  Can it be done ? Will you ? " he/she asked


" Well, yes I can.  See, what I've done is change the original cum we had 

bought with hormonal cum, so each time I came on you, the place where the 

cum penetrated was feminized, didn't you notice your body was getting more 

feminine in the last month ?  That's why I kept from cumming on your face 

and your pussy area until yesterday, so you would only see the effect this 

morning.  Basically I can cum on your boobs and face, having that turn back 

to normal so you could at least go back to work without drawing suspicion to 

yourself and then gradually I could cum again on your body over a month and 

turn you back into a full man.  But since we have the weekend for 

ourselves... I thought we could enjoy your new body ? " she asked coyly.


Stephen lifted his/her head, his/her nose and eyes puffed and red from 

having cried.  He/she looked at her, eyes widening in hope.


" So you can turn me back ?  <sniffle> Then I guess we could fool around a 

bit, I must admit it's different to have sex that way <sniffle> " she said 

as she finally accepted her female body and condition... for the weekend.  

She wiped her nose with a tissue and looked down at her tits, smiling.  " 

They're beautiful, you know what ?  I look like that Vicki girl from our 

movie " she said as she cupped her boobs, looking at herself in the mirror 

in front of the bed, her dick upright from the arousal of looking at 

herself.  " I look hot... I guess I should say thanks for letting me explore 

my fantasy, right ? "


" It would be appreciated " Ariel said, smiling.  " You know what's been 

going through my mind before I bought the new dildo and my latex dress last 

week ? " she continued.


" No, what is that ? " Stephen asked, her head cocked to the side as she was 

putting up her hair in a ponytail. " You got an elastic for my hair ? "


" Well I was really hoping you didn't protest too much to stay as a woman 

for at least the weekend because I bought this really expensive rubber gown 

for you too so we could both dress-up.  I got your dress the same size as 

me, so your titties might give some major cleavage and look like they are 

overflowing.  It's the same dress, except mine's dark green and your's is 

pewter-colored... wouldja like to put it on ? " Ariel asked as she gave 

Stephen an elastic.


" Yeah!!! Gimme, you remembered a month ago when I said that I would wear 

some if I were a woman ? " she asked as Ariel nodded to the question and 

left to get the dress.  After some squeaking noises came from the walk-in 

closet, the door opened up to Ariel dressed in her latex gown, the skirt a 

bit lifted from the strap-on pushing on it.  She presented the gown to 

Stephen who looked at her with lust.  Stephen went in the closet, closing 

the door behind her.  A few squeaking rubber sounds came from the closet, 

Stephen also let out a few struggling sounds, not really used to putting on 

plastic clothes, she finally got in her dress correctly but struggled a bit 

more to fit her volleyball-sized assets in it.  The door opened to a 

magnificent vixen, Ariel was surprised and licking her lips in anticipation, 

looking at the bulge in Stephen's skirt, as she was obviously aroused by her 

new experience.  " You like it ?  How do I look ? " she asked.


Ariel was really astounded, " You were right Stephen, huge boobs are really 

a nice thing to look at... mind if I touch 'em ? " she asked.  " While we're 

at it, do you mind if we find you a female name for the weekend ? "


Stephen merrily hopped to Ariel, bouncing on her way.  She bended over a 

bit, presenting her overflowing cleavage to Ariel.  " Stephen...Stephen, you 

know that doesn't sound right at all.  Call me Tiffany " she said, smiling.  

Ariel looked at her girlfriend, putting both hands on her cleavage, she 

started playing with Tiffany's flesh balloons, drawing circles on her skin 

and down to their latexed surface.  Tiffany closed her eyes and bit her 

lower lip, taking her hands to the neck line of her gown which was pretty 

low-cut, she pulled on the neckline enough to squeeze her tits through, 

having them rest over the neckline, in all their glory for Ariel to play 

with.  Instead of cupping or squeezing them, Ariel went for the nipple with 

her tongue, licking it sensuously, taking it into her mouth.  She suckled on 

it like a baby, licking all over the tit, burrowing her face in it, then 

suckling some more as she handled the free boob with her left hand.  Tiffany 

closed her eyes, hissing from the pleasure, she pushed her funbags together, 

pushing them in Ariel's face.  She held Ariel's face on her breast as Ariel 

lifted the skirt with her free hand and started stroking Tiffany's cock.  

She changed from one boob to the other after a few more minutes of suckling, 

changing left hand from tit to dick and vice-versa.  Tiffany moaned and 

yelped in her girly voice as she was getting jacked-off, licked and suckled. 

  She grabbed her free tit and licked it, sucking hard on the nipple.  She 

started breathing heavily as Ariel grabbed both melons with her hands and 

went for the cock with her mouth, putting the skirt over her head.  Tiffany 

pushed on the latex where Ariel's head was, locking her mouth on her dick.  

