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by growthminded

First Steps

I hand her a card, just a little 3x5 that I'd written a handful of words on one side. My penmanship is usually pretty messy, but my hand was shaking so bad I had to scrap a few cards before I got one that was legible. The one I hand her is my sixth attempt.


"What's this?" she asks. "And why aren't you dressed for dinner yet?"


Rebecca and I have been dating for a few months and tonight we're having dinner with her family. This is the first time I'm going to meet them, but that's the furthest thing from my mind right now. I try to steady my thoughts but my eyes keep roaming Rebecca's body. She's looking beautiful in a classy light-blue sundress that hugs her middle just enough to show off her round hips. Her black hair, almost always up in a ponytail, was down and spilling on her shoulders.


"So," I begin trying to keep the shake out of my voice. "First of all dinner with your folks is actually at seven o'clock, not five like I told you. I wanted you here early so I could give you this." I tap the card in her hand.


She smiles. A sly grin that tells me she knows something is up. Her brain was turning over why I wanted an extra two hours with her. "Okay, but I still don't understand."


"Remember a while back, I think it was on one of our first dates you said you had a little bit of a domination kink?"


Rebecca blushes. "I mean, yeah, I remember."


I give her a big smile and step closer to let her know she doesn't need to be embarrassed. "Well, I've spent the last month listening to a handful of hypnotic files and recordings. The card I've handed you has my triggers on it. Just give the command and you can control me."


She holds my eyes with hers for a very long second then greedily returns to the card, carefully reading every word. I stand nervous, anticipation building within me. I was prepared for her to turn and leave, I was even more prepared for her to just fire off one of the triggers. Instead, neither. After a full minute that felt like ten, her eyes return to mine.


"Does this actually work?"


"Honestly, I don't know." I tell her. "I've had some pretty exciting success with other hypnosis files in the past, but this is the first time I've tried something on this scale. And I've never given someone else triggers for me. You're the first. I just thought you would enjoy the opportunity to control me. To make me do whatever you want with just a word."


The skin of  her neck and chest begins to turn pink. I watch the signs of arousal spread to her cheeks and I spot the slight tic in the corners of her mouth as she fights back another grin. What devious thoughts could she be thinking? I had hoped she'd be excited by my gift and judging by the signs I was right.


"What should I try first?" she asks, looking at me eagerly.


I'm so happy that she's willing to give this all a try, but I really need to get her in the spirit. I step even closer now, I brush the waves of hair back and place my hands on her bare shoulders. I can't help but notice that she lets out the tiniest little gasps and it occurs to me that she's really into this.


"You're in charge, baby. You decide." I tell her. "Command me."


Returning to the list on the card it seems that she finds something she wants to try because she bites her lower lip then drills holes into my eyes with hers. She opens her mouth, then pauses. The wait, though short, is excruciating. Then she speaks, "Rock hard cock."


I instantly feel tingling in my pelvis that begins spreading up into my stomach and down into my thighs. It's the single most erotic thing I've ever felt. I'm lightheaded because of how quickly and urgently my body is redirecting it's blood flow. I have to obey her command. Once again time becomes oddly stretched because the pleasure and the tingling felt like it had been with me for years but I could hear Rebecca saying:


"I can't believe how fast that worked."


I fight through the glorious haze of arousal to focus on Rebecca. Her eyes are locked on my crotch, and now I can feel my erection is fighting hard against the fabric of my shorts and underwear. I'm pitching one heck of a tent, right now and it feels amazing. I can't even remember my penis getting hard, it just happened.


With a slight devious chuckle Rebecca says slowly, "How about: be soft now."


I whimper as the feelings of pleasure and arousal vanish as if they'd never been there at all. Now it's her turn to come in close, a moment later her hand is on my crotch probing for any signs of my erection. She moans. The scope of her control is becoming apparent.


Now she does place her body against mine. She twists slightly and forces her hip against my groin. I feel her slowly go up on her toes so she can bring her mouth closer to my ear. I take advantage of her close proximity and grab her round ass with both of my hands.


A slight growl escapes her lips at my touch and she pulls her body away just enough break contact with mine. "Did I say you could fucking touch me?"


"No," I say as I remove my hands. This wasn't a trigger but there's no denying the command of her voice. No question, she was born to dominate.


She takes a few more steps back and places her hands on her hips. Somehow she looks even more beautiful than before. It's nothing obvious that's changed, rather she's simply standing taller and more confident. She looks so powerful.


"You know," she says shaking her head slightly, "I was going to be nice. I had some real pleasurable commands lined up for you. But since you got grabby maybe I'll have to teach you a lesson in manners. How does that sound?"


"Good." I reply quickly so as not to make her any more angry.


It doesn't work, however, and her face becomes a scowl. "Good? Good, what?"


I panic for a moment unsure of what I'm supposed to do. Then it hits me, she's reveling in her domination of me. "Good, ma'am."


