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diaperrd by wife

by diaperbabyboy24

Chapter 1

Jay met his girlfriend Kelley online in a chat room for meeting for online dating.  They arranged a date and went to dinner.  After dinner, they went to Kelly's house to talk.  Jay really enjoyed being with Kelley.  They dated for a year, and decided to plan a wedding.  It was a small wedding, but they were both happy.  Kelley really wanted a baby, but was unable to have one.  She talked to a few of her friends, and got some interesting ideas about hypnosism and planned to make Jay become a baby.  She decided to do aa few other tricks before trying the hypnosis...... she was going to make him a bedwetter first.

That night, after he fell asleep, she went to the bathroom and got a cup of warm water, hoping the age old prank would work.  Jay was a deep sleeper, so he wouldn't wake up.  Kelley took the cup and pkaced his hand in the water.  An hour later, there was no success, so she just slowely poured the water on his crotch area.

The next morning, Jay woke up wondering why he was wet.  Kelleu asked him if everythin was OK.   He was afraid of her reaction.  She reacted calmly and said sometimes accidents happen.  Don't worry about it.

At this point, Kelley ordered many hypnosis files for bedwettung, pantswetting, messing, and diaper love.  While waiting, she continued to make it look like he was a bedwetter.  However, she thought it might be a good idea to use real pee instead of water when piuring it on him, so she peed in a cup then poured it on him.  Surprisingly, Jay told her one morning he doesen;t mind waking up wet.

She asked him how he felt about diapers and since she coulfn't have a baby would he be her new baby??.  He said he was open to the idea...... The next day, the hypnosis arrived.  Since Jay was open to the idea, Kelley confessed she was the reason he waswetting the bed.  She presented him with the hypnosis files, and he started lisrening to them.  The first one was a bedwetting one s he would wet on his own.  This was the test for them.  It took a ouple of nights for it to work, but eventually he was wetting on his own every night.

This is when he was given the diapers to wear...but not just any diapers....they were abdl diapers that loojed and smelled just lie real baby diapers.  The next step was to create daytime accidents.  Jay listended to a file to make him wet while in diapers during the day.  Again it took a couple of days to work, but suddenly he was wetting his diaper while they were out shopping.

They were both pleased that it was starting to work..  When they got home, Kelley showed jay some stuff online, and they went further.  A giant crib, highchair, and changing table were ordered.  The spare room was now going to become a nursery.  While Kelley was making the orders, Jay was listening to hypnosis to make him mess.  He thought this file was going to just mak him have messy accidents randomely, but it actually had a trigger word "pampers".  If he would hear it, he would instantly poop in whatever he was wearing,

A few days later, the crib high chair and changing table arrived.  They got everyhing set up.  As they were setting up the high chair, Kelley said to Jay "we need to go shopping today".  I want to get you a bottle,formula, baby food, and some pampers.  As soon as she said pampers, Jay made a big mess in his diaper.   Kelley said o i better change you first.  Jay wondered why she mentioned pampers as they wouldn't fit him and he already had a good supply of diapers. but thought nothing of it.

After he was changed, they headed to target.  They webt straight to the babu isle and bought gerber baby food, similac formula, and a bottle.  Then they bought a pacifer.  Kelley decided she was going to order some bigger bolltes, pacifiers, and a bib online when they got home.  While going through the isle, they saw the diapers.  Kelley told jay  Look at all those pampers.  Jay again filled his diaper....at this point, He realized what was going on.   

He was changed when they got home.  Kelley prepared a bottle with the Similac, and put him in the high chair.  While the bottle was being prepared, he was given the gerber food to eat.  After it was finished, he was put in the crib with the bottle.  While he took a nap, Kelley went back online to order the bibs, pacifiers, and bottles.  she then found sites to order custom made onesies and sleepers.

She ordered full zip sleepers, and snap crotch onesies.  Al of them looked just like baby's but ere customed for him.  One said mommy's baby,  one said big bedwetter, and one said pissy pants.

When he woke, he was soaked amd the diaper was ready to leak.  Kelley said o you are wet, looks like we need to change your pampers. (she enjoyed making him mess on command).  On second thought, lets let you in that diaper for a little while.  Sje decided to show him printouts of everything she had ordered.

One week later, everything arrived.  She put the onsie on him that said mommy's baby.  The snap crotch will make an easier diaper change.  She thought of taking him out to the park, but remebered she hadn;t ordered a stroller yet,  They decided to stay home.  Online, they ordered a stroller and a car seat for in the near future.  That evening, Jay was put in a sleeper that said baby bedwetter in it.  After he was put in a crib, pictures were taken.  Kelley decided to start a baby book.

Even though the hypnosis started to wear off, Jay continued to be a baby for Kelley, sleeping in the crib, wetting and messing himself, and eating baby food.  They did go out to the park once the stroller arrived, and Kelley also timed it so Jay couldn't get out of the car seat in time and had an accident while Kelley was undoing the harness.

He became her forever baby


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