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V)irtual (R)egression

by diapersissymaker

Chapter 1


“Ding!” – an email appeared in Vinzent’s inbox. The bunny lost his focus on his coursework for a second, switching tabs on his computer to his email.

“GREAT NEW PROGRAM!” the subject read. He’d usually expect the spam filter on the college’s email service to deal with these kinds of messages, but strangely enough it hadn’t filtered out this one… He decided, not guided by rationality but curiosity, to open the suspicious message.

First red flag: the message was sent by an email address which was just a random string of letters. Second red flag: the text of the email was in all capital letters. Clearly something was off here. 


“Ten dollars?” the bunny thought. “And it comes with a headset? Surely if it were a scam they’d be charging more!” He decided to open the link in the body of the text. Surprisingly, it took him to a formal looking website, with perfect grammar and modern formatting! The bunny scrolled through the page, seeing how it was “an educational experience” intended on “taking learning outside of the classroom and into your home” and how it encouraged “learning through fun”. Finally, when he reached the bottom of the page, there it was: “Buy now: $10” the button seemed to draw his cursor closer as he clicked on it.

“Ah, what’s the harm? Worst case scenario: I get scammed out of ten dollars. Best case scenario: I get a cool virtual reality headset and this program makes me super smart!” the bunny thought to himself. He put in all his details and clicked the button to pay. He sat back in his chair and looked at hisunfinished homework. “Maybe later…”


It had been a week. Vinzent looked at the transfer statement. He distinctly remembered the “no refunds” image on the website. “That’s ten dollars I’m not getting back…” he thought to himself as he walked back to his apartment from his lectures. Well, it wasn’t HIS apartment so to speak, he was renting with a few friends. As he got home, he did his usual search for packages, with no luck.

He walked in with a sigh, taking his shoes and coat off at the door. A voice called out from the kitchen. “Hey Vinzent! A package came for you today.” The bunny’s ears twitched excitedly and he nodded his head in thanks.

He went to his room and found the package. It was surprisingly small for what it claimed to contain. There was no branding on the box, and surprisingly, no return address. As well as this, no stamps. It had been delivered by hand. If you had to pick a package to be investigated for containing a letter bomb, it’d probably be this one. With that helpful thought in the back of his mind, Vinzent carefully cut open the box, revealing what looked like a pretty standard virtual reality headset with a USB stick beside it. The headset looked like a pair of black skiing goggles, and strangely smelled of talcum powder. The bunny pulled it onto his head and found that it was quite a snug fit, the straps were clearly well made, definitely being worth more than the ten-dollar price tag. How on earth was this company planning to make a profit? He took the goggles off and sat down to put the USB stick into his computer.

On the USB stick, there was an executable and a text file called “Instructions”. Pretty normal so far! Vinzent opened up the text file.

“Step 1. Ensure that you are able to work without moving away from the computer. This means ensuring you have a working pen, making sure you have enough paper to write on, if you are working digitally then ensuring you are connected to the internet. You will not be able to move much while the software is running.”

This made sense, the cord for the headset was pretty short, so he wouldn’t be able to move about that much, maybe stand or lie down on the floor, but not walk away from his desk.

“Step 2. Plug in the headset to your computer. Your computer may not recognise the device, but rest assured that the software will not function if the headset is not identified.”

He reached around to the back of his computer, plugging in the headset. He noticed that now that it had power you could see through the goggles.

“Step 3. Place the headset over your eyes, ensuring that the seal around your eyes is still intact and therefore not allowing any light through. Put on some headphones.”

He followed the instructions.

“Step 4. When you have finished preparing yourself, simply open up the executable file and enjoy! When you take off your headset, you will be relaxed, yet happy, and your work will be done!”

Vinzent was skeptical of that last part, but chose to play along, just out of curiosity. He pulled out the worksheet he’d been given while at his lecture, and pulled out a pencil.

