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by judedaniel

Chapter 1

CherylAnn shifted around in her chair uncomfortably as she tried to keep her mind on the inane article in the magazine she was reading. Why were the waiting rooms of doctor's offices always so uncomfortable? She was nervous enough going to see a new gynecologist as it was...

-Dr. Harris uses hypnotic tapes to start the conversion. he also implants a suggestion that her groin will begin to itch in about two weeks, to get her to return so that the transformation can begin. The tapes will gradually cause CherylAnn to change from a brunette career women to a blond, very busty, horny slut. The cool thing here is that CherylAnn will actually initiate all the changes herself, but not understand why.

Dr. Harris had told her that the itchy hot feeling in her vaginal area was completely normal, but honestly, it was getting distracting. It wasn't really pleasurable or anything, just inconvenient and uncomfortable. She decided she just had to go back and see if there was anything that the doctor could do. ChrylAnn couldn't explain why, but Dr. Harri seemed so nice. He had a great bedside manner and really inspired trust.

-The doctor diagnoses the itching as a rare topical condition that will require regular visits for treatment. This ensures that CherylAnn will return regularly, and the conversion and transformation can begin.

CherylAnn returned home with her purchase. She went directly to the bathroom and stared at herself for several long minute in the mirror. Was she sure she knew what she was doing? Going from brunette to blonde was a huge change, after all. She'd look totally different with her face framed by blond hair unstead of the chestnut shade she was born with. And the shade she had gotten...why, it was a *very* light blonde.

And there were other things to consider about the hair color change as well. CherylAnn had seen how men treated blondes. While men fawned over blondes all the time, most of them assumed that they were all basically just bimbos, especially the ones with hair as blonde as the shade she had bought. As she thought about it, this thought strangely seemed not to bother CherylAnn. In fact, it kind of...well, excited her. It also gave her a sense of power. "Just think" CherylAnn mused "I can get all the special treatment that those other women get, and as all those men are treating me like some dumb bitch, I'd be on the inside, laughing at them. What a great joke!"

-CherylAnn does in fact bleach her hair blond, and begins to wear a bit of make-up to work. This is the first step in her transformation, and the mental suggestions from Dr. Harris' treatment begin to take subtle effect, shortening her attention span a bit and starting the slow subtle increase in her libido.

Work was kind of strange this week. In addition to all the attention that CherylAnn had gotten since her hair color change, she had begun to catch herself getting distracted. Before, her job had always been something that CherylAnn took pleasure in. Lately she was just finding it boring. Just about anything could distract her from the morass of numbers that swam on the pages before her. She'd find herself staring off into space sometimes, her mind a million miles away from whichever account she was working on.

And strangely, more and more of these reveries seemed to be dissolving into sexual daydreams! CherylAnn found herself contemplating the crotches of her male coworkers from afar, wondering idly what they were packing under those pants...occasionally she'd get aroused enough that she'd have to make a trip to the bathroom for some relief.

Over the next couple of weeks, her distraction level got higher and higher. Sometimes she'd lose concentration in the middle of someone speaking to her. She knew it was making her seem a bit dim at times, but she just couldn't help it, no matter how hard she tried. While the attention of the offices men continued unabated, CherylAnn began to hear muffled whispers from the women about "the hair color fits her" and "its bringing out her true nature". She would occasionally overhear blond jokes in the bathroom as well.

All this left CherylAnn strangely unhurt. She felt almost distant from them, strangely superior. Even when she overheard some women in the ladies room refer to her as a "ditzy blonde". It just made her even more determined to continue improving herself.

"These catty bitches are all just jealous" she thought to herself indignantly. "Just because I'm getting more attention from the men in my office, they hate me. Well, I'll show them. If they think I have al the men's attention now, just wait 'til they see me in action! I'll have every man in this office eating out of my hand!" Her finger began to caress her clitoris as she sat on the toilet fuming, and the rush of pleasure from her quickly coming orgasm cemented her resolve.

The very next week CherylAnn began to put her plan into action. She first began with her appearance. She decided that a wardrobe change was in order, so it was off to the mall. She purchased a whole new range of clothing. None of it was really inappropriate for the office (well maybe a little, she giggled to herself) but for CherylAnn it represented a drastic change in fashion direction.

First to go was her old underwear. "If I'm going to build a new me, I've got to start from the ground up," she thought. Out went the dowdy old cotton panties and plain bras she normally wore. She went to Victoria's Secret and nearly cleaned them out of things in her size. She now had a wide range of sexy undies. From T-back thongs to tight silk full-cuts, and a great collection of bras that really shaped and accented her figure.

"No more pants" was her next decision. "Sexy women always wear skirts, and I'm gonna be so sexy that those other bitches won't know what hit 'em!" To this end she had bought a wide range of skirts, from long, tight sheath skirts, slit provocatively up the back or side of course, to miniskirts that definitely were near the limit of the office dress code. Flat shoes were out as well, and CherylAnn spent not a little cash buying new several new pairs of high heel shoes. She was very careful with her choices, wanting to make sure that she was never lacking for stylish and flattering clothing.

The next thing she did was get here nails done. Well, perhaps that didn't quite capture the essence of what she did, because she'd had simple manicures before. This time, CherylAnn got nails *done*. She let the girls at the nail salon have their way with her, and when they were done, she walked out of there with rock-hard 1 ½ inch acrylic talons, painted a deep wine color.

CherylAnn started to play up the bimbo angle a bit too. Over the next month or so, she gradually began consciously cultivating some behaviors that backed up the visual image she was presenting. They were all little changes, but she thought they might matter for some reason.

First of all, she changed her reading habits. CherylAnn had always enjoyed reading history and fiction, but she set those books aside for now. In fact she actually went so far as to pack up all of her books, clearing her bookshelves. Instead of her usual recreational reading, she started to buy magazines like Cosmopolitan, Elle, Seventeen, etc. She started to read them thoroughly, absorbing all the advice on improving herself that she could.

Using what she learned from her magazines, she began to work on all aspects of her behavior. She stand in front of the mirror all evening, practicing how to stand, how to walk, and just generally how to attract the attention of others with her body. CherylAnn tried never to just stand, but always to pose.

She adopted some mannerisms as well, like playing with her hair, checking her make up frequently and touchimg it up, and generally just primping and preening like a teenager. She conciously tried not to laugh, but instead to giggle, and she tried to speak in a softer more feminine tone than her usual direct way.

CherylAnn also consciously started to "dumb down" her vocabulary, and stopped trying to hold her own in important discussions around the office anymore.. After all, men didn't like women who were smarter than they were.

The most important change she made wa inhow she dealt with the men around the office. After about a month of reading women's magazine and absorbing all the good info that she could, CherylAnn started to flirt. Mercilessly.

-She starts to change the way she lives at home, to. She changes the decor in her apartment, going from utilitarian living to stylish and sexy pad...a real sex den, of sorts.