It didn't take much more of this for Ariel to feel Tiffany's body getting 

stiff and then spurting something that seemed like a gallon in her mouth.  

She almost choked on it as she couldn't swallow it quicker than it came out 

of Tiffany's penis, so she overflowed and let it drip all over her chin and 

in her cleavage.  Tiffany backed up, turned over and laid down on the bed, 



" Wow, I don't think I ever came that hard.  The funbags you gave me really 

add to the experience " she explained.  Ariel looked at her with a jizzed 

grin on her face, winking at her lover.


" You're beautiful, I really like your body better as a girl, can we keep it 

? " she pleaded.


" Whoa!  I don't think that's wise... let us go through the weekend and 

we'll see but I don't see a lot of chances of me wanting to stay like 

that... I look way too much like a freak of nature.  A sexy freak I must say 

but still, I feel odd with this " she answered.


Ariel pouted at the answer.  Both stood up and went to wash their respective 

bodies from the morning's action.  When they were done they both put their 

rubber dresses back on.  Then the day went on normally, watching TV or doing 

chores, dressed to kill.  They smelled sex and they liked it.  Ariel was 

actually happy to be wearing rubber clothes and felt nice and sexy in them.  

Tiffany, on her hand, was rather enjoying her body when she wasn't actually 

paying attention to the part of her that reminded her that she was really a 



Ariel changed in the middle of the day because she said she had some errands 

to run.  So she put on civies and took the car.  Tiffany stayed home and 

masturbated... both her pussy and dick, taking small pauses when she was 

about to cum to play with her boobs long enough for the pressure to come 

down, then she went back at it.  Her new body proved addicting and she 

couldn't get enough of it.  Her sex drive was now twice as big as it was 

before since she had two sex organs to speak of now.  She was so busy 

playing with herself for the fourth time in the day that she didn't hear 

Ariel coming back.  Ariel had gone and bought a new pouch of fake cum from 

her specialized dealer.  She had made the mixture out of the hormonal cum 

and the new one and filled a brand new cum-tank.  The tank itself was bigger 

than the old one and compressed the cum so she could put more cum in it.  

She then put the ejaculating dildo back on the strap-on belt, then she put 

on the belt and got back in her plastic gown, dropping the skirt over her 



Ariel had just started cooking dinner when Tiffany got out the bedroom, 

soaked in sweat, exhausted from her workout.  She was panting, her dick 

finally gone limp.  She wrapped her arms around Ariel who had her back to 

her, preparing dinner.  Ariel smiled as she felt her lover's globes mash 

against her back.  She prepared something light so they wouldn't feel too 

heavy that night from eating too much.


After supper, they both got out on the town.  Ariel had proposed Tiffany to 

go out in a club and show off her body.  Surprisingly for Ariel, she 

accepted.  So both rubber lovers went downtown at this club where all the 

girls are very pretty, except none of them would ever dare wear latex in 

public.  Tiffany was, for the first time in her lifetime, feeling 

invincible.  Guys and girls kept looking at the couple, some drooling and 

some with jealousy in their eyes.  Tiffany was a real tease for the boys, 

cupping and squeezing her knockers together for maximum cleavage.  Ariel was 

surprised when Tiffany went outside with a guy and came back a few minutes 

later with glistening lips and a grin.  They danced all night and went back 



As soon as the door closed, each jumped on the other, Tiffany which was a 

bit weaker than Ariel lost the battle and ended up under Ariel who pulled on 

the neckline of her dress, pulling her hooters out.  She licked and bit them 

hungrily, sucking on the nipples hard each time she passed in front of them. 

  They both couldn't contain their urges to fuck.  Tiffany lifted Ariel's 

skirt, smiling as she saw that she had already put on the strap-on.  Only 

this wasn't Tiffany's target.  She looked just under it, Ariel's slit was 

shining from her flowing juices.  Tiffany got hard just looking at it and 

plunged her penis right in, getting all the way in with one thrust.  Ariel 

arched her back in ecstacy as she closed her eyes and grabbed on to both of 

Tiffany's melons.  After the initial shock, she looked back at her lover's 

body, she licked her lips in anticipation as she pushed both boobies 

together and dove her head into the cleavage, licking and sucking 

frantically while Tiffany fucked her furiously.  Tiffany was so excited from 

the attention her breasts were getting that it took her less than five 

minutes before she came what little she had left in her.


