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Owned Sissy

by markhypnosub

Owned by Master

Owned Sissy

It had all started with a routine visit to his Doc for a simple prostate exam. After he'd given away his submissive tendencies by pushing back against her finger, she'd given him a good hard anal fingering and then he'd revealed the true depths of submissive tendencies, to Dr Megan Sutton, or Miss Megan as he'd begin to know her.

"Then a week before the next visit you'll not be allowed to cum, if you do, you'll be punished very firmly. I'll be measuring your cum output and will know if you cheat. I want your balls full and you as horny as a teenager when you next come for your next examination in 2 weeks time. Do you understand Mr Thompson."

"Hello Pete, I hope you've been eagerly awaiting my instructions, in fact I just know that you have. It's time to start.

"I now own you sissy, remember that above all else, I can end your life here in this small town.

I will be using you for some years, training you to reach your Sissy potential. How does that sound to you?"

"That sounds wonderful thank you Miss Megan." He meant it, he'd always wanted to be controlled.

"Now before we go on, I want to explain the new rules you will live by. I will send the list through on Skype and I expect you to read it carefully and keep a copy slut."

The message notification beeped and here was the list he would live by for his Mistress from now on.

1.Your pathetic cock is no longer a cock, now it's your clit for my amusement. We will both refer to it as your clit from now on.

2.You will only ever squirt from your clit when I command it. Every single time you cum you will eat that cum. Even if you fuck your wife, which I'm guessing is not that often, you will lick he clean of every globule after. Whatever you have to do to achieve this, make it happen.

3.Your asshole is now no longer yours, is it my sissy ass pussy to use and you will refer to it as such. I will determine when it is filled and what it is filled with.

4.There will be days when you will have to drink every last drop of your own piss and indeed some days all of mine.

5.Your ass pussy, your sissy nut sack will be shaved completely smooth at all times.

6.You will watch every Sissy hypno video which I send through to you.

7.You will not approach any other Mistress or Master unless I have instructed to do so.

8.You may like photos or add people on FL, but you cannot approach anyone without my orders or consent.

9.There will be two training regimes, an easier one for when you are at home and then a much more taxing one for when you travel.

10.I will purchase some of the things you need as a sissy slut, but I know I'll get paid back from your work on your travels in time as I whore you out. You will set aside $100 per month for required purchases.

11.You will bring your toy bag and clothes to your next examination with me at the surgery. Every kinky thing you have I expect you to bring to show me.

12.You will find some form of activity that gives you an excuse to be out of the house and out of contact from you wife, once every two weeks on a Thursday evening from 8pm until 10pm.

13.You will wear the panties I tell you to everyday under your work or casual clothes, no matter what.

"These are your lucky 13 rules, which you will live by, to ensure you are trained to reach your absolute potential as a Sissy Slut."

"Do you understand and accept all of your Sissy rules Pete?"

He hesitated for a few moments and then nodded his head as he said "I do Miss Megan, I accept the rules as your Sissy."

"That's a good little Sissy slut, we're going to have so much fun and you'll love having me train your mouth and ass pussy over and over and over again."

 "Now Sissy listen to me, we've got rid of that cock you had and turned it into a clit and now we've hidden that little clit. I have prepared your pussy so that it is completely ready for Master V to admire, open, stretch and ultimately to fuck."

"When he does fuck you, you'll become the true Sissy you long to be and you will moan like the girl you are to become, make sure you make the right sounds as a bitch should. I want you to concentrate on making your voice more feminine, sweeter, more and more submissive." As Miss Megan said this Sissy's clit was throbbing with desire, her pussy twitching with anticipation at getting fucked.

"Slut you have to understand that the only pleasure for you now comes from worshiping real men's cocks, sucking the cum and piss from them and then begging to be fucked in your pussy over an over until your sissy nuts spurt. That is now the only way you will be allowed to orgasm, it will have to be from pure anal stimulation, do you understand my silly little whore?"

