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The Wiki (Part 2)

by furryfan1234

Chapter 2

As Luke's fur kept growing... each existing fur getting longer by the second as the pelt continued to spread over his body... he realized he had to stop this before his situation got any more out of hand than it already was.

Luke reached for his keyboard, about to hit the "edit" button, when yet another notification popped up in the top of his web browser - his name, again, at the top of the Wiki's "New Revisions" list. Thinking he had to move quickly, Luke started to type... finding it strangely difficult for some reason... VERY difficult... why couldn't he hit the keys?!

Glancing downward, Luke gulped nervously -- his fingers were getting shorter... almost nonexistent! The same brown fur that was growing on his body had covered his hands... which were starting to look much more like... PAWS?! Tough, canine pads had formed on their palms... short, black claws replacing his fingernails.... and within seconds, Luke had a large but rather ordinary pair of wolf paws in place of his hands... a very big problem, he thought, if whoever kept editing his Wiki page kept it up; there was no way he could use the computer with these big, clumsy paws!

As he pondered what to do next, Luke realized he was facing another problem... his fur was still growing at an alarming pace. The areas it grew first... his abs, trailing downward... were getting REALLY shaggy, and the rest of his fur was quickly catching up in length. If he didn't stop this soon, Luke figured he'd be in a very hairy situation....

Luke's chest was getting shaggy. REALLY shaggy. The muscle he had gained earlier was clearly there, but it was hard to see its definition under the thick, fast-growing pelt of fur that covered his pecs, trailing down over his abs and into his shorts. As the fur kept growing, the latch of fur under each of his armpits so thick that keeping his arms by his sides was becoming awkward, he heard the sound he now dreaded: another beep from his computer.

Someone had changed his profile on The Wiki again... and it's a good thing the change log was still open, because there was no way he'd be opening it with the paws he had been given in place of hands. As he glanced at the screen, looking through the log, he was already feeling odd... like he wanted a challenge, to explore; take new risks... and he noticed a slight tingling in his crotch, too...

As the bottom of the screen, he found the change. It was a simple, one line edit under "Traits." Nothing but a bullet point labelled "Ballsy." Well, that explained his mental urges, Luke thought, as he subtly rubbed his package with his paw, the tingling feeling intensifying... wait... did his cock feel bigger?

Luke glanced down, noting as he did that his chest was still getting furrier, the scruff pouring out as quick as ever... but... the bulge in his shorts was DEFINITELY bigger... and... it was swelling!

Startled, Luke took off his short, seeing his black boxers stretched tight against not his cock, but his balls -- they were huge! Their outline looked like a couple of large grapefruits, clearly still growing and straining the fabric of his underwear! As his boxers stretched, he could clearly see how furry they were, too... it seems that change was affecting EVERY part of him...

Luke was really starting to panic, with his paws there was no way he could change himself, and now he was getting bigger and furrier by the second! At the same time, he was feeling ballsier than ever before, maybe he could have some fun with this body...

----- TO BE CONTINUED -----


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