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Serina Tales of Ages

by Naterx

Serina Tales of Ages

I awoke one day, Chains Clanging across the floor as I moved. “wha-what’s going on?” I tugged at the chains but to no avail. A man next to me was looking around and heard me get up so he looked at her and asked “who are you?” he asked me. I jumped hearing his voice, “I’m Serina. Who are you?” I asked him a little scared, He smiled gently and replied “I’m kaine” he extended his hand out and Serina gently took it and they shook hands. “Pleased to meet you Serina” Kaine got up and walked around the Cell they were trapped in. The Chains Limited the Length He could explore the cell they were in but he was able to get to most of the cell without a problem. I looked around and saw no way out but a big Iron door and a barred window. Upon seeing there’s no hope of escape I started to cry lightly, I was Scared, confused and just wanted to be with my dad. The last thing I can remember is: “dad, im going out for a bit.” I said walking down the stairs. “and where do u think ur going young lady?” Her father said blocking the door. “over to kalie’s house.” He gave her a ‘yeah right’ look. “Be back by 10.” I moaned “10?! But that’s like so early!!” I protested. “I can make it 8…” I hushed “fine then.” I stormed out of the house furiated, walking down to the waiting car, not knowing I was never to return that night. “serina??” Kaine asked. “serina, you ok?” he said touching my shoulder. I jumped slapping his hand. I came to my sense’s and apologized for doing that. “ Im sorry, I was just thinking of my dad.” He looked at her. “you still have a dad?” he was confused, but Serina was more confused. “yea, im only 16. how old are you.?” I asked him. “im 18… but My father died along time ago” I looked at him, his eyes teary, because he was thinking about his father. “he died trying to protect me and my mom, but the creature that attacked us overpowered him and killed him” I hesitated but asked him “what killed him?” he replied “a Kalthnor, fiercest creature alive.” I wondered for a minute and asked “what planet are we on?” I looked at him “were on Galiroth” he replied “but I was just on earth a couple days ago..” “earth? What’s a earth?” “earth is the planet, I lived on…” “I never heard of earth.” He replied momentarily after he pondered about it. I was totally freaked out now. I was not on earth anymore…

I Sat on the cold hard ground, shivering a little, My tattered cloths not helping to warm me. “ Kaine.. what is this place??” Kaine looked around and answered, “The Malahari Jail Block.” I looked around and grabbed a piece of dirty cloth, and sat on it, covering a little of the Cold ground. I wanted to go home but that hope diminished every second I stayed here. A guard then winged the door open, walked over to me and smiled grabbing me. “No please don’t!” I screamed as they unchained me and dragged me away, I liked Kaine, but I may never see him again. ”goodbye, serina.” He said sadly as I was dragged away. The guards were huge and muscular, like Body builder’s on earth. I then was thrown in front of what seemed to be the leader of the jail. He got up and looked at me, I was crying and scared so bad I peed myself. “It looks to be in good shape” he said taking her hand feeling it, he felt it was somewhat rough but yet smooth. “Its what the emperor is looking for.” He said picking her up and studying her body. “take her to the castle!” with that the guards grabbed her and chained her up in a cart, and then it started to move and I saw the jail’s outer wall, and the longer the cart moved it kept disappearing, and Kaine, soon disappeared with it to. The cart took what felt like a week, to get to the castle. I was wakened by a loud crash of the castle gates and I looked around, seeing a Big castle. The Wagon wheeled in and stopped as a Man decorated in gold and silver, walked up to her. “So this is the girl.” He said looking at her. “What is your name?” I didn’t reply. “What is your name?!” he said with a furious voice. Scared I said “serina” he looked at me. “Get her into better cloths! And wash this girl Shes filthy!”
They unchained her and took her inside. I was wondering what my father was feeling right now…

Ring.. Ring.. Ring.. You reached serina leave a message after the beep. BEEP. Serina? Where are you? Please come back. Please sweetie, I miss you and ur my little angel. Get back asap Click