CherylAnn couldn't help it. Even though she knew it was bad, she just couldn't keep her mind off sex. As she ran a hand through her thick platinum blonde hair she wondered about the choices she had made so far. She loved all the attention that her modified behaviors were bringing her, but she occasionally wondered if she wasn't getting into the role just a little *too* much. She was getting so use to acting like a dizzy blonde all the time, she wondered if some of it wasn't actually rubbing off on her. Still she couldn't argue with the fact that she was getting a lot more attetion form the men, and she loved it. Every time one of her male co-workers praised her appearence, or slipped a covert pat on her ass, CherylAnn's pussy moistened. Her orgasms when she masturbated were nothing short of earth shattering...and her fantasies were becoming more and more oriented around actually experiencing the things that the blonde bimbo that she was acting like would have experienced.

-The above changes continue, and at some point,somthing triggers CherylAnn's interest it getting bigger boobs. Maybe she overhears something in the bathroom, or something like that. We add in an interest inponography here as well.

There were no two ways about it. CherylAnn wanted bigger breasts...no, wait, not breasts, TITS. She rolled the word around in her mind and it seemed all right, so she thought it again...TITS. She wanted bigger TITS...yes, she liked it. It sounded just the tiniest bit cheap, and that excited her. From now on her breasts would be her TITS. The bottom line still remained. CherylAnn thought her tits were too small.

All the beautiful women in the adult films she had been watching lately had wonderful tits, full, round tits, with thick succulent nipples. And a bigger chest would certainly enhance and cement the influence she had over the men at work...she had seen the way the men looked at the more generously endowed girls, their eyes often glued to the women's chests, even when the men were talking directly to the women!

CherylAnn flushed at the thought those men's eyes upon her, unable to keep their eyes off her breasts, hypnotized by them. She could just imagine the wonderful warm weight of a pair of plump full titties on her chest, the way they'd bob gently as she walked, how they would fill out her figure wonderfully...she imagined lying on her bed, one hand gently stroking her clit and pussy, another bringing an erect nipple to her lips to be sucked...

The problem was she just didn't trust plastic surgeons...at least she didn't know any that she trusted. Maybe Dr. Harris knew someone? Sure enough, when she asked him during her weekly visit, he did know someone!

"I know a Dr. Remington who is by far the best in his profession. Why do you ask, my dear?" inquired Dr. Harris after the weekly treatment was concluded.

"Well...to be honest, I was thinking about getting a little breast enlargement..." she said, blushing.

"My dear, that's a bit of a drastic step isn't it?" said the doctor. "I mean, have you ever had any cosmetic surgery before?"

"Well, no," CherylAnn admitted.

"Don't you think getting a breast job is a bit extreme right off the bat, when you don't even know anything about plastic surgery?"

"I...I suppose..."

"Well, look," said Dr. Harris, smiling at her, "why don't I put you in contact with Dr. Remington, and you can talk to him about it...but I might suggest starting with something a bit more minor in the surgery department. I've seen many women use cosmetic surgery to their advantage, but you should be smart about it."

-CherylAnn gets collagen in her lips, just as a first plastic surgery experiment. Her clothing continues to be provocative, but classily so, at least so far.

-CherylAnn buys a dildo...just one for now, but her collection will increase later...

-Somehow we end up with the scenario below, CherylAnn sucking off a complete stranger, just on impulse. She finds, of course, that she loves it. This might lead to some glory-hole activity later, after things get more extreme. Basically, she gonna love sucking cock...any cock.

CherylAnn parted her thick new collagen-enhanced lips and moaned with pleasure as the stranger's cock slipped past them to fill her mouth with its warm length. She knew she must look hotter than hell with a dick buried in her mouth, and that thought just served to make her pussy even wetter and sloppier than before. She could feel her juices soaking the crotch of her panties, and she loved the feel of the sopping fabric on her cunt.

She swallowed just as she had read about as the cock pushed deeper into her mouth, its hot bulk intruding past her mouth into her throat. CherylAnn was rewarded when her lips came to rest against the groin of the man, his balls resting against her chin. He was all the way in her mouth! Her first deep-throat! She could feel his cock throb in her throat, and she looked up at where the stranger's face must have been, though it was still shrouded in darkness.

The man began to move his cock slowly out of CherylAnn's mouth, then back in again, and CherylAnn relaxed her throat each time to allow the penis entry. Soon the man was moving at a slow but regular pace, alternately thrusting deep into CherylAnn's mouth, then out. The only sounds were the passing cars and the wet slurping of dick between lips.

She felt as if she was in a dream. The cock tasted so good, and she felt so alive, so horny, so bad, with this stranger shoving his prick into her hungry mouth. She liked the feeling...a lot.

The stranger was getting ready to cum, CherylAnn could tell. He was getting a bit more careless and forceful with his fucking of her mouth. As her bucked his hips back and forth, small groans began to issue from the hidden face above. CherylAnn felt so powerful, so in control! She was the one in the drivers seat, she was the controller of this strange mans pleasure, and the source of it all. She sucked hungrily as the man began to cum, pulling her head back off his cock a bit so that the head was in her mouth. Hot liquid squirted from the cock, in amounts that surprised CherylAnn. She was unprepared for the volume of the man's load.

The cum spilled from CherylAnn's lips, running down her chin in thick white rivulets, dripping onto the front of her black cotton dress. She drank what she could, savoring the taste of the hot liquid. While she expected the cum dripping from her face to feel gross, it felt strangely good, natural even. She ran her tongue slowly over her lips savoring the taste of the thick white semen.

There was a flash of light from above, and she realized quickly that her picture was being taken! Her knee jerk reaction would normally have been to stand up and sock the strange man, but instead she found herself *incredibly* turned on at the thought of there being a permanent record of her behavior.

Almost before she knew it, CherylAnn was playing to the camera. She rubbed the stranger's cock around her face, smearing the cum all over her lips mouth and chin. She licked her blow-job-made lips lasciviously, suckled the last of his cum from his cock, then scraped the remaining cum on her face into her mouth with a great show of licking and smacking. "God damn!" she thought "cum tastes *good*." All the while the strangers camera flashed away, taking picture after picture of CherylAnn at work.

This is obviously still the early stage of CherylAnn's transformation. The breast enhancement hasn't happened yet, after all, and her libido is still getting stronger...the mental changes continue, and CherylAnn begins to act more and more like she looks. Don't skimp on the internal monologue here.

CherylAnn gets her first boob job. She'll get another one later, but for now her breasts just become large, say from B to D cup.

The comments and looks from the other women just got worse when CherylAnn returned from her sick leave, but her fat tits made her the center of attention for all the men in the office. CherylAnn had bought a bunch of bras that lifted and cradled her boobs wonderfully, making them look even bigger then they now were. Mr. Hogdkin's loved them, however. He told her frequently how good they looked on her, and much he loved women with big breasts, and this thrilled CherylAnn to no end.

