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by aquaxyuna

Chapter 1

"Pawn to queen four," Jim chuckled as he moved the chess piece.Debbie looked at him. "What's so funny?" She asked."Sorry always wanted to say that. It's what chess people do, isn't it?"Debbie looked over the chessboard then moved her rook. "I don't do that, nor do I think it's so funny.""You need to get out more often," Jim retorted, and reached over to push her glasses back up."Hey, what gives?" She asked, as she backed up."They were falling off again. You looked like a school teacher, with them hanging on the end of your nose like they were. Honestly, I don't see why you don't go get a pair of contact lenses, Debbie."Debbie looked over the board again. "It's your move.""I know, I know. It's not like we're clocking this game." Jim reached over and moved the same pawn again."We should be. Then I might be able to get my homework started early for once."Jim sighed and looked at the board. He had been playing chess with Debbie almost every night for the past two weeks. She was a superior opponent to him. She had even played in a few tournaments, so he never expected to win. He just wanted to spend time with her, she was his friend after all, and she had been moody since she broke up with Bill."Are you going to move or what," Jim exclaimed, "You're the one complaining about me being slow.""Is it my move?" Debbie asked, "Sorry, I was thinking about something else." She reached over and moved her queen."I can guess who you were thinking about. Why do you torment yourself so much?"Debbie shrugged."He cheated on you and dumped you. He was scum, and you should forget about him. There are other worthwhile guys you can spend you time with." Jim moved his bishop, taking one of Debbie's pawns."I know. It's just, he was the first guy to think I was beautiful. You're lucky, you get women all the time, but it had been a long time for me, since my last boy friend. I just thought he was special, and things would be different."Jim looked around the dorm room, trying to find something to change the conversation, or even distract Debbie. "Could I get something to drink? Maybe even get you something?" He asked."All I have in the fridge is water," she said pointing to the small box fridge you normally find in dorm rooms. "There are cups in the closet by the door."Jim stood up. He was glad to have a chance to spread his legs. They had been playing chess on the floor, and his legs were falling asleep. He found the glasses where she had told him they were and poured himself some water."I moved my knight", she said aloud when he had started filling her glass."You really don't need to shout, I am only five feet away." Jim looked over at Debbie. She had taken off her glasses, and was giving him a slight pout. "She is definitely a sight," he thought, "Bill was a jerk to dump a babe like her, the way he did." He looked into her sparkling blue eyes. "She may be a brain, be she definitely has a beautiful body. If only she didn't hide it so much," he continued to think."Water," he said as he offered it to her."Yes, it is," she smiled.Jim snickered. "No bad jokes from you, or you'll be wearing it."Debbie looked meekly up at him. "Yes dear, your move."Jim sat down and handed her the glass. He then took a sip from his as he examined the game board. He moved his bishop, taking her rook."Check," he exclaimed. Debbie looked down at the board and moved her knight to block.Jim countered by taking the knight. "Check again.""She must really be down," he thought, "normally she would have beaten me by now. Instead I might actually win a game."Jim sighed.Debbie moved her queen to block. "Do you ever think about it?" She asked.Jim looked puzzled. "Chess?""No, I mean do you ever think about life. Why we are here? Is there anything more? Why must we go through all this?"Jim moved a pawn. "Well, actually, all the time. We're here to play chess. Anything more, well, there's also pizza. And we go through all this because we're all sadists."Debbie grabbed her pillow and threw it at Jim. "No silly. That's not what I meant."Jim looked at her. "What? No pizza?""Stop acting dumb. I'm serious here.""Well, all right. Yes, I do wonder why we are here and stuff, but I don't spend every waking hour on that question. If I did, then my existence would be futile. Since a long time ago, somewhere around the beginning, people have tried to answer those questions, and no one has come up with an answer that everyone accepts. So I say enjoy life, while you're living it, and worry about what happens afterwards, well, afterwards."Debbie looked down at the board. "So do you think there is anything besides all this?" She asked.Jim thought for a second before answering, "I could show you something, that might be able to answer that question, but I think we should wait until after we finished this game."Debbie moved her queen, taking the bishop. "In that case, checkmate in five moves."Jim looked at the game dumbfounded as Debbie quickly pointed out the rest of the game. "Maybe one of these times you'll play until the end move."Debbie shrugged. "So what are you going to show me?" She giggled.Jim sighed and took a drink from his water, finishing it off. He stood up and moved to a nearby chair. "What do you know about energy?" He asked."What do you mean by energy?""Hold out your hand," he said, while places his hand out as well. "What do you feel?"A tingling sensation ran across her fingers as she reached to touch his hand. "Eeep, that tickles.""It's supposed to tickle, that means it's working.""How'd you do that?" She asked sincerely."It's only a taste of what I wanted to show you. Now if you please, lie down in your bed and close your eyes.""What are you going to do to me?" Debbie asked.Jim moved the chair closer to the bed. "I am going to sit here, and talk. That is all. