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Nanotech II

by eaglenest

Chapter 2 The treatment

Dr Alex called 

So it sounds like you are very subsepticable to hypnosis.

That good but what going on with the bed wetting.

Dr A :well sometimes we have secret desires and that is what manifests.

That is not what I am trying to achieve.

Dr A: What is it you are interested in.

I know it weird but uncontrolled pants wetting.

Dr A:  it not that weird but that hypnosis will take sometime

How much time?

Dr A: 15 to 20 session.

How much is that.

Dr A: 300 per hour

It s bit too expensive for me. Can you just fix my bed wetting.

Dr A: Ok and for the bed wetting that would ware off eventually.

Could I just come in for that.

Dr A: Sure probably 5 to 10 session for that. If you are interested I have a new technology called Nanotech which would express the controll

Sound interesting how much is that going to be.

Dr A: it s new I will just charge you for A couple of sessions.

Ok I will think about that can I call you tomorrow.

Dr A: Sure


That night I must have wet the bed 2 or 3 times, I had a huge mess to clean up. I got to call the doctor. I don't know why I trusted this guy so much. It his fault I have this problem but I couldn't bring myself to giving him  a hard time. I called and made a appointment for the next day. 

9am I showed up at Dr A office. Wow what a nice guy I completely trusted him. 

Dr A: good morning Jim how are you today ?

Good Doctor 

Dr A: come in

The office reminded me of a dentist office, he had me sit in the chair. Then he hook up an IV  to my arm.

Dr A: this can be a bit painful i going to give you something for that.

He injected me i immediately felt buzzed. Must of passed out for while.when I sort of woke up I noticed my arms and feet strapped in and I had huge diaper on. Dr Alex was in the process of hooking up another Iv  on this one was different it had a sliver color to it.

Dr A: what's wrong Jimmy.

Doctor i Realy really have to pee.

Dr A:we are in the middle of this procedure Jimmy just go that is way you are here.

At that i just let loose. It felt so good I thought I've taking this fetish to the grave. It felt good to share it with someon e. While I peed a lot, as I passed out again I was think wow that a big diaper.

I woke up again I don't know how much time passed but was in the most pain I ever felt. My groin felt like it was in a vise, my head felt like it was being hit repeatedly with a hammer. I also felt like I had to pee again but the pain was so bad every were. 

Doctor what wrong

Dr A: sorry Jimmy about that it going get a lot worst before it gets better.

Dr A: Jimmy I  have a confession to make to you.



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