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Justin's Seduction

by ferndl

Justin's Seduction

They had originally planned to stop on the way and spend the night, but by the time they hit their planned stopping point at 10 PM the additional 4 hours to get home seemed less daunting than they had expected so they carried on, looking forward to their own beds after several nights on the road. It had been a good vacation, and although they had started off as simply friends who were both interested in a long western road trip and not looking for anything more than someone to share the drive and the bills with, their personalities had matched better than they had expected and they were coming home as a couple.

They had grown accustomed to the wide open Interstates of the west and, in their decision to carry on, had forgotten that their final couple of hours to home was on twisty two lane roads hemmed in by forest and frequently visited by deer and other wildlife. No more than a couple of miles off the Interstate they had their first encounter, and though the deer had cleared the road before they had to take any action, it served as a reminder that they needed to be at a heightened alert level. Justin had been driving most of the evening, and since Lisa had been dozing off and on through the evening she felt better able to finish the rest of the trip and suggested that they change drivers. Justin agreed, and at the first pull-off they switched and decided that though they had gotten into a habit of not talking very much in the car after the first couple of days, they should try to keep a conversation going to keep each other awake and alert.

As they drove their conversation took random twists and turns as the game to keep an active topic going rather than letting it drop off led to ever changing topics. They got to talking about their high school experiences, and Lisa mentioned that when she was in high school she had had a terrible time trying to stay organized and focused on her class work. Justin had always known her to be a very focused and organized person and was surprised that she could have ever been otherwise, and stated as much.

“It’s true” Lisa replied, “I was constantly losing things, forgetting what the homework assignments were, thinking I had everything ready and then heading off to do something else, only to realize the next day in class that I had either read the wrong thing or totally forgotten I had had an assignment. It got to the point that my friends would have to invite me over to their houses so we could do the assignments together because they were getting embarrassed by my getting constantly in trouble because of it. One of my friends even gave me a cute little notebook to write assignments down in, but I hadn’t had it a week before I lost it.”

“So what happened? You’ve clearly changed since then, I would have never guessed. You’re the one who everyone always counts on to keep things focused and organized, I mean, how many parties and other things since we have known each other have you either hosted or helped plan compared to everyone else? Your career certainly doesn’t seem to fit someone who can’t keep their act together.”

“Well, eventually the situation got bad enough that the school counselor got involved and gave my parents some information on various options that were supposed to help. We tried a few, like having a chalkboard where I would write my assignments on as soon as I came home and my parents would then check on them, or having the teachers give me a handout with the specifics of the assignment written on it, but though that generally worked with the school things my parents were concerned about life outside of school. Seeing that with a bit of a push I was able to get the school side under control, they asked the counselor what she could recommend for less structured situations and in the end they decided hypnosis might help.”

“You mean like the guy swinging the watch?” Justin’s voice carried surprise, but also a note of interest.

“No… More like these little white lines in the road…. I’m ….. getting … very …. sleepy…. Just kidding! I’m perfectly fine for driving, not getting road hypnotized at all.”

Lisa glanced over to assure herself that Justin wasn’t getting worried, it certainly wasn’t the time or place to be joking about not being in good driving shape. “It’s actually quite different from how it’s shown in movies, no stages, no watches, no goofy guys in costumes. Basically it was just like going to the doctor or the dentist, there was a reception area where you signed in, you got called back into the office, that kind of thing. She had one of those couches they always show in psychiatrist offices on TV, I remember being scared to lie down on it the first time so she sat on it and I sat in her chair but she seemed so comfortable on it that I happily swapped places with her after a few minutes, and it was really comfortable. Lying on the couch ended up being my favorite part of the visits. Actually I only went there a few times, but after a couple of visits they gave me a tape to listen to every night and in a couple of months I had changed into the way I am now.”

“Do you still listen to it?” Justin’s voice was now curious more than surprised, and Lisa could tell that if she stayed on the topic he was about to start applying his analytical side to the topic, which was not what she was interested in.

“No, I’m not even sure if I still have it anymore. Sort of like Dumbo’s feather – once you’ve dropped it and see that you don’t plummet to the earth you don’t need to keep it around anymore. Hey – the sign there says only another 45 miles to home. Your bed or mine tonight?”

As she had hoped, the conversation took a different bend and by the time they had reached her place the hypnosis story was but one of several threads left open on both sides. In the end they had decided that after a week together they were both really looking forward to some of their own space again for a couple of days and so decided to meet for dinner later in the week. After he had dropped her off and headed to his place, Lisa headed to bed, but not before starting her CD player with its looping nocturnal message. She hadn’t lied when she said she wasn’t still listening to the tape; these were different, something she had run into on her own in college and decided she liked.

A few days later she met Justin at his place for dinner and to go through their pictures from their trip. It was an enjoyable evening, and after a couple of hours Justin suggested they see what was on the TV. Lisa wasn’t overly interested in the TV and decided to see if the curiosity from the late night conversation might turn into something else.
“I’d rather spend some more time with you than with the TV, how about you give me a back rub and I return the favor?” she asked.