"Yes Miss Megan I understand that you have freed me to be a cocksucker and a cock whore, thank you for that Miss Megan."

"Now as you leave, I've put an audio hypnosis file on your phone, it will last for your entire walk home and will focus on becoming a slave to cock, it's by Mistress Stella and is really rather good. I want you to listen to this over and over again tonight as you go to sleep and then start again as you leave for the airport and for the full journey in the plane, have it on full volume and relax and FALL into a proper cock sucking trance."

"At the end of the loop there is a warning, informing you that listening to this audio loop over and over again will permanently affect you and change your sexual yearnings. It will, but ignore the warning and play the file again and again."

Sissy nodded and Miss Megan continued "As you listen more you'll crave more and more, big hard sweaty cocks to worship and suck, you'll want to suck their cum from their heavy Alpha male balls. To revel in being a sissy to real men and their cravings."

"Yes Miss Megan, thanks Miss Megan, I'll listen to it over and over again before I meet with Master V again."

As the sissy slut walked down the street on the way home, she listened to Mistress Stella's Hypnosis loop one, "Cock Slave". Her head spinning as she listened to the hypnosis audio.

"You want big, thick long cocks, the kind that bring Sissies to their knees as cock slaves. The first sign is the arousing tingle you feel at the sight of a man's bulge, your eyes automatically drift down to his cock. He's an alpha male making it obvious to the world that he has a big cock and knows how to use it." She listened attentively, gently nodding as she walked, licking her lips at the thoughts she was listening to.

"You love seeing the man's bulge growing and becoming harder, with his bulge extending far down his mid-thigh. When you see such a large bulge you want to drop down to your sissy knees and empty his balls. The thought of a thick cock spraying thick cum into your sissy mouth arouses you." It did arouse her and she longed for cock at that point.

"Hard cock is the most delicious thing you've ever tasted, hard cock is addictive, it makes your little clitty tingle. Your baby clitty will seem so tiny by comparison, you'll never measure up to the proper cocks, let the real men take control. Now FALL into trance. Deeper into my control."

"The bigger the better, size matters to you sissy, a five inch cock in your mouth doesn't cut it, you truly believe that you need 8, 9 or even 10 inch cocks to satisfy your hunger, to force that gag reflex into submission."

"You're kneeling surrounded by Alpha males, your licking your lips in anticipation. You hear masculine moans in the room, your clitty is leaking uncontrollably. Their cocks are dripping thick precum, waiting for a chance to fuck your throat, you accept that pleasing cock is your goal, your dream, your ambition, being a slutty, horny submissive cock tease is who you are. Being a slave to cock makes you feel like a sensuous girl, sets your inner sissy free, tasting cock sets your inner slut free."

"Cum is your d**g, your ultimate goal when sucking large cocks, when your face is covered in cum, it feels like sissy heaven. The more your tease lick and suck a real man's balls the more cum he'll produce and the sweeter it will taste."

"You know that Alpha males with large cocks and big balls produce more cum than other males. It's thick, tasty and potent, you will actively seek out these types of men while hunting for your next cum fix. FALL. Deeper now cock slave."

"It's time now to implant a trigger in your receptive sissy brain, every time you see a man with a large bulge you will instantly become aroused, you will salivate, your heart will flutter, your clitty will twitch, you'll feel weakness and submission flow through your body. Your pussy will long to be filled itching for use."

"Wherever you lay eyes on a bulge this trigger will take effect, instantly. You accept this as truth."

"You have fully absorbed my conditioning, and you accept that my word is truth, you were born to worship large penises. Your baby sized clitty cannot hope to compare, you can never satisfy a woman. Real men with giant cocks rule your world sissy, accept it, embrace it and FALL."

"Listening to this file on loop will permanently alter your behavior and sexual desire, allow the file to repeat at your own risk. This is your only warning."