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, or you feel anything is happening that you don't like, tell me, and I will stop.""All right," she replied. Deb then moved on to her bed, as requested, and closed her eyes."Now that energy you felt is everywhere. I'd like you to concentrate on your feet, and feel the energy flowing into your body."Debbie noticed something different, an odd feeling running through her toes."Hey, I feel it. Weird.""O.K., now imagine that energy flowing up past your ankles, into your legs.", Jim continued. "Now it's flowing past your knees, into your thighs. Do you feel it?"Debbie purred, "Yes, it feels warm and nice.""Pass the energy up, up past your groin," at which point Deb let out a little squeal, "and into your belly. Keep flowing the energy up, through your chest," another little squeal, "and into your shoulders. Finally pass the energy into your arms, and out through your fingertips.""I feel warm all over, like a thousand tiny feathers are rubbing against my body," Debbie mewed."Have you ever wanted to change anything about yourself?" Jim asked."Yes," Debbie replied, in an almost hypnotic state."What would you like to change?""I want to be beautiful." Jim looked over Debbie's body. She definitely was beautiful, he thought. Maybe remove a little bit around the waist, and add it up top, but she was perfect the way she was as well."Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What exactly do you think needs to be changed?" Debbie opened her eyes and sat up. Everything seemed brighter, almost like sunlight. "Look at me," she pouted, "What do you think I mean?"Jim looked her in the eyes. "Please lie back down and close your eyes."Debbie complied."Do you still feel the energy flowing through you?""Yes, but it's not as strong.""That's because you moved, and you weren't ready to. I would like you to concentrate on the energy flowing through you.""I feel it again," Debbie replied."Good, now concentrate on those points you think need to be changed. Feel the energy flow into those areas, changing them to fill your desire."Jim watched as her breathing became deeper, more relaxed. He could barely notice it, but it looked as thought her stomach flattened under her shirt. He watched her steady breathing, and smiled. During her in breaths, her chest would rise slightly, yet when she breathed out, it remained at that height."You're doing good. How do you feel?""Relaxed," she stated."Now I'd like you to increase that energy, flowing more into your body. Fill yourself with energy."His smile changed to a grin. She continued to breathe, but now her shirt was visibly rising whether she was breathing in or out. Her chest, which was a very attractive b-cup, had grown more than a cup size."I don't think anything is happening," she stated, "I still feel the same.""You may open your eyes," Jim commanded.Debbie opened her eyes. The same lightness that surrounded everything earlier, was still there. Jim was still in the chair, sitting, watching her. She looked down, and her eyes opened wider. She sat up and grabbed at her chest with both hands."What the?" Was all she could say."Do you still feel the energy? Do you feel it filling you? Increasing your beauty?"She looked down and saw her chest expand as he said this. She felt the energy, flowing, pushing. Her nipples were hard."I'm growing?" She asked, puzzled. "It's what you wanted. The energy is filling your needs. Filling you."She breathed in deeply. She was almost a d-cup now. It felt weird, she'd expect her bra to hurt, or to feel some pain, but there was none."Is this really happening?" She asked."Reality is subjective. Keep concentrating on the energy."That was all she could think about. The energy, flowing through her, into her, filling her breasts. It felt good. She wanted more. A warm feeling filled her as her eyes glazed over with pleasure."Yes, this is what I want," she stated out loud.She continued breathing deeply. The front of her shirt stretched out farther and farther, almost like a balloon inflating."I need more energy inside me," she said, and then looked over at Jim, "I need you inside me.""Concentrate on the energy," Jim stated calmly."How can I concentrate?" She asked politely, "I feel like one giant static charge, and my breasts ..."she trailed off.Debbie stood up and walked over to the mirror. The energy still filled her with each breath. She looked at her reflection. Her shirt was stretched far beyond it limits, but wasn't showing any sign