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Jordan's New Life

by lullanok

Chapter One - the Transformation

Jordan didn’t know how he had gotten here; only that he was here. In fact, he couldn’t remember anything – not even about his life, his family, his friends. Nothing. All he knew is that he was now strapped naked to the table in a small, white room. He quickly realized that every movement he made was fruitless – even a half inch of struggle would widen the bar strapped between his legs, making him more on show than he already was.

As a straight man, this was torture. He was used to being the ladies man, inflicting this type of torture onto them – never would he have imagined to have the roles reversed on him, and become a submissive. Little would he know that he would come to enjoy it in the end.

A door slid open, and in walked a trio of men, a well kept man flanked by two men wearing nothing but sparkly, lilac thongs which revealed the outline of their hard cocks. “Gay whores,”, he quietly whispered to himself. He instantly regretted it. The bars around his feet widened considerably, and the three men looked directly at him and his now exposed hole.

“Well, well well… what do we have here, boys?” chuckled the one in the suit, indicating at Jordan.

“New meat,” said the boy on the left. “He’s still unprepped.”

“Clearly. Let’s do it.”!

The two thong wearing men sauntered over to him, their hips swaying. Kissing a nipple each, the right one whispered sensually into Jordan’s ear – “You might think we’re faggots, but wait until you see yourself in a day or two. Who’s the faggot now?” He laughed, and pressed a button under the table.

Instantly, a jet of pink foam sprayed from the ceiling onto his exposed body. This had a strange effect, rendering him unable to move completely, as well as beginning to tingle his entire body. It was at this moment that he realized that he was mute as well – his vocal chords had failed. He blacked out moments later.

Unbeknownst to him, his body was undergoing a series of changes, starting with the dissipation of all his body hair. Originally quite thick, it took mere moments to reduce it to stubble, then dissipate it altogether, now smooth. His beard was cut off, and hair was molded to match the other two, with a distinct strawberry blonde color element to it. The sides were shaved off completely, with the rest of his locks falling in a wave to the side of his head.

His muscles expanded a small amount, with any fat on his body transferred to his ass, creating a lean but ripped silhouette, with a bubble butt. His cock increased in size, with any nerve endings drastically increased in sensitivity. Any touch down there would result in immediate orgasm. However, his cum shoot was removed, to ensure cumming was virtually impossible, and the only way he could do this was by having his prostate physically stimulated. He became tanner, and his lips were significantly plumped up to a size that was desirable for cock sucking.

It took another two hours for Jordan to come to his senses, opening his eyes to see the two boys in front of him. Still unable to move or speak, with his hole exposed, he laid there, shocked at the new feelings and sensations in his body. Bewildered, but yet… increasingly horny seeing them. They laughed and produced a pink thong that was the sexiest thing Jordan had ever seen. He’d seen his girlfriend wear a similar style, but he ridiculed the thought of it himself. After all, he was highly masculine and proud to be a straight man…

The two boys stretched him open, and fixed it on his limp body. It felt… so amazing, barely covering any of his privates. They squeezed his cock, leant down to suck but didn’t, winked, and left.

As they exited the room, the lights went dim and above him, the man in the suit from earlier appeared, in the flesh. All around him, spirals came on, as well as a special hypnotic track. Unable to move, he was forced to stare at it.

He quickly found himself being brainwashed to become gay and lust for cock. It just felt natural, the voice told him, to give in. This is what he’d wanted. He couldn’t think. He could only stare.

“So boy, you’re probably wondering what you’re here for. Well, I saw you on twitter, and thought you’d be perfect for me and my other boys. We’re constantly looking out for fresh meat and ass to play with, and I thought you’d be perfect – and I was right. You’re going to call me sir from now on. Understood? Oh, yes, that’s right, you can’t respond… I’ll take that for a yes sir. Just relax, and I’m going to open you up a bit…”

The thong was immediately displaced and his hole was entered with sir’s massive cock. It felt so good to be penetrated anally – his g spot was being stimulated oh so well by the man. It took only seconds more for him to come to orgasm, but he quickly noticed that he couldn’t cum. His cock felt so good, his whole body in fact, but he still felt desire from his cock. Nonetheless, he rode the wave, which went on for minutes, his back involuntarily arching and moans escaping his lips.

“You’re a good boy, Jordan.”

Another wave of pleasure. It felt so… good…


Suddenly he could move again, but not talk. Brainwashed, he indicated at sir’s cock, asking permission to suck, which was firmly denied.

“Put your thong back on, and get over here, boy. You’ve got work to do.”

Little did he know that he was entering a new life, filled with pleasure, sluttiness and ditziness. He was continually horny, used as meat by sir and the other boys as well as rich men who were invited to sir’s parties, at which Jordan and the other boys would play strippers and pole dance to entertain. It truly was the best lifestyle he could ever wish for.

Soon, he was the biggest and best prostitute in town, constantly getting fucked nightly by his old buddies, who were too engaged in the pleasure he gave them to notice that it was Jordan. He didn’t care.

Life was better as a ditzy, dumb, hot jock slut. It became his only life, and he was ready to project it onto the next recruit who found themselves strapped naked to a white table in a room one year later.

Chapter 2

And on it continued, for the next decade, ditzing out boys and getting absolutely railed. It was everything he needed... dumb and good, horny and happy.

Chapter 3

Just continuing to sink down and down, such happy, silly gooned out gay sluts. All they ever wanted - all they ever needed - was right here.


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