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from bullying big sister to little sister's birthday pony

by daaaaan

Chapter 1

"hurry up you little pest!" Kate said to her little sister janet, "or i will leave you behind!"  kate was eighteen years old, five feet 10 inches tall, had brown hair that reached the middle of her back, light skin, long legs, size 7 feet, slender arms, dainty hands, a heart shaped butt, an hourglass waist, curvy hips, large dd cup breasts, a flat stomach, full lips, long lashes and blue eyes.  she was wearing sheer nylon leggings, black 6 inch heels, a pair of white panties,  a short dark blue mini skirt, a white bra, a dark blue blouse, red lipstick, mascara, some blush, eyeliner and dark eyeshadow.  "please wait big sis," cried janet.  janet was 9 years old,  3 feet 11 inches tall, had blonde hair that reached her shoulders, green eyes, and pale skin.  She was wearing regular undergarments, my little pony socks, my little pony shoes, my little pony shorts, and a my little pony shirt.  the two were at the mall, kate being forced to watch over her little sister while their parents shopped for janet's 10th birthday party.  I cannot believe that mom and dad are forcing me to watch over this little brat while they shop for presents the little runt does not even needkate thought to herself, as she relunctantly waited for her little sister to catch up.  when janet finally caught up to her, kate asked her in a sarcastic tone of voice, "there, are you happy now? are you going to keep up with me this time?"  janet looked up at her big sister and nodded, saying "yes i will."  kate turned around, said "hmph" and the two of them started walking, and a few minutes later they neared the entrance to a store.  "are we going in the, big sis? asked janet.  kate looked at the store, then looked at her sister, and said, "no, we are not."  as they were passing the entrance of the store, an old lady was coming out of the store with a stack of two boxes in her arms.  as they neared the old lady, the old lady fell down, dropping the boxes from her arms.  Kate walked past the old lady without even bothering to look and see if the old lady needed any help.  janet, on the other hand, stopped in front of the old lady and asked her, "excuse me, do you need some help?"  The old lady looked up and said, "yes, child, i would very much appreciate some help, thank you."  Hearing the old lady say "child" kate turned and saw that janet was no longer following her.  instead, the little nuisance was helping some old hag.  "i thought you said you were going to keep up with me this time, you little nuisance" kate said as she marched over to her little sister and the old lady.  "instead, you decide to stop and help some ugly old granny with her stuff." janet looked down while she resumed helping the old lady with her stuff and said "sorry big sister"  the old lady looked at kate and said, "you should be nicer to your sister."  Kate laughed and said, "That is none of your business.  Anyway its not like i want to be with the little brat.  On the contrary, i am all but forced to be with the little snot-nosed brat while our mom and dad shop for the little nuisance's birthday."  Having been helped to her feet by janet, the old lady looked at the little girl and asked her, "oh so it is your birthday soon little dear?"  janet handed the old lady her two boxes and nodded replying, "yes it is, maam." the old lady nodded and asked janet, "how many days until your birthday, little one?" janet thought for a moment and replied, "it is in seven days, miss."  the old lady nodded again and asked the little girl in front of her as she took her two boxes from the little girl, "and how old are you going to be little one?"  Janet looked at the old lady and replied with a smile, "i am going to be turning ten years old."  The old lady nodded again asked asked the sweet little girl in front of her, "what are you wanting your sister, mom and dad to get you for your tenth birthday, little one?"  Kate interrupted and said vehemently, "if i had my way, would not be getting the little brat anything, but unfortunately i do not get that option, since mom and dad said i have to get the little nuisance something. Bah!"  the old lady looked at kate and said kindly, "i do not believe i was asking you my dear." "hmph," replied kate.  the old lady then turned back to janet, and said, "well, dear?"  janet replied without hesitation, "a pony!"  kate burst out laughing and said, "There is absolutely no way that will ever happen. Idiot!"  Janet started to tear up and the old lady turned and walked over to kate with a gleam in her eye and said, "you are rather mean to yoiur sister.  Let me ask you something, would you rather have to be nicer to your sister from now on or would you rather transform over the next seven days into a pony for your sister's birthday and stay that way forever, having to obey your little sister and be unable to control your own body in any other way but as an obedient pony?"  Kate laughed and replied, "you are insane, lady. but i will answer your question.  i have too much fun being mean to janet so i will take the second option."  As if it would even be possible, kate thought with a smirk.  The old lady nodded, and said "i see.  so be it."  Kate saw the old woman's eyes flash and felt a chill run down her spine.  "let's go brat" she said and began pulling janet along.  Janet waved goodbye and the last thing Kate heard before getting out of earshot was the old lady saying "seven days".  yeah, right, kate thought.  little did kate know that the old lady was actually a powerful witch..............

to be continued in chapter 2


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