He pulled the headset over his head, making sure that his ears weren’t trapped and putting in some earbuds. He paused for a little bit, his cursor hovering over the executable, before finally opening the file and…

Suddenly, it was dark outside. The bunny shuddered back into consciousness and looked down at the worksheet below him, it was all filled out! With what appeared to be correct answers, just from first glance! He excitedly reached up to take off his headset to get a better look, but noticed that his right paw was preoccupied. Feeling himself becoming more and more aware after what was clearly hours of being unconscious, he realised he had stuck his paw in his mouth and was nursing on it! He quickly took the paw out of his mouth with a pop and started wiping it on his pants, trying to get the layer of bunny drool off it.

“That’s strange…I haven’t done that since I was little…” he thought with a blush, drying off his paw. “But hey, my work’s done! And I didn’t need to put any thought into it!” The relaxing and euphoric effects aforementioned were still fresh in his mind.He yawned slightly as he looked at the computer’s clock: 1:32am, jeez, at least there wasn’t any lectures until the late morning tomorrow… The bunny stripped off his day clothes and got into bed, snuggling up under the covers before almost instantly falling asleep, the thoughts of this fantastic new device whirring in his head.

Vinzent woke up slowly, a feeling of damp coldness covering his crotch. He jolted upright and flung off the duvet. Yep, he’d pissed the bed. He quickly took off the underwear he’d been sleeping in and started to take off the duvet cover and bedspread. 

While attempting to clean up his accident, his mind was spinning trying to understand what had happened, he didn’t usually wet the bed, not even after having too many drinks! As he thought more about his bedwetting accident his head started to feel all fuzzy…Thinking about the accident made him feel…good? Like almost euphoric! Not to mention, the now nude bunny was sporting a fairly firm erection while cleaning up. 

“I shouldn’t be hard over this! This is all wrong! B-But it feels so good…” he thought to himself, putting the soaked sheets in a bag, before replacing his underwear and putting on an outfit for the day. He waited for his hard on to die down before walking out of the apartment and down the stairs into the laundry room, trying very hard not to be seen carrying a bag of soiled sheets.

As he re-entered the apartment his roommate greeted him as he was leaving. “Hey Vinzent! What are you doing up so early? Usually you sleep in until your first lecture!”

The bunny was sweating bullets at this point. “I…um…I just wanted to go for a run…Y-you know, stay fit and all that!”

“Haha, too right. Well, have a good day!” he said, walking off. Vinzent sighed deeply as the door closed behind him, leaving him alone in the apartment. He re-entered the scene of the crime.

Trying not to look at his stripped bed in case he got hard again, he made his way over to his computer to relax before his lecture. He pushed the headset to the side of his desk, but didn’t unplug it. Yes, it had caused him to suck on his paws like a cub, and yes it probably had made him wet the bed, but there was no denying, the work he’d produced while using it was really good. Vinzent needed every good grade he could get after years of slacking for tests and not handing in coursework. 

After a few hours he picked up his bag and made his way to his next lecture. The hall was packed full of students, some recovering for hangovers, others more eager to learn. It would be really embarrassing if…No! He stopped those kinds of thoughts before they could ever truly manifest. He sat down in his usual spot in the lecture theatre.

The professor did what they always did, every single lecture. Slide, read slide with a few extra pieces of information, slide, read slide with extra information, slide…et cetera. As a result, Vinzent’s mind started to wander to other things. What he was going to have for dinner tonight, what homework he’d need to get done, how embarrassing and hot it’d be to just piss himse-wait no! That wasn’t a normal thought! He tried to refocus on the lecture, anything to take his mind off these intrusive thoughts! His thumb idly made its way into his mouth, but Vinzent quickly realised and tried to hold his arm down.

“You know how nice it’d feel to just start peeing right in the middle of the lecture… “a small voice in his head said. “How embarrassing and hot it’d be!”

He struggled more and more against the thought of getting out of his seat, walking down to the front of the hall, popping a squat… His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of tinkling from below him. He was peeing his pants! He quickly got up, catching pretty much everyone’s attention, before rushing out of the hall, piss dripping down his leg. A few snickers could be heard as he left the room, he was completely humiliated. And…it felt kinda good…No! It didn’t! It was awful!