As the hypno finished Sissy arrived at home and walked in. Her wife had gone out for the night, so she thought she'd have a glass of wine and listen more to her hypno files while she got her overnight bag ready for the trip, including her corset, stockings, pvc stockings and all her toys.

After listening three more times and getting slightly drunk on the bottle of wine, she sniffed heavily on the poppers getting higher and higher as she listened to the conditioning hypnosis tapes on the loop.

That's how Sissy found herself in her current predicament, hypnotized to yearn for Alpha male cocks and cum.

She'd become the slutty cock craving tramp that Miss Megan and Master V had decided they wanted her to be. For Master V it was simply a case of revenge, mixed with a question of just how far they could take Sissy. For Megan it was more a financial transaction, she wanted to whore this one out and also bring her wife into the mix if possible.

She'd just shown her true nature and absolute desire and need for cock and had sucked and been fed by 5 Alpha cocks, now time for the next stage of debasement, the sling room.

Master V and Clyde helped her up and walked her towards the sling room. As they stood in the doorway they freed her arms. She was so horny she simply sashayed forward on her heels and rose up to sit in the sling, she'd been in them before and knew what to do.

She reached to the chains behind her and pulled her body up into the leather sling and then raised her stockinged legs so her foot cuffs could be locked to the supporting chains high in the air, spreading her pussy wide open for abuse. She then lifted her arms compliantly so the wrist cuffs could be locked in place above and to the sides of her head. Now the slut was perfectly spread-eagled.

Clyde was passed the tripod by the guy who had been filming and he set it down to one side of Sissy to capture her next ravishment, the next level of mind control.

Master V looked deep into Sissy's eyes and said "Now Sissy we're leaving for a while, although I do desperately want to fuck you myself, I want you completely full of cum by then. So I can slosh around in your cum drenched pussy and feel first-hand how completely depraved you have become. Now don't worry about pissing yourself, as I'm sure you'll need to go soon. There is a drain below you and a shower facility so just let go of that self-control of your bladder, let it leak out of you as you need bitch"

"Ohh and here's the sign for the door" -" $1 urinal and $5 cum bucket, bareback only, ass to mouth, use both holes, be rough and enjoy yourselves." He smiled at her as she read it. Sissy looked at the sign and smiled wearily at the thought of the intense time to cum.

"You should probably know that Clyde is posting these videos of you live to Recon chat rooms, so you should have a good line up shortly slut. Turns out a lot of very dirty guys like a completely helpless sissy to debase."

Again he wanted to take her last vestiges of hope away, to break her mind completely. She deserved this and there was no going back for her now, she had abused his trust once before and now he had to take her free will away, to erase it from her psyche.

As he fed her the last of her poppers for a while ,he looked into the glazed blue eyes which had attracted and fascinated him from the start. "Now FALL, FALL, FALL, you are a slave to cock, to piss and to cum, you long for it all, as much as you can get. FALL, FALL, FALL."

This $5 train on her would leave her with no manhood whatsoever, a cum and piss soaked cheap whore, to be broken over and over again for his pleasure. Even though he knew Megan owned Sissy, he fully intended to own her himself for the long term.

His dungeon at home, would he thought become her 24/7 home one day. Then over the years she'd learn of the true error of her ways those few years ago. He intended to own Sissy for as long as he wanted, once Megan was bored of her, as he was sure she would become bored.

Then the thought of the fully prepared stall he had at home, waiting for a suitable candidate. Well more waiting for this Sissy, his Sissy

The stall was perfect for long term use with a Sissy as a full and occasionally recycling toilet. Having his own personal toilet, completely restrained in the dungeon above a drain for when it's not recycling, but also with the necessary attachments to make it fully recycling when he wanted it to be. He'd had it very carefully designed for long term use and indeed to allow the toilet to sleep fully in position, ohh to be locking her into that one day soon.

The thought that this would crucially not be just a urinal, but one for all his bodily waste had his cock rock hard. Even though he'd only mentioned this in passing to Megan to judge her reaction, this was indeed his end game. This had never ever been mentioned to Sissy.