As soon as she was finished milking Tiffany's tool, Ariel didn't even wait 

for her to catch her breath that she already was pumping in and out of 

Tiffany's pussy with her own dick.  Tiffany rolled her eyes and her head 

around on the sheets in sheer pleasure.  She grabbed the sheets in her fist 

and forced her farther on Ariel's dildo.  She was herself surprised at how 

she couldn't get enough of it, it felt so good that she drenched the 

strap-on in her new juices.  She took both her tits and shook them against 

Ariel's nipples, rubbing them uncontrollably.  When she was done with that, 

she took her lover's head and locked it to her left boob which she was 

presenting her.  Once Ariel was addictively sucking on her left breast, she 

took her right one's nipple and started kneading it, playing and sucking it 

herself.  She had a hard time catching her breath as she kept moaning and 

yelping, all the while panting heavily.  She had sweat flowing down her 

forehead, soaking her now very thin blond brow.  Ariel was equally sweating 

from the motion she was executing.  Her drops of sweat fell down to 

Tiffany's latexed belly, pearling sensuously down the waterproof plastic 

dress.  Ariel rose from Tiffany's chest and in a swift motion turned around, 

bringing her girlfriend over her.  Tiffany who was now on top, took her 

lover's d-cups out the same way hers was.  She grabbed and caressed the 

knockers as she started riding her.  She rolled her head as she kept the 

rythm, her long hair hung down her front, tickling Ariel as their tips 

brushed her nipples.  After a bit of riding, Ariel heard a little hiss 

coming from the tank and felt a little warm sensation coming from her mound 

just over her pussy but she dismissed it, concentrating on making Tiffany 

cum.  Ariel let Tiffany ride her a little more before pushing her off her 

cock, she looked at her lover filled with lust.


" Suck it, honey.  I'm gonna give you a cum shower... I'm gonna drench you 

in it, you want it all, right ? " She said as she stood up before Tiffany, 

forcing her girlfriend's head on her cock as soon as she nodded.  She was 

only too happy to oblige, sucking as if her life depended on it.  She also 

tried titfucking a bit, finally bringing the plastic dick to ejaculation.  

Ariel pushed her away from her and told her to move so she could get as much 

as she could all over Tiffany.  She didn't quite know why she had to do 

that, but Tiffany obeyed.  Ariel arched her back as she came gallons all 

over Tiffany's skin as she turned about, getting it all over her hair, 

chest, face, back, legs, butt, feet... she literally had it everywhere on 

her and she even pulled on her dress neckline to get at least a liter in her 

gown, rubbing on the dress, smearing it all over her belly.  She took off 

her gown quickly to get as much as she could, then realizing that there was 

probably not a spot left on her body that wasn't covered in jizz, she put 

the cock in her mouth and swallowed about two more gallons in her mouth 

alone.  Ariel was still spasming and the flow of cum died down.  She wiped 

her forehead dry as she realized that the strap-on looked sticky on her, she 

quickly took it off to realize that the tank had spilled on herself.  She 

panicked as she tried to wipe it away, only rubbing it in without really 

realizing it.  She kept it to herself and both stood up to go wash.


" Oh wait " Ariel said, smiling " would you like to try something out ? "


" Huh, I guess so " Tiffany answered, winking a bit not to get cum in her 



" See, you're gonna think I won a lot of money lately because I bought one 

more thing, and I'd really like you to try it.  It's very kinky and you 

might like it too.  First of all I want you to tell me how much you like 

cum, do you like it, do you think it's icky to have it all over yourself ? " 

she asked plainly.


" Oh no... I don't think it's icky, it's all slippery like oil.  It's fun 

when I play with my titties with a lot of cum on them " Tiffany said as she 

paused, realizing something " you know what ? My vocabulary seems to be 

getting sluttier by the minute since I've been female.  Is that normal ? "


" Well, I gotta tell you that nothing in the cum was supposed to make you 

that way.  I guess you really were a slut in a man's body.  That might 

explain why you imagined yourself as a pornstar... that might also explain 

why you've done stuff way more extreme than any woman I know.  Pornstars do 

it for money while you did it for fun and for the love of it, it seems like 

you can't get enough of showing off how much you like sex and how you're 

ready to try anything.  That makes me think, do you wanna try out what I had 

planned, it's realllllly kinky " Ariel said.


Tiffany nodded, eyes wide and jizzed smile up to her delicate ears.


" Ok, you wait here honey, don't wash... just wait for me " She said, happy 

that she wanted to try it.  She went out the room into the walk-in and came 

out a minute later with a hooded rubber catsuit.  Tiffany's face lit up.  " 

Ok, so you see, I'd like you to get in that and be completely encased in 

rubber.  That, I'm sure you'll like.  But the thing is, I'd like you to get 

in there now, still covered in my cum and I want you to sleep wearing your 

cum-filled rubber pyjama.  Will you be a good girl and do that for me ? " 

she asked shyly.


Tiffany took the suit without hesitating and went into the closet to put it 

on while Ariel washed the drops that fell on the carpet and on the bed.  

Five minutes later, Tiffany came out the closet wearing her plastic jammies. 