He ran back to his apartment, covering his crotch inconspicuously with his bag. People were always going to see him like this, it was just a case of minimising the damage to his social life! He ran up the stairs and slammed the door shut, falling to the floor and wailing. “What is happening to me?” he thought as tears fell from his face. “This isn’t right! B-but…Mhm…It does make me feel good…” The thought of what just happened made his head feel fuzzy and euphoric. 

He made his way slowly to his bedroom and changed into a fresh pair of underwear and pants. “Tsk, second pair of the day. I’ve gotta do something about this.” He thought.

Vinzent decided to go to the local pharmacy and buy some adult diapers, just to ensure that if he had the compulsion again, he wouldn’t have to storm out like he just did. As he picked up the diapers off the shelf, a voice rang in his subconscious.

They aren’t good enough...”

He picked up another pack, a little bit thicker than before.

They aren’t good enough...

He decided to try and pick up some baby diapers, to which the voice rang out:

They aren’t big enough...

So, if the baby diapers were good, but the adult diapers were the right size…He knew what needed to happen. He returned to his apartment, got on his computer, and searched: “Adult baby diapers”.

A plethora of diapers appeared on his screen, and he scrolled in awe at the selection of babyish designs available. Suddenly, he froze. On his screen was a baby pink diaper, covered on the front and back with little baby bunnies: “Princess Bunbun Pretty Pink Diaper”. It was…perfect. The thought of him waddling into class wearing those was making his head feel fantastic! He quickly ordered them for next day delivery, dopamine receptors firing off as soon as he confirmed the purchase.

“A-and, I mean, it’s not an issue they’re so…um pretty and…pink…and babyish…b-because no one’s gonna see me wearing them, so the pattern doesn’t matter!” he thought to himself, trying to rationalise in his mind why he’d just ordered the most girly and infantile garment he could find.

Vinzent decided to get into bed early after the long day of strange happenings, trying to forget about the accidents and the pink diaper that was on its way to him. As he fell asleep under the warm and cosy covers, his unconscious mind was processing an intrusive voice in the back of his head. He could just about make out what it was saying, like a dream.

“Good baby. Good babies are good girls. Good girls love their diapers. Good girls love their dresses. You should be a good girl and buy a- “the voice faded away into the dark.


When the bunny woke up, he was back at his desk again. This weirded him out quite substantially, as he was in bed when he fell asleep. Stranger still, the computer had been on overnight. Something had happened in his sleep… It was around midday now, but he didn’t have any lectures until later, so there wasn’t any harm in it. Strangely enough, despite the strange sleeping arrangement he felt lively and full of energy!

He stepped out into his apartment and saw a note from his roommate accompanied by two packages on the kitchen counter:

“Hi Vinzent! I’ve been called in to do an extra shift at work, so I probably won’t be back until late tonight, hopefully you can take care of yourself enough to make your own meals! Some packages arrived this morning for you, so I left them here. Take care!”

The bunny quickly snatched up the packages and took them to his room. He knew one of these would be the diapers he’d ordered, but the other…maybe he ordered some textbook or something? He used his claw to slice open the first package. Sure enough, there they were, a whole pack of Princess Bunbun Pretty Pink Diapers! Thank God his roommate hadn’t been snooping around like before… 

He put the pack of the crinkly garments to the side and sliced open the second package. The second one was larger, but still felt quite light, definitely not a textbook. As he opened up the box his heart began fluttering and his stomach dropped. In front of the bunny was a large, frilly, baby pink dress. This one wasn’t intended for toddlers, it was the same size as…him… Was this what he was doing last night at the computer? He took the dress out of the box and looked at it. The ruffles were incredibly over the top, and the dress was not quite long enough to cover up his crotch, almost like it would make it easier to…check…a baby’s…diaper…with it… 

He quickly lay down on his bed, sliding the girly diaper under his butt. For some reason, he felt a compulsion to put it on, one that couldn’t be ignored! He taped up the diaper quickly, making sure to pin down his quickly growing erection. Why was he getting hard from this? He pulled the pink dress over his head, feeling the dress hug his body as he fits into it. He lay there for a moment, adjusting the frills of the dress before a voice in his head said:

“Start rubbing.”