“Sure thing, let’s head over to the sofa” he enthused.

Justin’s hands were not used to rubbing a woman’s back, Lisa decided after a few minutes of rather uncoordinated kneads and pinches, but it was better than nothing and she didn’t mind being his practice subject. Maybe in a couple of weeks she’d start suggesting improvements to his technique, but not quite yet. There were other things to do first. After a few more minutes she rolled away and said “my turn.”

His back was knotted up and tight, certainly it had been years since he had had anything close to a good back rub, and just a couple of minutes later she could feel his muscles relaxing.

“Wow, your back was really knotted up, I think I’m going to need to do this more often. I tell you what, why don’t I take you through some relaxation exercises, from the way your back was I think you could use them.”

Justin agreed, and she had him lay down on the sofa, his head propped up on a pillow, while she sat on a cushion next to him.

“Now, just lay still and relax. Close your eyes and imagine you are floating on an air mattress in a calm lake on a warm summer day” she began, and though she had never previously taken anyone down into a trance she found the words, rhythms, and tone from the CD’s she had listened to over the years began to flow naturally. She knew better than to expect an immediate success, it had taken her several sessions with a trained hypnotist to be able to slide in and out of trances naturally, but she was confident that at least the basics were correct and the further she went into the memorized introduction the more she could see Justin relaxing. After a few minutes of taking him down she switched over to bringing him out, and as she concluded he opened his eyes and demonstratively yawned, then took her hand and led the way to his bedroom.

As she got ready to leave, Justin brought up the relaxation exercise. “That was incredible” he said, “I’ve never felt like that before. I could hear you talking and everything you were saying seemed so real, I completely forgot I was on the sofa, and after a while the words seemed to be coming not from you but from something just … there. I could almost feel myself melting away into a more relaxed state, and I still feel more relaxed than I did before. How did you learn to do that?”

“Just something I picked up along the way.” Lisa said. “Maybe next time we can do it again if you’d like.”

“How about Friday night?”

“Sounds good to me, why don’t you come over to my place and I’ll cook this time.”
As Lisa drove home she found herself wondering what direction to take this in. Justin was clearly interested and his initial reaction was positive, but she didn’t know the depth or direction of his interest. Was he the one, and if so, what next? She decided to be a bit more direct on Friday, maybe even introducing him to one of her lighter CD’s and letting him take it home for a while. She also realized that she didn’t know what it was that she wanted.

When she got home, she went through her collection of CD’s and pulled out several she had used when she was first being trained. She decided on one labeled “Subliminal trance trigger” and skimmed through it on her player to check if it was as she remembered it; on the surface it was a gentle relaxation theme, but buried within, hidden amongst a background of natural sounds, was a highly effective subliminal trigger that was used in later CD’s for an almost immediate drop into trance. “That’s a good start” she thought to herself and made a copy for Justin, then put her usual CD in and set it looping for the night. As she drifted away into her own trance she was certain Justin would like what she was setting him up for.

After Lisa left, Justin found himself confused over what had happened. Was this somehow tied to what she had said in the car about hypnosis? It was certainly unlike anything else he had experienced, and it had felt really good, but he liked being in control and this felt like he had given up something he hadn’t planned on. The results in the bedroom afterward were certainly impressive, and if it had been hypnosis she had used, he was all for giving it a go, but first he needed to learn a little more about it.

Lisa spent the next evening thinking about what she wanted to do with Justin if Friday night went well, while Justin spent it on the Internet finding out all he could about hypnosis. He was surprised to find it being used for all sorts of things, which seemed to say it must do something, but all the places he found required him to register if he wanted to see much more than general topics or find a sample file, and he wasn’t interested in doing that. Thinking that it might work, he decided he’d ask Lisa about it on Friday and find out what she thought of it. If it had done for her what she had said in the car, maybe it could have some benefit to him as well, but he still wasn’t comfortable with jumping right in.

Friday was a hectic day for both of them, and when Justin arrived at Lisa’s both were happy to put their days aside and focus on each other. As Lisa brought out dessert, Justin decided he would be direct and avoid any misunderstandings.

“So about that relaxation exercise…. Does that have anything to do with the hypnosis you talked about on our drive home the other night? It felt really good, but if it was hypnosis that you used I’m not really comfortable with the idea until I know a little more about it. Not to say I wouldn’t try it, I just want to know more about it first.”

“Kind of, but not really. What we did a couple of nights ago was similar to hypnosis, but not all the way. What we did was actually something I picked up in a psychology class; by mentally focusing on an item or a situation and receiving more information that relates to that you start to believe it, and if it is something you associate with being relaxed you will tend to relax. With hypnosis, you go to a state where the mind is open to suggestions and then put suggestions in; getting there may involve something like the type of relaxation exercise we did, but there are many other ways as well. Think of it like driving a car somewhere. We essentially walked out to the car and came back in the house without getting in, whereas hypnosis would have been actually getting in and driving the car and getting out somewhere else, but you might not have even started out at the house.”