“Nathan dude what’s going on?” Jeff asked. “My Daughter is missing. And I am trying to get a hold of her.” Jeff looked shocked and said “Ill help u find her.” Nathan and Jeff searched for 4 hours. “dam it where can she be?!” he said slamming his wall. “I don’t know but I got to get to work, ill catch u later.” He said leaving. Nathan went to his closet and got his GPS system, “come on u are on this world somewhere..” as it localized, it went to this solar system way out in the universe and targeted this planet in the middle of no where. He sat there for 2 hours speechless. Nathan then tracked her last known location on earth, geared up and set out with his truck. He speeds down the road 120..125..130.. Cops chasing him, trying to keep up. He then zoomed off the road to a dirt path; roaring threw, he slams his brakes. 6 guys stood there almost like waiting for him. He shot forward running one of the guys over. He saw a castle in the distance and then he drove off toward it, all he wants is to have his daughter back.

Serina was washed down and clothed, then told to go back out to the courtyard. I sadly walked back out to the courtyard and the emperor said” Follow me” I followed him with a sad face and they came upon the emperor’s chambers. “Now scrub this place down from top to bottom.” He yelled at me as I was thrown a Bucket and mop.
Nathan was speeding down the dirt road, drawling closer and closer to the castle.
His goal was clear, Get Serina, and kill anyone in his way. “im coming serina, just hold on.” He then sees it in plain view and he floors it, his Truck Roaring threw the gate, slamming in to the courtyard. Nathan jumped out. “where is my Daughter serina?!!!” The emperor walked out that same moment. “serina.. nope no idea. And Guards SEIZE HIM!!” Nathan Dash’s forward making himself to the emperor, smashing threw guards. He jumps into the sky, grabbing the emperor, and putting his gun to his head. ”show me or die.” The guards came closer. Nathan then Blows the emperors leg off. “GAAH! OK! OK!! OK!!! Shes in my room.” With that Nathan got in his truck and drove into his castle.
I was tired and I sat on the emperor’s bed. “ahh this is so comfy.” I then laid down on it, the bed was so soft, and smooth, and I couldn’t help but fall asleep. As I sat there all my memories of me and my dad, came back to me. How I missed him right now. I laid back on the bed and was about to fall asleep when a guard comes in. “GET BACK TO WORK U LAZY MON-“ the guard falls over and I see a shotgun wound. I get up and my dad comes threw the doors. “Daddy!!!” I squealed with delight. “Dad how did u get here?” he looked at me and I held on to him tight. He smiled and said “what’s a dad for?” him and I go back out to his truck and we get rdy to speed off and I say. “Grab his bed first, its nice” we tie the bed to the truck and we get rdy to storm out of here. “serina r you rdy?”
“yea dad” I replied. We Rev up the engine and rdy to speed off towards the outside world. My dad smiles his evil smile. “lets get out of here” HE guns the gas, and the tires Squeal on the stone and we shoot off towards the gate. Were dashing across at 120 mph, we slam out into the courtyard and bash into people, then as we approach the gate its starts closing. My dad guns all the last effort out of his truck, zoom across hitting the gate smashing threw it and landing with a jolt but still in tact. We then zoom off across the plains, never to see that castle again, or so I thought…