Almost instantly the bunny’s paws made their way to the front of his padding, and he started rubbing his diapered bulge. He whines as the pleasure shoots through his body, continuing to grind into his own paws, whimpering to himself: “Mhm…I-Imma good girl! I-I love my diapees! Mhm!” his brain was thumping with pleasure, when the sound of the apartment’s door opening broke him out of his euphoric trance.

The bunny quickly sat up and listened closely. He could hear his roommate’s steps walking through the apartment. Vinzent tried hard to quietly get off the bed, but his thick diaper crinkled underneath him with every little movement. He moved slowly to his door and cracked it open slightly.

“Hm, so that’s where I put it!” he walked out of his room, clutching his phone in his hand, and walking back out the apartment.

Vinzent closed his bedroom door and sank to the floor, still dressed like a little girl. “W-why was I doing that?” he whimpered, looking down at his feminised self. His brain was full of thoughts of diapers and dresses and plushies and toys, but none of that seemed that strange to him now. 

He got up and walked to his desk. He did not feel like taking off the dress or the diaper, not right now. He pulled some homework out of his bag, placing it down on the desk. Maybe doing some work would make him feel better! He looked down at the paper he’d been given, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t read what was written down. He tried squinting, turning the paper around, sounding out every letter (that he could remember), but none of it made sense. It was all nonsense words! Starting to get frustrated as to why he couldn’t understand the words, he turned to the headset resting by the side of his desk.

“Well, It did help me hand in that really good work, and it did help me understand the topic more, maybe it could help me understand these hard words!” he thought to himself, nervously pulling the headset over his eyes and putting the earbuds in his ears. Shaking a little bit, he clicked on the file again.


He started repeating a mantra in his head “Think normal thoughts, think normal thoughts, think normal thoughts, thi-“ The words dissolved from his mind as the screen in front of him started to spiral and contort, leaving him smiling and drooling around his paws, which he absentmindedly stuck in his mouth.

“Good girl! Such a good princess, pushing all those big boy thoughts to the back of your mind!” the voice in his earbuds said to him.

“Mhm…Princess…” he mumbled to himself, drool dripping down onto his dress.

“That’s right, that’s you!” the voice praised him. “Show me the work you need to do now sweetie!”

Vinzent tilted his head towards the worksheet, the built-incamera looking at it. 

“Hm…Looks pretty hard doesn’t it baby bunny?”

He nodded clumsily; his motor skills depleted.

“Bet you wish you didn’t have to do such hard big boy work, hm?”

“Yeah…” he mumbled.

“Well you’re a princess, aren’t you? Princesses are royalty! They don’t do any work! They just play with toys and sit on their thrones all day!”

“T-they do?” he mumbled with surprise.

“Yeah! The only use that paper is to you is to make your diapee thicker! Why don’t you stick it in there for me?”

The bunny groaned slightly as he took the paw out of his mouth and dragged the paper towards him, completely covering it in drool, before stuffing it into his diaper.

“There we go! Good girl! Now let’s see how well it holds up!” the screen flashed a multitude of colours in front of the bunny’s eyes rapidly. His mouth opened a little, a rivulet of drool spilling out against his chin. Slowly, a subtle warmth began to spread throughout the front of his infantile garment, soaking across the crumpled up paper he had filled it with. He giggled slightly at the feeling of relieving pressure.

“Ah well, looks like it didn’t work quite as well as we thought! Don’t worry, we can always try later with your diplomas, after all, they’re all just bits of paper!” Vinzent was huffing and rubbing at his padding as the program teased him, desperately trying to get off in his soggy diapers.

“Ah ah ah, sweetie! You’ve got to try harder than that if you want to get all those big boy thoughts out! I think you have a lecture to go to, don’t you?” The program flashed a clock out in front of the bunny.

“Y-Yuhuh…” he babbled, barely able to form sentences at this point.