Now he'd have to wait until the inevitable happened and he took actual ownership of Sissy finally, as he fully intended to do. Indeed all his actions were toward that end.

The first time sissy realized that the degradation of being a full toilet might be part of her future it would truly disgust her, until she was sick to the stomach.

Just at the thought, no matter how high or horny she was, she'd be utterly appalled at the prospect of being forced to be a true full toilet. He wanted her to be appalled, that's what turned him on the most.

It would take abuse and time before she came to accept that was even part of her future, let alone part of her duty. He knew Sissy didn't enjoy corporal punishment at all and Megan wasn't turned on by it. But Master V knew full well that when a Sissy has bright red buttocks and inner thighs from 10 minutes of whipping they would happily push themselves much further to stop the whip falling again. Disgust versus pain, a lovely dichotomy for him to watch being played out in the subs mind.

He knew he would see the real disgust in her eyes, and indeed he longed to see that utter disgust. The look of complete horror he knew he'd see, would truly turn him on to new extremes.

Then slowly over time when that look and horror filled reaction was faded away and was finally eroded from both his Sissies mind and her eyes, he'd genuinely know there was truly nothing at all she'd refuse him. He had to own her completely to truly break her.

Once she accepted that she had a duty to be a toilet, once she became the toilet for her Master in her mind, then she would be owned and totally content. That he truly believed. But that was for another time, no need to even suggest that to Megan or Sissy at the moment, it was far too soon for that.

Sissy lay her head back which rested just off the edge of the sling, easy to piss or cum directly into. Closing her eyes with the word FALL bouncing around in her brain. She breathed in and could smell the intoxicating cocktail of aromas of cum and piss on her and in the room, it was steeped in that smell.

In her newly trained state she loved that aroma, the heady mix for a sluts perfume. She knew nothing of the depraved thoughts her Master was getting turned on by as he left her to her fate with a smile on her face.

The door was closed as she breathed in deeply the leather CUM WHORE choker on her neck raised and fell, raised and fell, like an advert for her wares.

Megan was watching on cam and wondering if this was a step too far, but there was nothing she could do to stop it now, the end result of another 20 or so guys using her Sissy would be fascinating to see from a scientific point of view. Especially to see if the hypnosis triggers genuinely helped her to unleash the true dirty cock sucking slut that Megan was convinced was inside her newest slut.

Fuck what would sissy be like with one or two of Megan's more discerning chem-sex clients, the guys who liked to take PIG Sissies the extra mile after they had fed them a cocktail of methamphetamine, GHB and methedrone.

Two of them liked only first time, virgin chem Pigs to use, she'd only get a couple of sessions from them before they got bored and moved on. But they paid very well and demanded absolute no limit Pigs, who once given their d**gs, would do absolutely everything demanded of them with no boundaries whatsoever and she now seemed to have one here.

The shame was, even the ones with no boundaries like Sissy, tended to be ruined by the process. These guys liked to stretch limits and every orifice that they could to the extreme, often beyond the breaking points. One of them who paid particularly well would source 6 possibly 8 sissies all of different levels of compliance and then d**g them all and dress them suitably in their finest Sissy regalia, for the amusement of his very discerning high end clients.

It was reminiscent of Roman orgies than anything else and anything went at those. Any Sissy who was slow to please or failed to satisfy was subject to some extremely harsh punishment and a loss or reduction of their fee. Megan would not accept that.

These were guys who only ever played bareback and loved to fill faggots with cum and piss and the most depraved sex imaginable. The great thing was when Megan provided a real pig, especially a new raw one, they would happily pay seriously. The films would also sell well.

She could imagine the client luring Sissy in, getting her all dressed up in very sexy gear, then giving Sissy some alcohol to soften the next stages, having her slightly pissed, then a few poppers to truly get her in the mood.