A scene with her in front of a mirror, admiring her new boobs as she tries on some newer, slightly more risqué clothing. Eventually she gives up her "career" job, but is transferred to be the bosses new "personal assistant."

CherylAnn mewled with pleasure as she was fucked from either end. She was on all fours and still dressed, her skirt bunched up around her waist, t-back panties pulled to the side. Bob Henderson's large prick slid in and out of her cunt, while Mr. Hogdkin's fucked her mouth and throat deeply. CherylAnn had finally mastered breathing through her nose, so she had no problem with the length of flesh that pistoned between her lovely red lips. Her fat new titties had spilled out of her silky bra and were hanging from her open blouse. The nipples were just brushing the carpet, swinging back and forth as she swayed to the fuck motion. The sensation as the nipples brushed the carpet were driving her crazy. She loved her titties.

The two men pounded into her for...well, CherylAnn couldn't really tell. She was lost in a haze of orgasm. All she could think of was how good this felt, how right, how proper. She felt like a REAL women, not like those bull dyke bitches in the outer office. REAL women got FUCKED, and CherylAnn knew that she wanted to be as much a real women as possible. She wiggled her butt and ground back against Bob, while looking Mr. Hogdkin's right in the eye, and making little moaning pleasure noises.

CherylAnn had been a little freaked when Mr. Hogdkin's had first invited a favored junior executive to their morning "sessions." However, it seemed so far that Mr. Hogdkins knew her better than she knew herself, so she had acquiesced.

The way that she felt now was just more evidence for her that she was meant to be the person she was becoming, and that Mr. Hogdkins was helping her along. CherylAnn absolutely *loved* having more than one cock in her at a time. Often times now she'd be sitting at her desk filing and shaping her long hard nails, fixing her make-up, or reading some torrid, trashy romance novel and her mind would wander to memories of her pussy and mouth, both crammed full of luscious cock flesh.

Finally with twin grunts the two men came. Henderson's prick spasmed inside her and she felt the wonderful heat of his cum splattering the inner walls of her cunt. Mr. Hodgkin's prick disgorged its usual hot thick load into CherylAnn's sucking mouth, and she savored its taste as she swallowed every drop. Bob pulled out of her with a wet slurp and brought his cock up to her mouth as well. CherylAnn rocked back onto her knees and began to suck both men's cocks clean.

"My god Hogdkin's, she incredible!" gasped Bob as he looked down at the buxom blonde on his knees before him cramming two softening cocks into her lovely mouth.

"I hope you *slurp* liked that boys," CherylAnn said "because I know I did. You can fill me up any time, Mr. Henderson...if Mr. Hogdkins say OK, that is." CherylAnn giggled and smiled at Mr. Hogdkins, and licked her lips, savoring both the taste of cum and of her own pussy juice.

She stood and pulled her panties back over her crotch. "I want to keep all that nice hot cum inside me for as long as I can." she said to the two open-flyed men. She smoothed down her short flippy skirt, adjusted her breasts back inside her shirt, and minced out the door, returning to her desk. She smiled at the feeling of the thick cum squishing around in her pussy as she sat.

CherylAnn knew what the other bitches in the office thought of her by this time, but she knew that they were just jealous. Because she was riding the bosses rod, she could get away with just about anything she wanted to do. She completely ignored the office dress code these days, wearing super-short tight skirts and almost see-through blouses to the office pretty regularly. But her clothes were always perfectly coordinated. She always made her face up immaculately every morning, and styled her thick white-blonde hair carefully to get just the right effect.

She had gotten a few extra piercings in her ears now as well. She was up to three in each ear now, and she loved big hoop earrings, and wore them almost every day.

A tour of CherylAnn's desk today would shock anyone who knew her a few months ago. Gone were the stacks of important papers, the reference books, all the accouterments of her old position. CherylAnn didn't miss them a bit. They were so dry and boring. She really didn't understand what the hell she had been thinking when she was reading them before. The only reading material on her desk now were the newest issues of about 5 women's fashion magazines, and a few extremely trashy romance novels. The sex in them bordered on the pornographic, but CherylAnn liked that. Sex interested her.

Her cunt juiced like no tomorrow these days, and she almost always kept a few spare pairs of panties in her desk.

Nipple piercing. Describe the sensations.

Becomes an "ass slut" loves to have her ass fucked as well as her cunt.

CherylAnn becomes "addicted" to cock (not literally) and starts going to a local glory hole place a couple of times a week. Starts to modify her clothing even further. Sluttier underwear, more risqué clothing, jewelry.

CherylAnn's third breast enhancement had gone off without a hitch. By now she totally trusted Dr. Remington, and let him go to work without a second thought.

"You, like *know* what I want, doctor" she had said to him in the office the day before. "I want you to gimme the biggest, sexiest most suckable, fuckable titties you've ever seen on a girl. I want big, fat, juicy bimbo titties." The doctor had acquiesed quickly after CherylAnn had shown him just what those nice big lips he had given her were *really* good for. As the doctor shot his thick load all over her mouth, tongue and chin and she sucked it up hungrily, CherylAnn knew she'd get nothing but the best treatment. Frank wouldn't have to pay much for this improvement of her!

Since he was just enlarging the flex-implants that he had inserted earlier, the operation took her only about three days to recover from. The doctor had told her that she was going up to a 58EE this time, and her hadn't been kidding! CherylAnn had squealed with delight when the bandages were finally removed. Her titties were huge, and they felt good! The doctor had done some sort of special experimental operation on her back muscles, so she was surpringly comfortable with the new massive mounds of flesh on her chest. Her nipples stood out as firmly as before, but the aureoles had actually been stretched by the operation, and now were a good four inches across, and sensitive! She couldn't wait for someone to suck on them!

CherylAnn lay in her hospital bed, running her hands over her gigantic titties for what seemed like hours, squeezing them and sucking them, exploring every inch of her new rack. She played until Frank finally came to pick her up. Her brought a whole suitcase of clothing with him, all sized for her new attributes.

"Oh just can't decide what to wear" CherylAnn giggled after about ten minutes of rifling through the suitcase. "Honey, why don't you pick out something for me."

"Certainly," Frank said, smiling. He rummaged around in the suitcase for a minute and pulled out a few items. "How about these?"

"Ooooo, hunny, they're peeeerfect!" exclaimed the big titted blond. She quickly pulled the white silk panties ant pulled them up her legs, pulling the thong back tightly into her butt-cleft, and pulling the soft fabric tightly against her shaved cunt. A white garter belt with white stockings was next, followed by a matching bra that cradled and held her dramatic attributes, pushing them up and together to form a wealth of cleavage. CherylAnn shook her shoulders, and was pleased as the fat melons of her tits shook wonderfully.