Well you better get to it then! Who knows, it might be your last! I’ll be waiting for you when you come back. Be a good little bunny for me.” the visor deactivated and Vinzent slumped in his chair, waves of pleasure covering his body. He stood up. The nice voice had given him a task, so that was what he had to do!


He walked out of the apartment, not bothering to pick up his bag, his stationary, or anything of the sort. “Princesses don’t need to do work!” the phrase echoed in his mind. The voice was right! He didn’t need any of that stuff to work, he didn’t need to work, he was a dumb little princess! He waddled quickly through campus, his thick diaper restricting how fast he could walk without falling. People stopped and stared at the bunny boy, waddling along in a frilly dress and a soggy pink diaper with a dumb grin on his face, some even taking photos and videos as he wandered past. He had to resist the urge to expose his pink princess diapers and show off what a pretty little bunny she was.

Eventually he reached the lecture hall, he was late, but that didn’t matter, he was busy working on his homework that was now sloshing about in his diaper! Surely they wouldn’t take offense to him being late if he was working on his homework?

He stepped into the lecture hall, crinkles echoing through the large room as he waddled to his usual spot, right at the front of the class, giving everyone enough time to get a good look at the clothes he was wearing. He plopped his butt down on the seat with a squish, the professor looking at him concerned, before he continued the lecture. The big baby sat there, listening intently to what he had to say. Well, pretending at least, he couldn’t understand the big words he was using! Hydro-something? Thermo-thingy? None of it made any sense! A thought appeared in his mind, one that made absolute sense to him.

“Go stand out front and tell everyone what you are…” the voice sent chills down his spine, but he couldn’t help by obey, obeying made him feel so good!

He stood straight up and waved his hands at his peers. “A-attenshun everywon!” he babbled, losing his ability to speak with every passing second. “I haves…an ananouncement to make!”

The professor looked concerned at the bunny, seeing how his diaper was already drooping. The students were in a mixture of shock, disgust, and hilarity, most of them filming the regressed bunny as he humiliated himself in front of the crowd.

The voice began again. “Go on sweetheart, start squatting, you knew this would happen…”

He immediately placed his hands on his knees and started grunting. “I…I-Imma….Imma…” Like an oversized toddler, his eyes clenched shut and he began to push. Mush filled the back of his cute pink diaper, and it seemed like even more intelligence left his eyes. “Imma dumb smelly baby!” he pantedout in ecstasy, drool running down his chin. “I’m a… a stinky… bunny…”

Immediately, the class erupted into laughter, his peers, his classmates, and among them his friends, all of them laughing at the bunny boy. Of course, he didn’t know this, he thought they were laughing because, like him, they loved him being a pretty baby princess! He decided to play the crowd a little more. “Eheheh…poopy princess …” he babbled, followed by a massive shout of laughter from the audience.

“Vinzent!” the professor shouted at him. “Get out of my lecture immediately! And all of you, settle down, he’s clearly not well!” Vinzent giggled as he began to waddle out of the hall, the homework from before mushing up with the stinky poop he’d just done in front of aaall of his friends! He didn’t even need the stupid lecture! He could learn all he needed to learn from his program! He waddled home to his apartment, every little movement from the mass in his backside sending chills of euphoria through his body.


He got home, pushed open the front door, which he didn’t lock because why would he need to? He was gonna be coming back to the spirals anyways! He sat down at the computer, poop squishing on his backside, slipped the headset on, and clumsily clicked on the program.

“Well well well! You’ve had an impressive day my little princess!”

Vinzent grinned dumbly at the spiral in his vision.

“And to think you went from this:” a video of him rubbing at his diaper, clearly captured without him knowing by his webcam, was put into his left field of view. “To this:” a compilation of all the videos taken by students in his lecture of him loading his diaper was put into his right field of view. “All in one day! And a total of ten thousand views already on those lecture videos! That’s impressive sweetie!”

The bunny glowed from the praise. He tried to think of something to say in response, but couldn’t think of any words.

“I think a dumb little bunny like you deserves a reward, doesn’t she?” Vinzent nodded, not processing that he’d already started pawing at his soiled padding.

