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Princess Gets Powerpuffed

by shrinksarah

Chapter 1

DISCLAIMER: The below story involves futas and females. Everyone is over 18 years of age. If you are not interested in this type of story then don't read it.

“Are you sure you’re ready to become a Powerpuff Girl?” Blossom asked in an idle drawl, not even glancing back at the new ‘recruit’. “The initiation might be too much for you.”
“Yeah,” purred Bubbles, curling a hand over her sister’s shoulder, her blue eyes tilting to regard the frizzy redhead following them down the corridor. “It’ll probably break you.”
The sisters’ hips bumped together with each pendulous stride, attracting Princess Morbucks’ gaze. Her mouth felt dry. She swallowed and frowned at her rivals, hating their self-confident tone, their utter condescension… How dare they speak to her like this? Princess was more worthy of the Powerpuff title than any of them…and yet…if this was what she must do to be recognised, then she would drown her pride and perform the initiation with gusto – demonstrating more grace and skill than these smarmy bitches possessed between them.
Princess had an inkling of what the process involved, and hadn’t been too surprised when Bubbles greeted her with a skimpy change of clothes and a smearing of yellow lipstick. She felt positively bimbo-esque, strutting along in a tall pair of heels, her rump jiggling in nothing but a pair of panties that dug between her thick cheeks and left them to wobble – but she wasn’t alone in her depravity. Blossom and Bubbles were similarly dressed up, their red and blue colour schemes complimenting Princess’s own, and in a strange way, Princess was starting to feel like part of the gang.
At last, they came to a metal door. Blossom half-turned to her sister, sharing a sly grin with the blonde as they both grasped the handle…turned it…and looked back to Princess.
“I should warn you,” Blossom said. “We’ve been edging her for a month.”
“Mm-hm,” Bubbles hummed, nodding. “An hour of paizuri, two hours of rough deepthroating, and ten minutes of vibrator torture every day. She’s practically a monster now.”
With that, the sisters applied their weight to the door and pushed it open, then stepped aside for Princess to see.
The room was a small, windowless cell. Metal drains lined the concrete floor, and set in the ceiling was a steel rack to which a leash was attached. At the end of that taut leash, trembling in a bow-legged posture, was a blindfolded, ball-gagged, sharply-breathing Buttercup. Her cheeks were flushed bright pink, sweat glossing her black hair and dripping from the bottoms of her thighs. In any other circumstance Princess would have been delighted to see her enemy so fraught, but now, in this context, the view gave her a fright so bad she took a step back – for between Buttercup’s thighs, jutting rigid and drooling bubbles of thick, white cream, was a fourteen-inch girlcock that throbbed and bucked against the air.
“Aw, she’s leaking,” Bubbles purred, sliding into the room and standing next to the tomboy. Her blue lips slid across Buttercup’s plush, green-painted kissers, and Buttercup groaned faintly – rising to a sharp moan when Bubbles’ index finger crept along the bridge of her cock. Princess watched in awe as that monstrous slab bounced under Bubbles’ hand with a life of its own, veins straining against the metal cockring that clamped tightly around its hilt.
Blossom leaned in the doorway for a moment, one massive boob squished against the frame, smiling faintly at her tormented sister, before turning to Princess and grabbing her wrists. “Well? Do you want to be a Powerpuff Girl or not?”
“O-Of course I do!” Princess spluttered, appalled by the fearful sound of her own voice. “I’ll be the best Powerpuff Girl who ever lived, so—”
“Good!” Blossom said, and yanked Princess into the room, sending her sprawling to her knees. Before the ginger could get her bearings, Blossom had already stepped around her and slammed the door shut. She felt Blossom’s hand in her frizzy hair, fingers curling along her scalp possessively, a warm hip smushing her cheek and forcing her lips to purse. Princess was so dazed by the enormous, veiny, twitching cock that now filled her vision, that she didn’t even think to resist Blossom’s malicious kneading. “Now, then… Bubbles, what’s first on the agenda?”