I lied down in my fathers lap, finally getting some rest in the last 2 weeks. He continued driving on as I drifted off. I didn’t know how long it was that passed but I heard a bam, and woke up. Startled I look around. “what’s wrong??” I ask. “the portal thing isn’t here.” I looked at him “oh.. dose that mean were not getting home?” he nodded. “not right now at least.” He turned the truck back on and drove off, not knowing where he was going… all I knew it was going to be a while till we got back so might as well get use to living here. I Woke up and looked around, I was in a “Inn” and I was sleeping comfortably on a bed. I got up and looked around. My dad was no where to be seen. I got up and explored the room. I found nothing, and I sat back down on the bed. I grabbed the sheets and curled up. I hated being alone, it was so lonely. After a while I drifted off again, then suddenly my father was over me waking me up. “serina, honey, u awake?” I shot up. “yea yea. Im awake.” I looked around. I sat back down on the bed. My dad sat down next to me and fell back exhausted. “what’s wrong?” I looked at him. “o nothing, just had to help out to get the room and board, so ima little tired.” He laid down and fell asleep on the bed. I fell asleep with him, and that couple of hours was the best sleep I ever got. We suddenly awoke to a crashing down of the door, and all I remember was 5 guys in metal armor running in grabbing us and taking us away. “wha?!” I screaming trying to get out of there grip. “you are under arrest for Attempting to kill the emperor.” I looked over to see my dad trying to fight them off, and he was minorly succeeding, but soon got tired and couldn’t keep fighting.. They dragged us off into a barred carriage. I held on tight to my dad, bent on never leaving his side. “dad what do you think is going to happen to us?” he looked at me and replied “I don’t know, but it isn’t going to be pretty.” I sighed with disappointment. I didn’t want to go back to that place, it was gloomy and damp and cold. But maybe ill see kaine again. Maybe, just maybe, but im not going to get my hopes up. My dad, and I fell asleep, cause we were so tired, and woke up in a cell. I looked around to see if my dad was around, I found him next to me and I grabbed him and held on to him. He was still passed out and I couldn’t figure out if this was the same place or a different place. Then I saw Kaine, he was sitting in the corner, asleep. I got up and gently touched his shoulder. “kaine??” I asked. He didn’t move but I heard him breathing. I went back over to my dad and lied down. I woke with a terrible fright as the door smashed open. “AH?!” a guard went to come grab me, but my dad broke his arm off as he slammed his foot on it. “GAH!! You mangy mongrel!” he reached for his sword, as he slammed his foot into the guards chest, smashing him back, killing him. The guard slammed to the ground, blood dripping out of his mouth. My dad sat there heavily breathing but conscious. I looked at the dead guard, and tried to pull the body closer but I couldn’t do it. My dad grabbed the body, and started to pull but couldn’t get very far. He did get far enough for me to reach his belt, and grab the keys, I un chained as all and grabbed the sword. Kaine woke up right about now, seeing serina he got up and hugged her. “how did u get back in here?” she looked around, “I donno we were at an inn then guards grabbed us.” He looked at the other guy. “who’s that?” she turned around. “this is my daddy.” Nathan smiled and whispered to me. “you gotta boyfriend” in a teasing manner. “daddy! Stop it!!” We got rdy to escape and opened the door, not knowing what was going to happen.