Over this, she pulled a skin-tight white lycra shirt that had obviously been made for her. It was tight in all the right places, and hugged her whole upper torso, with sleeves down to her wrists. A pleated white skirt was next, covering her down to about mid-thigh. She steped into a pair of white leather ankle boots, and then a frown passed over her face.

"Oh my, hair and face are a mess..."

As if on cue, Frank produced her hair styling and make-up acessories. After about 15 more minutes, and she was a vision. CherylAnn loved what she saw as she turned around in front of the full-length mirror. She was a vision in white,and she looked so...so...well, lets just say that Dr. Remington's "bimbo tits" fit her to a T. Her nipples were hard and their ¾ inch lengths stood out like little fingertips on the front of her breasts.

"Your new breasts are even more beautiful than before...I can't wait to get home and suck on them," Frank said to her. "You look ravishing in white."

"Mmmmmm, I love white too, baby" said CherylAnn, scraping her nails up the front of his crotch, "so why don't you put the finishing touch on my look with a big load of hot white stuff on my face." She sank to her knees, unzipping his pants, and slurped his cock between her painted lips without so much as a single bit of hesitation.

She buried his cock deep in her throat reapaetedly, licking and sucking it every inch of the way in, and out.Frank came pretty quickly, but he had obviously been saving up. CherylAnn lapped and slurped luxuriantly as thick gobs of his cum splashed against her lips, tongue and chin. Quite a bit dripped from her face down onto her breasts. The hot liquid slipped down into her cleavage, a feeling that CherylAnn instantly decided that she loved.

"Cummy tits," she said to herself. "I *like* cummy tits."

"CherylAnn, I'd like you to meet...Magda!"

Frank gestured to the door at the other end of the room with the flair of a carnival showman. The door opened, and in walked the most beautiful women that CherylAnn had ever seen!

The women was redhead, with a wealth of thick light red hair flowing down her back. Her face was a vision of sexuality, pouting lips painted a deep maroon, hazel eyes bright and clear, unencumbered by deep thought.

Her titties were the next thing that CherylAnn noticed...they were at least as big as hers, maybe even a little bigger! They looked like at least 60EE, and the woman's brassiere had obviously had to be custom made, like CherylAnn's. Magda wore a tight black shiny dress with a bright silver zipper that went down the front from her neck to where it stopped, about mid thigh. The dress hugged her tits tightly, and they bobbed slightly as she walked into the room. The dress looked painted on to the woman's narrow waist and wide hips.

Magda's legs were covered by black stockings and she wore shiny black pumps. Magda was perhaps a little shorter than CherylAnn, but it was hard to tell with the 5 inch spike-heels on the shoes!

"ooo, Frank, her thingies are SO big! She SO sexy!"

Frank held her hand as they looked, and she scratched her nails lightly against the back of his hand. He looked at her and smiled, but CherylAnn was too busy looking at the slutty vison in front of her.

Magda walked over to a nearby chair and sat down. Almost as if it was her normal sitting postion, she spread her shapely leps *wide* , and CherylAnn could see that the slut's cunt was totally exposed, and glistening with wetness. Magda unzipped the front of her dress down to abouther navel, exposing her massive mams to the onlookers. It seems that the "bra" she was wearing was actually part of the dress, for her luscious titties spilled out instantly. Magda sat there, legs spread, idly stroking her shaved pick cunt and puckered asshole with her long-nailed fingers of one hand while she pinched one of her thick brown nipples to full erectness with the other.

"Ooooo, you'll like me," said Magda. "I just love to play with titties and pussies, mine and other peoples..." As if to punctuate this, she slid two fingers into her slick pussy, at the same time bringing the now-erect nipple up to her mouth and sucking on it for a few seconds. "...so why don't you bring those big fat tits of yours over here and feed them to me, CherylAnn."

"Mmmmmm...I think I will! Will you suck my pretty little cunt too? I like, totally love to have my cunt sucked..."

"Oooo, you better believe it honey..." Magda pulled her fingers from her pussy and licked them clean with obvious relish. "I'll eat your slutty little pussy until you scream...but what I really want is to suck on your titties!"

"Well, then lets get started!" CherylAnn exclaimed. She ran her little tripping run across the room, fat tits shaking, ass waving, and Magda stood to meet her. Magda grabbed a hold of the zipper that ran through the crotch of CherylAnn's hot pink plastic shorts, and opened it quickly. CherylAnn's shaved pussy pouted out from the opening in the pants like a damp flower, and she was rather shocked to realized that she could actualy smell her own pussy! Magda quickly ran a few fingers through CherylAnn's cunnie folds, and CherylAnn ground her crotch against Magda's hand.

"Ooooo, yes Magda, stroke my horny cunnie!" she breathed.

Magda's other hand clutched at CherylAnn's big boobies, her long-nailed hands scrabbling for the zipper to the pink plastic top that confined them. Finally the redhead found the zipper and pulled it down savagely. CherylAnn's tits spilled free, and Magda lost no time. She grasped and squeezed big handfulls of the blondes tits, and leaned her mouth down to lick and suck first one, then the other nipple.

"Oh, I *knew* I was going to like *you*," Magda giggled. "You have such nice, fat titties... I could suck them all day!"

CherylAnn lay with her tits spread to either side, her tongue and lips busy licking and sucking and slurping at Magda's wet snatch. At the same time, she ground her hips down onto Magda's mouth, luxuriating in the feel as the women's tongue lashed across her swollen clit and sent pulsing waves of pleasure shooting through her body. She could feel the hot globes of Magda's tits pressed against her, and she loved the feeling. She wanted to feel it more often!

CherylAnn could hardly wait! Here she was in Dr. Remington's office, and she was going to get even *bigger* bimbotitties! She sat squirming in her chair, barely able to contain her excitement. She tried to read a fashion magazine, but couldn't even concentrate on that...all she could thing of was bigger, prettier tits hanging from her chest. She loved being fucked really hard so her titties shook like jello. She loved any attention at all to her tits. Why, just this morning she had Hal's cock fucking her deep in her ass, and Magda had been there, sucking CherylAnn's tits and finger fucking her pussy. CherylAnn loved to feel Magda's nails raking across her breasts, and she had lost count of the number of times she had cum! And when she had a cock in both her asshole and cunt, having her bimbotitties sucked blew her mind!

CherylAnn thought about the way she had used to be, the boring little creature of a year ago. She loved the way she was now, she was a *REAL* women. She looked at the other women in the wsaiting room, and pittied them. They occasionally would stare at her and her amazing breasts, but they just didn't understand!

Soon, Dr. Remington's nurse called her name, and CherylAnn wiggled herself into his office. Dr. Remingtons price was little higher this time, but by the time his cock crammed up her asshole and he was filling her with his cum, CherylAnn thought that there might be a definite redcution in price.