Bubbles was busy making out with her sister around the ball gag, sloppily popping her big, blue suckers against Buttercup’s parted lips, making her tomboyish sister grunt and resist. Buttercup tugged at her handcuffs behind her back, wishing she could seize hold of her sister, but as the blonde airhead’s tits crushed over her own, she found her resistance fading, her thoughts clouding… When Bubbles finally broke the smooch, she laughed and wiped her spit-soaked mouth before turning to Blossom. “I wanna see Princess choke and splutter.”
“Hmm,” Blossom mused as Princess tensed in shock. “I think that’s a wonderful idea. Okay – let’s do it.” She seized Princess’s hair and pulled her forward, forcing the regal brat to shuffle on her knees until Buttercup’s pink cockhead nestled against her cheek. Princess gave a despairing moan, trying to turn her head away, but Blossom grasped her chin and forced her to face that throbbing bitch-breaker, its tip pushing her nose upwards in a piglike squish. The scent of Buttercup’s cum made Princess dizzy: her eyes swam into a watery blur as she sucked down the powerful aroma of girldick, each exhale a moan, her modest chest heaving up and down in her top. Buttercup canted her head back in pleasure while Bubbles leaned on her shoulder, cupping her chin in one hand and her cock in the other. Controlling the action like domineering porn directors, the sisters led Buttercup’s cock to Princess’s fat lips – and the moment Buttercup felt those plush, wet kissers wrapped around her tip, little miss Morebucks’ fate was sealed.
Buttercup RAMMED her hips forward, and Princess gave a soggy, strained GLARK as that red-hot slab of girlcock plunged through her tonsils and down her throat. Her slender swan-neck bloated to twice its girth, half of that throbbing rod lodged down to her collarbone, her head cranking back to make a straight passage for Buttercup’s massive dick! She gargled and spat, eyes wide with panic, tears rolling down her cheeks as the she-bull that was Buttercup growled around her ball gag in desperate bliss. She had been tormented like this for weeks on end, never allowed to shoot her load – and though this time would be no different, animal instinct led her to thrust hard against the soggy barrier of Princess’s throat, clobbering it with pump after powerful pump, making the poor slut cough, rake, and splutter drool down her thundering shaft. Her cock lurched in and out with brutal CLOPs and SCHLOPs, each thrust flinging spittle from Princess’s lips and spraying it from her nostrils. Blossom’s hand remained forcefully wrapped in Princess’s orange hair, preventing her from pulling back, forcing her to take Buttercup’s furious lust directly down her inexperienced gullet. Princess watched Buttercup’s belly drive back and forth, filling her vision more with each thrust, until, with another guttural growl through the ball gag, Buttercup SMASHED her hips against Princess’s face, smushed her hefty girl-nuts over the gagging bitch’s chin, and forced the metal cockring through the squeeze of little miss Morebucks’ teeth.
“Hgghh!” Drool flew from Buttercup’s lips as she roared in pleasure, her cock bucking and leaping in the enclosure of Princess’s throat, every last inch buried inside her. Princess was forced to lean sharply forwards, her bulged neck turning bright red as it clamped and clenched around the enormity of the she-stud’s cock. Princess couldn’t believe what was happening to her. Quickly running out of oxygen, she could do nothing but grasp Buttercup’s legs and try to hold on as the beast throbbed and spasmed inside her – dry-cumming, erupting no more than a thin splattering of seed down her throat. Blossom released Princess and walked behind her overstimulated sister to knead her perky ass.
“Don’t hold back,” Blossom whispered in Buttercup’s ear. “Show her what’s expected of a Powerpuff Girl.”
