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by eaglenest

Chapter 1 The setup

So I write this story at the promting of master Alex my friend my only friend my daddy. What I remember here is from the video tapes but I do remember the beginning.

So it starts after my wife tragically passed away. I found myself very depressed, going through life in autopilot. I get up in the morning go to work then the gym then I try to go to sleep but have difficulty sleeping. So when my insomnia is real bad I surf the web. I always harbored a fetish but kept it suppressed since I been married. I loved my wife dearly but she would never understand this fetish. Unhindered now I started indulging in my fetish, I also tried some hypnosis files to explore this fetish. I like wetting pants, I would since pubity when given a chance I would wet. I did find the hypnosis mp3 to be lacking but they did get my interest into diaper wetting. 

So one day I am poking around the fetish sites, messing  with the hypnosis when I get a pop-up ad. Normally I automatically close them right away. This one intrigued me it was a fantasy and erotic hypnosis site garented to be the best hypnosis you ever tried. It had a trial hypnosis to try, so I clicked on the trial. I thought it was just BS, but 30 unaccounted minutes went by and I notice I wrote down a phone number which I thought was very important. A few days go by and once again I could not sleep and I went to play with my fetish. A pop-up comes up again asking how the trail hypnosis was and would I be interested in their files. Thinking it probably was my best experience with hypnosis i went to the site. It had many files but the one I choose was the file for insomnia, 19.99 I downloaded the file and listen to it this very night. The file was great I went right to sleep. So for the next week I listen ever night, it worked great put me out but could not remember the file, on the 8th night I wet my bed. I was not a child wetter and the last time I wet the bed was when I discovered beer as a young teenage. Not part of my fetish but I thought nothing of it.  I also knew I would do it from now on if I didn't call that important number. 

After 3 days of wetting the bed and the mess of cleaning it up I decided to call. 

Hello this is doctor Phil Alexsander a license hypnotist specializing in erotic and fetish hypnosis please leave a message.

Hi I am Jim McMaster i bought one of your mp3 for insomnia and I started to wet the bed I have never been a bed wetter in my life. Also there something about the mp3 like an addiction i can't stop listening to it thanks please call me back at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

The next evening the phone rang it was the doctor.


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