As we left the dungeon we found ourselves in a forest. “hmmm where is it?” he said looking around. Suddenly arrows fling past our heads and slam into the trees behind us. We hear a voice call out “Don’t move or next time we’ll hit you.” We looked around as some hooded men came into view. We were not as scared as it seemed, but my dad was willing to fight some more if he had to. One of the men asked. “how did you get out?” my dad looked at him, leans down just a tad bit and yells. “wouldn’t YOU LIKE TO KNOW?!” the guy fell back with such force the other guys got scared. “now if u mind id like to get the hell out of here before they realized we escaped. Now let me pass or Ill kill u to.” He said sword clenched. The guy gets up, “well we are escapees to. Sorry about that tho, we thought u might be spy’s or something. But follow us we will get u patched up and some food before u depart” he said walking into the forest. Kaine, my dad and I follow behind and come to a village in the trees. “welcome to our village.” He said as he entered threw the wooden gates. My father was a little intrigued, at this marvelous site. Tho he didn’t show it, I saw it in his eyes. The leader showed us around and gave us some supplies new cloths, and then out of the corner of my eye, I saw our truck. “Dad! Look our Truck!” my dad flinged to the direction I pointed and he ran towards it like he was running for his life. Some of the guys tried to stop him but he pushed them out of his way. He got to his truck and tried to hug it. “Hey! That’s our thing!” yelled the leader, with his bow pointed to my dad. I grabbed the leaders ear and yanked him to the ground. “No, its our Truck!” the leader looked at me. “Says who? We found it. And what’s a “truck”?” my dad opened it up and sat in it. “look! He opened it!” stammered some of the other villagers. “serina, kaine hopped in the back were leavein.” He said, the Engine Roaring to a start. “You aren’t going any where!” the leader yelled grabbing me and putting a knife to my neck. My dad Revved his engine, Hatred filling his eyes. “let go of my daughter.” The leader smiled. “give me my thing back.” My dad was searching for something, then I see his arm poke out and all I hear is a loud crack and a guy screaming in pain. I ran to my dad’s truck, kaine hesitated, but got in after me. My dad roared his engine and zoomed off, slamming threw the gates. Driving off into the forest.
I fell asleep in Kaine’s lap, and when I awoke my dad was over me. Kaine was next to me to, and my head was still in his lap. I got up yawning and rubbing my eyes, I stretched and said sleepy “ hmm??” “serina, were home.” I looked around, there it was, our house, “how. How did you?” He smiled. I looked behind me, kaine was tired to. It took a second then everything clicked. “I fell asleep on his lap didn’t I?” my dad smiled. “You gotta a boyfriend” he said in a teasing manner again. “dad!!” I said punching him, he walked off into the house. I got up and looked around, it was my house, my yard, everything. I jumped down and lied on the grass. It felt so nice, then a blanket hit me in the face. “hey?!” I screamed. “there a love seat for u 2.” I got up and just gave up on him, I let the blanket down and fell back to sleep on it. I awoke with kaine in my face. “aH!?” I said startled but got up and realized it was him. “oh its just you kaine.” He smiled and glomped me. “hey, I know u like me and all but come on!” “I know but I like holding you.” He said to me with a smile. “well thank you for that.” I said, hugging him. I liked him to, but I was thrown off guard with the next phrase he spurted out. “go out with me?” he asked with a smile. I was shocked and torn, 1 side was like “yea go for it” the other “no don’t” I said “yea” uncontrollably and he squeezed me. later that night while eating dinner, I was just waiting till my dad, was going to ask. Time clicked, we just ate, clicked some more, we ate, some more, we ate. Till the tension between this got so bad I said “he asked me to be his Gf and I said yes, OK?!” my dad gently smiled. “knew u say it sooner or later. Well hope u 2 make a good couple, cause im going to go and make wedding arrangements.” He said smiling ear to ear. I stormed up. “wedding plans?!” I screamed, Kaine was coughing up his food in shock. “wedding plans, now I have to agree with serina, isn’t that a bit fast?!” He started to laugh. “nah im just messing with you.” He said going to the living room and turns on the tv. Kaine asked me “why did he do that?” I looked over at him. “to be mean.” He sighed, and finished up. We went to my room and I lied down, exhausted. Kaine came over, and sat next to me, and started to give me a back rub, I soon felt sleepy and then went to sleep.