Buttercup was trapped between lust and rage. Even blindfolded, she cast her head around to glare in Blossom’s direction, teeth wringing about the ball gag. Then she snarled and reared her hips back, wrenching that soggy, spit-slimed cock out of Princess’s yellow-painted lips inch by throbbing inch, until just the head stuck to Morebucks’ kissers. A bright smear of yellow lipstick stuck around the hilt of Buttercup’s cock, and as Princess sucked desperate gasps of air through her cock-stretched pharynx, she marvelled at the expanse of cock she had just been forced to swallow.
“I—” Princess started to say, but then trailed off in a “GLRRHK!” as Buttercup rocked her weight forward and gullet-punched her once again, driving the entirety of her brutal girldick through her yellow lips. Splrrch! The spray of drool around Buttercup’s pelvis was beautiful to behold, as was the way Princess’s eyes tilted up and back in their sockets. Buttercup started to hammer Princess’s face without mercy, slam-fucking her throat at full force. GLULK! GUK-GUK-GUK-GUK-GUK--! Princess’s neck danced in and out, her lips stretching out on Buttercup’s meat and then flattening against her pelvis, again and again and again! As the fem-beast transformed Princess’s throat into an onahole, Blossom squished her breasts against Buttercup’s back and slid a hand between her thighs, cupping one of her massive, swinging testicles from behind. Bubbles, eager to get in on the action, dropped to her knees and extended her tongue under Princess’s lips, catching the deluge of fuckslime in her open mouth.
“Slut,” Blossom said approvingly, and gave Buttercup’s balls a spank. Buttercup snarled like a savage beast, going cross-eyed behind her blindfold, and her thrusts accelerated. PLAP, PLAP, PLAP, PLAP, PLAP-PLAP-PLAP-PLAP-PLAP! Now her balls collided with Princess’s chin several times a second, engulfing her cock-crammed neck in sweaty testes while Bubbles licked and slurped at whatever flesh her mouth came into contact with. Princess was trapped in a storm of flesh and slime, her world retracting to the space around the four-woman orgy. Gagging like a true bimbo, drool slipping down her belly, she barely noticed when Bubbles lifted her top to expose her soggy breasts: letting them bob and jiggle under Buttercup’s ferocious impacts. Princess sucked thin gasps of air through her nostrils, which flared whenever they weren’t squirting drool onto Buttercup’s stomach and cock.
Suddenly, Buttercup bit her ball gag, gnashing so hard she almost tore the thing in half. She arched her back, and Blossom curled an arm around her midriff, holding her tight in anticipation of what was to cum. Buttercup’s hips smashed into Princess’s face, flattening her features in a screwdriving press, rooting her cockhead somewhere behind the arrogant little slut’s ribs as the base of her cock swelled within the metal ring. This orgasm was far stronger than the first, forcing spunk through steel: Princess tensed when she felt the hot hosepipe spray of cream hit her gullet and gush down into her belly, filling it in a heartbeat. And that was only the first shot. The next was even more powerful; the next, more so; and by the time Buttercup’s convulsions faded, Princess’s belly felt fit to burst. Buttercup gave a long, lingering moaaaan, leaning slowly back from Princess and onto the cushions of Blossom’s chest. Inch by inch, her monstercock unfurled from Princess’s gullet, emerging in a slew of dripping, wobbling drool-strings. Princess’s eyes wavered as they watched that throbbing slab appear beneath her nose, still impossibly hard despite the massive load she’d just dumped into her belly.
“Wow,” Blossom crooned when Buttercup’s dick finally PLOPPED out of Princess’s lips, leaving her to cough and spit up slime into a puddle between her knees. The red-haired team leader swiped her fingers across Buttercup’s dick, gathering a thin goop in her hand and then licking it off her slender digits. “I’ve never seen her so…virile. Mm.” She swallowed, licked her lips, and unwrapped from Buttercup. The she-stud whined and sagged, her collar going taut as she struggled to maintain her balance. After so much torment, Buttercup was losing her grip on reality. Blasting Princess’s belly full of cream wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy her urges – not after an entire month of constant teasing from her sisters. Her lust was on-par with a prize stallion, drugged up and ready to breed every mare in the stables. Until she’d sated herself again and again and again, she would remain as wild and unintelligent as a beast. Knowing this, Blossom raised Princess’s chin with two fingers and peered into her eyes. “Have you changed your mind?”
