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A (ko)Bold Trick

by riolu123

Chapter 1

   Silver was flying around, bored from her day to day life. She sighed as the wind blew passed her fur, looking at the landscape, searching for something, anything to do. About 1 hour into her flight, she noticed a small light on the side of a mountain. Approaching quietly, she realized that a carnival was going on, complete with the music, food, and games.


   Smiling, she approached the entrance, her silver fur fading away as she grew long silver hair on her head, her muzzle flattening out as her wings became normal arms and hands, a ticket already appearing in them. The man at the entrance inspected it, shrugging and muttering that he must have already served her.


   She smiled, getting herself candy, playing and somehow winning 90% of the games, with several of the booths muttering that she must have cheated somehow, but still handing her the prizes, which she usually have to the smiling children, occasionally revealing a little of her magical form to especially cute children. Eventually, she found the main purpose of her walk: the Magicians tent.


   The poster outside the flap shows a well dressed man with a very apparent dragon theme, a scaly black tuxedo with flames in the background, his hat decorated with small wings on either side, and his gloves looked to be custom made into claws. Finally, in fancy script, read Zeus the Dragon Magician.


   Silver giggles, entering the tent. It was a simple, yet elegant, setup, although Silver notices with slight amusement that the giant hat that seemed to hover in mid air did not match, a blue hat with a single ribbon in the front.


   A large puff of smoke appears on the stage as she sits down, Zeus appearing and taking a bow. Smaller puffs of smoke come from every table, a small vase with a single black rose appearing seemingly out of nowhere, which causes clapping to be heard from nearly every table, including Silvers, which makes Zeus smile. However, catching Silvers ears was the distinct lack of clapping from the table next to her, a tall male with long, black hair smiling evilly. He wore green pants and a blue shirt.


   "Alright! Now for my first trick!" Zeus grinned, taking a single gold coin, and flipping it. "We all know that dragons love treasure... Yet I only have-"


   "12? 13 coins hidden in your sleeves?" Shouted a snide voice. Silver turned to glare at the man next to her, who, sure enough, smirked up at the magician. Zeus just stared in shock at the man, his coin dropping to the ground.


   Blinking and shaking his head, Zeus put on an obviously forced smile. "Ah... Ah ha! It appears there's someone here who has already seen that trick... But we can't ruin the people's show now, can we?" He smiles, before trying to go back to his show. All throughout the night, however, tricks are revealed, ruined, and tarnished. Yet, despite all his efforts to get the man to leave, and even complaints from the audience, the man stayed, apparently some big shot who helped fund the rest of the circus.


   Eventually, Silver had enough. Using a mild spell to temporarily lock the tent, she then proceeded to manipulate Zeus, who smiled proper for the first time that evening. Grinning 'Zeus' turned to the man. "Very well! For my last trick of the evening, I would like to invite the man from table 25 up for my newest trick!"


   The man raised an eyebrow, walking up to the stage. "Oh~ if the trick is reading my mind, you'll have to-"


   "Shut it, Wally." Zeus whispered, which caused immediate silence from Wally, who was blinking and turning slightly red. Zeus paid no mind though, even as Wally spun him around.


   "You have no right to say that to me! I could get you fired right now if I wanted!" He growled. Zeus shrugged.


   "Now, for this trick, I cannot be on the stage! So you will take my place!" Zeus smirked, heading off, leaving Wally standing there, annoyed and angry, but standing in place. Zeus in the meantime sat in the hecklers chair, before leaning casually. “Now! We've all seen the rabbit in the hat trick, which I'm sure that Wally here would love to spoil, but I have something much more interesting in mine!”


   “Really? That's it?” Wally started laughing, to which Zues glared, smirking a little. Wally was too distracted to notice the ropes that were coming down from the hat above, slinking and slithering around his arms and legs. Wally's laughter was cut short, however, when the ropes tightened, his shirt and pants quickly becoming hidden behind the bonds, a gag floating seemingly out of nowhere to silence him, his muffled yells unintelligible behind it, the ropes finishing tying him up with a bow in the front.