A few hours later she was under the anesthetic again, and it was all kind of hazy for a few days. She was used to this all by now, and was not at all shocked to wake up to the sight of even *larger* mounds of flesh crowning her chest. CherylAnn popped both her nipples into her mouth first thing, and sucked on them for what seemed like hours. In defiance of all logic, her nipples were actually getting *more* sensitive the larger her implants got! CherylAnn had herself cumming withing minutes, just by sucking on her own titties! Of course, this had gotten her little cunnie all moist and juicy and she just *had* to play with it for a while...

CherylAnn whild away the day or two of her recovery in this way, in a pleasent fuzzy haze of orgasm after orgasm. All the time though, she new something was missing. She wanted a *man*. All the nurses wre women, and not pretty, slutty bimbos like CherylAnn. She just didn't understand them. How could any *real* women stand to be like that, all boring and sad.

CherylAnn hadn't even realized it, but she just didn't feel quite right unless there was a man around to take care of her...and for her to take care of. CherylAnn knew that she wasn't very smart but that didn't really bother her anymore. She didn't have time to think about things very much. She was always busy keeping Frank or one of his clients happy. She also knew that thats how men liked her, and she *loved* that. She thought about all those year she had wasted being all professional, when she could have had all this fun! CherylAnn giggled at how silly she had been in the past, and was determined not to repeat her mistakes in the future.

After two days, Dr. Remington came in, looked her over (with an occasional inapprpriate feel that just made CherylAnn giggle), he declared her ready to go home.

"You breasts are now a fine 58GG cup, my dear, just as ordered. I hope you like them."

"Dr. Remington, CherylAnn loves them! You've given CherylAnn even bigger bimbotitties than before! Now all the boys and girls will pay attention to CherylAnn! Is Frank here? CherylAnn want to show him how *sexy* she is!"

"Mr. Hodgkins is waiting for you in his car, my dear. He sent along this package of clothes for you. He want you to get dressed and meet him out at the curb."

"Ooooooo! Presents!" CherylAnn stood up, and immediatly noticed that she had no trouble standing, even though her chest was even bigger than she was used to. The hospital gown hung from them like a curtain. CherylAnn quickly doffed her hospital gown and tore open the package that the doctor had brought. She giggled again when she saw the contents, along with all her make-up and hair stuff, and hastened to fix herself up.

Frank sat in the car expectantly, looking at his watch. What was taking her so long? Was he going to have to go in there and get her?

Just then, the clinic door opened, and out she came. Even Frank was stunned.

CherylAnn's newest breasts rode high on her chest like twin melons, her white silk blouse pulled tight over them. They bobbed ever so gently as she walked,and Hal's cock immediaty throbbed and hardened in his pants. The blouse was tucked into the waist of a pleated plad skit that swished about her mid-thigh as she walked with her usual sensual prowl. Frank knew that underneath thas outfit her body was hugged by the PVC panties and special bra she wore. He couldn't wait to undress her!

She wore knee high black leather boots with a 4 inch heel, and she walked with those little tripping steps of hers that he loved so much. CherylAnn had pulled her bleach-blonde hair into a pony tail high on the back of her head, and wore her usual wealth of make-up, eyes outlines and mascaraed, lips painted a shade of coral pink to match her nails, and toes.

The overall effect was something like a Catholic school girl gone *extremely* bad. Frank loved it, and he could tell that CherylAnn loved it too. She swayed up to the passeneger side window, and leaned in, showing off a cleavage so deep that a guy could get lost in it.

"Hello there, mister" CherylAnn said. "I was wondering if I could get a ride home?" She giggled and tossed her pony tail. "I like *totally* missed the bus thingee...I have such a hard time remebering things like that. Especially when there are *boys* around." She giggled again,and ran a hand up the side of one big tit, scraping her nails against the fabric. Her nipples were like the proverbial bullet, sticking out through the silk of her blouse. "I could like, make it worth your while and stuff."

"Hop in," Frank said with more than a little catch in his voice. His cock felt like it was going to burst out of his pants!

As they pulled away from the curb, Cherylann leaned back into the car's bucket seats and plumped her tits with her hands, enjoying the feel of their weight in her hands and on her chest. She looked over at Hal's crotch and noticed the long, hard lump that was tenting his trousers.

"Ooooooo, is that, like, for meeee?" CherylAnn asked innocently. "I haven't eaten in just the loongest time, and I'm a hungry girl. DO you have sumthin for me to eat in there?" She eyed Hal's crotch and licked her full red lips hungrily. "Why don't you take a look and see," said Frank, pulling the car out onto the road. He was having a hard time keeping an eye on the road with the voluptuous girl in the seat next to him! Her tits were incredible!

"Okay, I'll take a lil' ol' peek and see," she said, bright eyed, "'cause I think you *do* have soomething for me and there…and I'm so hungry…" CherylAnn moved a hand over and began to stroke Hal's hard cock through the fabric of his pants "I couldn't suck on a *single cock* while I was gettin' my new titties," she said with a pout. "Even Dr. Remington wouldn't let me suck his, and I asked him *reeeeally* nice."

CherylAnn turned toward Frank, and brought both hands t o bear on his crotch, rubbing and massaging the hardness she felt there. Frank looked straight ahead, eyes fixed (with a ton of difficulty) on the road ahead.

"Ooo, you *do* have sumthin' for me in there…sumthin yummy!" CheryAnn unzipped Hal's pants and scratched her nails over his boxers, quickly finding the slit in the front of them. She didn't even unbutton them, just pulled until the button popped off, and Hal's cock sprang free. "I knew it!" CherylAnn squealed, "a yummy big cock! Mmmph!" She engulfed the dick with her mouth, swallowing it down to the base in one motion. It tasted so good! She had missed having her mouth filled with man-meat.

Frank gasped and clutched the steering wheel tightly, his foot slamming on the accelerator for a moment before her reagined his self control. CherylAnn was moving her mouth up and down now, slurping sloppily on his cock. She was making little moaning noises, and he could feel the warm mass of her tits on his leg. Her nipples were so stiff that he could feel them pressed into his leg!

CherylAnn was totally into sucking the cock in her mouth. After all, it had been *three days* since anyone had fed her any cum or fucked her. She was sucking Hal's dick with no hands now, but her hands were busy roaming around her own body. Without ever removing his cock from her mouth, she unbuttoned her shirt and began to massage her big fat new titties. They felt *so* wonderful. Her other hand lifted her little plaid skirt and began to rub her shiny white PVC panties vigorously. She was *so* wet, and she quickly pulled the panties aside and stuffed two fingers inside her totally soaking cunt.

Frank somehow managed to keep control of the car as they left the city and went out into the country. A few truckers got a good veiw of what was going on in the car, and honked their horns and cheered at the couple. CherylAnn paused her sucking long enough to lean out the window and wave at the truckers, skaning her her big bimbotits at the truckers, and blow them a few kisses. She loved people to see her titties. However, she was quickly on Hal's cock again. Finally, Frank drove off onto a side road, and stopped the car.