of breaking. In fact, the only thing that had happened to it, was it came untucked from her shorts, exposing her flat, muscular belly."Wow," she gasped.Jim looked at her. She was breathing harder and her breasts were filling faster. The rest of her body was toning up nicely as well."Now, listen to me Deb."She turned toward him, the sight of which was very distracting."Keep the energy. Let it fill inside of you, but stop concentrating on any improvements."Deb sighed as her breasts stopped growing. She was huge. She never imagined she could be so large. She bounced a little for effect. So firm, and large, and beautiful, she thought."Come back to the bed please Deb, and keep filling yourself with the energy."Deb took a step away from the mirror towards the bed and gasped. An almost orgasmic experience enveloped her as her eyes glazed over again. She shuddered."Wow. I feel so. Wow", was all she could say. "Please come back to the bed," Jim repeated. "We need to release the energy within you, but must maintain the flow."Deb took another step, and shuddered. A warmness filled her groin, and extended throughout her whole body. "Please," she begged. "I need you inside me.""Let the energy fill you Deb," he replied. "Please, return to the bed."She felt something hard, full, within her groin."Oh," she cried out as she almost fell over. "I can't make it."Jim looked her in the eyes. "Return to the bed, and lie down."Debbie stepped toward the bed, and was overcome by an orgasm. She took another step, and a second followed. Her breathing grew stronger, and her breasts bounced fiercely with each step."I will make it," she moaned, as she took another step, and a third orgasm filled her. A few more steps, and a few more orgasms later she finally reached the bed. The sweet smell of her womanhood blanketed the room."Oh God," she cried out, "Don't make it stop." "We need to release the energy," Jim calmly explained. "Please remove your shirt."Debbie quickly obeyed. Jim looked at her, lying down on the bed, breasts heaving, and sighed. Debbie looked back, and shuddered as another orgasm filled her."We're going to release the energy now, and return you to your form state. Do you understand?""Yes," she moaned."Where do you feel the most energy?" Jim asked.Debbie clawed at her breasts, pulling on her nipples."Here," she replied."Then that is where we shall release the energy from. Continue to pull on you nipples if you like, and as you do so, you will feel the energy leaving your body. As the energy leaves you, you will feel you body returning to normal. You breasts will start to shrink until they reach their original size."Orgasm after orgasm overcame her, as she pulled on her nipples. Debbie tried to speak out in protest, but could not. She could only moan, and scream, unable to reply.Jim watched as little droplets of milk formed on the end of Debbie's nipples. As she pulled, more and more milk started to flow. Finally he noticed her breasts had actually started to shrink again, as steams of milk shot forth from her nipples. Debbie could only pull on them and thrash around. The orgasms had left her oblivious to anything else."You're doing good Debbie," Jim said, while reaching for his glass. "Keep flowing the energy out through your nipples."Jim reached over, placing the glass so that the fountain of milk could fill it. Deb kept wailing as the pleasure increased more and more. Jim took a sip of the sweet elixir, and smiled. She was almost back to normal."Now let the energy calm you. Close your eyes and feel the energy pass through you like a river of cool water."Deb complied, and her breathing slowed down to normal. Jim looked at her, she was covered with glistening sweat. He sighed again, such beauty."How do you feel Debbie?" Jim asked."I feel refreshed, but exhausted," she replied."That's normal. I'm going to ask you to open your eyes in a second, but I want to make sure you ready for it. Do you still feel the energy passing through you?""Yes, a little.""Do you feel ready to open your eyes?"She paused for a second then responded, "Yes.""Good, then open your eyes and see that everything is normal again," Jim commanded.Debbie opened her eyes and sat up. She looked around the room, it was dim again. She reached down to check herself."I'm wearing my shirt? And my breasts are back to normal?" She exclaimed, puzzled."Yes," was all Jim could say.She blinked several times, then continued. "Did that actually happen? My breasts growing and such? How did I get my shirt back on? Jim?""Reality is subjective. I already told you that. You asked if there was anything more and I showed you," Jim said, taking a final drink from his glass."What was that?" Deb questioned, watching the last of the milk disappear."Just water," Jim grinned. "Now, you look tired, and should get some rest. Maybe tomorrow I'll show you some more.""All right," Debbie barely spoke, as she felt her eyelids close, and exhaustion overtake her."Pleasant dreams, my love," Jim whispered, kissing Deb on the forehead. He got up and headed toward the door."Checkmate," he whispered before disappearing out into the hall.


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