  A smile drawn on her plastic lips.  Ariel wanted to touch badly, she ran 

to Ariel and started rubbing up and down her body, feeling the normally 

skintight fabric shift around on a layer of slippery jizz.  She hugged and 

kissed her lover on the lips, parting them apart to dart her tongue in.  She 

caressed her hair which came out in a perfect ponytail from a hole at the 

top of the full-faced hood.  The only holes in the garment were for her 

mouth, nostrils, eyes and hair, the rest was completely closed from outside, 

keeping the jizz inside.  They embraced each other's body and Tiffany laid 

down on the bed, exhausted from a total day of sex, dancing and more sex.  

She fell asleep like a baby, her hands in fists.  Although probably every 

girl she knew would have thought that sleeping in a pyjama filled with semen 

as being sick, she loved every second of it.  It sure didn't stop her from 

falling soundly asleep in a matter of seconds and having very pleasant 

dreams from the day she passed.  Perhaps being a woman wasn't all that bad, 

she sure had a hard time remembering the last time she had this much fun in 

a day when she used to be a guy.


Ariel, on her side, was taking a shower.  She washed the sweat she built up 

with the sex and wearing all that hot clothing she had been dressed in all 

day.  She took extra care to wash the mound of hair over her slit.  She 

shampooed, got out and wiped herself dry and went to bed, her arms wrapped 

around her rubber-clothed girlfriend.


The morning after, a little bit after sunrise, it was Ariel who was awaken 

by her lover.  Tiffany was masturbating Ariel under the sheets, she did so 

on purpose to wake up Ariel.  Ariel opened her eyes slowly, still a bit 

dazed from her night's rest.


" Whew! Looks like someone has a case of the morning stiffy... heehee!  Why 

didn't you take off the strap-on to sleep last night, can't you get enough 

of it ? " she laughed at Ariel's apparent penis envy.


Ariel, on the other hand, didn't see anything funny in that as she had taken 

off the dildo the night before.  Her eyes widened as she tossed the sheets 

off her, discovering what the cum that had spilled on her mound had left.  

Sure enough, and like she feared even though she kind of wanted it to 

happen, she now had a dick.  And a cute one at that, feminine although 

undoubtedly male.  Tiffany smiled, only her teeth appearing amidst her 

otherwise completely shiny, black surface.  It was more like the contrary 

for her lover who seemed a bit upset to say the least, sitting upright, 

looking at it.  She tried pulling it off gently only to realize that it was 

stuck there, obviously.  The irony clearly didn't please her, and for a good 



" Don't sweat it, it's beautiful... and just like me, we can just cum there 

again and it will disappear, making you a woman again.  Keep it for the 

weekend ? Just for meeeee ? please ? " she asked, enthusiastic.


" Of... huh... course.  Honey, I have no choice but to tell you now.  I'll 

have to keep it since the cum won't reverse nothing, I told you that 

yesterday because I wanted you to stop worrying about it and try to see how 

fun you're new body could be... I think that turned out pretty well, but I 

didn't expect to end up with a dick myself.  Which is why I spent about an 

hour in the shower yesterday, praying for the cum that had spilled there to 

be completely washed away.  I guess I'm paying the price now " she admitted 



" So you mean I'm stuck in this body ? " she asked worriedly, cupping her 

boobs for emphasis.


" That's.... pretty much it, except I've done more to you... but I'll let 

you find that out in due time... you could like it, I hope you do " she 

answered, tears welling at her eyes, ready to cry.  " I'm sorry, I just... I 

mean... I didn't want to make you unhappy it's just that transforming you 

was getting addictive and I kinda knew you could like it since it was a 

fantasy of yours " she said between sobs as she broke down and cried her 

eyes out.


" It's ok I guess... I've got a lot of things that I wanted, I mean, you 

wore latex for me... I wore some, you even made me a shemale like I 

fantasized about, although a sluttish one but you say that's entirely me and 

not your changes that made me that way.  I took a freaking cum shower and 

even slept in plastic jammies still covered in it for crying out loud.  I 

wouldn't have done it if it repulsed me that much.  Maybe I just didn't see 

myself living that way for the rest of my life... but it ain't so bad " she 

said looking at Ariel's face lighting up a bit more, wiping her tears away.


" Really ?  And you don't think I'm a freak for having a dick ? " she asked, 

her eyes red and puffy from all those tears.


Tiffany looked at her with a puzzled look.  " Just look at me... I'm a black 

rubber covered slut with volleyballs on my chest and a dick above my 

pussy... and I'm supposed to be male above all.  How in the world could I 

even start considering you like a freak " Tiffany looked at her with a 

smile, proving that no matter how their bodies had changed they were still 

the couple they were before, even though they might be called lesbians now 

it made perfect sense to them since they didn't feel less in love than 

before.  If anything, they were more in love than they'd ever been and their 

sex life was getting something comparable to a hurrica


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