CherylAnn looked up from her pleasurable meal, and Frank smiled down at her wickedly.

"Let's get out here for a bit, and stretch a bit," he said, a glint in his eye.

"Awww, but CherylAnn hasn't made you cum yet. I'm huuungry, hunny!" she looked at him with puppydog eyes.

"Trust me, you'll like the stretching that *I* have in mind" Frank said, and stepped out of the car. His stiff cock was still hanging from his pants, and he made no effort to put it away as he walked around to the passenger side door. He opened the door and helped the toppless girl out of the car. Before she could even get her bearings, Hal's hand was under her skirt, and his fingers were wll of a sudden inside her. CherylAnn's knees nearly buckled at the sensaton sthat were shooting throughher body, but she quickly recovered and began grinding back at him.

"Oo, yeah, your fingers feel *reeally* good in my wet little pussy," she breathed pressing her massive chest up against his, rubbing her little nubs against his shirt playfully. "*giggle* but I think I want something a little bigger to stretch *me* out." Saying this, she wrapped her hand around his cock, and began to jerk it. "I've already, like, *totally* stretched out my mouth, so why don't you stetch out another one of my holes."

Frank pulled his fingers from CherylAnn's pussy and brought them up to her mouth. Without a thought she sucked the fingers in deeply, and worked her tongue over them ,cleaning them. "Mmmmmm, my little bimbo pussy tastes *good.* But it *definitely* needs a good stretching," She ground her chest against his again, and could feel his heart race, and his cock twitch in her hand.

Releasing her grip on Hal's cock, CherylAnn walked around to the hood of the car and bent over, resting her huge breasts on the hood. She spread her legs, hiked her skirt up,and ran a hand bac k through her crotch, rubbing the shiny underwear that once again covered her soaking pussy.

"Hunny, get that yummy cock of yours over here and stretch me out! I *neeeed* it!" To emphasize this last statement, she wiggled her lush as back and forth, ground her tits into the car hood, and, pulling the underwear to the side, slowly slid two fingers back inside herself...slowly.

Before she really knew what was happening, she felt a thick hot presence inside her, and she reflexively pushed her ass back against it. She was rewarded with the feel of Hal's belly against her butt, and the warm good feeling that came with having her pussy jammed *totally* full of cock.

The cold metal of the car hood made CherylAnn's boobies feel good. She pressed her chest against the cool surface a bit harder getting even more of her sensitive titties in contact with it. She was flexing her cunt muscles almost involutarily, almost as if her cunt was sucking on Hal's cock as it plunged into her from behind.

"Oooo, yeah, hunny, fuck my slippery cunt...but don't shoot your yummy cummy in there...I wan't to taste it.....baaaaad!" She bucked her hips back against his, and she could feel that he was going to cum, real soon. Finally her pulled out, and CherylAnn dropped to her knees in front of him, mouth open, tongue extended, mashing her tits together. "Feed me, hunny, feed me your yummy cummy!" CherylAnn squealed. Frank jerke his cock a few times, aiming it directly at the mouth of the moaning vixen onher knees infront of him. He came, the seed shooting out from his beet-red cock like a hose. A large amount of the jism landed in CherylAnn's open mouth, and she swallowed what landed there noisily. Some landed on her lips and chin, and a bit splatted on to her tits. She immediatly moved forward to capture Hal's spent cock in her mouth, suckling the last bits of tasty yummycum from it.

Frank looked down at the big-titted blonde that kneeled before him, cum dripping from her face, his cock resting between her suculent lips. "God, you are such a slut!" he exclaimed, smiling.

"Mmmmmmmm hmmmmm!" CherylAnn nodded brightly as she continued to work her lips and tongue around Hal's softening prick. "Mmmmmm, I just love yummycum, all over me!" She giggled airheadishly, and replaced her mouth over the object of her desire and suckled away.

Frank didn't even bother asking CherylAnn to do any work these days. She was just there as his trophy and his toy, and what a toy! Her mind was alway on one thing...boys! She just kept getting ditzier and ditzier over time! For instance, her newest thing was acting like a high-school bitch in heat. Somtimes she's ask him to "fuck her teeny-bopper asshole," or to "cum all over my 16 year old face." I mean, the woman was obviously in her mid-twenties, but you'd never know it from the way she acted! It a good thing there wasn't a football team around the office.

For instance, just look at her today! There CherylAnn sat at her desk, a fashion magazine open in front of her, filing her now 2 inch sliver nails. She wore an outfit that would have been far more appropriate on a teenage girl (albeit a rich one), but that was mostly her style these days. A silver blouse was wrapped around her fat tits, which she had in a push-up bra so they rode high on her chest. Her nipples were as usual eract and denting the fabric pretty seriously.

She had just gotten her navel pierced a couple of weeks ago, and she loved to show it off, so the blouse was tied off under the breasts. A matching silvery pleated skirt hung from her hips with a black belt around the waist. It swished delightfully around her thighs when she walked. Her legs were encased in vaguely metallic stockings, and she wore clear plastic sandals with a 5 inch heel.

She had gone and gotten her long bleach blonde hair corkscrew-permed just yesterday, and in hung around her face and down her back in ringlets. Large silver hoops dangled from the three peircings in each of her ears, so large that they almost brushed her shoulders. She also wore silver bangles on each of her wrists.

Frank encouraged the other men in the office to treat her like a ditz, and the women in the office played along to, just by being themselves. They hated CherylAnn and the privaleges and pay she had, and were constantly talking trash about the "big tittied-bimbo" working for Hodgkins. When Frank had asked CherylAnn about how all thisi talk made her feel,

Frank noticed that he had a hard on, just from looking at her. "Well," he thought "I should probably take care of that. CherylAnn..." he said into the office intercom. He watched as it took her a second to find the right button.

"Yes, hunny?" she said in her high-pitched ditzy voice.

"I have some dictation I need you to take."

"Oo! Goodie!" she said, and quickly stood and walked into Hal's office closing the door behind her. "Mmmmm, I, like totally *love* to take dick-tation, hunny. How do you wanna feed me?" she queryed, twirling a corkscrew lock of hair with a silver-tipped finger.

"I have a very special surprise for you today, CherylAnn," Frank said pulling a lounge chair over from the other side of the office, patting the seat for her to sit down.

"Oooo, a surprise!" she exclaimed. "I just LOVE surprises. Is is,like, for my sweet 16?"

"Yes it is, now spread your legs wide, and close your eyes."

Without hesitating even an instant she complied, throwing her legs wide open, and thrusting out her hips a bit. Hal's mouth watered a little bit at the thick pouting lips of her pussy visible through her silky panties, and the weteness stain that was growing on them. He pulled the surprise from his desk, a thick rubber dildo with a handle on the end. Walking over to the girl on the chair, he pulled her panties aside, and CherylAnn giggled.

