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Accidental Success (emphasis

by cumslutsissy

Accidental Success (emphasis

I had never planed on it working...in fact i doubted it would ever work, but all I had to hear was the phrase "you're a naughty pants wetter" and I was done for.

I laid down in bed and placed the head phones on and started the "naughty boy" file. For the first time ever i felt the trance taking hold of me. I don't recall going under but i remember hearing the words "wide and awake" and I felt good...I was then told to stand up ( I did) then I heard "You are a naughty pants wetter" Instantly my bladder released itself and i soaked my pants. I then instantly burst into tears. " Oh no, i pee pee my pants!" i yelled. I tried and tied and tried to remove my pants and no matter my efforts i couldn't take them off. I spent the next hour crying and sucking my thumb like a little boy. After the hour i finally snapped out of it and realized what had happened. I didn't want to mess with that file again...until.

Three weeks later my girlfriend was checking my computer and found the file...had I known I could have stopped her but what happened next was unbelievable. I was upstairs in my room when she entered. "I wasn't aware you loved pee so much" she said. I turned, slightly confused, "What?" I said..."You know, cause you are a naughty pants wetter!" With those words i wet instantly. "NOOOOOOOOO!!!" My pants were soaked through and all she could do was laugh at me. "Awww look at your wet pants, you sissy." she mocked me and laughed, I became so embarrassed. The tears started as she continued to mock "you're a pathetic sissy wetter." I tried to tell her I didn't wet I cried and covered the wet spot. "Well then, I must be seeing things you sissy...I was planning on leaving you anyway this is just the easiest way I could have possibly had." She left me in my room soaking wet and crying while sucking my thumb.

So that's my sad story, but there happiness; Even though i never saw her again, she still calls to trigger me and laugh at my sissiness. I now am a feminized, diapered, sissy girl.

I love hypnosis!


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