She scoffs. "Ma'am?" She steps right up to me again. Even in her high-heels she's still a good several inches shorter than I am, but the power has shifted entirely. She looks up at me with pure command and assurance and speaks the next trigger with authority that would have been obeyed even had I not been programmed: "ON. YOUR. KNEES."


Just like before I'm not even aware that it happens but suddenly I'm looking up at Rebecca from the floor. She towers above me, hands still on her hips, a sexy sneer on her lips.


She says, "Do I look like a 'ma'am' to you?"


I let my eyes roam for just a moment. She is majestic and awe inspiring. Beautiful, strong legs lengthened and shaped by her heeled shoes flow upwards to a wide set of hips and slender waist. From the floor her face is partially obscured by her large bust, but I'm pretty certain she's pushing her chest forward to enhance the effect. It works, she looks incredible.


I shake my head "no". Rebecca continues, "Well, what do I look like to you?"


"You look like a queen, a goddess."


Now she really smiles; from ear to ear and her eyes sparkle lightning blue. "Lets go with queen for now. Maybe I'll decide to let you call me goddess another time. Now, about that lesson." Her eyes grow wild and intense as she loads up the trigger, soaking in the power of her own words, "Rock. Hard. Cock."


I moan loudly thrusting my chest forward and shoulders back. The pleasure is even more intense this time as if her confidence in her commands is growing, triggering me even further. Tingling waves of unbelievable pleasure wash over my body from my knees to my chest, all focused on one spot, my pulsing, aching cock. I can feel drops of precum escape my penis, soaking into my underwear. I writhe on the floor, rocking my hips side to side. It's not intentional, but I can't get enough of the stimulation. My cock is a raw nerve and every little twitch sends jolts shooting from my mushroom tip to the base of my spine and up to my brain.


I must be gyrating too much because Rebecca frowns and says, "Don't you dare come before I let you." She quickly glances at the card again, I'd almost forgotten I'd even given it to her, this all feels so natural. "No orgasm allowed," she says.


I can feel myself edging closer and closer to coming, even though I stop shifting around the pleasure has grown to near unbearable levels. I need to come right now, I'm about to lose my mind. But it just wont happen. And the feeling keeps right on growing.


My distress must be evident on my face because Rebecca is clearly enjoying herself. "Doesn't that feel good, baby?" she asks. "Don't I make you feel good all over?"


I try to respond but only a half a mumble gets beyond my lips before my breathing overtakes any possible words. I hadn't even realized how hard I was panting.


Rebecca giggles and begins walking a slow circle around me. "I'm sorry, baby, I didn't hear you. I asked you if I make you feel good." Suddenly her lips are right by my ear, "alllllll oooooooooverrrrrrrrr?" Her voice is a sultry whisper that drips with sexual energy and causes convulsions to wrack my body.


My all too willing dominatrix continues her circle of me as I take a very, very long time to try and settle myself enough to answer. Finally I feel in control enough to muster a response. "Y-Yes. Mmmy Queen." I'm the first to admit that the last two words slurred together and sounded more like "Mikey" but if Rebecca noticed she let it slip. A mercy to be sure.


She purred as she rounded me a second time, continuing her prowl. "Very good. I think I've decided on what I want to make you do next. I still don't know if I fully believe it can happen, but if it can you'll make me the happiest woman alive. Don't you want to make me happy?"


"Mmmmm-hmmmm," I moan.


Rebecca responds by mocking my noises as if I were a child. "Mmmm-hmmm? Is that all you can say? I guess you don't really want to make me happy after all. Perhaps I should just leave." She turns her back to me and takes a step towards the door.


"NO! PLEASE!!" I scream.


She glances back over her shoulder, the look on her face tells me she has me exactly where she wants me. "Beg," she says.


The feelings inside me are raging like a fire, I can feel sweat all over my body. I just need to come, that's all I want but she has to let me. So I beg. I beg her to stay, to love my gift for her. I beg her to twist me with her words. I beg her to remain my queen. There are so many more commands she still hasn't used, and I can tell she's saving the best ones for last.


I must satisfy her because she returns to me. "Very well. Are you ready for you next command? Are you prepared to do what it takes to make your Queen happy?"


I inhale deeply and nod my head with as much certainty as I can.


"Alright, then." She hits me with the most intense stare I've ever seen as if she's trying to will me to listen to her, and I do. She breathes in and puts real strength into her words, "COCK GROW BIGGER."


My hips surge forward on their own. A single pulse of intense energy surges from the base of my spine through my pelvis and into my penis. At first I thought I was going to come, but that's currently impossible. Instead of continuing out the end of my penis, the pulse just stops and begins taking up space. "oooooooOOOOOHHHHHH!!" I shout because the ecstasy is very real and so is that fact that Rebecca just made my dick bigger just by saying so.


She must see the movement in my shorts because her character slips. "Holy shit! Did you really just grow?"


Between huge gasping breaths I say, "I'm pretty sure it did." Several breaths later I add, "Do I please my Queen?"