“OK, I’m comfortable with that. But you seem to know quite a bit about this, was that time in high school your only experience or have you done more?”

“Oh, heavens yes I’ve done more! Do you think I’d take something that worked so well and not stay with it? I had some issues with depression a few years ago and went back to it, and since then I sort of use a combination of hypnotism and relaxation as a lifestyle balance. But I understand your concern; it took me quite a while to accept that going to a hypnotist would first of all do something and then wouldn’t end up with me barking like a dog or otherwise making a fool of myself, but something had to change and with my parents and in the office it was a safe environment. Once I had done it, it’s been easy to go back. If you ever want to go that direction let me know and I can get you in contact with some professionals I know, but otherwise I think we can stick with the relaxation side of it. Shall we give it another go? I have a slight variation on it tonight, more along the lines of what I typically do, lying in bed and listening to a recording. But this time, let’s hold off for the relaxation side until the end and we can fall asleep to it”

“I’m game” Justin said, and after they finished their desserts Lisa led him to her bedroom. After some energetic moments and a bit of a rest Lisa reached over and hit play on her CD player, then rolled over to lay beside Justin, both of them stretched out on the bed, holding hands, under a blanket.

Lisa had speakers mounted on the far corners of the room aimed at the bed, and gradually they filled the room with the sound of distant ocean waves hitting the shore. The narrator smoothly described their walk along an old cart path lined with dry stone walls as it carried them through fields of growing wheat toward the coast. There were lots of things to look at along the way, birds in the trees, blackberries growing along the stone wall, even some pretty clouds floating overhead in the clear blue sky. All the while the waves became louder as they came closer and closer to the shore, until finally they entered the surf and suddenly the sound of waves was replaced with the sound of bubbles.

Justin, who had felt the same sort of relaxation as before, but who was also listening closely to the words and fighting to stay in control, felt Lisa’s hand go limp in his as the sound changed and he was jolted back to the real world, terrified that something had happened to her. He leaned up and looked, then he saw she was breathing slowly and deeply and had the most incredibly content facial expression he had ever seen. Everything appeared to be OK, so he closed his eyes again and let go his last bit of resistance. Now the narrator was describing them swimming effortlessly through a landscape of underwater mountains, and at some point Justin also felt himself go limp, and it was a pleasant feeling. Unknown to Justin, Lisa had set the body of the CD to run all night followed by the awakening script in the morning, she figured it would take him a while to go under and wanted him to get the full experience.

The next morning he and Lisa awoke simultaneously, still holding hands. “That was wonderful” Lisa sleepily said, and Justin agreed. It was the best night of sleep he had had in years, and he was sold on the idea of the relaxation CD.

“Can I make a copy of that CD?” Justin asked

“I thought you might like it, so I already did make a copy. Why don’t you take that one, I like to vary what I listen to and I’d be taking it out of the player tonight anyway.”

Justin accepted Lisa’s offer and they spent the rest of the morning together. He had an afternoon meeting with some of his friends so after lunch he left, but not before they had made plans to meet again the next week.

Lisa suggested he listen to the CD every night and explained how to program the body to loop a certain number of times to have it wake him up at the time he wanted. After a few nights of doing so he found it was easier and easier to reach the point of letting go, and waking up was a natural progression instead of the jarring he had been used to from his alarm clock. They started spending more and more nights with each other, and were soon very much seen by their friends as an established couple. Their relationship grew in other aspects, but after years of looking for a guy who was interested in hypnosis Lisa was determined to keep it an active part, and Justin, for his part, was completely captivated with Lisa and found the relaxation CD an added bonus.

After a couple of months, Lisa decided to see if Justin was ready for the next stage. One night when they were at his place she changed the CD to one which was very similar, but, using the trigger from the earlier CD, contained a hypnotic suggestion to want to wear red lipstick to bed the next night. It was one of her old training CD’s; simple, temporary, easily identifiable changes that were accompanied by plenty of positive reinforcement and now that she found herself doing the training she recognized and appreciated the method behind it. It took far more quickly than she expected; three nights later when he was back over at her place, as they were getting ready for bed, he asked her if she had any red lipstick. She pulled a tube out of her purse and tossed it to him, then asked what he wanted it for.

“I thought I might put it on and wear it to bed” he stated matter-of-factly.

“Do you know how to handle one of those? Need any help?”

“Um, yeah, actually. I guess I’ve never used the stuff before. I’m not sure why not, with all the TV ads saying how well it moisturizes it seems like something I should have been doing all along.”

With that she took him into the bathroom and gave him his first makeup lesson, followed by a quick lesson in how to give a kiss to leave a perfect lipstick mark, which led to her putting some on as well and a long “practice” session of lipstick branding.

Confident in her control, Lisa met Justin at his place the next evening prior to going out to dinner. While he was getting dressed, she changed the CD back to the plain relaxation one and began making some plans for Justin’s future.


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