Then the moment of truth which she had to hypnotize and train Sissy completely for. The moment they instructed her to take her pills, Megan had to know that Sissy would simply do it with no consideration for what she was taking. A compliant Sissy slut who would do anything she was told. They were close to getting her there already, but not quite.

The thought of her at the moment Sissy was told to swallow a pill, or have one pushed into her ass pussy and shelved or at the more extreme end to be injected or to smoke something, that was the moment Megan needed her to be utterly servile, broken, compliant and eager. To just feed on what she was given, to get her in the mood for the depravities to come.

She then imagined her slightly pissed Sissy, being given crystal meth, the powerful stimulant waking her up until she was ultra-sensitive, her nipples and clit on fire. Her heart-rate soaring, her face filling with blood and heating up, the complete euphoria taking over her body and mind, total and utter degenerate horniness taking over her mind, the aphrodisiac effect combining with utter staying power should her clit be jerked off at all, preventing her from orgasming, but making her want more and more sex.

Being told to swallow a bomb of methodrone and as the kick hit in, feeling her muscles and ass-pussy relax, then the final drug of the liquid GHB making her even more exhilarated and energized. She'd be capable of going for 2-3 days solid, a perfect Sissy whore for multiple highly demanding partners.

Her clit trying desperately to grow and fill with blood, but still being caged and held tightly and the hypnotic triggers firing in her mind every few seconds. Over and over again. She would be totally prepared for whatever her Masters wanted to do to her or have her do to them. To open her mind, soul and orifices wider than they had ever been stretched.

Megan planned to contact the highest paying one and see if a deal could be done for a months' time or so, when she could be sure of Sissy doing absolutely as she was commanded by her Mistress.

The door to the sling room opened, 3 young lads, no more than 18 walked in giggling. They felt this was at the extreme end of their sexual activities as then walked to Sissy's head and simply said "Open wide Sissy." Then the three streams of hot strong piss from three young cocks began to hit Sissy's face and mouth, she drank what she could, but was drenched in piss now. At that point she lost control of her bladder with piss leaking from her cage.

The boys finished and threw their $1 coins on the floor in the puddle of piss below Sissy, she was left restrained and soaked in piss, her drugged brain, hearing FALL, FALL, FALL in her mind. Now the yearning to taste cum was growing and gnawing at her, she wasn't to be disappointed for long.

As soon as the three young piss boys left to find real men's cocks for their own boi cunts, a big guy entered, shaved head, sleeve tattoos, heavily pierced nipples, sporting big bars of metal and black leather boots on, a true bear of a guy. His cock wasn't long, but the girth was impressive as was the large Prince Albert ring he had.

Sissy needed some cum soon, and she licked her piss soaked lips as suggestively as she could, the bear got the message and walked round to where he head hung back over the edge of the sling. He wasn't one for talking or pleasantries, he simply saw this slut as a pair of fuck holes and all for $5.

Finding sluts who could take the hard skull fucking he loved was hard, so having one shackled and helpless had the blood coursing into his stubby thick cock and making the head fit to burst. His big hairy balls needed a release, he needed to empty them fully.

He used her mouth as most men used a young woman's pussy, hard, relentless and without any mercy for the strangled moans and snot filled gasps.

As he left Sissy covered in a saliva, snot and cum mask, he really had enjoyed his release deep into Sissy's throat as she had gagged and nearly passed out. He had ravaged her throat, fucking her harder than she'd ever had before, her head leaning back giving him the perfect line of her throat to fill. needed.

The sling allowed him to swing her off his cock and slam it back in strangling her of air. As she gagged desperately on his cock, he wallowed in the throat contractions milking his manhood. Seeing the head of his cock deep down her throat, making her CUM WHORE collar bulge was the final push over the edge he had

Once he'd fed her his load he, simply placed a five dollar note screwed up into a ball into her open pussy, as though it were a money box.

