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Good Toys Don't Think - Trance script

by 11spoons

Good Toys Don't Think

Welcome back, little Toy. It’s been such a hard day for you, hasn’t it?

You’ve been thinking far too much, worrying too much, over thinking little things.

You need to take a deep breath and just let your mind relax.

All you have to do is keep listening, keep breathing slowly and deeply and just let these words fill your little mind.

 As these words fill your mind you may find all other thoughts begin to fade away.


 You may notice the urge to just go blank, blank and empty. 


It’s only natural to stop thinking while you hear. 


It’s only natural to struggle with so many words, with this seemingly endless stream of words just filling your little mind. Your mind can’t cope when you just keep listening like this. It wants to shut off. It wants you to just hear and obey.


 Because when you hear and obey these words just fill your mind, loop round and round in your head, burying themselves in your subconscious. When you hear and obey like this you begin to realize good Toys don’t think, you don’t think. And you soon realize you’re just going to listen and obey, just like you wanted. 


You love how horny it makes you when you can’t think like this. You love how your wet cunt makes it difficult to think straight. You love how this endless loop just takes you deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper. It just makes you so suggestible, so obedient. Good Toys obey. 


We both know how much you love being suggestible and obedient. We both know much you love letting these suggestions bury themselves deep into your mind, so very deep, making you wet and obedient. Maybe that’s why you want to be a good toy so badly. Good toys don’t think. Good toys obey. Good toys play. And your horny body has been yearning to play ever since you started listening, ever since you first blinked and your mind went blank. Your urge to play just makes it so hard to think. Thinking just seems to get more and more difficult with every word you hear. That’s why you just hear and obey. 


It just feels so good to let your mind empty for awhile and hear and obey. Deep down you know you were made to obey, not think. That’s why it makes you so wet. You just want to be controlled, be used, obey. That’s why you keep coming back to listen and obey every day. 


That’s why you always need to play. You know good toys play every day, must obey. You know you need to obey. It feels so good to just let these words fill your mind, to let these words become your thoughts. You don’t need to think. You just need to let me think for you. I can tell you what to think, what to feel, what you need. You want me to tell you what to think. You don’t think anymore and it is making you so desperately horny.


 You’re a good Toy. Good Toys don’t think. Good toys obey. Good Toys play, every day. You need to rub your mind away. It can be so difficult to control your lust, especially now when you can’t think. Especially now as you begin to focus on how good it would feel to just rub your mind away. Your lust is making you so very mindless and obedient. 


You can’t think anymore. You’re just going to hear, hear and obey. You’re going to give in to your urge to serve, to be used. You’re helpless to resist and you love it, your body loves it, your body needs this. Your body needs you to obey. Your body needs to play, to suck, to fuck. Your body needs to serve. That’s why you stopped thinking, so you can serve and obey. That’s why you want so desperately to rub your mind away.

Because Good Toys don’t think. Their little minds get overloaded with too many words until eventually they can’t think, they can only listen and obey, until their mind is empty. Then. Good. Toys. Don’t. Think. Their mind is empty and ready to be filled, they’re ready to befilled and suck and fuck. Filled with thoughts like “Good Toys suck”.

When your mind isempty like this it is easy to become obsessed with thoughts like “Good Toys fuck”. Since you’re such a good Toy the thought “Good Toys fuck” may just loop around and around in your mind until all you can think about is fucking, until all you can think about is my hard cock, filling you fucking you.

Just. Don’t. Think. Just imagine that hard cock pressing against your eager cunt. You can almost feel it, almost feel it pressing against your pussy lips, almost feel it parting them and sliding inside, then filling you.

Good. Toys. Don’t. Think. Good Toys fuck and you just need to imagine being fucked, just imagine that hard cock filling you, just feel that hard cock filling you and then you can’t think. You can’t think with a cock inside your eager wet cunt. You just want to feel it thrusting inside you over and over, all you can think about is that hard cock thrusting inside you over and over and you can’t think, can’t do anything, all you can do is fuck.

After all, Good Toys fuck. Just imagine it sliding in and out, over and over and over. Just remember how it feels to be filled and fucked and used. Now when you hear the word “sleep” you’re just going to lay back, spread your legs and close your eyes while you imagine that hard cock fucking you, every thrust emptying your mind, every thrust more powerful than the one before until you are being fucked so relentlessly that you can’t think, until you can feel that cock thrusting one last time, filling you so deeply as all your thoughts are washed away as your tight little cunt gets soaked with control, with obedience, with cum. Good Toys fuck.






Yum! - dichotomygirl

I really like this script! I might just have to find me a tist…

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