"Now, keep your eyes closed until I tell you not to, understand my little ditzslut?"

"CherylAnn understands, and she *loves* to be a called a ditzslut! You should call me that more often Haaallllll..." The last sylable was elongated as Frank slipped the dildo into her pussy, pushing it slowly in until it stopped. Her pussy could take a whole lot of cock, Frank noticed, as he moved CherylAnn's hand down and wrapped it around the handle of the dildo. She grasped it tightly and immediatly began to move it slowly in and out, fucking herself with it.

"Oooo, thats nice hunny, CherylAnn-ditzslut need to have her 16 year old pussy packed full! Can I open my eyes yet, can I, hmmmm?"

"Not quite yet..." Frank said moving up to where CherylAnn's head rested. He pulled out his dick and lowered it right down next to her mouth. "Now you can look." The girl's eyelid fluttered open, and her eyes glazed over when she saw the cock.

"Oh YESSSSSGMMMMmmmm, mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm!" CherylAnn exclaimed, as Frank pushed his cock past her willing lips and into her mouth, past the tongue and into her throat. Frank began to fuck her open mout just as if it was a pussy, plunging deeply inside, then withdrawing, sometimes fucking slow, somtimes fucking her face like crazy. And all the while she was slurping and gulping and giggling and rolling her eyes up at him, as she fucked herself vigorously with the new dildo.

Finally with a grunt, Frank came, spilling his seed down the throat of the hungry bleach-blonde. She moaned and flexed her lips around the root of his cock. That when he knew what to do.

"CherylAnn, you're going to see Dr. Remington tomorrow."

"*Mmmmmmphn...I like Dr. Remington, hunny." She said, still fucking herself fast with the dildo "*slurp* He's got a nice cock and always feeds me a lot of yummycum. Ooooo, hunny, *smack* what's the nice doctor gonna do for me *now*?"

CherylAnn really needn't have asked. She had been bugging Frank almost ever since her last operation about even bigger titties. But she wanted them to be different this time. She didn't want subtle. "I want everyone to know *just by looking* that CherylAnn is an airhead-ditzslut-bimbo-cockhole." She had said, raising her wet face from Magda's dripping cunt. "CherylAnn want to look like what she is, a horny bleach-blonde bimboslut!"

She knew she was going to get *even bigger* bimbotitties than ever before. Going to see the doctor meant a lot of hot hole stuffing, and she always ending up looking *so* much sexier when Dr. Remington was through with her. The doctor did his now usual tour of CherylAnn's mouth, cunt and asshole, but this time he invited two of his collegues. CherylAnn sucked each of them in turn to erection, and they stuffed CherylAnn *totally* full of cock; to her obvious delight. And in the end she got to eat three big loads of cum! She was glad because she knew that the next few days would be sad ones, no cocks, no sweet pussies to suck, nothing...

CherylAnn awoke to the sight of absolutely the biggest titties she had *even seen* bobbing on her chest! She giggled as she realized that she atuallt coldn't see her feet over the glorious mounds. And unlike her previous "enhancements" there was nothing even the least bit subtle about these. They stood out from her chest, hanging in a way that no real breast ever could. And her nipples stuck out almost like rubber nipples on a baby's bottle. Erect seemed to be the natural order of things for them. Anyone who saw *these* boobies, even covered by clothing, would know that they were fake, fake, fake.

This was exactly what CherylAnn had wanted. She was ecstatic! Now everyone, wherever she went would know that she was the sexy horny slutty titty-bimbo that she was. She spent simply *hours* just running her hands over their expanse, becomng familiar with their every curve, how firm they were. once she was able to get up, she posed nude in front of the mirror for *hours* just watching the way her wonderful bimbotitties moved and shook. Once again, she had no trouble at all carrying the weight. She couldn't wait to baptise them with a nice hot load of yummycum!

She was so mesmerized by her bimbotitties that it wasn't until a day or so later that CherylAnn realized That something else had been done. Her sluttylips were even fuller and thicker now than before, perfect for wrapping around a cock, or cocks! These were lips worthy of having at least two thick pricks jammed between them.

Her full recovery took about a week, and unlike the last time she had been in the hospital, she had lots of visitors this time. Frank came by everyday (and baptised her titties for her), and she was also visited by Dr. Remington and his two collegues almost every day. She was so happy, and everybody loved her bimbotitties. Even Magda came to see her (actually, Frank brought her because, like CherylAnn, she had a hard time concentrating on driving). Magda ate out CherylAnn's pussy and asshole while just watching CherylAnn play with her big fake titties, squeezing them and mashing them together, pinching and pulling the nipples. What a wonderful week!

Finally, Frank came to pick her up from the hospital. He once again brought her new clothes, and picked an *awesome* skintight neon green PVC dress for her to wear, all shiny and pretty, with a zipper that went *all* the way up the front, along with matching pair of knee high boots with her usual 5 inch heel. The dress covered down to her knees, hugging her like a second shiny skin. CherylAnn didn't need a bra anymore since her massive titties hung high and proud on their own. She didn't get any panties with the outfit either.

She took a few minutes to apply her usual makeup, and do her hair. She paid special attention to her newly pumped up lips, painting them a vivid red to match her nails. CherylAnn pulled her hair up into a ponytail high on her head. The overall effect was stunning.

"Ooooo, I look, like, *so* sexy, Frank..." she cooed, snuggling against Hodgkins, her hand going directly to his crotch. She caressed Hal's hard cock through his pants, and ground her PVC encased breasts against him. "I, like, *totally* luv my big fat bimbotitties, hunny. And my new sluttylips are just *awesome* and stuff! In fact, hunny..." CherylAnn sunk to her knees in front of Frank looking up at him and licking the lips in question, "why don't you test them out! My pretty little mouth hasn't been stuffed with a cock in just *hours*, hunny! I'm all hungry and stuff...will you feed CherylAnn some thick hot yummycum?"

"Ummmm….well," Frank stammered "I'd love to, but I have a surprise waiting for you outside…"

"But hunny, I'm hunnnnngry!" she pouted, her hands rubbing up and down the front of his pants.

"I'll tell you a secret, CherylAnn…my surprise has something to do with a bunch of boys."

"A surprise with lots of boys?!? Why didn't you say so!" CherylAnn giggled. She stood up with one last lingering look at the erection tenting Hal's pants.

Frank gethered all of CheryAnn's stuff together while she stood in front of the mirror, primping and posing. She adjusted a hair here, smoothed down the shiny green dress over her hips, and plumped her breasts so that a wealth of cleavage was showing. Finally, they checked out of the hospital and walked out front.

CherylAnn was confused for a second when she didn't see Hal's car out front, but then she saw the van with the company logo on the side waiting at the curb. Frank led her around to the rear of the idling vehicle, and told her to close her eyes.

"Now, don't open them until I tell you to, okay?"