   “Now, now... A good assistant should remain quiet while being the center of a trick.” Zeus wiggled his finger, smiling mischievously as Wally squirmed, his bonds seemingly tightening. As he continued, Silver smiled as she began to slowly lower the giant hat down, the shadow causing Wally to wiggle harder, attempting to break his bonds. As it got around his head, she decided to have a little more fun. Noticing no children present, she planted a small spot of arousal and mutation on him, a large bulge showing slightly through the bondage. Noticing it, Zeus laughed, clapping his hands together..


   “Well! Looks like Wally is enjoying himself! We better give him a little bit of privacy, don't you think?” Zues waves his hands, as the hat finally completely hides away Wally, only wobbling slightly, as a spotlight shines on the hat. “We will give Wally here 2 minutes to escape! Better hurry!”


   Silver smirks, scrying quietly on Wally. She had to give him credit, he was struggling pretty hard, his body slowly shrinking under her spell. Two small bulges grew on his chest through the rope, slowly expanding as his face pushed forward into a reptilian snout. His feet became clawed as she started to make his clothes disappear, scales forming behind the rope. In slight amusement, she made the scales above his waist blue, and the scales below his waist green, to match the wardrobe he was no longer wearing. His breasts fully grown in, Silver grinned as a small slit appeared behind her dick. To finish off Wally's physical changes, a small bulge appeared just above her ass, small horns growing from her head as her body grew curvier, finally finishing her transformation into a curvy hermaphrodite kobold.


   Silver grinned, glad Wally hadn't noticed her changes yet. Wally was too preoccupied with escape, and the darkness of her confinement and tightness of her bondage had been enough. Finally, she could get on to the best part.


   Use your claw to undo the slipknot in the back. Wally looked around for the voice that had appeared, looking for it's source. She squinted suspiciously, before laughing behind her gag. How could she have nearly forgotten her part in the show? She smiled, using her claw to reach the knot, untying it easily, leaving only the bow tied around her neck.

   You have to strike a cute pose. The voice continued, soothingly. Wally thought about it curiously, before deciding on a simple pose, her claws under her large breasts. Wait... She didn't always have these, right?


   Of course you have... Ever since master Zeus found you, remember? Wally giggled, thinking of that day. She mistook Master for an all powerful dragon and followed him around for years. She eventually learned he was just pretending to be a dragon for audiences... although he certainly proved 'all powerful” after the shows, exclusively for her. Just thinking about it caused her to blush, her tail wagging wildly.


   Who are you? This time, the voice seemed to be much different, a snide males voice. She wasn't sure she liked the sound of it, but she stopped to think about it. She was human, right? No... But her name... her name... what was it again? She shook her head wildly as Silver watched, disappearing quickly to alter everyones memories.


   “Presenting!” Cried Master Zeus, lifting the hat. The kobold inside held her breath, remembering who she was. Crying out at the same time with her precious master, she threw off the hat, already in her cute position, smiling.


  “SAPPHIRE! THE KOBOLD!” they yelled excitedly, Sapphire's tail nearly a blur. Rather than excited cheers, they were greeted with stunned silence. Zeus looked over to see what was wrong, before blushing wildly.

  “Well... I suppose the hat takes as much as it gives. Sapphire! You might want to... Well...” Zeus stammered for the first time that night, as a couple cheers came from the audience at last. Sapphire took no notice, fully exposed to the crowd, blushing as she thought of after the show.


   It took a while to get sorted, but they managed to quickly get Sapphire her uniform. Sapphire had turned such a deep red when she found out what she had forgotten on stage, it had nearly taken over her green and blue scales. Thankfully, it seemed that no one had minded, some even leaving amazing tips as they had left. Afterwards, they paused to run though the trick again, and found the other clothes ripped with the rope. After clearing up the mistake, they smiled as she performed the trick successfully, with only a young woman from the audience came to help. She had even offered Sapphire a different set of clothes to help her, having 'conjure them from a dimension' in her words. After that, she gave them enough money to provide a vacation, which Sapphire accepted, more than happy to spend time with her dragon.


  10 years later, the pair smiled as they cuddled, their Anniversary coming up soon. Every so often, they received small flashes from their true lives, but usually laughed it off as nothing more than a bad dream, happy with their lives, and happier in their partners arms. Occasionally, a heckler would come and try to ruin their shows, but Sapphire would always cause them to choke back the words, happy to do anything for her precious magician.


   As for Silver... Well, guess you'll have to wait and see~




                     Silver m^•w•^m ❤️









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