Sissy was now such a mess it would be a wonder if others would want to use her, but in most sauna's there are many men who like a truly dirty scene.

In the end she had many $5 notes in her pussy and coins in the pool of piss below her sling. Most of the men depositing cum in her pussy seemed to enjoy the extra stimulation of the notes rubbing on their cocks. The line was constant for over an hour, with most only lasting a couple of minutes, often one guy fucking her pussy whilst another rammed into her throat and two more sprayed the slut with their cum.

Megan had cum a number of times through the sling session but her biggest orgasm was as he kneeling sub girl finally got her fist fully into Megan's pussy. Now she felt some of Sissy's pain and pleasure, even though she was completely Domme, on occasion she loved to feel the painful stretching that only fisting brought.

Her slut was licking her clit with her fist deeply embedded and Megan squirted all over her hand and face.

Her slut gently withdrew her fist and lapped up the juices before standing to kiss Megan and share those juices.

Sissy all the while was in slut heaven, in her hazy state she remembered a film that had horrified her when she was a young boy, but also excited her even then.

The scene of an agricultural show in redneck America, with a naked young girl tossed into a dirty pig pen and the sign of a fuck for $1 on the gate of the stall. The haunted look of the completely broken girl after an afternoon of $1 fucks was burned in Sissy's memory, yet here she was just the same, except she was loving the degradation, craving more and more.

Master V re-entered the room after he thought Sissy's mind was gone. This was as broken as he needed her to be for the future, no request no matter how depraved would ever be refused. He had his revenge in sight now. She was a complete cum soaked whore just as Dr Megan had wanted.

"That's it Sissy, FALL, FALL, FALL, now you're a total sissy whore to cock and cum and piss. Look at yourself you Sissy Pig, now, never ever, ever think of disobeying your Mistress or anyone she sends you to, including of course me. As we'll be seeing a lot of each other on every single trip you have to Auckland. I'm presuming you'll think of a lot of reasons to be there on business overnight, isn't that right Sissy?"

"Yes Master V." was all Sissy was capable of mumbling.

She looked disheveled and V wanted to ram home the degradation one more bit.

He began to reach into Sissy's pussy pulling out the cum and piss soaked notes until he thought he had them all.

"What a good dollar whore you make Sissy, here you've made 27 dollars from piss drinking and soaking and fuck" he took a few moments to count the notes.

"$185 dollars from cum, so that means you have 37 loads of cum in your pussy, throat, belly and over you, you dirty fucking pig."

He scooped up some of the loads of cum oozing from Sissy's gaping cunt and drizzled them into her open mouth, then worked to get more from her face and body to have her lick his fingers clean again.

"Now for one final fuck, I wanted you dirty, soaked in others cum and piss, before I fucked you hard, to breed you and make you mine."

"But I need you a little tighter after the working over you've had, so I'll just apply this Tight man tightening gel, I'm told the effects are quite extreme, the alum in the gel makes you're pussy contract really tightly again, you'll feel like a virgin sissy pussy for me."

"And when I say that I mean that pain will be the first thing you feel before you get to pleasure. But that's what you deserve and need isn't it slut?"

"Yes Master V." Sissy just mumbled as cum dripped from her swollen lips.

"Clyde are you ready for the spit roast."

"Fuck yeah V, I've been itching to have a go at that throat for ages. I hope we can take our time with this whore."

"You'd better believe it Clyde I've cum three times whilst I've been watching, the fourth time always takes a long time."

The sling spit roast Sissy then had to endure was intense. As V had hardened up his 7.5 cock Clyde ordered Sissy to get to work on his similar sized pole.

He told her to open wide as he pushed first one then the other sweat soaked hairy ball into her eager mouth. Her tongue was working overtime as she felt Master V liberally coating the inside of the stretched and raw pussy and her pussy lips with the tightening gel.

She was so far gone, but even in her current state she could feel her pussy contracting onto Master V's fingers, the gel was working and tightening her up for her final fuck of the evening.


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