"Okay, hunny. I'll be a good girl." CherylAnn giggled at thoughts of what her surprise was going to be, and dutifully closed her eyes. She heard the back of the van open, and someone helped her inside. The van door closed behind her, and she could feel the van begin to move.

"Okay CherylAnn, you can open your eyes now. I brought you something to eat." Frank said.

The girl's heavily mascaraed eyes fluttered open, and she surveyed the interior of the van. It was nice and plush and all, but what immediately caught her attetion were the boys! There were four men lounging in the back of the van. CherylAnn recognized them all from the office, but couldn't remember their names. She was pretty sure she'd played with them all before, but she really didn't remember...or care. The important thing was that all four men had their flys undone and were stroking rapidly thickening pricks, watching CherylAnn with looks of total lust.

CherylAnn's pussy began to drip as she looked at the four. In fact, a small trickle of her juices began to run down her leg. Four cocks all for herself! Every thought ran right out of her head. "Ohygod, this is like *so cool*!" the blonde squealed excitedly. "Four pricks full of yummycum, all for CherylAnn! Gawd, I just wanna *totally* eat you all up, boys!" CherylAnn was on her knees in a second and she quickly swallowed one of the men's pricks down to the balls.

"Remember guys, just oral today. You'll get your chance at her other holes another time, don't worry" said Frank from the back of the van where he'd been standing. CherylAnn looked back at Frank, the man's dick still hilted in her throat. She giggled and her eyes were a bit glassy as her mind fixed on the task at hand. Her other hands had reached out to start pumping two others, the fourth guy moved behind her and reached around to massage her big breasts through the material of her tight green dress.

As she felt the men's pricks and the hands grasping and rubbing her breasts, CherylAnn's slowly slipped over into that now familiar total airhead mode that she loved to feel. Thoughts of things beyond sex faded, and CherylAnn's whole world shrunk down to encompass the men in front of her. The men that wanted her,that she wanted to please so badly. She wanted to be used for their pleasure. Their smell filled her nostrils and intoxicated her, the feel and taste of the wonderful thick cock now being shoved into her face, the two dicks that her hands were jerking furiously, the anticipation of them feeding their hot spunk into her waiting willing mouth.

The guy massaging her breasts finally found the zipper on her dress front, and unzipped it far enough to peel the dress down to expose her massive fake bimbotitties.

"Mmmmmm....*smack*......mmmmm" CherylAnn moaned. She suddenly pulled her mouth off of one man, and declared "I wanna have my slutty lil' 16 year old mouth fucked by all you guys...I want you to fill my nasty little teenbopper airhead mouth with all your hot cum...mMmmmmmph!" She quickly re-applied her mouth to the guy she was sucking.

CherylAnn worked her magic on all four guys, letting them take turns plunging deep into her throat. She loved the feeling of a man's ball resting on her chin. She liked to look up at them when they were completely in her and smile as best she could, giggling the whole time. She even tried out her new sluttylips, sucking on two of the guys at the same time. She felt soooo nasty and goood!

Soon, all four guys were getting close to the edge. CherylAnn lay down inthe middle of the van floor, massaging her massive tits roughly, her mouth open, tongue extended.

"Yummycum! Yummycum! I want yummycum!" she sang. CherylAnn was totally lost in the momment right now, her only thought how much she wanted to taste, feel, swallow the yummy stuff that came out of boys cocks. "I like *totally* wanna feel you guys cum all over my face an' lips an' tongue an' titties! Cum all over CherylAnn's slutty teen face! I wanna be the best bimboslut in the *whole school*!" She sucked a finger into her mouth for emphasis, looking up at the four standing around her.

Two guys aimed at her mouth, bringing their cocks down so close to her face that they were almost resting their cocks on it. The two guys slapped their dicks against her face and extended tongue a bit, and she sucked the tips of both of them into her mouth for a few seconds. That pushed the two guys over the edge. CherylAnn squealed with joy as cum squirted into her mouth and across her chin and sluttylips. She lapped at the two spurting cocks, getting as much cum into her mouth as she could. She swallowed the men's cum noisily, licking her lips slowly and lasciviously. The other two aimed at the tremendous mounds of her titties. Both men jetted thick loads onto her tits, the cum dripping down the sides or her breasts, and down in between them. CherylAnn busied her hands massaging the jism into her breasts while she licked the other two guys clean.

CherylAnn stood up as the men put their depleted dicks away. She rezipped the tight dress over her breasts, and she could feel the cum-coated globes sliding around inside. She tossed her bleach blonde ponytail, and "Thank you for feeding me and giving me cummy-tits."

*finish up this scene*

CherylAnn strode from the taxi to the mall, savoring the taste of the taxi drivers cum. He hadn't even asked her for a tip as he'd spurted his load down her hungry throat. She wiped up a small trickle that had *just* escape her, and licked the stuff off of her finger. She giggled to herself as she savored the taste that still lingered in her mouth.

CherylAnn just couldn't get enough cum lately, and was happy to suck off any cock she came in contact with. Usually she swallowed the load with gusto, but if she was in a playful mood, she'd pull the cock from her mouth just as the cum started to gush, allowing the luck suckee to cover her face in their seed. She loved the feel of all that cum all over her. It made her feel so slutty and nasty.

She'd been feeling that way a lot lately, and she liked it. Maybe it was all the fashion magazines she was reading? She had switched over mostly to the teen-bopper magazines for her inspiration these days, for two main reasons. One, they were easier to read,and CherylAnn was so easily distracted these days that easier was better. "Besides," she thought "those other magazines use all those big words n' stuff. I don't like those." The second reason she'd dropped Elle for Seventeen and Cosmopolitan for Mademoiselle was that she just loved the way that the girls looked. They looked so sweet and innocent, but CherylAnn knew what lurked beneath that surface, the smouldering sexual animals that lurked beneath the fresh faces a young looks of the teenage girls.

She also knew that all the boys treated teenage girls like they hadn't a thought in their head, and CherylAnn loved that...she didn't want to think anymore. She had thought all her life, and where had it gotten her? A lonely single professional women. Now that she had discovered the true person that she wanted to be, she didn't want a single thing to distract her from her pleasure, from sucking, and fucking and licking and moaning, and sweating, and bucking,and writhing....

She wanted it. But she just didn't want to look like the girls, she wanted to *be* like them, be treated like them. That was why she'd started to refer to herself as 16 so often around Frank, and he had taken the cue. He had started to say how much he loved having a "fresh young thing" like CherylAnn around. He encouraged her to keep up with the latest fashion trends, and was more than willing to indulge her shopping habits. He had risen to her sexual challenge as well, telling her how tight and slippery her teenage cunt was, and how much he loved filling her sixteen year-old mouth with his cum.

And as she tried to think more and more like a teenager, albiet a slutty, horny airheaded one, her weekly session with Dr. Harris ensured that her thought patterns began to take on that shape for real. As time went by, she was thinking and w


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