“But you know, I don’t feel like you’re that committed to being a princess for me… You’re so close, but I think you need one last push.” he whined, he was so confused, he’d done everything the nice voice had told him to! 

“Sure, you might’ve ruined your homework, and your social life, but in a few months you’ll be graduating, won’t you? You’re so close to finishing your degree!” He nodded, he’d put lots of work into this, well, up until recently, but he had more important things on his mind!

“So I decided to fill in a little form for you, and before you complain about not being able to read it, I’ll tell my little girl right now! It’s a withdrawal form, the one for this college! It means that however far into the course you’ve gone, you can drop out! And we both know, princesses don’t work, now do they?”

He shuffled about, huffing more and he started to speed up his rubbing from having to watch the two clips of himself. He nodded, letting out a needy whine.

“Of course, I’m leaving the choice entirely up to you. If you want to keep going at college for the next few months, get your degree, get a nice mundane nine to five job, then you just sit there and wait for this program to run out of time. However, if you want to be a good girl, a dumb baby, and a princess, then press the big button on your screen.” A large button appeared on the monitor.

“I wanted it to be very big so that my little dumb-dumb couldn’t possibly miss it!” he drooled at the term, he was a dumb-dumb!

Suddenly, his phone started vibrating on the edge of the table. It was a call, from his Mommy! He had to stop rubbing his padding with one hand to bring the phone closer to him, and then answer the callputting it on speakerphone to keep his hands free. Quickly he put his paws back on his messy diaper front, pressing against the damp little tent firmly.

“V-Vinzent? Is that you? Y-your father and I saw the video, and we’re really concerned about you! What’s happening?” she sounded worried, which was strange to Vinzent, because he felt really good! In fact, hearing that made sparks fire off in his brain. It made him feel even more excited…

“Mhm…Mommyy…Gotta…keep rubby…feel goods!” he moaned into his phone and he kept rubbing. 

“Good girl…” the voice said to him. “You keep rubbing, you’ll only get to sticky when you’ve pressed that button…And you wanna make stickies in your padding, don’t you?

He whined again. “Mom…Mhm…I gotta do somfin…Not…Not big boy…Mhm…” he kept huffing as he drew the mouse over the centre of the button.

“V-Vinzent, what are you saying? You’re not making any sense!Please just speak to me!

“There’s a pretty princess. Be the good little failure you know you are. Press that button. Now.”

The spirals were moving faster and faster and faster, he couldn’t help it, he had to-


*click* “DING!”


Time seemed to freeze for a moment. The rubbing had stopped. The spirals had stopped. All that was left was what was on his screen. “Form submitted.”

Vinzent realised the weight of what he’d done. Four years of his life. Like the shreds of paper in his diaper, entirely ruinedAll in a single moment of infantile bliss.

That iota of hindsight didn’t last long though. His mind started to fade away, an intense dizziness filling his mind as the program began to return the bright colours to his vision. The headset began to flash images and shapes and colours into his eyes, he started rubbing at his padding again. “Such a good little girl. A perfect little failure for everyone to see. Be a good little bunny and make lots of happy princess squirts.” the voice commanded.

“Mom-mhm….M-mommy, I’m gonna st-sticky in my diapee” the bunny panted, silence coming from the other end. His eyes widened and his ears splayed back; the completely effeminate little rabbit let out soft little moans as his desperate rubbing finally allowed him to reach the end his brain so desperately soughtFireworks seemed to go off in his mind as he shuddered in his chair, his happy bunny parts squirting and dribbling out whatever remnants of adulthood remained in his mind. He continued rubbing and rubbing, milking out every residual drop of intellect straight into his thoroughly used diaper.

Eventually, after what seems like an eternity, the program relaxes its grip over the little princess’s actions. His rubbing subsides and he happily moves a paw into his mouth to nurse on. He didn’t even understand the incoherent noises coming from his phone, and he definitely did not care. Every equation, every calculation, every snippet of knowledge that once existed in the synapses of his brain had been forced into his waiting padding throughout the course of the day, never to return.

All he knew now was how good it felt to stare at the pretty lights.

And above all else, he knew he was happy.


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