Princess couldn’t focus on Blossom at first. She had to blink the tears from her eyes, cough up another round of semen, and suck down ten huge gasps of air before she was even capable of responding, her head spinning, stupefied by the clobbering she’d just taken. At last, she remembered where she was, and her gaze hardened as much as a sloppy throat-whore’s could. “N-No way,” she said hoarsely. “Is that all you’ve got?”
Blossom’s lips quirked into another grin, and she snapped her fingers. A moment later, Bubbles stepped into view clutching a strange, metal brace. “Why, no,” said Blossom. “We’re just getting started.” She grasped Princess’s frizzy hair and frowned down at her. “Anyway, aren’t you forgetting something?”
At first Princess had no idea what the busty dominatrix was talking about, but then she felt the slow and steady push toward Buttercup’s throbbing shaft. Blossom forced Princess to lean in close, so Buttercup’s twitching meat slid over her head, dipping her toward the wide cup of those huge, churning cumtanks. At last, Princess got the message. Giving a tender moan, she pressed her yellow lips to Buttercup’s balls in feeble smacks of gratitude - emanating a kind of ‘thanks for inseminating my stomach’ sentiment.
Blossom rubbed Princess’s head proudly. “Good girl.”
Princess huffed and puffed as they put her in the brace. It clamped tightly around her legs, sealing them together while she wriggled and fought for balance. It took Blossom’s hand grasping her hair to keep her on her feet, and the moment she’d found her footing, she was forced to bend at a 90-degree angle, her thick rump presented to Buttercup’s rock-hard, spit-lubed monstercock. Princess’s heart raced in her chest, her pink nipples stiff and sensitive, her skin tender to the slightest touch – and the girls delighted in touching her. Blossom delivered a sharp smack to Princess’s ass, alerting Buttercup with the distinctive sound of a palm striking a supple cheek: the she-stud’s head snapped up, and her hips began to buck against the air. Bubbles, laughing, crouched to kiss Princess deeply – shoving her tongue into the new recruit’s mouth and swapping spit until Princess gagged, fondling her hanging tits like cow udders.
“I hope you pass the test,” Bubbles sang. “We could do this every day!”
Startled by the prospect, Princess gave a despairing moan – but Bubbles was already kissing her again, muffling the noise. Blossom’s fingertips danced across Princess’s rump, swishing over the curves of her juicy cheeks while eyeing her sister’s cock. “Too easy,” she said at last. “Bubbles, fetch the vibrators.”
Bubbles hummed, then deepened the kiss, sucking almost violently on Princess’s mouth until a tight vacuum-seal was formed. Then she pulled back, stretching out both their mouths in cheek-hollowing duckfaces – their lips spraying saliva as they popped apart. “Sure thing!” she chirped, then skipped out of the room. While Blossom waited, she led Buttercup forward to the end of her tether, until her cockhead could just about touch Princess’s pussylips. Princess clenched her teeth and hissed at the contact, unable to disguise the fear she felt – nor the lust that boiled so hotly inside her. Buttercup began to thrust at the merest sensation of cunt, missing each time, slipping and sliding her glossy cockhead off of Princess’s cheeks. Princess was nothing more than a breeding bitch in the stocks, waiting for a stud to claim her womb. She trembled, closed her eyes, and whispered to herself:
“Hold on…just hold on…”
When Bubbles returned, she held a bundle of small objects in her arms. Princess only got a glimpse of the items before the sisters crouched and began taping them to Buttercup’s cock. Vibrators. Princess bit her bottom lip. They really were going to break her. In her current, hyper-sensitive state, there was no way she could handle—
“All ready,” said Blossom, standing back with hands on hips, admiring her handiwork. Buttercup’s throbbing bitch-breaker was now covered in vibrators, bouncing up and down from the lingering contact of her sisters’ fingers. Blossom reached up and fiddled with Buttercup’s leash, loosening it, allowing her a little more freedom to move around. And then, with a decisive series of clicks, she unlocked Buttercup’s handcuffs. There was no longer any barrier between her and Princess.