When I awoke I Darted up, and looked around. This wasn’t my home. I looked to see where I was, but there were bars everywhere, but the roof wasn’t barred. No one else was in the room, or place, it seemed I was alone. I sat down to a horrible noise. Crinkle! “oh no…” I said with horrified look on my face. The piece’s just clicked into place. I looked down, and my heart stopped, my body froze, and I couldn’t believe it. I fainted. I then awoke again. “whew it was just a dream.” I tried to get up but my legs wouldn’t budge. I lifted my butt up but fell back to another horrified Crinkle! My face now stone cold. “it.. wwasn’t.. a dr..ea..m..” I almost burst out crying but It took all my power to stop myself. “now im trapped here.” I looked around, there was a pillow, and a blanket in the room with her. “how did they get there?” I went over and grabbed them. “I wrapped up in the blanket and lied her head on the pillow. I just suddenly felt comfortable, and almost fell asleep, but then I realized I been wetting myself for the past 5 seconds. I didn’t know what to do, then my crotch felt warm and damp. I was horrified, but soon fell asleep and forgot about all of the incident. I awoke sucking on a pacifier, there was this beautiful woman changing me. I didn’t understand why, but I kinda figured out when she said “there you go darling, all better now aren’t we?” I uncontrollably smile threw my pacifier. The lady picked me up in her arms and I clinged to her. “now my baby’s in a fresh diaper, and all happy shes in mommy’s arms.” Suddenly Serina woke up heavy breathing. “what in the hell?!” I got up and checked herself. “ok it was a dream, only a dream..” Kaine woke up and looked around. “what? What’s Wrong?” he said falling back down on his bed. “she sat down next to kaine. “I had the worst nightmare ever. I .. I.. was a baby…” kaine grabbed her gently. “hey its just a dream, not real. If you want ill sleep with you tonight.” I laid down with him. “ok, I think that will be fine.” I closed my eyes, but all that coursed threw my mind was my dream.. or was it my dream, or was it real? I don’t know but I was scared since then, I don’t know what was happening to me. Was I going nuts, or what?! That night again… I awoke in a barred room. I looked around, I couldn’t walk but I could crawl. I went to the bars, and tried to move them but I wasn’t strong enough. I saw, more this time. I saw a dim lit room, pink wallpaper, blue fluffy carpet, a white table near the far corner, a metal pail. And then I heard something outside the door. So I quickly covered myself up and looked like I was sleeping. 3 ladies came in quietly, and came over to the cage. “awww isn’t that cute.” One of them said, the other 2 agreed with her and then 1 of them gently picked me up and held me, I instinctively hugged the woman, not realizing who it was. “see I told you she was a mommy’s girl.”
“well she sure looks like it.” The woman were rubbing me, and strokeing my long hair. I suddenly awoke yet again. “what is happening to me? Am I going nuts? Or is it that im already nuts and todays events just caused that nuts to finally come out.?” Kaine was sound asleep, holding me lightly at the waist. I look around, there’s all my stuff, my bed, tv, radio. “im finally over the edge.” I got up and paced around the room, for a couple of minutes before something clicked.. “either im seeing the future or my past, but what was weird is, that I look to be this big.” I looked at myself, 5’ 10” “ I mean look im huge!” I sat down on my bed. “I am not going to like this at all.” I laid down on my bed and covered up, preparing myself for what horrors lied ahead of me. As I laid in my bed, drifting off to a sleep, I kept wondering, will I ever wake up? As I drifted off into the sleep, I found myself in the woman’s arms, which says shes my mother. I look around and see the other 2 women. I gently laid my head down on the lady who’s holding me, but for some reason, I couldn’t understand a single word they said, but I swear I could hear plain English.after a while, they turned on the tv. I sat there watching it, I still couldn’t figure out why I can’t understand it. Hen I felt the lady get up with me and put me in “My room” . Before I could think, I heard kaine saying “serina, time to get up..” I got up and looked at him. “that was the worst night I’ve ever had in entire life..”

Things progressed like normal, Had Breakfast, hanged out, lunch, nothing much happened today, but the dream kept tugging at my mind. I didn’t know what importance it had, or if it was so screwed up that I can’t stop thinking about it, I had to know what importance it has to me! I went out into the living room and saw the woman my dad helped a while back. “dad, how did she get here?” he looked at me. “o she fell asleep so I left her in the truck and brought her in when u were sleeping, she’s quite nice.” I studied her. “but shes from the planet place!” he looked at me like yea. ”so kaine Is to” I gasped. “b-but! He’s a exception!” “so is she” he ended the conversation right there. I went to my room and sat on my bed, I was bored and bored. As I sat there, I pondered on what I should do. Since I left the night I was considered dead, which isn’t all that bad, but weird, since I lost 3 of my best friends, but then again they were drunk, and I don’t see the value in that. As I pondered that, Kaine was sneaking up behind me. “hmm, what am I going to do..” Kaine suddenly scared me to holy hell. “GAH!” I screamed jumping at him “Serina its just me!” he said holding me from hitting him. “what! KAINE Your so mean!” I said hitting him lightly. “well come on its just a joke! Cant you take a joke?” he asked with a chuckle. “no I cant, especially since It was on me.” I pondered what I should do. I fell back on my bed. “gah! I cant figure out what to do!!” I said as I hit my bed. “well. What is there to do on this planet?” he asked me as he rubbed my back. “well there’s a lot of stuff, but we need to be able to drive, and I don’t have my license” I said while I enjoyed the amazing back rub. “Whats a “drivers” license?” I sit there. “it’s a thing that lets you drive a car around and not get in trouble for doing so.” He looked at me and I just gave up. I got up and ventured out to the living room. I plopped down and flipped the tv on. I flipped threw channels till I found something that vaguely interested me. “hmm I guess this will do.” I laid back and kaine came up and looked at me. “bored?? I might be able to show you some crafting skills if you want to.” I got up. “crafting skills??” I asked as I got up. “yes but I need wood..’’ I got up and went to the garage. I pulled out a couple 2x4 boards and gave them to him “well, this is good now I need a carving knife.” I looked at him like ‘huh?’ I pondered, and remembered something and dashed back to the garage. I came back with a knife, it was sharp and had a crescent moon shape to it. He smiled and I said “well lets go.” I said walking to the back door. The day was going great… or so I thought…

