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Foot Sex

by usuario

Chapter 1

It started off when Andrew, my friend picked out a pair of shoes for me that I really liked. He was always sweet and thoughtful. Most people thought he was gay. I thought so to, but he never made comments about guys or anything like that. He knew how to dress and his hair was spiked with highlights. He would be pretty had he been a girl.


We went to his apartment when we left the Mall, because his was always neat and clean. I had panties on my floor where I hadn't done laundry for a week. Besides, he made a great Margarita.


He bashed me for going without a pedicure, and brought out one of those foot soaker-massage buckets and put my feet in it. The other reason I like being friends with Andrew is that he does nails and hair great. He didn't do it for a living. He works in a bank, but he is awesome.


Andrew put some soaking stuff in the water that smelt like I was in a spa. After my feet had soaked for a while he scrubbed my heels, the balls of my feet, and the outsides of your pinkie toes. I felt a little embarrassed seeing dead skin come off my feet, but Andrew didn't seem to mind that at all. I liked the way he held and touched my feet. He took care of my cuticles and then he started rubbing a lot of moisturizing cream into my feet.


I didn't realize it until I felt it move that my foot was on his cock. I pretended not to notice and he didn't say anything about it. I picked up a magazine from the coffee table and held it up to my face.


I was so curious. I mean I thought the guy was gay. I moved my foot a little at a time, so I could get a better sense of it. I bit my lip, because it felt like it was huge. I pushed my toes up into his crotch and found his balls. I don't think that I realized what I was doing. I rubbed over his hard cock with the bottom of my foot, and he put the bottom of my other foot to his lips.


I put down the magazine. Andrew was moaning and grinding his cock against my foot. I could feel a twinge in my pussy. I realized then that Andrew was not gay. Well, not all the way gay anyhow. He started sucking on my toes and opening his pants.


He pulled his cock up out of his pants and I could have fainted. I tried to think how he could have kept a cock that size hidden. I pushed it up against his stomach and it was longer than my foot. It was circumcised and had thick veins. I had never been fucked with a cock as big as that.


He switched my feet putting moisturizer on the other one. My foot slid up and down the underside of his cock easier. I felt like a slut, but I couldn't stop myself. I was getting hornier by the second. Then pre-cum oozed from the tip of his dick.


He put my other foot down on his lap, and I started stroking his cock with both my feet. He didn't look at me, but I watched the expression on his face, while he fucked his cock between my feet. I could imagine what his big cock would have felt like inside of me.


He grunted and started coming. I jumped, but I kept my feet on his cock. It was a lot of cum. His cum squirted out on my legs and some got on my crotch, which was interesting because that was the last place I expected his cum to go.


I rubbed his spilled cum all over his cock with my feet. He leaned back in the chair he had sat in front me and moaned. Seeing the pleasure he was getting from the foot-fuck, I wanted to get fucked myself.


Andrew's cock softened only a little before it got really hard again. He pushed his pants down and off, and then pulled off his shirt. It was like I was seeing him for the first time. His skinny body was heavily toned, like a skinny body builder. It was definitely sexy. I mean, really hot.


He looked down at my feet and began thrusting his big cock between them again. He still didn't look up at me. He spread his legs wide and I saw that he had shaved all the hair from between his legs. He rubbed the tops of my feet, and that time, when he began to cum, breathing like he was having a spasm.


I let out a little yelp when his cum shot so far that it hit me in the face. Not just on drop, but several thick streams. I didn't realize how much he came until I looked down at myself. I had cum on my face, neck, breast, crotch, and both my legs and feet.


He looked at me and started laughing. I was drenched in cum and I started laugh too. I licked some cum from my cheek without thinking and he started laughing harder. It took us a while to calm down.


I still was curious about Andrew's sexual orientation. Was he gay, bi, straight, or what? I asked him. He said that he was straight in a way. That he was into women's pretty feet. He said that he could fuck my feet all day long. He said that he didn't care if people called him gay. He said that the girls closest to him all had pretty feet. He said that I was the only one of our friends that he had foot-fucked.


I had put my feet back against his cock and balls while we were talking and his cock got hard again. I had never seen a guy get hard again so soon after cumming before. I asked him what if a girl wanted him to fuck her. He said that he would if he could play with her feet while he did it.




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