“Enjoy yourself, Sis,” Bubbles sang, stepping behind Buttercup and pushing her shoulders. Buttercup staggered forward, tensing as her cock fell on Princess’s asscheeks and back. The sensation of soft flesh under her dick triggered her primal instincts: she began to thrust immediately, pumping over Princess’s delicious ass, smacking her balls against those plump, pillowy thighs and red-hot pussy while her hands clamped down on those gorgeous hips. Blossom watched for a moment, shaking her head in amusement, before grasping her sister’s cock and guiding it towards its true destination.
“W-Wait!” Princess cried when that broad cockhead kissed her pussylips, held at bay only by Blossom’s tight grip. “I’m not ready. Just let me…catch my breath—GAAHHK!” Her eyes flew back in their sockets, her tongue slipping down to her chin as Buttercup’s hips collided with her own. All at once, the raging she-stud rooted her cock in the new recruit’s cunt, slamming her vibrator-covered glans into her helpless womb! Her pussy was stretched beyond all belief, making her shudder and croak in pain as her body tried to adjust. Buttercup didn’t plan to give her the opportunity: seizing Princess’s shoulders, she pitched forward over the soggy slut’s body and pounded her with brutal strikes, moaning under waves of pleasure. Bubbles giggled in joy, crouching to watch Princess’s belly bulge and deform around Buttercup’s bitch-wrecking rod, each thrust causing a massive surge in her midsection. Princess was sure she was going mad, cock-addled, her brain wobbled in her skull by the sheer power of Buttercup’s thrusts. The stallion had no reservations using her super-strength to pummel Princess into a stupor, brutalising her womb without a single thought for her safety. Nothing could restrain Buttercup now: she was free to hammer away, and she intended to do so until her overwhelming lust was slaked.
“You might be here a while,” Bubbles crooned, sprawling onto all fours and sticking her ass up high for Princess. “You might as well eat my ass in the meanwhile, yeah?” Displaying an insane degree of core control, she rocked her hips in figure-eights, wobbling her booty enticingly. Princess lacked the intelligence to do any such thing, but her neck was starting to strain, and Bubbles’ bubblebutt presented a platform, so she buried her face between those cheeks and groaned against the twitching holes while Buttercup continued to pummel away at her womanhood. SLAP! CLAP! PLAP! Slick nectar splattered into vapour clouds each time Buttercup’s hips collided with her own, superpowered thrusts turning her asscheeks bright red. Blossom watched from the side, eyes narrowing as she pointed a small remote at Buttercup.
“That’s enough foreplay,” Blossom said.
The vibrators activated all at once. There was no slow build-up: all leapt to maximum intensity, their wet buzzing audible even as they plunged through the soggy folds of Princess’s cunt and deep into her body. Buttercup gasped, her body arching sharply as her entire lower area became a slurry of electric bliss. Princess’s eyes snapped wide, and she gave a croon as she came like a pitiful slut on the massive, vibrating dong shunting itself into her womb. Buttercup hesitated for barely a second before launching a barrage of bone-shaking, brain-mulching pumps at Princess’s babychamber, her hips becoming a blur. CLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAP~! “Mmnghhh!” Spit oozed down Buttercup’s chin and dripped onto her bouncing breasts as she pushed beyond her limits, asscheeks smacking together in time with her brutal, slut-ruining thrusts. Blossom, proud of her handiwork, slunk down beside Princess and held her hair back – and was pleased to hear the muted sounds of slurping emanating from between Bubbles’ asscheeks. The blonde wailed in ecstasy, throwing her head to side to side, pigtails swishing this way and that as she squirmed under the ass-eating whore.