The façade returns in an instant. Or perhaps this is the real her, and that good-girl is the disguise. Either way she uses her powers again. "You do please me. Please me again: COCK GROW BIGGER." She practically shouts the command at me and my body responds in kind with another surge of energy even bigger than the first. My cock swells rapidly inside my underwear, it's getting a bit tight in there now.


Caring nothing for how much space I have in my briefs Rebecca shouts the same command at me twice more in a single breath. I roar feeling my manhood spill out of the leg of my briefs and slid down my shorts as if searching for my knee.


Rebecca shivers with excitement. "My, you're positively bulging. But a bit unbalanced, don't you think? If only I could help your BALLS GROW BIGGER."


The same pulse rockets through me, this time focused on my testicles. In an instant I could feel them balloon up, swelling from the size of walnuts to golf balls. She commands me to grow again and again. The fifth time she triggers my balls to grow I hear my underwear splitting apart. Rebecca is lost in her control over my physical body and I'm so wracked by euphoria that my mind can hardly process what's happening to me, I'm trying to stay present but I can't hear over the roar of blood in my ears. My subconscious mind, however, hears it all and obeys.


My mind begins to clear, just a little. I return to myself and find I'm on my feet again. I don't think much time has passed but it's impossible to tell. Rebecca is standing back with a proud look on her face as she admires my midsection.


"I have to say I think I've created something truly beautiful here." She licks her lips then looks up to meet my eyes. I'm still in agony and she sees it right away. "Oh, still aching for release, are we?"


I shake my head, but really I just control the twitching in my body so my head nods up and down. I don't know how much more I can stand, how much longer I can wait. I have a flood of cum ready to unload, but the floodgates are locked behind Rebecca's command.


"Take a look at what your Queen has bestowed upon you," she says waving her hand at my crotch.


I look down and am greeted with a complete impossibility. My shorts and underwear have been removed and my cock stands at rigid attention, but it's unlike any penis I'd ever imagined. Well over a foot long from base to tip and bigger around than a soda can my monster cock pulsed, visibly aching for release. I grab my shaft and find I can only get my grip around a little more than half my girth. I also discover that I'm hard as steel. Curious I squeeze to see if I can find any give and I instantly regret doing so as spasms of pleasure explode through my body. Settling myself back down I further explore and find my enormous dick is surrounded by a pair of softball sized testicles. I initially move to cup these and feel their weight, but after feeling what a light squeeze did for my penis I hold off for now.


Rebecca giggled. "I have to admit I went overboard. I kept telling myself you were too big, but I just kept making you grow bigger anyway. It's so hard to stop. I want to keep going right now! Maybe I will." She closes her eyes and takes in a deep breath. She pauses for a moment then exhales with a smile. "Just kidding."


She skips over to me, the dominatrix has been replaced by her playful side. She gives me a big hug squeezing me tightly with her arms. My cock is pressed between us like some phantom limb, except it is not a phantom to me at all. I can feel lightning bolts crackling around my new giant rod.


"Thank you so much for my present." Rebecca says.


I try to respond but my breathing is too erratic.


"Oh right," she says, "I've still got you right on the edge, don't I?"


She presses our bodies together even more tightly torturing me more. She begins to  reach a hand down and grabs one of my engorged testicles and I'm seeing stars.


"I could keep you here for days, for weeks, couldn't I? I could keep you right here for the rest of your life. Aching to come and never able to. Blessed with a mega, massive cock but unable to fully enjoy it. Is that what you want me to do?"


I violently shake my head back and forth.


She tightens her grip "Have you learned your lesson? Will you grab my ass without permission again?"


Sucking giant breaths I just repeat the syllables "Uh. Huh. Uh. Huh." over and over again.


"Such a good boy." She puts her other hand on my free testicle and squeezes them hard at the same time. I can't help but howl. "COME NOW!"


An atomic bomb went off in my balls. I can feel them both swell in Rebecca's grip, ready to fire. Suddenly my massive cock flexes and convulses between us.  For a moment we're pushed apart but Rebecca quickly wraps her arms around me again. She's laughing now. The first blast of cum felt like a water balloon hitting me in the middle of my chest, except the water was hot. The head of my penis had been just below Rebecca's breasts, the undersides of which were now dripping wet.


Another massive convulsion brings another blast of semen; this one even bigger than the first. Then another, bigger again. I could feel a river of hot, sticky fluid running down my leg and gathering in a pool at my foot. My vision began to blur, I was going to pass out again. Rebecca senses my state and helps lower me to the floor. I'm still coming, still blasting semen about wildly. Everything below my chest is drenched. I look up at Rebecca. She's just as soaked as I am. My cock lays heavy on my chest, still twitching though much less now.


Rebecca stands over me surveying the destruction, her eyes wide with delight. "That was insane. I think there's a gallon of cum. Maybe more." She squats at my side. My vision is growing dimmer. "Yeah, you rest. You've made me very happy. But don't sleep too long, when you wake up you're going to tell me how this all works. I've got a few ideas of my own we're going to try."


The rest is darkness.


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