The day started out fun, till the late afternoon, they found the way here, and now, they are running threw the city on a rampaging bloodthirsty rage. My dad, The woman, and Kaine and myself where all hideing out, we could barely get out of our home alive, all my stuff.. is there, i was so sad. but they were so fierce, the Women.. ahave become so angry, and they have been takeing the men to these "factories." i didnt know what hapened.. bt i think the women of the world all had there period on the SAME day. I was holding onto Kaine, i was so scared, we were just outside of the town, we had to hide the truck, woman were on patrol on the streets, we couldnt get out of the forest, dogs here being lead by woman, we had a place, me and my dad made a treehouse in a BIG oak, this thing was huge... i was so exaugsted from running i donno what happened.. but when i awoke i was drowsey, i saw my dad, he was being held back as i was worked on, kaine was out cold to, but he layed right by me, i slowly reached and grabbed his hand. they were messing with my lower parts, but i didnt care much, my dad saw me looking at him, he got the message i was ok, so he camed down. i was soon out again, it was a lovely sleep. i awoke, like my dream, 'so.. it wasnt a dream? or was it?' i looked around it was like my dream, it was a pink room, the feeling between my legs, but it wasnt visable threw the clothes they had on me, the only thing diffrent i was next to a boy, he looked like kaine, so i crawled over as i couldnt get up, and tapped him, he mummble, it was kaine. i immidiatly grabbed him and hugged him, sighing with relief. "daddy?" i asked, my voice very childish. i giggled. i havent sounded this cute in a long time. but my dad came in and he picked me up slowly. "hey sweety." he smiled and held me really close. he whispered in my ear. "its.. gonna be a permant state sweety, u wont ever be able to grow up now, they fixed your body up with some drug, to stop you me and kaine from growing, also my girlfriend to, we are to be a family, but itlll be under survalience of the Women, they either said to take care of u and kaine or be a baby, so i decieded i want my baby girl back, and well i got her." he smiled and kissed me, he walked over to a rocking chair and roc ked with me in his arms, i was so glad i had my daddy, he was the only family i had left. But what i saw next, was something i never prepaired for.....
I awoke from My dream, I had been so scared i had wet myself.. "Holy crap..." i said softly, i looked around, i was alone.. The room seemed familiar...Almost if it was my room, but designed a little bit diffrently.. i got up on to my butt. "i.. that feeling.." i touched my crotch. i went cold.. "this.. cant be happening..." i got up out of my bd. and walked out to the living room, kaine and my pa were watching tv.i went up to my pa, and sat down next to him. "daddy, why am i in this?" he looked at me. "cause uve had some bad dreams lately, and u been ... well wetting the bed. so i decided to try it for now.. till they stop." I sighed and set my head down in his lap. kaine grabbed my hand and held it tight, "i hope ur ok serina." i smiled. "ill be fine sweety." he blushed and smiled a bit. the lady walks out. "when we get the big baby that looks like serina?.. oh.. wait she is.. my bad." i growled a bit and hugged my daddy. He chuckled, and hugged me back. he whispered in my ear. "u look cute honey." i immediately blushed red and hid my face.

Since then Serina and kaine become close and very loveing to each other, and shortly after the.. strange adventure they had, her father consented to there marriage, as they were happily married for many of many years to come, though lovers, they never decided to have a kid, kaine loved to take care of serina as if she were a child, and her father had helped take care of her to.. It was 55 years after, her father had passed, and since that day shes looked to kaine to help her. But because her father and her were so close, she to died a few years after, the drastic emotional impact of his death gave way to her heart, and she couldnt bear to live without him.. So she joined him in heaven.. Kaine was left on earth, he never got married again, and just took care of His wifes home.. Till he to got to old of age, and sold it, because he no longer could take care of it. Since that day he has never let himself forgive that action.. That house held many secrets, and hopefully no one would re-discover those secrets... Kaine Haroldsford Had died 2 years after he sold the home. Joining Serina, and her father in heaven, liveing with god and everyone else, till the day they were to return to earth...

The End


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