“Sh-she’s good!” Bubbles whimpered. “Can we keep her? Can we? Please, please—”
“Fffgh!” Buttercup roared into her ball gag as the dam finally burst. She rooted herself in Princess with a tremendous SCHLOP, trembled, drew back, slammed again, and threw her face up toward the ceiling as though pleading with the gods. She erupted into Princess, the metal cockring cracking as a veritable dumpster-load of hot spunk superpowered up her shaft and into the frizzy-haired whore’s tiny, tight womb. That pink baby-chamber, which fit like a glove around Buttercup’s cock, instantly began to expand like a stretchy balloon, blown to twice its original size, three times, six—Buttercup’s jizzblasts bloating Princess’s belly so quickly that, within seconds, she looked nine months pregnant. Princess gave a warbling moan, her eyes flashing up toward the sky, gargling into Bubbles’ asshole while the blonde gave one last, lingering mewl and hit her own vibrant climax. Bubbles’ thighs spread, tits squishing on the floor as she squirted like a broken faucet into a spreading puddle of jizz and drool.
Princess wanted to fall to the ground, but Buttercup woudn’t let her: she held on tight to Princess’s shoulders, using the leg brace as leverage to keep the sloppy fuckhole on her feet. “Ghhn…mmngh…” When Blossom hooked her fingers into Buttercup’s mouth and scooped out the ball gag, the tomboy sucked big gasps of air, her tongue dangling free for a long few seconds while her ribs heaved, her tits rose and fell, and she gathered her composure. Princess, pinned on the hilt of Buttercup’s cock with a womb blasted full of hot, churning spunk, could only moan and touch her stomach tenderly, staring with amazement at her giant cum-belly. Blossom switched off the vibrators at last, and the wet buzzing faded to silence.
“Ffffuck,” Buttercup breathed at last, and licked at the net of drool hanging from her chin. “You nasty bitches, I’ll get you back for this…nnhhgh…”
“I’m sure,” Blossom purred, and slid her tongue across the ball gag. “But first – why don’t you rate our new recruit?”
“Hah…haa…” Buttercup filled her lungs with air, still swaying dizzily after her colossal orgasm. Her cock twitched inside Princess, never softening for a moment. “Leave her with me…’til tomorrow…and I’ll let you know.”
Blossom hummed with laughter. “Did you hear that, Bubbles?”
“Nn, yeah…” The blonde picked herself up and straightened her skimpy outfit. She cast one last, lingering look at Princess before leaving the room. Blossom stopped in the doorway, hesitated, then turned to see Buttercup already rough-fucking Princess’s womb once again.
“Fuck! Take it, you fuckin’ slut..! Nn, god--!” Spunk slopped down Buttercup’s thighs as she dislodged cream from Princess’s womb, wobbling the poor bitch’s belly back and forth, already building up toward another gut-filling explosion. Blossom stroked her chin thoughtfully, looked down at the remote, and slowly took aim. She saw the panic in Princess’s eyes as she thumbed the big, green button.
“Enjoy the rest of the day, you two,” Blossom said as both squirming, thrashing sluts began to wail. She slammed the door shut behind her, and then strutted to join her sister. As she walked away from the muffled noise of roughfucking, a single thought remained in her mind: she hoped Buttercup would make good on her threat.
“So!” Bubbles said as Blossom joined her in the living room. “What’re we gonna do next?”
Blossom hummed thoughtfully. “I guess we have the whole day to ourselves. Wanna get the Gangrene Gang on the horn and set up a little mid-day smash?”
“Ooh, sounds fun!” Bubbles crossed her arms under her boobs, positively quivering at the concept. “Orrrr, we could invite Fuzzy around to pound us on his twenty-incher!”
Blossom couldn’t help but lick her lips. “How about ‘both’?”
“You’re a genius! I’ll make the calls, yeah?”
As Bubbles skipped away, Blossom sighed and shook her head. Would they ever get time for crime-fighting?


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